In the Q & A session of the Fox event, producer Lauren Schuler Donner and director Gavin Hood were asked about how the financial success (not critical success) of the first movie give them liberty to drift away from the source material more or make them follow the source material more closely.

Lauren Schuler Donner:

I think it’s our responsibility to remain true to the source material. There are other influences and other factors that make us deviate from it, the first of which being transcribing it to the screen. We certainly are fully aware of the fan base and try in every way possible to stay close to the source material. I think in ‘Wolverine’ it was a little bit different because there was a lot of different source material, a lot of different legends in Victor Creed’s relationship to Logan and Logan’s background. There were some choices we had to make. Certainly in ‘Wolverine 2,’ in the Japanese saga, we will stay very close to the source material. I think it’s just best that way.

Gavin Hood:

The truth is, what freaked me out a little when I was doing my research was that I was looking for the definitive origin story of Wolverine. And, of course, any of you who know the comics know that doesn’t entirely exist because this guy’s been written about for 40 years by many different writers, different illustrators. Wolverine’s been drawn wearing a yellow spandex suit and he’s been drawn about wearing jeans and a jacket. The truth is, all of these versions are from source material. The origin story of him as a kid and the bone claws happening and the hint that Victor Creed may be his half brother. In the original draft, when we looked at it without him being a half brother, there wasn’t as much emotional connection between the hero and the villain. So we had to make the choices that were right for this movie. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other options that other writers have written. I just prefer to do a movie with him in jeans and a leather jacket rather than yellow spandex. (Laughs)

I find it very interesting that they first tried the story without Sabretooth and Wolverine being brothers but I understand why they went they way they did. For me, Victor Creed was one of the best parts of the movie with the great performance by Liev Schreiber. If you’re a Schreiber/Sabretooth fan, check out our look at the future of Sabreooth in the X-Men franchise to see what may happen with the character next.

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