‘The Wolverine’ Producer Explains What’s Required For Another Sequel

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The Wolverine 2 Interviews Hugh Jackman The Wolverine Producer Explains Whats Required For Another Sequel

Hugh Jackman has played the career-defining role of Wolverine six times and is currently shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past in Montreal. That’ll be his seventh time sporting the mutton chops. After telling the story of Logan’s adventure to Japan – Jackman’s personal favorite story from the Marvel Comics – and now moving onto a tale of time travel, are there more stories to tell worthy of another solo Wolverine movie?

A common topic of interest in interviews with Hugh Jackman when it comes to X-Men is his rigorous workout regiment and strict diet. While on set of The Wolverine last fall we saw it firsthand, how every few hours Jackman would feed on lean meat and steamed vegetables and how every morning he’d work out for at least two hours, followed by a swim. He even sought the advice of muscle monster Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

When talking about returning for Bryan Singer’s Days of Future Past, Jackman’s only gripe was not being able to relax on the physical front. The Aussie actor is in his mid-forties and must work harder and longer to maintain the physique of mutant hero. Jackman’s in the best shape of his life thanks to his hard work, but what will it take for him to come back again after the next X-Men team-up? According to The Wolverine producer Hutch Parker, there’s “absolutely” room for more movies and the onus is on the studio to come up with a worthy story, one that can top the much more standalone The Wolverine, a screenplay writer Christopher McQuarrie’s revealed is his favorite work.

“Absolutely, absolutely. This is a standalone piece. You guys know the story, it lives really neatly off by itself and doesn’t preclude anything else. It doesn’t preclude reconnecting. It doesn’t preclude other standalone stories. I think part of what makes Wolverine such an iconic character is that it’s an irresolvable conflict. His immortality and the emotional conflicts he has surrounding those issues are limitless in terms of where that character can go and where they would live and become an issue and engage so that, I think you’ve got – To Tom [Rothman]‘s credit, to Bill Mechanic’s credit – this is a well that can be mined for a long time. I think the challenge will be the obligation on the part of the filmmakers and the studio to make sure the stories are worthy of going back to the well. Certainly, Hugh’s been a good sport about it over the years he’s done this character. He clearly loves it to death but I do know that it becomes a storytelling obligation to make sure that this one will be a hard one to top, so that we can continue to serve up opportunities for him as a performer that warrant ‘yes, I want to put the claws back on and grow out my mutton chops and do my thing.’”

The future of Jackman’s Wolverine will be revealed next summer in Fox’s most ambitious X-Men film to date, one that will likely feature more than one version of the character and could refresh or relaunch the series as fans know it. There are plenty of opportunities for Jackman to return as an aged Wolverine and Fox isn’t going to stop making X-movies. It’s really up to Jackman in the end.

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The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold off of Mark Bomback and Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay. It stars Hugh Jackman, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Rila Fukushima.


The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.

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  1. Lord, NO MORE Wolverine movies, please.

    Enough is enough. The X-Men universe is richer than that. Its time to explore other characters, teams, and concepts

    • You may change your mind after The Wolverine and Days of Future Past

      • Believe me, I dont mind having Wolverine on the team movies, but at the end he has been the lead actor in 5 movies already. Time to let the other x-men and new characters Shine a bit.

        A new spin-off would be really appreciated. As many fans have been asking since year 2009

      • I understand wanting more focus on other characters in the X-Men instead of Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has OWNED that role. But I grew up on the X-Men and Wolvy has always been my favorite. I dont get why so many people get so upset about the focus being on him.

        • Likely because they realize that the X-Man universe has much more to offer than revolving around one characters. You do a disservice to the franchise, characters as well as their fans when the focus is heavily on Wolverine. Its totally understandable why some fans feel the way that they do. Even as an avid Wolverine fan myself I feel as though this series has become stagnant in part due to the limited scoop of a single character.

      • The thing for me is, I expect The Wolverine to be a very good film…and yet I still don’t find myself interested in seeing it. Jackman is great in the role, but I think that I prefer Wolverine as part of the X-Men ensemble as opposed to being focused on extensively as a solo character. I like it when he has mystique and don’t feel compelled to know everything about his past.

        And come on, he now has two standalone solo films.

    • Wolverine? What, ma, leftovers again? Nuts to that! Where’s Cyclops? How about a movie with him as the mainstay?

      • Exactly. How about a movie with Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Angel, Gambit and old Beast back with the rest of the crew?

        Is it too epic or complex of a proyect to get it done?

      • I must say, I do feel bad for any fans of Cyclops. For some odd reason he seems to be constantly sidelined or virtually ignored for the majority of this series.

    • They could make X-Men films with more depth if they wanted to, but they don’t. Wolverine has had a solo comic for years and they can easily have that character do his own thing and still have X-Men films without him at all. But I suspect that like in the comics they won’t gamble and not put him in the teams films at all.

