Wolverine 2 “Will Stay Very Close To The Source Material”

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wolverine 2 japan story Wolverine 2 Will Stay Very Close To The Source Material

Fox Studios held a presentation yesterday in LA to show-off the upcoming release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Blu-ray and DVD. Producer Lauren Schuler Donner and director Gavin Hood were in attendance to answer some questions about the franchise, adapting the source material and the sequel to Wolverine’s first solo adventure.

The Blu-ray edition for X-Men Origins: Wolverine is set to be something special with the plethora of bonus features it includes. There’s even a live feature that allows viewers the option to see information on the actors on screen while they watch through IMDB. It essentially will let you look at previous & upcoming projects for all of your favorite stars.

You can head over to Latino Review who were in attendance for more information on this and some of the deleted scenes they got to see. We’re instead going to focus on what was said in the Q&A session about X-Men Origins: Wolverine and its sequel, Wolverine 2.

Currently, Oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie is working on a script to adapt the popular ‘80s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller Wolverine series set in Japan. This of course, is where we’ll see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine go to for his next adventure, as hinted at in one of the bonus ending scenes in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Unfortunately there were issues with the first film and how it paid respect to the source material from the comics. Yes, the Wolverine history is overly convoluted and he’s beyond over-used currently, having parts in a dozen books monthly. However, the new movie didn’t hit on the simple fact that Wolverine needed a rough violent past which haunts him. That aspect of the movie was completely ignored and we merely got hints of it in the opening montage that passed through him and his half-brother’s experiences in the many wars over the last two centuries.

Even scenes such as when Logan went through the adamantium bonding process were completely wasted. It lasted a minute long and consisted of him getting needles, injecting the liquid metal into him… that’s it. It didn’t even match what we saw from the X-Rays in the first X-Men movie or his flashbacks. How does injecting liquid metal into him make it bond to only his bones in a nice smooth equal layer and give him perfectly formed blades on top of his rough-looking bone claws?

Had the movie been rated R, which it really would have benefited from, we might have seen them actually perform the extensive operation on him to cut him open and insert adamantium and replacing those claws with new ones. That is the major moment in his life that changes who he is, re-defining him. However, this is just one example of the many issues I saw as something that could have been easily improved.

What’s really weird about this is that the tie-in video game for X-Men Origins: Wolverine was infinitely more gruesome. It looked better, had better story elements and really showed what Wolverine and his rage are all about unlike the film – it might be the first time the video game tie-in is actually better than the movie it’s based on (a whole ton better). Just the cutscenes alone were cooler than most of what we saw in the feature film – That is the Hugh Jackman and Wolverine I want to see on-screen.

So, looking forward to the sequel, will they repeat the same, having a movie disliked by most critics and many fans (Wolverine’s solo film had the lowest ratings out of all four X-Films by a massive margin) with rushed special effects? How will it treat the well-respected Japanese storyline of Wolverine’s past?

Or can we get something polished and complete like the first two well-regarded X-Men movies?

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  1. You guys all hate on Wolverine 1, right? What about Deadpool? So what if he looked like Baraka from MK he was represented perfectly if you think about it. Deadpool never had a combination of everyone’s powers(especially Cyclops’) but what he meant to the movie was that Wolverine couldn’t beat him alone(Wolverine #88) and learned he had to keep his enemies(Sabretooth) closer. Deadpool is like a Joker/zombie/super Spider-Man. He’s also a BLATANT Deathstroke rip-off. It’s even admitted in the comics. The fourth wall thing is also an evolutionary characteristic. So Dead Man Wade is the most interesting character in any comic. So, like Wolverine, he could have many origins written about him. But, in the movie Gambit did lose his accent. You can’t sell New Orleans out like that. Did anyone else catch when Stryker told Logan “I had nothing to do with it. I swear on my son’s life!” That was pretty funny

  2. as long as it’s a good movie unlike the first x-men origins, i’ll be happy it’s commking out

  3. I find this hard to believe but we can hope for the best.

  4. R wolverine=$$$$$$$$ he is best one for a R rating by far.

  5. they want get my money this time, was really disappointed by the level of Wolverine

  6. i find it funny how the x-ray dont fit the origins movie, and that he had bone claws- wow(I know now its in the comics) and bond the animanium. wow- perfect square claws… is this a caroon? no, so give us believable stuff.. come on, and yea- why worse cgi than in the old x-men?

  7. Yeah it’s ridiculous that the cgi was worse than the original xmen movies. They rushed it out to make money – disgraceful!

  8. wow – i could only hope they get a little closer to the “source” material for the 2nd movie. there was sooooooo much convoluted crap in the 1st movie and the continuity was looser than a bottle of xlax movement that i had to pretend it never happened. And oddly enough the one Big thing that i couldnt get out of my head was when he gets the leather jacket from the old farmer, wears it, then takes it off, then runs off without it at the end of the movie – Yet has it on when we see him in the first xmen movie. doesnt anyone besides the lone blind dude in the editing room see this before it goes out the door?

