James Mangold Hints At ‘Wolverine 3′ Story; Unsure About Costume

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Classic Logan Wolverine Marvel Comics Miller James Mangold Hints At Wolverine 3 Story; Unsure About Costume

The Wolverine hits home video today and its director and star are already beginning to develop a story for a followup. Neither director James Mangold or lead actor Hugh Jackman have signed with Twentieth Century Fox yet but they have agreed to work on a script until they get something “great” that’ll make them both return. We expected as much after The Wolverine producer Hutch Parker told us it’s up to them to deliver a story worthy enough of Jackman’s talent and dedication.

The news over the last few weeks of their involvement is of no surprise considering their work together resulted in the second most successful outing for the X-Men franchise in theaters (partly thanks to 3D ticket price boost). What’s also made headlines for the pair is a little fan service they secretly tossed into the Unleashed Edition of The Wolverine on Blu-ray.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog, Mangold spoke a little more in-depth about The Wolverine’s in-development followup and the legacy of its titular character. What will the unnamed Wolverine solo adventure would be about?

“I would just say it is always going to be about his relationships to other characters. We are very much trying to work with existing text. There are other great Wolverine stories out there but suffice it to say there are great texts about his connections to others, villains, characters from the lore and from the comics that we can bring out and have another great and meaningful adventure.”

The Wolverine and its story of Logan heading to Japan and meeting Mariko and Yukio is taken from one of the classic early ’80s Marvel Comics story by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. Next summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past also draws from an ’80s story arc by Claremont. Mangold’s hint about the Wolverine 3 being based around his relationships with villains and characters from the lore might be teasing at a story based on another fan-favorite arc from the books.

Wolverine Alpha Flight Marvel Comics James Mangold Hints At Wolverine 3 Story; Unsure About Costume

Could we finally see Alpha Flight on the big screen? Kitty Pryde and Wolverine team-up? Old Man Logan (I asked Hugh about that here)? Or perhaps a Magneto vs. Wolverine tale that results in the hero’s adamantium being removed from his body a la Fatal Attractions? Wolverine vs. Omega Red?

What made The Wolverine different from the other superhero films of the year (Iron Man 3, Man of Steel & Thor: The Dark World) is that it wasn’t about some grand event involving the world or world’s leaders in danger, it was a character-specific journey. In the next movie, Mangold aims to keep it that way and offers an interesting explanation as to why:

“The simple thing is when the world is in danger. I think it is a cheat that a lot of movies do to create stakes, about how the world will blow up or a stadium or a planet or a region will blow up if x and y doesn’t happen by this time. Much more than the genre being tired, when every movies is about the destruction of the universe or the globe, it makes it hard to tell a meaningful story when the scale gets so huge, it dwarfs the characters.”

As for the superhero costume Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has yet to wear, the one that James Mangold included as an alternate ending on the Unleashed Edition of The Wolverine on Blu-ray?

“A lot of fans keep asking about when he’s going to wear his uniform. It’s a struggle for us in relation to question, because Logan’s personality as developed onscreen and in comics is one in which he hates publicity. The filmmakers, even on X-Men, have struggled with an outfit. Finding the rationale for a uniform when the character disdains self promotion, why he would put on some outfit that promotes himself as some kind of hero? It’s like Dirty Harry didn’t walk around with special outfit. There’s a difficult line to walk. He’s not a show off, he’s the last one to put on a team jersey. The flesh and blood character is very loyal to that iconoclastic rebel who doesn’t seem to be the first to don spandex. It isn’t something I’ve talked about much. Some fans may be frustrated, but we’re trying to be true to his character. Who knows whether that will change, I cannot verify and will not deny.”

Mangold’s words echo the issues we raised upon the reveal of the costume. While it’s awesome and we’re dying to see Jackman suit up in the yellow with the helmet-esque mask, such an event will require some smart storytelling to put it in context. Does Wolverine lead a team and get them to suit up eventually? Could that happen in the X-Force story that Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) is currently writing for the studio? We’ve seen glimpses of Jackman’s attire in X-Men: Days of Future Past and we know his uniform in that – like the other films to date – is not from the books and it wouldn’t make sense for Wolverine to suit up in such a costume in his next solo adventure.

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The Wolverine is now on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015.

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Source: WSJ

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  1. A film set in Russia with Omega Red would be amazing. Would also love to see a version of his X-Force costume on screen as it would be less ‘show offy’.