  2. My only gripe – besides being too tall – is his over-reliance on mugging for the camera, and knitting his eyebrows together when he does his fake “rage” thing.

    I hope Mangold is challenging him.

  3. How about a standalone movie about that kid in X-Men 2 who could switch television channels with his mind who appeared for a about two minutes in a scene halfway through the film.. Thats a movie/merchandising franchise right there. Only kidding.

  4. Wolvie has had plenty of great solo stories over the years, most have guests stars.

    It wouldn’t be hard to find a storyline for Wolverine 3, considering at that point his Japan adventure will be done, he’ll have the disipline needed to control his inner beast and channel it through his will. Then we can assume, he’ll go through DOFP and at the end there will be…I’m predicting, a present day stable x-men team which is repaired from the disastrous x 3.

    So wolvie is free to roam then. Where will he go and what drives him? after being in Japan and then Facing Boliver Trask’s Sentinels, and trying to prevent a horrific future, what will Logan do?

    well… it would depend on whether they were successful in their mission in DOFP, in the comics they failed… so Wolvie will probably continue to fight the future.

    Personally, I’d like to see Omega Red in Wovie 3, and have Jackman back to close out his Wolvie trilogy.

    • Omega Red would be bad ass! But personally, I want to see a showdown between Hulk, Wolverine, and Wendigo in Canada.

      Or, the storyline where Sabretooth gains an adamantium skeleton. Those are both great.

  5. As long as its a good movie I wont mind a few more Wolverine movies

    I just want my Deadpool movie that the script is supposed to be amazing

  6. I would love to see a sequel but only if the Villain is Omega Red, and Sabretoothe returns. Maybe throw in some b or c characters ive been wanting to see that many others do not seem to care about like Beak,Chamber,Husk,and a few others to pepper the film just a little and of course some good human villains maybe John Sublime and i am in. could be something really great.

  7. I say have wolverine be the main hero in his stand alone film and have others take over for the X-men group Films,like Cyclops. They should bring in Archangels, and some more Nightcrawler,Gambit,Juggernaught,Blob and new villain Sinister, and APocalypse, but only for the group X-men films.

  8. Hmmm, I have no doubt that there is material for more Wolverine films, and if they’re good, who can argue. But I think that the character could use a rest, as far as a solo hero. I am much more interested in X-Men ensemble films, especially those (like First Class) that don’t focus heavily on Wolverine.

  9. He should hang it up i want a real portrayal of wolverine… meaning 5’3 hairy back arms and shoulders and as built like a s*** brick house

    • you have your parameters, give us a name……

      Hollywood’s not renouned for there short actors, let’s see you could have the Cruise, everyone’s favourite short-arse, nope he’s 5’6″.

      How about Danny Devito he’s about 5’3″, give him 12 months (years lol) to get in shape, there you go a wolvie at the right height.

      A REAL portrail of a CHARACTER is how he acts, are his responses accurate to what the character would do, why is he doing what he’s doing.

      Physically Hugh does a good job, could do with a little more mass but can’t fault his definition, especially in the latest films where he’s really on top of his training.

      As for his portrail of Wolverine’s personality (which is where you get your REAL portrail) it’s not been too bad, he was a little “wet” in Origins, X1 was suitably acerbic, as was X2 with a little bit of beserker, X3 I can’t actually remember.

      They will never fully release the beast and have him go on a mince meat rampage cause that would push it to R which would preclude a large chunk of the audience so the rage and it’s consequences will always be a couple of notches down from the “12″ we all want it to be…

  10. Old Man Logan would be a great bookend if he were to make an Avengers appearance, so they can tie in the Hawkeye story. An uncanny X-Men movie would be fabulous for this character, as you can delve into the darkness he lugs around.

  11. If they do make another Wolverine film, please let it be Omega Red.

    Always been one of my favorites.

  12. How about introducing Daken???

    We’re in Japan and Daken is his son from his Japanese wife Itsu…. depending on where they leave Wolvie at the end of this one he could be introduced.

    Be a nice dynamic to play…. the whole father / estranged son. Give Hugh some range to play instead of shouting down the lens getting all vainy after having a nightmare all the time.

    Yes he’s troubled by what he can remember of his past, lets take that as fact and move on to another aspect of the character, hmmm

  13. Huge Wolverine fan but I find it’s time for Hugh to move on and let someone else take over.

    other mutants need to come into effect and take center stage: Cable, Dead Pool, Gambit.

    I haven’t seen this film yet and I will one day, it’s just I want someone that’s shorter, hairy, mean and insane.
    Why can’t we get a director like Joss who can do Team films. Marvel of late has not been great in their films… And I can’t see why Fox and Disney share characters.
    yes they are dishing it out, but the quality has been off for some time.
    I also dislike the new spiderman film, all three studios need to work together to bridge these worlds into one.

  14. I would like to see lady deathstrike hell he already banging mariko.
    or cyber but i would really like to see Omega Red