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wolverine tv spot Wolverine In 60 SecondsThe first in a series of X-Men Origins: Wolverine television spots aired recently and the first thing that I thought of was – “How long is this movie going to be?”

We first see Wolverine in an Adamantium bath and then it cuts to the sideburned one’s childhood. We see how he first discovered to use his claws and we see him throw a (his first?) berserker rage.

There’s quite a bit of early plot exposition crammed into the 60 seconds – but I’m worried that Wolverine is trying to go for a very expansive time frame.

Going by the sets and costumes it looks like this section of the film (or extended flashback) takes place in the late 19th or early 20th Century – making the film look like a comic book version of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Check it out for yourself:


I’m not knocking the film, the last thing that I’d hate to see is a 90 minute Wolverine film, but come on – save something for the sequels. As a modern day “Man With No Name” it looks like Wolverine is about to become the man with a name, Facebook page, Twitter account and an open book life! I suppose that’s what you get when you call the film X-Men Origins.

Maybe I’m wrong – but we’ll find out when the Wolverine marketing machine ramps up before the films release in May 1st, 2009.

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  1. Actually the bone claws came way before the Origin mini-series, it was 1993 in X-Men #25 Magneto ripped Wolverine’s adamantium out of his body that the bone claws are first introduced.

    And the “Sabretooth is Wolvie’s dad” it’s more like they’re half-brothers and that wasn’t as definite in the Origin comic, the character was named Dog Logan and he wanted revenge on Wolverine for killing his dad. But it’s a movie and if the changes actually work then I have no problem.

  2. mike,
    I just saw the second ad
    and your theories about Logan and Sabretooths relatiionship are right on the Money .

  3. Getting in late on this, don’t really have an opinion on bone claws since I never looked into Wolvie’s past. Weapon X gave him enhanced senses aswell? And claws, though? So then they also named him Wolverine, and that’s also mistaken in this movie?

    I wouldn’t name myself Wolverine if I didn’t have claws and animal senses.. I always figured it was one big mutant package for him. He was an animal and they just made him an indestructable one.

    Anyhow, the guy that says “son” in the trailer isn’t Schrieber, I don’t think. It definitely looks more like Aaron Jeffery, who is credited with being Wolverine’s “Half-brother” on IMDb– I’m thinking that’s an IMDb error, really.


  4. Just to clear up a few things for ya…

    Wolverine’s bone claws have been part of the character since inception waaaaaaay back in Hulk 180 or 181. His claws, heightened senses, and healing factor are his mutant abilities. The adamantium was added to his skeletal system by the Weapon X program. Magneto did rip the metal from his body in Wolverine 25 and he reverted back to a more feral state that was explored. He later regained the adamantium from Apocalypse when he beat Sabretooth out as the horseman Death.
    Wolverine’s entire origin was explored in the Origins mini series and gave us the full background on the character. Since then Marvel has explored several areas past that even including his son (which is a currently ongoing series) and a future set title where Wolverine meets his long lost brother.
    In current continuity he has his memories but is currently detached from them and is trying to make a connection with his past.
    With all that said I think we should also remember that the Xmen movies fall outside of the comic continuity and have taken more than a few liberties with the origins.
    Anyhow just thought I’d toss a few tidbits about wolverine’s history out there from an old comic geek. :)

  5. yeah mike is right. The bone claws have been around for a while now.

    And remember in the X-men cartoon show. Morph is found to be alive and wolverine tracks him down. when morph changes into wolverine to fight him he has bone claws that the real wolverine cuts in half

  6. wolverines “mutation” is his healing factor, enhanced senses, and bone claws. his strength, agility and speed are part of his healing, his body needed to keep up with what Logan put it through, like an athletes body, so his reactions got faster (also due to his various trainings, ninja, samurai, military black ops, C.I.A., and weapon x), due to the heaviness of his now metal bone structure, his strength grew and his body had to once again adapt and grow faster with him.
    Wolverine is not a mutant in the traditional sense, he is an evolutionary spit, evolved from a Lupus tribe, like humans evolved from homo sapiens. His abilities are natural to his race.

