‘Wolverine 2′ Viper Role Snagged By ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ Actress [Updated]

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 Wolverine 2 Viper Role Snagged By Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Actress [Updated]

[UPDATE: It's Confirmed that Svetlana Khodchenkova is playing Viper.]

The upcoming X-Men movie sequel, The Wolverine (a.k.a. Wolverine 2) has had its fair share of troubles. Even if director James Mangold (Knight and Day, 3:10 to Yuma) makes a perfect followup film about the X-Men’s burly bruiser, fans will still be left wondering what could’ve been, had Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects) brought their version of the film to the screen.

Besides the complete breakdown of that earlier version of The Wolverine, the current version in production has had its fair share of issues, including production snags and, more recently, the near-miss casting of actress Jessica Biel as pivotal Wolverine villain, Viper. With the role of the serpentine femme-fatale still vacant, we are now hearing word of an actress who may step up to replace Biel.

You may not know the name Svetlana Khodchenkova, but that’s okay. Unless you’re a fan of Russian cinema, the only place you would have seen her stateside is if you sat down to watch the slow-burn (some say boring) spy thriller, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. If you’ve seen the film: Khodchenkova played the wife of a Russian agent who was turned into a not-so-confidential informant by an MI6 agent played by Tom Hardy (Dark Knight Rises). Her performance and… ‘exit’ from the film is surely something that left impression on me, at least.

Twitch is reporting this story and was the site to first jump on the Biel casting news; confirmation of the casting comes from The Wolverine‘s Facebook Page. What we’ve heard is that Viper – a longtime staple of Wolverine comics – has been given a “newly-expanded” role in the film, which will reportedly establish the character as a secretary for the Japanese Minister of Justice – though, answering phones and fetching coffee probably won’t be in her job description. (Kicking Wolverine’s ass? Assassinating key figures? Much more likely.)

Wolverine 2 Viper Madame Hydra Wolverine 2 Viper Role Snagged By Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Actress [Updated]

The comic book version of Viper has also served as the head of HYDRA; but with that organization being part of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe (see: Captain America) – which is separate from the X-Men movie universe owned by 20th Century Fox – don’t expect to see any cross-blending of those two worlds. If anything, the role of Viper in Wolverine 2 sounds pretty close to the Lady Deathstrike role played by actress Kelly Hu in Bryan Singer’s X2. While that might not seem as juicy as the complex character of Viper we’ve seen in the comics, this could yet and still be breakout role for Khodchenkova as a Hollywood actress.

The Wolverine will be in theaters on July 26, 2013.

Source: Twitch

Updated Source: The Wolverine‘s Facebook Page

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  1. Not all that familiar with her but she is hot in a tall cool Stolichnaya kind of way.

  2. Good news… But why would Viper be in a Wolverine movie?

    And besides, she is the head of HYDRA!!! You said yourself, Captain America (owned by Marvel, not Fox)…

    Did Marvel and Fox agree to something and I am not aware of it?

    • Fox, has some stupid clause that they can bring in any character that has had any kind of contact with “x-men” as long as they haven’t been in a film before. In the comics viper did have a run in with Wolverine once but nothing compared to the back and forth she has had with Capt. This is aonther dick move by fox if you ask me.

      • That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

        Do you have any proof that is part of the contract because personally I don’t think marvel would have signed a contract with that in it.

        • The X-Men properties deal with Fox seems so murky that it must have been signed in goats blood during a full moon. Viper had a few brief stints in X-Men in the 80′s, but characters crossed path in Marvel all the time so it’s not a huge shock. They wrote her into Wolverines ever growing and convoluted background later on down the road, so I guess she landed on the massive list of characters Marvel signed over to Fox for some magic beans.

        • The contact was written before Marvel ever had any interest in making movies themselves or any thought of merging with Disney. At the time they were just selling their film/TV live action rights to the major studios. With Fox the contract included that Fox would have to make a movie every few years or rights revert back to Marvel. They could not use any of the major tent pole characters like Spider-Man, Captain American etc. They could not use any main or side character that had been in another film by another studio. Look back at all the x-men movies some of the most random characters are involved just because they had a brush in with x-men in the comics. There was never a detailed list of which side characters they could or could not use. The fact is that if Fox wanted to make a zombie vs x-men movie they could, if they wanted to bring in the skrulls or kree they could and there would be nothing Marvel could do about it. The worst part about this is that the timeline to revert the rights back to marvel is like the superman contract it will never go back as long as the studio continues to make movies every few years. That or Marvel buys them out… and after the whole thing with paramount I don’t think marvel has plans for that again.

