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wolverine tv spot Wolverine In 60 SecondsThe first in a series of X-Men Origins: Wolverine television spots aired recently and the first thing that I thought of was – “How long is this movie going to be?”

We first see Wolverine in an Adamantium bath and then it cuts to the sideburned one’s childhood. We see how he first discovered to use his claws and we see him throw a (his first?) berserker rage.

There’s quite a bit of early plot exposition crammed into the 60 seconds – but I’m worried that Wolverine is trying to go for a very expansive time frame.

Going by the sets and costumes it looks like this section of the film (or extended flashback) takes place in the late 19th or early 20th Century – making the film look like a comic book version of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Check it out for yourself:


I’m not knocking the film, the last thing that I’d hate to see is a 90 minute Wolverine film, but come on – save something for the sequels. As a modern day “Man With No Name” it looks like Wolverine is about to become the man with a name, Facebook page, Twitter account and an open book life! I suppose that’s what you get when you call the film X-Men Origins.

Maybe I’m wrong – but we’ll find out when the Wolverine marketing machine ramps up before the films release in May 1st, 2009.

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  1. To be honest this movie could be 3 hours and still have story left to explore Wolverine has such an expansive history. Not to mention from various interviews that Jackman has given it sounds as if they will skip Japan for the most part leaving it open for a sequel. To me the movie looks as if it’s going to show the basic origin of him as a child then a small glimpse of growing up then dive in to a large Weapon X plot. Leaving decades that have either been skipped or only touched on. I’m not worried at all.

  2. I think that Wolverine’s real name was revealed in his comic or the X-Men comics. But, I thought that the claws didn’t come until his joining the Weapon X program. He already had the healing factor and the like, but the kid Wolvie sprouting claws is something new. Oh well, it looks good and worth the ticket price to see.

  3. Actually, there was a part in the comics where someone walks in on Wolverines mom when she is getting dressed and there are claw marks on her side. She tried to cover it up fast as if they were acting like nothing had ever happen.

  4. I’m not at all ‘worried’ about the length of the film and this trailer gave me goose bumps! I can’t wait for the next two!

    Get ’em Wolverine!

  5. What’s the deal with the bone claws anyway? I never read the Origins comic and I don’t see how it fits into the movie – Did Weapon X replace his bone claws with adamantium ones?


  6. BONE CLAWS!!!!! WOOOT!!!!

    Sadly though the scene wont play out like it did when I read the comic

  7. In the comics, there was a story arc that had Magneto pulling the adamantium out of wolverines body and nearly killing him. When Wolverine recovered, he had bone claws, thus revealing that the claws were pre-existing to the weapon-X program…

  8. Before Weapon X Bone claws then he was infused with adamantium over his entire bone structure, including the claws.
    And Dave is right it took Magneto all these years to become strong enough to rip out Wolvies adamantium but … he finally did it. Some of my favorite comic were when he had just the bone claws. Not only because he got the crap kicked out of him in every issue and still fought like he had the adamantium but mainly because it was the Kubert brothers run illustrating the comic during this time. Incredible, incredible artwork.

  9. very cool indeed. i cant wait for the movie.

    thanks Niall Browne.

  10. Looking at Wolverine’s adamantium claws there’s no way there’s bone beneath them.


  11. C`mon Vic..that`s all you have to pick in this trailer..is that the adamantium claws don`t look like they have bone underneath them…and if they stay true to the mythos that is adamantium laced bone claws..

  12. the bone claws are attached to his central nervous system and they come out on command but when he was younger it was more the fight or flight response that made his claws advance…

  13. @greenknight

    You misunderstand me – I wasn’t referring specifically to the trailer. Even as far as the comic book is concerned his claws are always portrayed as knife-like, so how would bones be underneath them?

    I always thought (and I’m sure the original intent prior to “Origin”) that the claws were just added as a weapon and he had none prior. It’s just a retcon IMHO.