    The bone claws where pointed out to be weak, They’re not weak if anything it gives him more power. because even stripped of “power” (by lets say, a suppression collar, used in the comics by shield and villains such as sinister/hellsfire club) he still put up a fight unlike some mutants (shadow cat, rouge, iceman, angel, become regular joe’s with little fighting ability). He’s still a trained soldier, with retractable claws. stripped of his adimatium, he still has retractable claws and the same fighting abilities.

    His ferocity is due to his animalistic nature(violence is completely natural to him), and his constant mental tampering by government and most importantly Romulus (An older member of his species, which is still to be revealed, as far as I know). But basically Romulus has created the berserker rages Logan is famous for, by killing everyone he has ever cared for ( at least in the past) and orchestrating situations where he needs to go into this rage, sometimes to survive sometimes for revenge. But it turns out all situations where planned.

    Logan was born a weakly boy named James Howlet, in the south, though looking back it could have been a different part of Canada. And after what you saw in the commercial, ran away with rose (a red headed girl). And became a man in the wilderness working hard as a lumberjack type of guy(taking the name Logan). Dog (apparently changed to replace rose) was hired to hunt him down by his “grandfather.” rose is killed by dog, dog is killed by Logan, and Logan moves on. That’s his official comic book origin.

    just trying to help with info

  7. Actually the first time its hinted that Logan has bone claws was in the Weapon X comic arc in 1991 by Barry Windsor Smith. Yes, the classic comic where Wolvie gets his adamantium.

  8. Ok what is up with so many people saying weapon x gave wolverine his senses ? It is his natural ability people he has always had the senses. I’m seeing people who have claimed to read origin say it was given to him when origin is fairly clear that it is his natural ability.

  9. @ almanza

    Superb analysis and great, spot-on info.
    If there is any further discussion on this “argument” then people did not read almanza’s post. It is exactly correct.

  10. Thanks again, gang. I really didn’t know that even in the comics Wolverine had the bone claws. I always thought his mutant ability was healing.


  11. He has ALWAYS had the bone claws..always..They are a mutation..like the kid born with 25 toes and fingers…They are attached to his central nervous system and come out doring times of extreme stress..in his formative years anyways..

  12. Yes, eveything Wolvie has is a mutation, except for the adamantium. After the tragedy in the his past, he lived with wolves for a while, showing that he had senses comparable to wolves. The reason he was surprised he had claws after his bones were laced with adamantium, was because of the mental tampering mentioned by earlier posts. One thing to note, Cyclops had the ability to control his optic blasts but lost that memory due to a fall. Wolvie also lost the memory that he had claws (manily due to tampering and mental block because of tragedy) but has since regained that memory.

    One thing that I wish is that they make this rated R, instead of PG-13.

  13. thanks ink! :)

  14. JEEZE

    You guys really are talking apples and oranges and most of all of you are right to a point.

    The original Wolverine, note original: circa 1970′s, did not have bone claws. The following back story built upon the character indeed explained that his healing factor is how he survived the adamantium graphing, in which he was outfitted with claws. His mutant powers are, or at least were, as of his original inception, super human healing and senses.

    His origin story changed, or became ambiguous at best, when Magneto extracted the alloy from his bones, revealing bone claws. Now, the official, contemporary origin story is that he had bone claws first and that they were graphed with the metal.

    What it really is, in the end, is the writers changing the origins and trying to come up with fresh takes.I prefer the old school Logan that I grew up on – no bone claws, just adamantium from the Weapon X program. The new school may make a little more sense and make for a better story, or not, it will all depend on how it is done.

    Nonetheless, the bone claws were a writer brainstorm and not a part of Wolverine’s first back stories. However, they are now considered have existed before Weapon X.

    You see, everyone is right!

    Still, old school is better and if with the new school Victor and James are brothers (gay!) why doesn’t Creed have the claws? He inherited all the other mutant traits that Logan did from Daddy. That was also another great dynamic of their fued, Creed being jealous of the adamantium/claws.

    I dunno, hope that helps. Get your butt to theatre May 1st!