          • I try to follow this stuff but mainly stick to reading the comics & news about upcoming movies.

            What happened with paramount? This stuff intrigues me so any details would be appreciated. I also agree that they are arses if they are using Viper just to take that option from Cap America. Or, would they still be allowed to use Lady Viper? They could have just gone a different route here. huh

            • I guess they could just call her Madame Hydra in the Cap movies. Also, if they can use her in this movie, couldn’t they still use her as head of Hydra? They could just say she is from a terrorist organization and leave the details unclear.

      • … yeah, that’s the first I’ve heard of this lol ;)
        If you have any evidence to back up that claim, I think we’d all appreciate it.

    • Well even though it goes against the whole idea of the movie being based primarily off of the original mini-series, Viper had some brushes with Wolverine and the X-Men via the whole Silver Samurai connection. From what I have read later on down the line thanks to retcon story-telling they linked the character with Wolverine more, which depending on when you read the comics you may or may not know about.

      As far as this movie goes it really just looks like the same game plan Fox and the producers have had with all the X-Men movies, are they are just throwing in as many characters as they can for whatever reason. Silver Samurai being in it is pushing it and that really just seems like a desire to have someone else with a cool visual effect power they can use. Viper seems to be taking the place of the original Yukio character, who was an assassin and love interest of Wolverine, along with Mariko, that they merged together as Deathstrike in the 90′s cartoon. Odds are if they had not of wasted Deathstrike in X-2 Viper wouldn’t have even come up for this film.

      • “As far as this movie goes it really just looks like the same game plan Fox and the producers have had with all the X-Men movies, are they are just throwing in as many characters as they can for whatever reason.”

        But wait, aren’t all of the current cast of characters a part of Frank Miller’s story (Maybe with the exception of ‘old man Yashida’)? This is the primary cast of the story. There haven’t been any additional, unnecessary characters added yet. Viper was Moro’s secretary and Silver Samurai was her lover and bodyguard. Deathstrike played no major role in this arc. Obviously comic continuity and film continuity wont mirror each other, but at least (so far) the main cast comes from the comic. I don’t understand your argument.

        • Viper and Silver Samurai were not in the original four issue mini-series, they were written into later issues of X-Men. The original story had Old Man Yoshida, some guy who he was trying to force Markio to marry and the Hand as the main antagonists. Some of this other stuff people are referring to might be things from newer comics, but at this point this movie probably can be described as loosely based on the Miller/Claremont story.

          • While it is true that Viper and Silver Samurai are not in the Claremont/Miller miniseries, they are in Uncanny X-men 172 and 173 which are a direct continuation of the miniseries. I have no problem with Viper and Silver Samurai appearing in the film.

  3. Viper ran with the Silver Samuria.

  4. Try “Stinker, Tailor…”; that movie was so dry, I could not even watch most of it. I could not sit through the book, either. Some things just are not interesting, nor do they translate good to film.

    • Not every thing is explosions and CGI.

      • And not every movie lacking explosions and CGI is good. :)

        • But they are usally better

          (insert bigger smiley face)

          • just saw it-that blonde lady stunk up the screen! foreign women can rarely cat in english speaking movies-what happened??

  5. Who is the artist who did the Viper painting?

  6. I have no idea who this woman is, but she looks the part and she’s European (like Viper) so at least she’s got that going for her…

  7. I havent read a shred of news that excites me for this new Wolverine movie. I hope I am wrong.

  8. I didn’t see TTSS so I don’t know if she even speaks English but I would hope she can speak well enough to not require her to be dubbed over. Being able to officially speak a Slavic language is a definite plus because that won’t have ot be faked.

  9. She is fantastic actresse and they pay her less… U wont be disappointed…

  10. just saw it-the women playign Vier was truly terrible-did she even know english?

  11. She is so bad in Wolverine that she ruined the whole film. Maybe Jessica Biel would have been better but I don’t think so. The character was just a walking wardrobe & not menacing enough.