New ‘Wolverine 2′ Set Photos: Hugh Jackman is Prison Buff

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wovlerine 2 release date New Wolverine 2 Set Photos: Hugh Jackman is Prison Buff

We’ve been steadily learning more about the X-Men sequel The Wolverine as it begins production down under in Kurnell, Australia.

The official announcement that cameras were rolling on Wolverine 2 also brought us glimpses of some of the set pieces that will be included in the film – including a WWII-era war camp prison set piece (located in Bonna Point Reserve), which would be utilized early on in production. Today we already got some set photos that revealed Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine 2 haircut, and now we have more photos to add – this time of a sequence taking place in the prison camp.

The photos show some kind of incident transpiring in the camp, with Logan (Jackman) going full spring, sans shirt. While fans will likely debate the length of Jackman’s new Wolverine ‘do (bound to a be a fair number of “too short” compaints), there is no doubting that the actor is sufficiently beefed up to play Marvel’s iconic mutant bruiser – not that his Wolvy abs have ever been a problem for fanboys and ladies all over the world…

Check out the set photos below:




If you want to see more, check out this recent Wolverine prison camp set video - or head to  The Daily Telegraph for more photos.

The Wolverine picks up after the events of the first film, and follows and amnesia-stricken Logan to the far east of Japan, where he becomes embroiled in a world of Yakuza mobsters, ninjas, a love interest who will not so easily be one, and new foes in the form of  the energy sword-wielding Silver Samurai (Total Recall’s Will Yun Lee) and femme-fatale, Viper (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy‘s Svetlana Khodchenkova). That’s not including the aforementioned mobsters and ninjas that Logan could tangle with – that is, if screenwriter Mark Bomback’s (Live Free and Die Hard) revised script is at all reminiscent of acclaimed comic book writer Chris Claremont’s seminal Wolverine miniseries, which inspired this film.

The Wolverine will be in theaters on July 26, 2013.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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  1. This would be a perfect opportunity to introduce Sunfire. Japans Human Torch, sort of.

    • definately. adding sunfire and his uncle would be awesome. he would release the fire monster on Japan and wolverine would save it along with sunfire

  2. I’m getting the impression this movie is having less and less to do with the Claremont/Miller mini-series…

  3. Well a prison camp does explain the short hair

  4. I don’t think anyone really wants this sequel. The first one was absolute terrible and no a lot of reasons to suggest that this one will not be any different.

    • Except the fact that you don’t have the same screenwriter(s) or director. Director James Mangold is a director with experience helming some pretty good flicks (3:10 to Yuma; Identity; Walk the Line; Girl, Interruped), writer Christopher McQuarrie co-wrote The Usual Suspects, and Mark Bomback wrote the decent (but not great) Live Free or Die Hard. I think this has a chance to be better than Wolverine.

    • When Aronfosky departed, I have to admit my interest waned. The first was awful.

    • I’m interested in this sequel…
      Yes, Origins was terrible, but the only thing that this movie and that one has in common is Hugh Jackman, the studio and probably the producers.
      This flick’s creative team consists people who had nothing to do with Origins and since it’s the creative team that are responsible for the biggest parts of the film, I’m staying hopeful.

      • Yeah well l do believe Jackman did his thing in Origins regardless of how bad it turned out

      • I’m with you, Avenger. Although I’m obviously a small minority on here who liked the first movie. In fact, the only X movie I wasn’t crazy about was X3. I know they massacred the continuity and Deadpool, but hopefully the next First Class will make up for it when the intro time travel. I’m sure Jackman is almost done with the role. Most actors end up biting the hand that feeds them and gives a big middle claw to the fans.

    • Batman and Robin. God awful. Batman Begins. Really really good.

      Not saying I think Wolverine 2 is going to be up to that standard, but considering it has a new team, mostly, working on it, the quality of the first doesnt really have anything to do with how the second will finish up. I think Jackman is great, and I have no problem with how he plays Wolverine. I have hope for this one, and will look forward to it untill I see something that tells me I shouldn’t.