  2. NO NO NO….NO costume for Wolverine…they give a good reason why its not a good idea. People should stop fixating on a damn costume….its a good bet it will look lame on screen. Not everything in comics works on the big screen.

    Alpha Flight would be a great story to tell. They had instructions to bring Wolverine back to Canada so maybe that would be a great Story to tell.

    • No costume?! What’s he gonna wear, a thong?!
      The next X-Men movie in the series should feature Cyclops’ uniform, with Cyclops in it!
      Enough with Wolverine already!
      Now some villains that might be interesting would be Apocalypse, Mr. Sinester, and Omega Red.
      If there is another Wolverine movie (sigh), maybe Alpha Flight might not be such a bad idea…it could be done, I suppose, as easily as anything else.

      • Hardiharhar…you know what i mean…he just had his normale clothes in Wolverine. Not everything in comics works on the big screen, thats why the costumes in the X-men movies were diferent. Its a great iconic costume but when you pass things from the comic to the bigscreen they tend to be tacky and dont work well…
        That why Wolverine said in one of the movies “You prefer yellow spandex?”
        And Cyclops uniform…wich one because he had several different ones like many X-men by the way.

    • Wolverine wears his costume with pride in the comics. The Avengers proved costumes can work. Any costume would be better than the black leather from X-Men.

      YES YES YES…YES!!!

    • “they give a good reason why its not a good idea.”

      What is the good idea?

  3. How can there be a follow up, I thought DOFP was going to retcon TLS and The Wolverine?

    • No, The Wolverine followed on after The Last Stand and led directly into DOFP with the post credits scene.

      And also, I voted “no” to the costume a while back and my vote would still be the same.

      • I know and Bryan Singer has more or less said DOFP will retcon TLS.

        • Yes he has, which means either he’s going to completely ignore that post credits and make things even weirder to understand what the hell they’re doing or he was only talking about retconning some things that happened (like Cyclops dying).

  4. Omega Red seems like the right way to go. I won’t deny I would like to see the character wearing the costume but there has to be a plausible way to sell it to a wider audience.

    It’s just an idea: If they go for Omega Red, you could say that Logan gets weakened by Omega Red’s life force absorption and that the only way in which Logan can protect himself is by wearing the suit.

  5. For once will they have Wolverine wear his costume on screen. If not the yellow/blue then the brown/yellow. People say it’ll look silly on screen but they can make it work if they do it right. Just look at Spiderman, Superman, Batman, The Avengers etc.

    • There is no such thing as a silly hero costume on the screen if it mimics the comic exactly for the mainstream heroes. Not Hawkeye, the X-men, or anyone else. Iron man, Cap, Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Batman, Spidey…all have been on the TV or big screen, and all looked just fine. The only dorky stuff was the black leather jumpsuit-ish type stuff. Some of the afore-mentioned had alterations to them, and while the suits diod not look bad, most of the alterations deviating from the comics did not enhance things any. No, stick to canon, let the comics be your guide. That is what made them famous, and that is what can carry them through!

      • Its not a matter of whether or not they can make a good looking costume for Wolverine but what reason is there for him to be in one. Some say its just because he wants to wear one…but WHY does he want to wear one if he is not concealing his identity, he’s not trying to be a symbol for something and he isn’t looking for recognition for his actions?

        • I would like to wear a superhero costume in my job at Wal-Mart (“Look, everybody, it’s Retail-Man!”).

          • isn’t the blue vest considered your alter ego? :)

      • I don’t see how people still get into what is “cannon” as far as comic book outfits when almost none of them are the same as they were when they started. Hell the art was so different back when some of these characters were dreamed up the way they look is as influenced by the talent of individual artist and the times as anything else. Something that looked cool decades ago not only might not translate well on film now, I doubt some of it would fly in print today either.

        Comic books may have long runs, but the tastes of the fans change as fans change and nobody is going to remember most of this in twenty years because there will be something different being presented at that point.

        • I read the comics in the 60s and 70s. The art, storylines, plots, etc., got so bad after that I quit reading them. In the 60s and 70s, they were so much better…and that is what made the characters famous, not what followed in the 80s and beyond. I am afraid tastes did not change for the better either in the case of the readers, the writers, or the artists, as time went on.

          • In the case of Wolverine that really does not apply because he got popular in the early 80’s and the costume people are complaining about him wearing is an amalgam of his outfits from the late 70’s up until the 90’s. If one were to get technical his first costume is the one from Hulk 180 and 181, and I dare anyone to say that would look good in live-action.