  15. @ High Kalibur

    i don’t know about the movie but in the comics, creed is not related to Logan, as in brother/half-brother/father/clone/son (which have all been hinted at for a long time)
    what they are, is members of the same tribe (along with wolvesbane/freal/thorn/daken/x-23/romulus aaaaand idk). They all have similar abilities, all k9 like, but there are obvious differences, hence creeds no retractable claws, but creed has more strength and super strong/sharp fingernails (which are basically claws) and teeth (Logan doesn‘t have those saber-toothed like mandibles). The reason they have conflict is because they are the best of their remaining tribe. So they have a rivalry, but really Romulus has always the puppeteer in their fights creed knowingly, Logan oblivious as to why creed hates him, but eventually grows to hate him just as much.

  16. Yeah, I never recalled any story in which they were family (from the comics). And in the 90′s I read a lot of them. : )

    I think the Wolverine/Sabretooth rivalry is one of the best in comics and I am thrilled that it is being brought to the silver screen — even though it’s getting chopped up and rearranged on the way there.

    I haven’t been reading any Wolverine in the 000′s — so I never heard of this Romulus dude. What is his story?

  17. High Kalibur not sure what your talking about. No not everyone is right. You can’t say that none of this was originally his back story simply because originally he had no back story. Go back to the comics he was always mysterious we never knew that much about him that was the point. You can’t say he never had bone claws in the 70′s comic’s simply because no one mentioned them. That’s like saying I never went to high school because I don’t talk about it on these boards.

    It was pretty clear that Wolverine didn’t even know he had the bone claws because of the memory erase. They NEVER changed his back story they simply added one.

  18. I tracked down an old Fanboy Radio interview from 2006
    with Wolverine creator Len Wein.
    Not only did Logan not have bone claws when he was originally concieved ,
    but his creator DISAGREES with the concept of the bone claws.
    good job High Kalibur!
    You were right on the money!

  19. @ Daniel F

    You are almost disagreeing to say the same thing.

    Until the 90′s – bone claws were not even an idea yet and therefore, originally, he did not have claws before Weapon X. In the continued additions form the myriad of writers at Marvel to the characters back story, he is said to have had them all along.

    So for the crowd that didn’t follow the continuity through the 90′s up until present, it is very understandable that they don’t remember anything about bone claws and were under the impression that they were received from the Weapon X program. Because, at that point, they were.

  20. @ Gary

    Awesome! Good work!

    I don’t really like the bone claws myself. What about you?

  21. High Kalibur,
    I see the bone claws as as an editorial mandate
    once Logan lost his Adamantium .
    They look kind of cool .
    Tt would have been intersting to see them in a poster,
    But they are not very practical.

  22. Sorry about the errors in my previous post.
    To continue ,I just think they went a little overboard with the idea of Logan as feral creature.
    I dont like what they are doing with his backstory now .
    2010 stank as a film because they gave us all the answers from 2001.
    Why cant cant Logan just be a mutant with feral senses and a healing factor who was coercerced into Government service with some mysteries in his past ?
    Answer some of the myseties some of the time, but dont tell us EVERYTHING!
    Leave some of it to our imagination .

  23. Leave some MYSTERY to Logans past.
    Thats part of why we originally liked him because we didnt know everything.
    I think the original X- Men fim handled it just right .
    A few myserious flashbacks About Weapon X ,X-Rays of the his Adamantium Skeleton,The revelation of his healing Factor and the classic line
    “He May even be older then you Professor”.

  24. See, now its getting annoying. People complain that some movies dont follow the comics, and now that they are following the story people still complain. The bone claws are part of his history, why take it out? I dont want mystery,i want his story told.

  25. Dont forget the title of the film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” you want an origin story without his origin in it???

  26. Oscar, my last couple of posts were really about my feelings about the character and not the film but
    I understand that even though Logans creator says that he wasnt originally intended to have Bone Claws that they are now nonetheless a generally accepted part of his history .
    But I hope they dont tell us all the secrets ,
    in the film or the comic.

  27. Oh and by the way,
    the original title of the film was Wolverine.
    It was changed Later.

  28. But the whole reason for the film is for everyone to know his origin. X1 kept us wondering, and they did a good job, i agree with you there. The whole flashbacks, and that line you mentioned. But now its time for us to know :) and i cant wait to see how it all turns out.

  29. I also wanted to add that I am not one of those that insists the movies follow the comics every time.
    in the comics ,
    Bruce Wayne wasnt trained by Ras Al Ghul,
    But I LOVED Batman Begins And I also was a fan Of Nolans totally original take on The Joker in The Dark Knight.