Wolverine 2 is a Standalone Film Titled ‘The Wolverine’

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the wolverine movie Wolverine 2 is a Standalone Film Titled The Wolverine

Are you ready for the return of the X-Men franchise to the big screen? X-Men: First Class is currently in its final stretch of principal photography and early next year, Wolverine 2 begins shooting, bringing back franchise star Hugh Jackman as the title character.

A few weeks ago, plot details for Wolverine 2 leaked online, revealing key story elements and listing most of the main characters. The details were not too surprising, considering the film takes place in Japan and is based on Frank Miller and Chris Claremont’s Wolverine comics from the 1980s, but now we have new information which explains the title of the film and where it will stand in X-Men franchise continuity.

HitFix had a chance to speak with Darren Aronofsky earlier today for his film Black Swan but managed to nab a few important tidbits about his next project, the one featuring everyone’s favorite Adamantium-laced mutant. The short of it is that the sequel to 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine will simply be titled The Wolverine.

The lack of a number to indicate it’s a sequel is because it isn’t a typical sequel. It’s a “one-off” as Aronofsky describes it, a separate standalone story about the character, without ties to the franchise or its predecessor. Considering the franchise has had two misfires in a row – critically speaking – it’s a sensible move.

Twentieth Century Fox is seemingly working diligently to distance themselves from the poor conclusion to the X-Men trilogy in The Last Stand as well as the disappointing critical response to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Aside from simple title changes, new locations and different stories being told with The Wolverine and X-Men: First Class, both films have new writers and new directors – big name talent, no less – to offer a fresh start to what can easily become two long-term and viable spin-off franchises. Deadpool of course, can be the third if they can get that off the ground soon and we know that will have little-to-nothing to do with X-Men Origins: Wolverine either.

Perhaps more importantly to Fox, opening the door to standalone movies about their poster boy character allows for a James Bond style of franchise for Wolverine which is the appropriate fit for a character who can live through the ages and can work off of one-off films and separated trilogies, etc. Hugh Jackman won’t be able to play Wolverine forever, but the character isn’t going anywhere.

Just over a year ago, Katie Couric conducted an enlightening interview with Hugh Jackman where he spoke about his love for the character and the desire for more Wolverine movies in the future.

The Wolverine begins shooting in March for a 2012 Summer release.

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Source: HitFix

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  1. As long as Aronofsky says it is it’s own and he is at the helm, I have no probe. Jackman was great in “the fountain” and Aronofsky is one of my top fave directors!

    • Same.

  2. so many scripts.. so annoying.. I bet y’all think it looks cool.. so all these scripts are good but disqus is not..? odd

  3. I like this idea, BUT Fox will be having two different cintinuities in the same franchise, and that’s a BAD IDEA.

  4. who cares any more all they do is mess up continuity, and leave holes from film to film, and recast characters, and just mess everything up. im ready for some good scary films and tired of all the messed up comic films. look at spiderman, fantastic four, and other comic films all doing rebbot/remakes/prequel/sequels, and then they forget thing from film to film and lose continuity. so when marvel gain the rights to do them i’ll be excited but until then they can frick off.

  5. They way it sounds to me, it’s not that it’ll be out of continuance or exist in a separate universe than the other movies, it just won’t be a continuation of any previous movies an won’t have concurrent tie-INS with other movies going forward. It sounds like how they do the Wolverine comic books: the character is in the main x-men comic storylines, but he also has one-shot, single issue comics with a stand-alone story that, while happening in the same universe as the x-men comics, has nothing to do with the story lines in those larger ensemble comics… It’s Wolverine taking time off from the x-men to do his own thing and taking care of some business that needs done that has nothing to do with the rest of the group… Wolverine’s version of taking a personal day, if you will

    • that should be the tag line of the movie.

      “The Wolverine”
      Wolvie takes a personal day.


      • hahaha that made me laugh. The other people in my office probably think im an idiot laughing to myself


  6. I’m torn. I think usually Arnofsky is pretty good, but the last time he and Hugh teamed was for The Fountain and IMO that movie was awful one of the worst I’ve seen certainly one of the worst of it’s year. I think breaking ties to the other films is a smart movie, but may confuse the general audience who doesn’t usually read this kind of news and honestly tends to get confused by fairly simple plot points. I don’t think Wolverine Origins was awful, but it certainly wasn’t good and if the franchise wishes to continue it needs to step up it’s game especially since Xmen FC is shaping up to be the worst comic book film of the new decade so far at least.