            As for your feelings on the art and writing being better 40-50 years ago, that is a matter of taste. And with cross promotion and branching out to other mediums comic book were more popular and visible to a wider audience then they ever could have been in the 60’s and 70’s. The original X-Men run got cancelled initially and was in reprints until they revamped it in 75, so even the notion that the first team was so loved is revisionist history. Nostalgia in the late 80’s is what bought them back in X-Factor where they became way more popular as a team then the original run ever was.

            And clearly in 2013 they are not catering their movies to fit an audience that in all brutal honesty might be past the age to go see these movies now or five years from now.

  6. Whatever it is, it’s just going to be a watered down version of it. I’m tired of these Wolverine movie now.

  7. In that way you could have X-force being introduced because Wolverine would have to accept that he cannot beat Omega Red alone. He would not ask for help from the X Men because he fears Omega would kill them. This can be the right time to make a film that is not PG13.

    The most important thing Mangold, Jackman and Fox have to understand is that this is the chance to have a darker film.

  8. Omega Red would be sweet. Fox, give up Fantastic Four and replace it with Alpha Flight.

    • Or…Fox give up Everything to Sony….jk

  9. If they had started with the true costume it would be amazing but after they’ve established him on film I don’t see him putting on a bright yellow cowl.

  10. Is there a story behind the costume in the picture? Is there a reason he would wear that mask? I mean it’s not like he needs protection – bullet to the head in X2.

    I’m interested to see what it would look like because it looks good but it’s also pretty random looking to just throw on for no reason.

  11. do they have the rights to Alpha Flight?

    • I would assume they do, Alpha Flight is more on the X-Men side of the Marvel universe.

    • Yeap, they own all mutants.

      • sweet… i can’t remember but not all of them are mutants i believe

        • In the pre regular series there were only 2 mutants in the team: Brother and sister Northstar and Aurora.
          Guardian gets his power from his suit, Sasquatch is a mystical beast, Shaman is a sorcerer and Snowbird is an Inuit demi-godess.
          Later 2 other characters joined: Marina an alien and Puck is just a human possesed by a demon.

  12. The reason he wears it is in maybe Days of Future past he see what happens to his teammates and loved ones(that are left) if the world’s villains know his face

    • My thoughts exactly. To protect his loved ones.

    • Aside from the X-Men Wolverine has no family or friends and most of the people he knows are either mutants are dangerous themselves so they can protect themselves. Everyone is not Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne and lead a double life. Logan is Wolverine costume or not.

  13. I tend to think that the suit really would look silly in a film, but would still like to see him in it even as just a photo. Curiosity getting the better of me I guess. Might be fun.

  14. It would be awesome to see Jackman suit up in a classic look. Maybe for the future crossover movie, if it happens. Avengers 3…. he wears that suit

  15. The Wolverine was better than Origins and would have been higher quality without the Viper and Silver Samurai robot deal at the end. The first two acts were more along the lines of what can be done with a simple story, adding more mutants just to have special effects would be a step down if they do another film.

    As for the costume issue, in the film version it really makes no sense for a guy who is constantly trying to hide to walk around in a bright costume and a mask. It is a comic book trope that works and is a part of some characters personality, but it does not always work or is needed for a film adaption.

  16. is it just me coz i really hope he don’t wear the original costume design. I can’t see Hugh Jackman being visually ferocious and aggressive in bright yellow and black spandex like how we are used to seeing him in the movies so far

  17. he wore the costume to send a message, for logan and the x-men it was a uniform, for logan it had more meaning after all his years.

  18. “we’re trying to be true to his character.”

    In the comics his character has been wearing a costume for years. And that illustrated version of Wolverine is much more nasty and violent than his cinematic counterpart.

    I’m not saying I don’t see their logic in not having him wear a costume. But their argument about it not being true to his character is weak sauce.

  19. I would say one way he’d wear the costume is maybe because the events of Days Of Future Past so he & other mutants keep a low profile on a mission. While wearing civilian clothes in public like the X-Men animated series.

  20. Is rather see Omega Red take on Colossus in a Colossus movie.
    As for Wolverine, I can’t believe they shot that scene and then didn’t use it. What better way to introduce it than the Japan story. Every samurai needs an armor if only to intimidate the opponent. After 7 films its time to break it out and go for it.