  9. I liked Wolverine for what it was: a fun, action movie for the summer. Not as good as the first 2 X-Men films, but IMO, MUCH better than X-3. I’ll be picking it up on Blu-Ray for sure.

    As for Wolverine 2, I think it would be fantastic if they stuck with the original stories. Maybe not frame for frame like Watchmen, but the basic premises and plotlines. Any way that I can get more Wolverine on the big screen, the better.

  10. thank goodness the japan storyline is not as convoluted as Wolverine’s origin. Adapting the origin was a mistake for one film, too much information, too little time.

  11. funny how he`s got no jacket and does not go with cardblaster in the end, than has it in x-1 – maybe he get it back in origins 2 ?

    anyways I think it would be easy to make voctor evolve and not remember logan, it need`s to b shown – to fit all films together- but not play a big part..

  12. Talking about the jacket – I thought gambit gives it to Logan at the very end. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but it’s not really a plot hole just something many people noticed. You guys shouldn’t really get worked up over something so small. Things like that always go unexplained because the writers don’t really care I guess.

  13. logan runs of in his white tank top in the end no?

  14. Its a leather jacket… of all the things you could pick on in Origins you choose that? its not like its a one of a kind or anything, maybe he bought a new one which turned out to be the same as he got at the farm…moreover who cares?

    I enjoyed wolverine, it wasnt great but I enjoyed it and will DEFINITLY see origins 2

  15. @Rob

    Not defending the movie, because it was pretty crappy, but in the adamantium sequence, they didn’t just inject the material, they used sonic waves or something to pulverize his bones, and while they healed they injected the adamantium so that’s how they bonded. But how the claws went from “bone claws” to smooth man-made looking claws, I have no idea…

  16. Also, do you guys think Fox is starting to listen finally to comic book fans? I mean first they say they want the Deadpool spin-off to stay true to the comic book and letting the star and a fan of the comics to have a big say in the production instead of having the studio suits take control as usual. Then they are rebooting Fantastic Four with the promise to make it more like the comics and more of a serious film with GOOD acting, and now Wolverine is promised to be close to the comics… I know all of the “it’s Fox so it’s going to suck.” Yes that’s true looking strictly from their history, but I’m starting to see a pattern here, anyone else cautiously optimistic? Maybe they see the potential for quality comic book movies in Iron Man and The Dark Knight and is trying to capitalize in that…

  17. Oops, meant to say:

    “I know all of the “it’s Fox so it’s going to suck” comments that are bound to follow any of these news stories.”

    Just stopped typing that sentence too early, lol.

  18. Ken j
    you’re a terminator freak so I thought I would ask you. Do you know the name of the Nine Inch Nails song from the terminator salvation trailer? The part where the machines have all the humans locked up in that warehouse?????

  19. I honestly feel like you’d be hard pressed to find many comic fans that enjoyed X-Men: The Last Stand over Wolverine, but maybe it’s just me…

  20. Will be bad

  21. @MCat,

    The Nine Inch Nails song from the trailer is a remix of “The Day The World Went Away”

  22. You the man Rob! Thanks.

  23. X-men Origins was horrible. I pretty much agree with mostly everything in teh article. The movie could have been good if it were rated R and showed a more tormented and darker version of the character. I could NOT believe how downplayed and undramtic the scene in the lab when he got his adimantium was. I was really dissapointed. I thought that Victor Creed was not all that cool though. They shoudl have picked a taller, more muscular guy to play him. And what was the deal with his claws expanding/contacting that was jjust ridiculous.
    First movie was a bust, hopefully they could do something better with the second

  24. This really sounds like they are trying to patch a dam with a band aid.

    Best way (in my opinion) to fix what they have done is abandon this project and start work on a fresh new look at Wolverine. Don’t get me wrong I like what Hugh Jackman has done with the character but its time for something new. Possibly a Ultimate Wolverine storyline?

    You could even do a more believable story line in Japan and in light of all the tie in movies that Mavel would like to do Wolverine has fallen to the way side. I would love to see Wolverine go against the Hulk, not in cartoons, but in live action. I would like to see Wolverine work alongside Captain America, Thor, Ironman and Nick Fury. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE A COSTUME, not a jacket, not a shirt, not the hair, A TRUE WOLVERINE COSTUME, MASK AND ALL!!!!

  25. @Hector

    wolverines costume is really gay outside of comics and cartoons. It would look stupid in live action, the shirt and jacket suit him. Also Wolvie cant cross over with the aforementioned characters unless disney buy the rights back off fox

    Once Again: Im looking forward to the sequel, the japan arc of wolvies backstory is one of my favorites.

    @Rob: I tend to avoid games based on movies as they are oftn way to short and easy…. but I wil definitely give wolverine ago after i play ultimate alliance and batman

  26. @Shamose

    I don’t remember his suit looking really happy. Now yes the costumes you buy online look horrific but imagine what a movie budget and some talented people can make in the year 2009.

    Granted I didn’t really think about how Fox has this guy and Disney has this guy was but it was just a “I would like to see” comment. That being said I would be shocked if Disney bought the rights, not saying it will happen just I wouldn’t be shocked.