  14. ” Vic

    Actually in the comics I have from the late 80`s and 90`s the bone claws look like small radial or ulnar bones and not like claws at all..I guess they sent himto the adamantium smithy to get them sharpened up.. :)

  15. yeah his old renditions are more straight and tubular, the newer guys like Sylvertri (sp?) started making look like wicked blades, I guess its just a style that stuck.

  16. Thanks for the feedback guys!


  17. It wasn’t just origin it was revealed before origin that he had bone claws before he had the animatium. All Weapon X did was put a heavy layer of an industructable metal laced over his bones all of his bones. It’s been that way for awhile. Weapon X erased his memorey and he didn’t know that he had always had claws until magneto ripped the metal out of him. When he finally first used the bone claws it was a big moment “Wow he had them all along” he had always blamed weapon x for the claws.

    If your gonna look at the claws and say there is no way there are bones under there you might as well say there is no way that guy can’t heal that fast, or that guy can shot laser blasts out of his eyes.

  18. I would have been very disappointed if this movie didn’t have scenes in the late 19th/early 20th century. I agree though they should have left something for the sequels (hopefully they did).. A tiny bit peeved that it’s differing from Wolverine Origin (i.e. James and Dog Logan running away together + no Rose) but hopefully it delivers. Wish the film was longer too but aw well..

  19. Glad to see the bone claws are there ,
    but I dont see what the big deal is about Vic saying there is no way there are claws under there.
    Because, I GUARANTEE you you wont see the bone claws in the present day in this film .
    There are MANY people who just discovered he had bone claws from this ad alone .
    If Singer or Ratner knew about the bone claws there is no evidence of that in the films they made.
    I bet a LOT of people who saw that ad thought ,
    Wait, “He has BONE claws under there?”
    NO WAY!”

  20. I think its a case of what looks coolest haha. Bones look cool bu bones with adamantium on top don’t, but giant knives do lol.

  21. I was never a fan o fthe “bone claws” from the origin books.

    So far this looks pretty close the origin comics (bone claws, Sabertooth, etc). Then Gambit is inserted in his origin story which is just stupid.

  22. I think the bone claws were one of the most horrible things done to Wolverine’s past… it was a weak and uncreative way to create an interesting plot device to justify the origin books.

    Wolverine’s mutant ability should simply be that of healing. Weapon X needed healing mutants for their experiments to create the perfect soldier and had turned him into a weapon by adding Adamanatium, adding the claws and enhancing his senses.

    The idea of claws made of bone that are UNDERNEATH the skin and completely tear the skin each time they come out is stupid for a mutation to naturally create. If they want to turn him into even more of an animal, they missed making his teeth look more like Sabretooth’s

  23. @Rob

    I agree. Wolverine’s mutant ability was the healing factor. That combined with his ferocity and the adamantium additions made him who he is.

    The bone claws weren’t part of the original character.


  24. I don’t recall ‘bone claws’ either. I thought he got the adamantium one’s after he grew up.
    So what did they do? remove the bone?
    Like Vic stated, there’s no way there can be bone inside the metal claws.

    I’m with Rob, the whole Origin thing sounds stupid and counter productive.
    Meaning, we already have the history established with Striker’s character in X-Men 2 (?)

    Funny, almost all the posts have to do with the claws and not the movie, no one can say we’re not fans.. I love it!

  25. But they go hand in hand, his skin would get damaged everytime his claws came out. Maybe he developed his healing factor because of it, or maybe he had both because they just fit perfectly with eachother. I think the bone claws were a perfect addition to his origin story, why would he have metal claws be part of his outfit, when hes supposed to be a mutant first, superhero second.

  26. @JessSayin’ Look at the pic Vic provided, you see that theres enough room for bone under there, it can just be a really thin layer of adamantium. And his past was barely hinted at in X2, not all of it revealed, thats the reason for this film, which im really excited for :)

  27. Regarding the trailer, not digging the early “Sabretooth is Wolvie’s dad” revelation (false as it probably i ).