Next question: there’s so much material to choose from to make 2-hour feature films from, do they look at the modern Wolverine comics for story ideas?

Lauren Schuler Donner:

There are 40 years of material. Chris Claremont, they’re still writing. Chris is writing an amazing series right now where Wolverine’s killed, Storm is the villain. Sure, one day I’d love to do that.

Gavin Hood:

I think that’s the joy of this character. He isn’t just one thing. He’s this great icon that can be played by different people and different people get different [things] out of him in different ways. Everybody has their own interpretation.

Hmmm… this is the second time Donner’s words have me confused (the first being when she contradicted herself in trying to explain who can and cannot be in X-Men: First Class). Of all the stuff to choose from, a story where Storm is the villain and Wolverine is killed? Really, this over everything else in his history?

Hood’s point raises an interesting idea. Because of Wolverine’s ability to live so long, and because there are so many stories that can be told in the form of movies for the characters, could we see something similar to the James Bond franchise based on the Wolverine character?

Lauren Schuler Donner:

Yes, that would be wonderful. There’s enough comic book material to support it. If we were to make up our own story, which we’ve never talked about, personally I would do it with Chris Claremont. I would stick with the creator.

This is actually an interesting point, because unlike Bond, Wolverine can actually live that long to have that many films made about him. As the years go by, they’d have to find different actors to play him similar to the Bond franchise.

Gavin Hood:

I just think that the Japanese story is so iconic and beautiful and could be so visual. That’s the one and I’m reluctant to talk about others because I know Len [Wein]’s writing others now. And honestly, here’s the truth: if the Japanese story works, there might be another sequel. And if it doesn’t, there won’t be. You can get ahead of yourselves by sort of stirring up rumors of what might be. I’m not going to even go there.

I don’t even know if I would be involved. Right now I’m not attached. Nobody’s attached. They’re developing a script and we’ll see where everybody is. I’m hoping to be shooting something next year and I don’t think that ‘Wolverine’ will be ready for next year. I haven’t been approached one way or another. The studio is obviously very cautious. They want to see how Wolverine does on DVD. Let them develop the script, let’s see what the script looks like, let’s see how the studio feels about the script, how Hugh feels about it and then we’ll take it from there.

I’m confident that the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller Japan storyline of Wolverine would make for a good movie and with Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) writing, I hope we get an improvement over Wolvy’s first solo outing.

Hood’s last response above mentions that there are other stories being written by Len Wein – he wrote the Watchmen video game nad has written a bunch of TV stuff, including a few episodes of the awesome X-Men animated series of the nineties. I’m curious what stories he’s adapting and what they’re for… other Wolverine movies? Tie-ins? Video Games?

As for X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2, I don’t think fans expect an exact replica of the comic on screen, but we would like an all-around good movie where Wolverine is truely bad-ass, the characters at least stay true to what defines them, and a solid story that works for a feature film. Oh, and finished special effects, what happened with Wolvy’s claws this time around?

If you’re an X-Fan and are excited for more Wolverine action, check out our discussion on what may be the story and villains of Wolverine 2.

This is only three of the questions and responses that we chose to touch on, for the rest, head over our friends at Latino Review.

What would you like to see from Wolverine 2 or other Wolverine movies down the road?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is available on DVD and Blu-ray with 4 different editions on September 15th.

Source: Latino Review, Image on page 3 edited from cover of Wolverine: The Anniversary #1

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