  21. The film version of Wolverine is established as he already is, no costume required. Yes it would be cool to see just to see, but Hugh Jackman is iconic with the facial hair alone, no need for “YELLOW SPANDEX” as was referenced in the first X-Men movie.

  22. Yknow whats just as tired and played out world destruction plots, avoiding comic heroes costumes.
    Seriously if you need rationale for him donning the outfit, say its so he can do heroics whilst protecting his anonymity from the public and the government, i mean cmon this is just idiotic now.

  23. If he wears the classic First Class uniform in “Days of Future Past” after wearing the black outfit in the 3 original films then by the next Wolverine standalone film he should wear it.

  24. Do not use the costume. It’s a pathetic costume. I love Wolverine, but whenever I see him with that costume I tune out. Wolverine doesn’t care about what others think, so why would he wear a mask? I mean really what’s the point? Am I missing something from the classic comics about him wearing the costume?

    • Why use any superhero costumes at all in comic films, everyone should just be dressed in normal bland average dull unremarkable boring mundane stale uninspired indistinguishable regular clothes because thats what people and fans clearly want.

      Yep I want my hero to look like he just took advantage of a black friday sale at the mall, thats what I want.
      No fresh or creative outfit that the general audience is just to thick to accept, nope.
      I mean why attempt to differentiate heroes at all aesthetically.

      • And kids, dont get me started on kids, kids hate superhero costumes, I dont even know why they make all these of them wearing them, I mean clearly a kid would prefer a clark kent action figure as opposed to a superman figure.also its not like these films main demographic of revenue are children in the slightest who buy toys, so theres absolutely no reason for them to use costumes.
        In fact from here on out all comic hero films should be aimed at adults and should only promote the starring actor, not the character being portrayed or their iconic aesthetics, cause its not like these heroes have been well received by the public zeitgeist of popular culture as such iconography, nope, not at all, not at all.

  25. The should dress him up as a scary clown.

  26. There´s something funny and yet ironical about the “suit issue”.
    The source material tells me that Wolverine had a costume. and Im prety much sure Logan had the same beastly and unfriendly personality in there as in the movies.

    So dont come up with this crappy excuse, filmmakers.

    • How did Logan get the costume in the source material and how would they translate that into the current set-up they created over ten years ago ?

      • I havn’t seen the deleted scene yet, but if Yukio or Mariko gives him the costume, wouldn’t it be dishonorable for him not to wear it? Seems like a good enough reason to me. He did just come from Japan. Honor’s kind of a big thing there. Wolverine’s costume is just as iconic as any other superhero’s. Recent films like Avengers and Spider-Man have proven it works. There’s no reason anymore for him (or the rest of the X-Men for that matter) not to wear it. The only real problem is that the filmmakers never have the guts to embrace it.

        • meant this ^ to be an independent comment, not a reply to Slayer.

        • The alternate ending is just an Easter Egg for fans and to probably get some people riled up. One of the things I wonder about is how people think he is supposed to utilize a costume when he gets into fights with random idiots most of the time. Is he supposed to walk around with it in a backpack and run to go change in the middle of a fight ? Not all comic book tropes work for every character and they really do not work in live action.

  27. Even if they had Wolverine wear the costume as an in-movie joke and then have him take it off i’d be okay, just want to see him in it!

  28. If they where going to use the cowl they should have done it with the Samurai story perfect place to make it work. I say just give him a Uniform outfit without the mask, or do something where he needs to see in the dark and has to wear something forge makes and update it. Better have Omega Red, Gambit, Rogue, Beak, and Sabretoothe in this one to kinda wrap up characters that appeared in his previous film.

  29. Hear they have a great story for X-force I really hope they use Archangel. Maybe bring in Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue, Sabretoothe, Beak, and have Sinister as the main villain. I would love to see Sabretoothe pretend to be sided with the X-men going on a mission get them down in a tight closed off spot turn around and take some out, we really need to see some villains as real threats it makes it more intense to watch if things like that can happen at any moment, and I am not saying that main characters should get taken out all the sudden but some strong side characters and sometimes even a main hero should get taken down. In the Avengers Loki got beat by every single Hero.

    • Well, actually he bested Captain America, didn’t he? His moves were just too predictable and a super soldier serum doesn’t seem to stand up to a deity (or an individual possessing some abilities that could make him pass for one). And we don’t know what would have happened had he gotten a shot in against Iron Man. R2DJ just never allowed for that to occur.