Wolverine In 60 Seconds: Part 3

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wolverine4 Wolverine In 60 Seconds: Part 3The third and final trailer of a three-part set of TV spots for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has arrived and it brings some glimpses of Cyclops! Wait, what?

The first two segments, entitled “Outcasts” and “Brothers” focused on Wolverine as a young boy and through different stages of life while fighting side-by-side with his apparent half-brother Sabretooth (played by Liev Schreiber). This third teaser focuses on more of the post-weapon X Wolverine and gives us a glimpse at many of the other subjects in the Weapon X program.

I really like Schreiber as an actor personally and his portrayal of Sabretooth has really grown on me (yes we all know the size discrepancies between him and Wolverine but Hugh Jackman aint gettin’ any shorter now is he).

Check it out and see what you think:

'Wolverine' TV Spot: Legends @ Yahoo! Video

As you saw in the trailer, it appears that Cyclops will have a small role in the movie. He is being played by unknown actor Tim Pocock but I don’t understand how the character fits into all of this nor why he needs to – I guess Fox just wants a little something more to tie this film into the X-Trilogy or they are trying to set up for their X-Men: First Class film which is currently being written by Josh Schwartz (The OC, Gossip Girl, Chuck). I’m a little confused by the age differences as we also saw a glimpse of a very young Storm in the full trailer but perhaps they will be shown in different time periods in the story.

Overall, I think these trailers have been satisfying and the movie is in my top three most anticipated for the year and that’s mainly because I’ve been able to separate Fox Studios’ X-Continuity away from what many of us are accustomed to from the comics or the animated cartoons.

So, what do you think of the Fox’s three-part set of trailers?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters May 1, 2009.

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  1. If they got someone else for Cyclops, that is wrong because James Marsden did such a great job! I agree with you Rob, Liev’s Sabretooth really does grow on you, as he should because Victor Creed is such an amazing character & I would dare say more interesting than Logan given his history than just a lackey for Magneto in first x film! Well, personally I have always liked Sabretooth more than Wolverine.

    I am hoping this picture does well so that we could finally see that Magneto Origins and who knows, maybe a Cyclops: Origin? I am in the Cyclops camp by saying he is THE X-man!

  2. I’m sure it will be made clear in the film but I was confused about seeing Cyclops in the film. I know it spans a large amount of time, but I didn’t think part of it took place recently enough for Cyclops to be even in his early 20s.


  3. Well… It looks wonderful!

  4. Who wants to bet Cyclops gets more screen time in this than he did in X3? lol

  5. I was just browsing the wiki article for this movie, and it seems that Storm’s scenes will be cut out (according to an interview with producer Lauren Shuler Donne).

    Regarding the trailer, nothing really new. It was nice seeing the interplay between Deadpool and co. The glimpse of Cyclops is rather dodgy, they are indeed showing way too much of the film with what should be “omg” moments during the full viewing.

  6. The point of Showing Cyclops is to Reel in the fans .
    My concern is for X3 they showed a lot of the action sequence online
    to entice fans to come and the Final product was CRAP!
    I sincerely hope that will not be the case here.
    Also ,
    A lot of people who only know Logan from the films are not going to understand that he is that old .
    no matter how many Flashbacks you show them.
    those who only know him from the films dont understand his healing factor like we do.

  7. Tino,

    Well said!

    Also it’s probably notable to add that he’s credited as playing “Scott Summers” not “Cyclops” or “Scott Summers / Cyclops” So it certainly leaves room for a time frame.


  8. I didn’t watch this trailer and will not watch anymore, unless they pop up while I’m watching something else. This Cyclops scene, as some have said, must be before a flashback. Cyclops is way too young to be a part of Wolvie’s past.

  9. My main fear is that this is less about Logan and more like X4 .

  10. I thought I saw on Mtv’s splash page that Schwartz wasn’t involved in the movie or was asked to be? Is that true Vic? Also I’m not suprised that Cyclops is in this movie, Fox wants to do it their way, damn what the Marvel comics story lines say!

  11. Well, I think this is going to be a huge success and great movie. These spots were awesome. I liked the 2nd more than the 1st and finally the 3rd more than the 2nd. Can’t wait for this and I have a feeling it will be really kick-ass.

  12. Though having Scott here doesn’t make sense, as long as it does well in the movie I am fine with it. Also he looks like he is only 15 years old or so (he looks like he was in high school in that one scene)so it could work possibly. Wouldn’t make sense that Scott didn’t reconize Logan in the first X-Men movie (if they are connected)though. Hopefully it will work.

  13. Scott looked like he was being chased by Sabretooth– probably either to join weapon X or just join the “bad guys” — they have always been after good ol’ Slim Summers. For trailers that show so much, they sure do make us question more.


  14. wow every time i see one of the trailers this movie looks more and more like garbage.

  15. sucks for you Gigan

  16. @Gigan300

    Why, exactly? To me this is actually looking better with each new clip.


    Come on, dude.


  17. What? It does suck for him, it looks better with every new trailer, not the other way around.

  18. @Oscar

    Sorry, just sounded a bit “in your face” when I read it. :-)


  19. @oscar
    the fact that it looks better to you and the fact that it sucks to me is just our opinions, and the fact is the movie has too many characters just like x3 and its probably gonna be about 90 minutes long which is not long enough, and the another reason they revealed enough of his origins in the x2 in my opinion making this film pointless, and they also might as well call it xmen 4 considering that all the other xmen films had wolverine as the central character.

  20. @Gigan

    So many characters is indeed a concern, but it looks like they’re going to be focusing on Wolverine, Sabretooth and possibly Deadpool.


  21. still did’et fix Gambit’s eyes.
    and again id like sum dialog of gambit’s 2 see if they got the Accent or not.

  22. also if you follow the comics(the movie wont).
    if ya got young cyclops your gunna havta show his brother HAVOC !
    but aperintly FOX likes 2 ruin comic readers Lives.
    so (0)-well

  23. @Jayme
    Does Scott have the visor on in this trailer? If not, I can understand why he didn’t recognize Wolvie in the first movie, since he lost part of his memory in his youth.

  24. Young Storm has been cut from the movie.

  25. but that probably means Young Storm has been ADDED to the DVD!

  26. Screenrant, all you folks have an important appointment on May 1st with Wolverine.

  27. @ Rorschach,

    That’s a key point for me too. They’ve avoided showing us any clips with Gambit talking and that’s very worrying for me.

    The eyes I can take, but if they drop the Cajun accent I will become a hater :(

  28. @ Rob Keyes

    I’m right there with you on that one…

  29. I know that Schweiber is credited as Sabertooth but it seems to me that he may just be playing “Dog” from orgins. At least that would explain the dramatic size difference from X1 to Wolverine Orgins.