Wolverine 2 “Will Stay Very Close To The Source Material”

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wolverine 2 japan story Wolverine 2 Will Stay Very Close To The Source Material

Fox Studios held a presentation yesterday in LA to show-off the upcoming release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Blu-ray and DVD. Producer Lauren Schuler Donner and director Gavin Hood were in attendance to answer some questions about the franchise, adapting the source material and the sequel to Wolverine’s first solo adventure.

The Blu-ray edition for X-Men Origins: Wolverine is set to be something special with the plethora of bonus features it includes. There’s even a live feature that allows viewers the option to see information on the actors on screen while they watch through IMDB. It essentially will let you look at previous & upcoming projects for all of your favorite stars.

You can head over to Latino Review who were in attendance for more information on this and some of the deleted scenes they got to see. We’re instead going to focus on what was said in the Q&A session about X-Men Origins: Wolverine and its sequel, Wolverine 2.

Currently, Oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie is working on a script to adapt the popular ‘80s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller Wolverine series set in Japan. This of course, is where we’ll see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine go to for his next adventure, as hinted at in one of the bonus ending scenes in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Unfortunately there were issues with the first film and how it paid respect to the source material from the comics. Yes, the Wolverine history is overly convoluted and he’s beyond over-used currently, having parts in a dozen books monthly. However, the new movie didn’t hit on the simple fact that Wolverine needed a rough violent past which haunts him. That aspect of the movie was completely ignored and we merely got hints of it in the opening montage that passed through him and his half-brother’s experiences in the many wars over the last two centuries.

Even scenes such as when Logan went through the adamantium bonding process were completely wasted. It lasted a minute long and consisted of him getting needles, injecting the liquid metal into him… that’s it. It didn’t even match what we saw from the X-Rays in the first X-Men movie or his flashbacks. How does injecting liquid metal into him make it bond to only his bones in a nice smooth equal layer and give him perfectly formed blades on top of his rough-looking bone claws?

Had the movie been rated R, which it really would have benefited from, we might have seen them actually perform the extensive operation on him to cut him open and insert adamantium and replacing those claws with new ones. That is the major moment in his life that changes who he is, re-defining him. However, this is just one example of the many issues I saw as something that could have been easily improved.

What’s really weird about this is that the tie-in video game for X-Men Origins: Wolverine was infinitely more gruesome. It looked better, had better story elements and really showed what Wolverine and his rage are all about unlike the film – it might be the first time the video game tie-in is actually better than the movie it’s based on (a whole ton better). Just the cutscenes alone were cooler than most of what we saw in the feature film – That is the Hugh Jackman and Wolverine I want to see on-screen.

So, looking forward to the sequel, will they repeat the same, having a movie disliked by most critics and many fans (Wolverine’s solo film had the lowest ratings out of all four X-Films by a massive margin) with rushed special effects? How will it treat the well-respected Japanese storyline of Wolverine’s past?

Or can we get something polished and complete like the first two well-regarded X-Men movies?

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  1. my apologies! I meant, homosexual.

    Im sorry but a bright yellow and blue suit would not work on screen no matter who designs it. MAYBE his gray/black one, but the yellow one or the original orange/brown one

  2. @ Shamose,

    I think a costume like the image on page 3 of this article could work in live-action.

    It’s not tights anymore, its leather, rubber, etc.

    In the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game, you can unlock some of his other costumes (classic brown & orange, the original blue & yellow and his X-Force Black & Grey) and see Jackman wear them – He could totally pull them off.

    Think of hte costumes from Watchmen, those worked in live-action.

  3. I suppoe it could work but I just dont like the yellow, he should be a threating character and yelow just doesnt do it for me.. The X-force black and gray one is the only one I would be happy with (POSSIBLY the tan/orange one) but since he is in japan I wager he will adopt the local culture much like he did in the book and wear traditional japanese for most of the film

  4. This movie has some great potential.
    If they make it right, there is no reson why it should fail.

    I expect to see Sunfire and Silver Samurai in this movie.

    What would also be great is if they had it in the time WW2 was on and have a cameo of Captain America (would this go against the rights of the character?)

    Hopefully FOX doesnt screw this up, I mean- Theyre rebooting Daredevil, Fantastic Four, theyre making 5 more X-MEN movies…Im starting to think that these movies are a big cash-grab instead of works that they actually care about.

  5. I think Wolverine could wear a full out version of the classic blue and yellow suit with the mask and everything for a couple scenes during a show/fighting gig. I agree it wouldn’t work for a whole movie, but it would be awesome to see him in it at least once. Would finally explain that he did sport that costume. I’m glad they tried to sneek in the brown and yellow in origins with his leather jacket. The black leather suits for all the x-men was a real stink.

  6. listening to what every1 is saying….the original Xmen movies wer aout wolverine, and the spinoff well Duh…. but what about the other characters??? my fav is Gambit and he is pretty closeto wolverine….so why not let him play a supporting role? another thing about the movie its to family orientated. look at BLADE…. the action, that movie was awesome (the original). wolverine had claws, thes suppose to be slashing and blood etc? correct me if im wrong please

  7. which one do I hate more, Gavin Hood or Brent Ratner, good questtion

  8. I wish they do a story based on the source material of the Japan saga, btu I don’t jnow about that, they said the same thing after the third, Fox said the next movie was going to be deifferetn, wich wasn’t

  9. This movie should be epic, just picture Wolve in Japan fighting with samurais, I wish they have some similarities with the movies the last samurai and batman begins

  10. uuurrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! they are gonna mess it up, i just know it, all the x-men movies were crap, the first one held it together pretty good though it did stray well off from the original script, even the old cartoons from the 90′s were mor bad ass than the movies atleast there was some blood in the first movie and even in the newer cartons (obviously in the comics too) but the movies didnt have s*** man!
    i think that was the only time hugh jackman was even close to portraying wolverine (first movie x-men), i hope they are people out there who have half a braina nd agree that jackie earl haley would be one of the only people to actually be wolvie!!! its not too late to change the cast, for gods sake! i dont know what these guys plan on doing, but why cant they stay true to the damn origin or all the characters like blade or iron man even the fantastic four were better than the x-men 2/3 and wolverine movies! stay true to the original, thats all they have to do, its so simple!
    p.s dont even get me started on the spiderman movies…

  11. OH spiderman and green lantern have more adaptable costumes than wolverine? WHAT ABOUT SUPERMAN!? Superman’s costume is ridiculous for any period of time after the 1940s and he gets his costume…he wears his underwear outside of his pants for christ sake…WHy can’t wolverine’s costume be done in a way wear it looks acceptable to modern film? We can make entire planets explode with CGI but we can’t adapt a timeless superhero’s costume? Nonsense