  5. This is beyond silly. He’s playing a guy who doesn’t really get old – yet he has crows feet. He’s playing a guy who’s supposed to be 5’2″ with 24 inch biceps, yet he’s over 6 feet tall with a dancers build and what appears to be 18 inch biceps. He’s too damn tall to play Wolverine! Getting long in the tooth as well. Apparently the story is now going back in time…. these movies keep getting sillier and sillier. The last wolverine was so boring half the audience fell asleep during the second act.

    • i didnt

    • too tall is like the stupidest argument l’ve ever heard

      • It’s actually an argument I’ve heard a lot in comic forums. He is too tall to play wolverine.

        I can list several iconic moments in the comics where wolverine is threating someone towering over him looking smug, only to get their ass handed to them 30 seconds later.

  6. Dude chill. Name one 5′ 3” actor with 24 inch biceps

    • I agree with Fred. You cant get a 5’3″ actor with 24″ biceps but you can do better than Jackman look wise. Making the hair shorter adds to the fact he looks nothing like Wolverine.

      • Tom Hardy is barely 5’9″ – he had to wear lifts in TDKR – yet he put on 30 pounds of beef. Shorter men can get bigger a lot easier than taller men. Jackman lucked out, anyway. You have all forgotten Dougray Scott was supposed to be Wolverine.

        • Yeah and Dougray Scott is about 6 feet tall himself, so they were never looking to match that height requirement. Funny thing is nobody complained about Cyclops being too short or them using the giant version of Sabertooth in the original movie and then switching to the normal sized one when they needed someone who could act.

          • Dougray Scott barely creeps over 5’8″. He lost out on James Bond because he’s too short. In a simple twist of fate, the roll eventually ended up with Daniel Craig, who is barely taller than the keebler elf.

            Maybe for the next Wolverine movie they can bring Liberace back to life and cast him in the roll. Remove the “ambiguous” from the “gay”, fully. No man alive is that good of an actor to play both Peter Allen and The Wolverine.

        • Were you in the Dark Knight Rises comment section complaining that Hardy was too short? No actor perfect for their comic book conterpart. Unless the character is based on them, as happens in some cases, and even than, not 100%.

          I think Idris Elba was awesome in Thor, I think David Fassender did amazing in First Class, and Hardy blew me away in The Dark Knight Rises. Who cares if they dont look exactly like in the comic book if they can do some damn fine acting?

          I think Jackman is a great actor, and I think he looks enough like Wolverine to play a charatcer based on him. And considering all the other changes to cannon and comic book history, I think complaining about a few crows feet should be way down the list of things worth complaining about.

          • People got to find something to complain about. Mongoose will tell you my only problem with comic book movies is when they get ridiculous, like Rocket Raccoon. They are trying to appease the mainstream and keep fanboys happy. Obviously, I’m beginning to realize, fanboys are never happy.

  7. Heres my thing, discrepancies in the time line, if he pops claws in that prison camp they had better be bone. He didnt get his Admantium claws till well after. To be fair Jackman hasnt done a bad job with Wolvie, and he is only as good as the script, and Origins was beyond horrible.

    • The article already said these things take place after the first movie. I wias thinking the same thing as you but Fox isnt going to adhere to any comic time line. They havent yet have they?

      • well, considering that the first Movie takes place at different time through out history and that wolverine gets his admantium given to him after Vietnam, him having his claws in world war 2 would be problem- matic and yes I know Fox really doesnt worry about that kinda stuff cause they think the audience is stupid. However, I am assuming that Logan is is having a flash back to WW2 and that the bulk of the story will take place sometime between Origins and Xmen, even though it should have taken place in between Xmen and X2 cause the xmen are actually in that story line , but thats not happening even though it would have made for a great cameo. The xmen receive the wedding invites and then are there for the wedding. LMAO, like they would do anything that remotely interesting

        • The way they framed things in their movies this story will probably be in the 80′s (when the actual comic took place), but the X-Men movies seem to start at some ambiguous time in the current century so for all intents and purposes there isn’t even an X-Men team if they are following anything from their own films. Of course they could shoe-horn in some people just to try and look cool and fail like they did in Origins.