    • I keep reading all this praise about The Fountain and I just keep asking myself, “Did I see a different film?”, because I to thought the movie was awful. To do a worthwhile Wolverine film, you have to unleash his rage, it has to be R-rated (OK, maybe PG-13 but a hard rating with LOTS of blood). Heck, there was more blood in Superman 2 than in all of Wolverine; and that’s just wrong.

  7. It’s a good idea and I’m sure the title refers to Logans struggle to channel the beast within and become a samurai type dude.

    I’m all in.

  8. the cards at least seem to be falling into place, unlike the pre-production info about AKIRA. The Wolverine, could be the wolvie movie we’ve been waiting for.

    Ah heck, you just know the studio will step in after filming and say, “uh… its dark, and bloody. we need a pg 13 on this one, and we need more scenes with teenagers. can we add some mutant vampires to this? Is it too late for rob patinson to be hired? Why don’t we give logan 4 claws on each hand? and MORE EXPLOSIONS!”

    darn studios.

    • You are just making up reasons to hate it.

  9. I’m kinda done with the X-Men. Not only did they screw Wolverine up in the comics back in the day they took the parts that screwed him up and put them in the movie. Had that not happened I might be happy about another film but as is it’s a little too late. I never was a fan of DC comics, back when I was a kid, but I have to hand it to them.. they didn’t totally mess up their best characters…

  10. Well at least it can’t possibly be as bad as the first film.. Hopefully???

    • The first ‘Wolverine’ was the worst comic book film since Batman and Robin and Catwoman. There’s NO WAY you can make it that bad. We have Aronofsky directing a script by Christopher MaQuarrie, it has to at least be good.

      • With a little perspective, the first Wolverine was not that bad as an action/comic movie. There are far worse. Supergirl or SuperMan: Quest for Peace come to mind as easily being much more awful.

        • Not in my opinion. To me, the action was weak, the dialogue was cheesy, the plot was weak and had holes in it, and not to mention the special effects were pathetic. The Phantom Menace had better effects.

          • Such a big ouch, but very true. Lest not forget Wolvie clawing the stairwell trying to get Gambit. Hilarious for the wrong reason. I’ve never been so mad and laughed at a movie at the same time.

            • I literally fell over laughing while that was happening. That was the point of no return for the movie.

              • If you thought that was bad, and it was, it is Shakespeare compared to Supergirl and Superman 4.

                • Not really. It was on par with Batman and Robin, which is without the WORST comic book film (and one of the films) period.

    • I hope youre right…

  11. First off the title, lame. Second, Is anyone else tired of Wolverine yet? The first trilogy was pretty much about him. Then he gets his own movie. Now they want to make another. Let me guess, they’re also going to pop him into the First Class movie even though the director says he has nothing to do with it. Doesn’t Fox AND Marvel realize that they have so many OTHER characters they can make movies from? And not just sequel after sequel? Try some origanality huh?

  12. helll yhhh

  13. yeah but wolverine is more interesting than all of the other characters in the xmen universe combined

    • That may be so, but my point is that the studioes could do something else besides another X-Men related film. Just how many characters does Marvel have under it’s collective belt? Answer: alot! Just want to see something new is all.

      • X-men is one of Fox’s most popular titles, so of course they’re gonna keep making films.

  14. The way I see it is, it could be considered a sequel to X-men Origins: Wolverine. At the end of that film, he takes off on his own after losing his memory. Seeing as how this will hopefully be post-Weapon X, it could be a sequel in the sense that we know A)It’s after he loses his memory (They don’t even have to mention Striker shooting him in the head, because he did lose his memory so he doesn’t remember it). B)He has Adamantium claws so we know it’s after Weapon X.

    If you pay attention to the comics, there are many storylines that are stand alone stories, but still part of the actual continuity. That is how they could play this off. It’s a sequel to X-men Origins: Wolverine, but only in the sense that it’s Hugh Jackman as Wolverine with no memory and Adamantium claws. It works for me, as long as this film is good.

