‘The Wolverine’ Takes Place After Previous X-Men Films

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The Wolverine 2 Hugh Jackman Official The Wolverine Takes Place After Previous X Men Films

Comic book writer Chris Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men storyline “Days of Future Past” (1981) is the basis for director Matthew Vaughn’s developing sequel to X-Men: First Class, wherein the concepts of time-travel and alternate realities will be introduced in an attempt to make sense of the disjointed X-Men continuity.

Days of Future Past will therefore be bridging the gaps between the original X-Men trilogy, First Class, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and director James Mangold’s (3:10 to Yuma) The Wolverine – an installment which, as it were, draws from Claremont’s work on “Wolverine” Issues #1-4 from back in the early 1980s.

Hugh Jackman (who is reprising his iconic role in The Wolverine) has clarified that while Mangold’s film does take place after the events in Origins, the film is being structured as a standalone picture – one with a distinct visual aesthetic to set it further apart from other X-Men movies – that focuses on Logan’s plight. That sentiment gelled with previous comments from Mangold, who said the script is a character piece (with noir and foreign-language elements) that stands outside the archetypical superhero movie mold.

Fox has hired Mark Millar (writer of the Kick-Ass comic books and Marvel Civil War limited series (2006-07)) to serve as an architect overseeing in the construction of a cohesive Marvel/Fox cinematic universe. However, principal photography has already begun on The Wolverine, meaning that Millar won’t have much (if any) significant creative input on the film. Hence, it’s just as well that Mangold isn’t making a conscious effort to further-develop any major narrative threads from the rest of the X-Men movie franchise.

The Wolverine 2 Interviews Hugh Jackman The Wolverine Takes Place After Previous X Men Films

The expectation has long been that Wolverine will take place prior to the events of the X-Men trilogy, with Logan (who has no memories of his past) on an adventure in Japan where he romances the daughter of a powerful family who is promised to someone else, setting him on a collision course with such dangerous figures as The Silver Samurai and Madame Viper. However, during an interview with Empire, Mangold revealed the film is set after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand:

“Where this film sits in the universe of the films is after them all. Jean Grey is gone, most of the X-Men are disbanded or gone, so there’s a tremendous sense of isolation for [Wolverine].”

We know from set photos that Wolverine will also feature flashbacks to Logan’s past (including, his experiences in Japan during WW II), as evidenced by an image of Jackman wielding bone claws published in the latest edition of Empire Magazine. Mangold’s suggestion is that, by examining the character’s history from a contemporary setting (one where the currently-defunct X-Men 4 would have taken place), it should allow for a deeper exploration of Logan’s psychology and struggles with his regenerative abilities – since there won’t be other major mutants or superheroes to distract from that task (as happened in Origins):

“That’s something that for me was very important, that I land in a very specific place in his timeline. I wanted to be able to tell the story without the burden of handing it off to a film that already exists and having to conform to it. The ideas of immortality reign very heavily in this story and the burden of immortality weighs heavily on Logan. For me that’s such an interesting part of Logan’s character that is nearly impossible to explore if you have a kind of league or team movie.”

Wolverine was long expected to take place prior to the X-Men trilogy, for reasons similar to those Mangold mentioned. Whether the setting resulted from changes that Mark Bomback (Live Free or Die Hard, Total Recall) made to the original script draft from Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie) – or if the ‘future setting’ was planned from the very beginning – is unclear.

wolverine filming japan 3d The Wolverine Takes Place After Previous X Men Films

Days of Future Past, as mentioned above, aims to ‘correct’ the contradictions in cannon that have arisen between the five X-Men movies released to date, and The Wolverine won’t obstruct that effort. If anything, the decision to have the latter set after The Last Stand should allow for a richer performance from Jackman, now that he can draw from three additional movies of character development (rather than having to revert to the mindset of an amnesiac Logan).

The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold off of Mark Bomback and Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay. It stars Hugh Jackman, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Rila Fukushima.

