James Mangold Talks ‘Wolverine 3′ & Classic Yellow Costume

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Marvel Comics Classic Wolverine Costume Yellow Blue James Mangold Talks Wolverine 3 & Classic Yellow Costume

With the help of 3D ticket price premiums, The Wolverine solidified itself as the second most successful X-Men film at the worldwide box office. With Hugh Jackman at the lead and proving he can still sell the iconic, if rage-induced, mutant superhero, there’s much more Wolverine in the pipeline for moviegoers.

Jackman returns as Logan next summer in X-Men: Days of Future Past and after that, he’s not contracted to continue playing onscreen with his claws. With is passion for the character, he is however talking with director James Mangold about ideas for Wolverine 3 and there’s one deleted scene on The Wolverine Blu-ray that we hope plays into the future of the character.

The Wolverine hits Blu-ray December 3rd and one of the deleted scenes that didn’t make the theatrical or (or the Unleashed Extended Edition) features a live-action version of the classic Wolverine costume from Marvel Comics. It was awesome and something we’ve waited many years to see. Speaking with IGN at a screening of the extended, and much more bloody, cut of The Wolverine Mangold explained how the yellow costume came to be and why it’s not in either version of the film.

I made it up on set. Honestly, first of all, I kept hearing and seeing from fans who were just begging to see this wardrobe, and I kept thinking as we were shooting, “How can I do this? How could I ever service this desire for people to see it?” And there was a point where I just asked the prop department to make me a gift box. So when I did that scene on the plane with Yukio, with Rila [Fukushima] and Hugh [Jackman], I had no costume. The studio hadn’t approved of making one or doing anything, but I thought, “Let’s just shoot a couple takes where he opens the box and reacts to it, and I can figure out what to put inside the box later.” There was just a point later in the cutting room where I put it together, and I thought, “It’s kinda sweet.”

Mangold had said previously at the event that the costume didn’t make either cut because it didn’t mesh with X-Men: Days of Future Past where he does not wear it. With the way The Wolverine ends however, with Logan and Yukio off to seemingly begin their own fully-funded heroics, perhaps it could surface in Wolverine 3 for which Mangold is developing and talking to Hugh Jackman about. There’s also of course a screenplay of X-Force by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) in the works and we can expect another X-Men team-up by Bryan Singer, Matthew Vaughn and co. to round out the First Class trilogy after Days of Future Past.

When the still photo of the costume first surfaced online, we explained that while it’s cool, it would need to be put into context to work in Fox’s own Marvel cinematic universe. Why would he wear the costume? Why would Mariko give such a costume to him? If he wears the yellow duds, would characters around him suit up as well?

As for Wolverine 3 (The Wolverine 2?), Mangold explained that any story he’s a part of would again be character-centric and not an over-the-top superhero flick.

Yeah, I think the thing I’d love to make sure we do is that we find a way to not to turn it into a “Will the world survive?” movie — I think that that worked for us here — but also not to make the same picture again. I think the key thing for me, you heard me talking about how I construct scripts, is just figuring out the key relationships and just what it’s about, what theme the whole thing is going to be about. I’ve got a good angle on it, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet!

The Wolverine dealt with Logan’s “curse” of immortality and by the end of the story we saw him changed, physically and emotionally, with a renewed sense of purpose. What would the next Wolverine solo affair deal with and what stories from the comics could/should he draw from? Let us know in the comments!

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The Wolverine releases hits home video December 3, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015.

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  1. Ok perfect time to add characters in that did not get screen time in DOFP like Gambit, Rogue, Dead pool, Archangel, Omega Red, Sabre tooth, Storm,Beak (to add a cool looking new character) and Night crawler. Wolverine runs into these guys and everything comes full circle while he is taking care of something huge. maybe Wolverine and Yukio stumble across a humans genetics lab where they are doing things to mutants like stryker did and that is how he run across Dead pool and Sabre tooth. Also maybe since Storm is leading the X-men now she has sent her X-men Gambit, Rogue, and Night crawler to see what has happened with Angel since he disappeared. we find out that Sinister is behind this somehow and has turned Angel into Archangel, and somehow he sets Archangel against the X-men while Omega red battles Wolverine? Ok maybe I am reaching but some of these characters should show up it just makes sense since the films are already tied together, and I really want to see these characters burn up the screen already. I also want to see a bad ass Cyclops a Hulk like Juggernaught to redeem what they did to him in X-3 and a Mutant Blob that can smash the crap out of the x-men. we need to see the X-men have it handed to them and then turn things around by working together and beat the snot out of the villains. Ok now that I got that little rant out of the way, here is what will probably happen we will have Wolverine, Yukio, and Omega Red (I hope), and maybe one or two other mutants along with a cameo. I tell you what thou I really want to see the bad ass X-men I mentioned in my rant Badly.