  15. The title is dull. Just by knocking off “X-Men Origins” and adding “The”- it’s dumb. Of course, I thought getting Aronofsky to direct was dumb enough, and this simply shows it. Either this “movie” happened in the (movie) character’s past or it didn’t. Even if after “First Class” the next “X-Men” film happens and it’s loosely based on ‘Days Of Futures Past’ (which would help in a retcon), it can’t be a ‘stand alone’ story. It takes place in the X-Men movie verse.

    Is there a problem with:

    X-Men Origins : Logan (or just “Logan”)?

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine II?

    X-Men Origins: Silver Samurai?


    Wolverine: Origins ???

    See what I mean?

  16. Wasn’t he “The Wolverine” at the start of the first X-Men movie? Might be a continuity nod, silly as it sounds.

    • Yeah, I remember that scene, but I’m guessing Aronofsky is trying to cash-in on titles like ‘The Dark Knight’ or ‘The Man of Steel’.

      • Aronofsky I don’t think is a cash in type of guy. Plus the title could always change during production.

  17. I like the title. The fact that this is post weapon X and the beginning of his memory loss… he is feral and doesn’t consider himself as human, he is only the wolverine.

    I like the suggestion of a continuity nod to “The wolverine” mentioned in X1

    Brilliant title and im expecting (or hoping) this film to be on par with Iron Man

  18. calling it a stand-alone story rather tahn a sequel doesn’t mean it’s out of continuity (at least doesn’t ahve to be, IMO).

    I think of Temple of Doom in that way. it could have happened before or after Raiders and doesn’t really matter either way.

    I kinda like the idea of doing a one-off rather than a sequel, or prequel, or whoquel, just make it a good story is all I ask

      • People keeps saying that Marvel should get the rights back, but how do you know they wouldn’t approve of the decisions in Wolverine? Just look at what they did with IM 2, and you’ll see.

        • Sorry, pressed “submit” too early. I meant to say that even Marvel isn’t devoid of making bad movies.

            • I’m not even an X-Men fan, but “X-Men 2″ blew “Iron Man 2″ out of the water, both in terms of quality AND the level of interest I felt in seeing the story continue…of course, then, “X-Men 3″ happened…

              • I agree. X1 and X2 were far superior to IM2 imo. IM2 was just weak. The only things I enjoyed were the action and special effects. The plot was dull and made it obvious the film was rushed. Even RDJ’s acting wasn’t as great as the first film.

  19. Wolverine has a lot to offer: combat expirience, infiltration, demolition, etc. The guy is a solder hard to kill or to age!
    I don’t think there must be a lot mutant arround him to make a movie.
    An operative in a mission, i like that.

  20. Love it.


      • Did you seriously suggest Ratner? LOL

    • Liam Neeson as an old Logan!

  22. yeah why not?? at this point no one wants to work with either of them so who could give a damn..
    and who would be more open to it at this point?? its not like Ratner or Gibson have a choice at this point. Get Sam Elliott as the older Hawkeye too.

  23. another fox marvel movie with no connection to the last film, how sad…. doing a reboot after one movie. fox REALLY needs to give the marvel properties back to its originators, which can barely keep their movies coherent (storywise) and lets not include all of their casting issues.
    but at least MARVEL would give us best shot of seeing more of these characters in the MARVEL movie universe.

  24. Forget all this prequel crap and have a Days of Future Past sequel to fix the mess they have created! Bishop comes back from the future and cures Jean’s problem, and also stops that mutant cure garbage. They can have the ultimate Sentinel come after him and the X-Men stopping it. And then they can have more sequels done properly (with Cable).

  25. Once again I would suggest Liam Neeson as an aged Logan. I could just picture him bulked up with his bushy hair and side burns of some sort.. Hahaha

  26. Monster,I agree that IM2 did not up to the masterpiece that was IM, but seriously, you think X-men and X2 were that good? I think they were O.K., but theres too much wrong with them. The bottom line with Fox X-men franchise is that they set out to do the X-men, but they actually made a Wolverine franchise, and they did it at the expense of the x-men. For example, Cyclops is a MAJOR character,and the leader of the xmen, and in three movies he had maybe twenty minutes of screentime, and he’s DEAD?