Wolverine In 60 Seconds: Part 2

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wolverine3 Wolverine In 60 Seconds: Part 2

The second of three new Wolverine 60-second trailers has been unveiled and it looks great. This particular trailer is called “Brothers” and instead of just showing action scenes for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, they again seem to be focusing on presenting story elements of Wolverine’s past, emphasizing the “origins” part of the title of the film.

The first 60-second spot, which came out yesterday, was titled “Outcasts” and it focused on Wolverine’s character as a young boy – showing us what’s likely his first experience with his bone claws and berserker rage.

This second trailer picks up right where the first left off with Wolverine and his brother at a young age and it moves on to show them together throughout different wars (which we had glimpses of through the official full trailer) and experiences up until the point of them becoming enemies.

Check it out and see what you think:


The first half doesn’t reveal much new stuff but the second half delves into the motivations behind Sabretooth’s and Wolverine’s actions, which is nice to see. I’m excited to see what the third trailer will being us tomorrow and I’m very curious to see how Cyclops plays into it all since he was shown in the teaser clip to these trailers.

What do you think of the two trailers thus far?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters May 1, 2009.

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  1. I think they’re giving away a little too much of the movie in these trailers. I probably won’t even watch the next/last one in this series– gotta save somethin’ for the theater!


  2. I’m not even watching any of these, I wanna see at least 75% original footage in the theaters, I hate when a movie gets close and the trailers and commercials start showing every single part of the movie, its irritating. My rule after the first trailer was not to watch anymore wolverine stuff until the movie is out.

    PS I *really* hate that retarded trend in Hollywood.

  3. OK, I missed the Cyclops reference. Where was he shown? Was it the same actor as the X-Men movies?

  4. Richard,

    I’m definitely going to have to start adapting that method.


    Cyclops may be in the next trailer, this is the second out of three being released. He wasn’t in this one. To answer your question, no, Scott Summers is being played by Tim Pocock, not James Marsden.

  5. Started to watch it but like others … I already know I’m going to see it so I won’t ruin any more by watching.

  6. I’m with you guys; I need to stop watching these trailers. I will be there; maybe not opening day but I will see this.

    According to the Marvel website, they may be half-brothers (mother). They were close friends when they were young but Sabretooth became psychotic because of his father. I don’t remember reading where they served in WWI or WWII together, but these movies stray away from the source material a bit.

  7. Indeed they are half brothers, but not full brothers.

  8. Spectacular!

    @ Mantis

    It does irritate me that the film makes them brothers — they definitely were not in the original stories. If Marvel has changed that recently it makes me mad. HOWEVER — it does make more sense and would explain why their mutant powers are nearly identical.

    @ Screenrant

    I agree these trailers are showing waaaaay too much. On the other hand, I’m glad because I read so many posts trying to degrade this film and nitpick and everything, like a perfect film comes along on a usual basis, if ever. Not to mention that fact, that for a comic book adaption, this film looks amazing.

    The good part about them showing all these scenes is that the naysayers are seeing quality.

    Plus, lets face it, Fox doesn’t care about ‘saving some for the theatre’, They want to get paid.

  9. Hey did you guys notice that the style of Wolverine’s claws have changed since the X-Men Trilogy? Or am I late?

    In ‘X-Men’ they came out from between his fingers, now, more like the comic book (no doubt to facilitate the bone claws), they come out from more near his knuckles. I think the change makes a lot more since logistically. But then again, when we have a mutant man, with super human healing factor, strength and senses and a near indestructible skeleton — who cares about logistics? : )

  10. Does it really matter if they are made out to be brothers? We all know about their false memories and stuff, it’s probably just a red herring.

  11. @ arrell

    It matters to people that know and enjoy the original stories and see no reason to change them. To top it all off, when they usually change a main story point from the source material it doesn’t make the material transfer to the screen better and in many cases, it transfers less successfully. This is funny, because the claim of most studio/producers is that the original material must be changed for the big screen.

    So I guess saying: “If it aint broke don’t fix it” would suffice.

    Of course, I was a fan, so I cared about the story. If you never were a fan of the comic or even cartoon series, I don’t suppose you would care if they just start making up family trees.

  12. Though, if the memory is false, I could dig that!

  13. @ High Kalibur: the X-Men movies have already taken a few liberties regarding the transition of characters from comic to movie, so I’m somewhat comfortable with the fact that they’re going to be presented differently on the screen.

    And now that I think about it, false memories wouldn’t work here. With this movie, they’re choosing to clean the record of such things and representing the ‘true history’ or the origin of Wolverine. So yeah, it would seem that in the Marvel film world, Wolvie and ‘Tooth are half-brothers. It does feel kinda silly, brotherly rivalries have been done to death.

  14. Someone said something about the whole rivalry being orchestrated by ‘Romulus?’ — the fake memories could tie in with that.

    I dunno, I don’t like the idea of fake memories — that is overdone as well. I think I’m just going to stop worrying and hit the theatre in May… but that’s so long! : )

  15. I just saw the third clip,
    It reminded me of the latest trailer with at least two shots of young Cyclops.

  16. I have been a fan of the Xmen and all the Wolverine comics and I don’t mind them changing stories at all. Take liberties if it works great. The comics were great stories, but some things really don’t translate well to film or somethings won’t work with general audiences. Also I like seeing new and different things. If they just filmed pages from comic books word for word frame for frame it would be kind of ‘been there done that’ I like changing it up as long as the real important details don’t get changed. Being brothers add’s the rivalry I don’t see the big problem. I enjoyed the way it was done in the comics and this sounds like it won’t be as good but still good. Then again I HAVE NOT seen the movie yet and it could play out even better.

  17. @ arrell

    Exactly, to people who followed the comics for so many years it does matter. The same way so many people who loved and waited for a Transformers movie for so long take issue with the movie versions looking nothing like the G1 Transformers.

    @ High Kalibur,

    Yeah, I have been out of the loop for a couple years, and people are saying that the Marvel site is hinting toward them being half-brothers now. Probably because they knew this film’s plot was coming. I don’t like it.

  18. You have to take some liberties to make a live-action film watchable. If they made this animated, then I would agree they should make it exactly like the comic. I don’t think Hugh Jackman would have signed on to wear yellow spandex. :-)

  19. @John “Kahless” Taylor
    You said it perfectly :)

  20. Eh… more often than not, the ‘liberties’ taken don’t work. So they F up the story and make a bad film. If this movie is as awesome as it looks GREAT. If it is not and on top of that some ridiculous story points have been made up it will make fans mad. Twice.

  21. hmmm i think i have started to see why marvel revealed wolverine’s true name of being James Howlett. I think they did this just for the wolverine movie. i mean what would call the guy who you’re making a movie out of if he doesn’t have a name to begin with? though wolverine took on the name of Logan in his adult years, what would you call him in his child years?

  22. @ High Kalibur

    I did notice the claw change. good catch.