  2. I think the costume was cool in the cartoon/comic, but it would be pretty ridiculous to show it on screen. As said in the article, would everyone else get into their colourful suits as well? What purpose would there be? You need to make things colourful in a comic in order to look attractive on a page and make the characters stand out, but in live action some things just don’t work.

    If you look at other characters like the Avengers or Batman/Superman, they either have a practical purpose to wear their suits (protection/hide identity etc.), or it’s part of their identity/image from the beginning. This would be a weird addon late in the game, and they already made fun of the concept in the first X-Men film.

    • You said it. If MCU can make the suits work for their characters, why not Wolverine?

      Every characters out of Marvel Cinematic Universe wears their suits

  3. They should have done a Last Samurai type feel to the Wolverine where he is learning the ways of a Samurai and he uses a Samurai suit changed a bit for his last battle being the Human version of Silver Samurai, would have worked well.

    • Indeed. It could work very well as areminder to Logan of all that he has learned, especially in The Wolverine about what he fights for and never to give up even though he is more or less immortal. It could also have been used to great effect in DOFP, again as a samurai inspired outfit. It would then remind Logan of who he is, being caught in time-travel and in effet ‘all-alone’ (in the 70′s setting. So the suit would remind him of everything he is. I think it would be excellent.

  4. I watched the fan made video Wolverine vs Predator and came to the conclusion that the costume looked a little corny. I think I prefer the movie costume better than the yellow and black. However since we haven’t seen Jackman in this outfit then who knows?

  5. How about the tan and brown instead?

  6. I would like to see Wolverine use a dark yellow outfit not bright with no cowl this could work. or maybe he has to go against mind controlling mutants so he uses a shielded cowl to protect his mind.

  7. The brown outfit no joke or a outfit with the same look different color more animal we really just need the famous mask with a matching outfit it could be like a split persona so the actually logan wont feel so bad about killing Gullahs and their helpers

  8. OK Well here’s the main thing that must be mentioned, Wolverine 3 has to be a movie that grosses at least 500 million dollars worldwide and erases everyone’s bad taste of the original Origins movie which in my opinion was only bad because it was confusing. And you don’t ever want another repeat of the confusing parts of Wolverine.

    So here’s my take on it, because I know the directors including James Mangold will read these comments here’s my take on how they can fix Wolverine for Bryan Singer – not only fix him, but make Wolverine the iconic hero franchise in the Marvel universe. While raking in over 400 million dollars, as the best movie in the series, so listen closely.

    Marvel needs to bring Wolverine back to his roots in Canada where he will face the most cunning villain he’s ever encountered yet, that villain being Omega Red. Omega Red needs to be the main villain and the reasons are three fold:

    1) High grossing film because of Spy on Spy drama that can only happen if Sabretooth and Wolverine do their story arc where they have to face Omega Red. Duly emphasized because it is less cost to film in Russia.

    2) Canada by default becomes the main back drop, which makes it possible for Mariko to make a cameo though this is not required. Because Wolverine would be back in Canada, Team Alpha Flight flashbacks could be interwoven into both the story and characters.

    3) With Wolverine reprising his secret agent role, we could finally see some back story elements he faced during his time at Alpha Flight. Namely unusual villains like the Wendigo, which nearly killed Wolverine, could be inter-cut into this third film.

    Also the final reason why Wolverine 3 needs to be an all out war against Omega Red: It would bring closure to the Silver Fox story line. Because of the Canadian wilderness backdrop, it could reveal how Kayla Silverfox and Logan first met; resolve some unanswered questions and erase the bad taste of Wolverine 1: Origins that everyone had.

    Meaning because she is a very good actress, they could do a decent amount of flash backs to properly wrap up the love story between Silver Fox and Wolverine. During the movie, Wolverine could don the yellow and black costume; finally kill Omega Red (which of course, he doesn’t die but we think he does) and wrap up the Sabretooth/Wolverine story arc with a bang. Part of the story could be where while working together with Zero, Wolverine/Sabretooth steal the Carbonadium modifier which sics Omega Red on their butts to begin with and gives it a James Bond noir feel.

    Wolvie would also get the costume treatment. So yeah, those are my/our main reasons to say Omega Red has to be the main villain to Wolverine 3 and it should take place during the Alpha Flight years with flash backs. Also it would have the best fight scenes.


    • Screw you. Wolverine haven’t get enough justice already?

      How about Cyclops?? Since the first X-Men they all have been emphasizing with Wolverine until it made Hugh Jackman hugely popular. What about Cyclops?? Why does he still being side character that no one cares of?? In the animated series and comics Cyclops is much more than that

  9. Spidermans costume is exactly the same on the movies as it is in the comics and it looks cool, that means any superhero costume could look cool in a live action movie, even Wolverines

    • +9000

  10. Movie Wolverine sucks, big time!