          The World War II stuff is probably just going to be introduction stuff like they did in Origins to set up his involvement in Japan. I just don’t know if he will interact with any main characters during the WW II stuff since that would make most of them really old when and if they jump into the 80′s. As it stands the Viper character has some immortality thing as part of her comic book origin, so they might go that route for this movie. Problem is they have used it to death already with characters like Shaw and Mystique and it’s starting to feel like a vampire movie or Highlander where nobody ages.

          • Yeah they all look older and older every time. XD

    • Well they could be Adamantium. It depends if this is a true sequel or the reboot we’ve been lead to believe it might be.
      From comments of those involved XM:O:W isn’t officially cannon.

      • I pray they totally ignore XM:O:W as cannon and more or less reboot the entire story for this film. I hated origins personally. aside from what they did to deadpool i cant get over the adamantium bullet plot hole. shooting an adamantium laced skull with an adamantium bullet wouldnt penetrate his skull and destroy his brain. if you clash two unbreakable things together they negate each other, the worst it should do is rattle his skull pretty badly, with the movies logic his claws should be able to cut through each other.

        Ive always felt wolverine should be handled in a very Bourne Identity fashion, goverment weapon with no memories goes rouge, protects girl, while he also tries to uncover the truth about his past. come to think of it, why didnt they ever try and get the writers of any of the bourne movies to help with the Wolverine scripts??

  8. I agree with those that commented that this does not look like it is going to be good. I think that each X-Men movie has gotten worse progressively as they go what I call “badly indepth” to their story. Jackman is just not very good at the character anymore and has made it more and more a characature of the original. He has aged quite a bit in the past few years and up close in photos he is just too old and looks forced playing this role. He now has grey hair in his beard that was died and this new look is comical up close as his hair is kind of a crazed lunatic look. It is a Japaneses prisoner of war camp being filmed in Australia that was arranged by asking the Australian Government to put out millions of its own budget. Why? Don’t movie companies pay to film at locations to bring in revenue, this whole franchise seems to be doomed to failure more and more, And it is just plain boring anymore to hear of it and its aging actor trying to make more money for him and themselves…

    • LOL making more money cause you apparently dont understand that Jackman is loved by plenty for being down to earth. Also, he has plenty of movies coming up and filming so I really doubt money is the driving force.

  9. at first i must say that i´ve read yesterday some x-men/wolverine comics online,and in some he´s got short hair like he has now. so,they´ve tried a new haircut and i.m.o he looks much better and modern. to be honest the comic hair works not in real world,it has always looked too campy in the last 4 movies. so,give it a chance !

  10. and i wish they would hire his personal trainer for me : ) dude,looks fit ter then ever.

  11. It’s gonna be long and boring like the last one? I hated Wolverine Origins. *snores*

    They should just stick with the X Men First Class movies. That was good.

  12. Y cnt ppl jus enjoy a movie for wat it nemore? Its a superhero movie! We’re lucky enough to b gettin a talented actor to play my 3rd favorite superhero on the big screen. So stop complainin n appreciate the work being put into this movie.

  13. Because people have to jump on the “Im cool cause I hate this like all the rest do” bandwagon. It makes them feel connected.

    • I should add not everyone is that way. Just seems like most are.

      • Albert Pyun could not have made a worse film than Origins. I’m 37. I’m old enough to remember when hacks couldn’t hide behind CGI and wire work. Young people amuse me. They think the world sprang into creation the instance they were born.

  14. It’s sad i like the video demo more than i liked the 1st wolverine movie.
    Don’t get me wrong i think Hugh Jackman is awesome as wolverine it’s just the 1st wolverine movie wasn’t really good. And Deadpool was far too toned down.

    I’d love to see a live action Wolverine vs Hulk movie. With all the slicing & bloody action of the comic version.

  15. Looks like a great movie,I look forward to seeing it!