Look for The Wolverine when it hits theaters on July 26th, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past will arrive on July 18th, 2014.


Source: Empire

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  1. Sounds really good will wait and see how this plays out,Hope they do days of future past, then get on with a x-men 4 and 5 back to back with characters like cyclops,iceman,Gambit,Nightcrawler,ANGEL/Archangel,Rogue,STorm,Beak,Colossus,Sinister,Apocalypse, and just work a great story in. also a wolverine vs Omega Red film would be nice too.

    • Don’t forget Cable and Bishop :)

      • aka Stephen Lang and Idris Elba.

        • Not Stephen Lang! Yes to Idris Elba!

        • Lang and Michael Jai White.

    • Killing Cyclops in xmen 3 was unnecessary imo.

      • X-Men 3 was unnecessary.

        • ^^^WINNING!!!^^^

  2. Holy Crap! This is huge. I thought the same thing, that The Wolverine would pick up RIGHT after Origins, and connect to First Class 1. What the… ? Man this franchise is screwy.

  3. Wow the information from this report is great! I can’t wait to see this!

  4. What….. dont know how i feel about that. i guess one good thing about setting it after everything else is it wont screw up the timeline anymore, but on the otherhand i dont like that its set after the original trilogy. where does that leave the rest of the xmen? how are they gonna explain him leaving the school? whwere does that leave xmen 4?

  5. It is interesting that they confirm that the X-Men disbanded after XM:TLS. This is not surprising considering that with the apparent death of Professor X and the defeat of Magneto, there would be less of a need for the team to remain intact and no leader to keep them together. The implication of this news is that there is room for more movies afterwards that show the team re-forming to face some threat. Or, even more intriguingly, that this will lead to the tie-in with Days of Future Past. Hmm, the mind boggles at all this.

    • this is very interesting wonder if the disbandment of the xmen team directly lead to te sentinels cleaning up the mutant populations. Days of futures past would seek to ensure the event of x3 never happen thus allowing for the xmen to remain together thus changing their future for the better. No xmen = sentinels are unaposed and apocalypse can walk all over everybody after.

      Anyways, lots of speculation. Im just happy it wont be another “who am I” from wolverine again. Tired of that angle in movies in general (the amnesia part).

  6. EVERYONE thought that this was a prequel. This is kind of misleading but not entirely bad news.

    I’m actually really curious to see where they could take this and how they will work in the X-Men universe.

    One thing is for sure, no matter how hard they try it CANNOT be worse then X-Men Origins, that was by far the worse of them all.

    My take: They should find a way to work in Bishop/Cable characters, even if for just a brief cameo. It would be nice if they could set the storyline up for the upcoming X-men films. What would also be nice is to see Gambit again, but the only way taht could happen is if he time travels to the future or if ages slowly like Wolverine, which would not be consistent with the source material

    What I want to see from the Wolverine character is a character that is ruthless and unheroic. Wolverine was always a badass in the comics/cartoons and I’d like to see that finally come to life in the big screen

  7. Sounds promising.

    Handing off not intended, the placement of this film could leave Wolverine poised well enough so that the next time we see him could be in a future overrun by Sentinels, on the run with Kitty Pryde perhaps.

    • And would allow us to refer to Last Stand unabashedly as what it was. The destruction of the X-Men and beginning of the end!

      • Or beginning of the Sentinel apocalyptic future, i should have said.

  8. Typical Fox mess, just further bastardization of the franchise. Then again, it can’t be any worse than X-Men Origins: Wolverine… or can it??

    • Care to try and back that up somehow or are you just throwing negativity bombs on a project that by all accounts is shaping up to be pretty good? Buzz is very positive on the script and james mangold certainly knows what he’s doing. The flick’s set after to deliberately remove itself from continuity. So what’s your beef?

      • I’m not trolling. I’m just saying that, besides X2, Fox’s version of the X-Men was poorly executed.

        Feel free to disagree, but I’m not changing my opinion until I see a good movie from them. Not holding my breath either…

      • FILTHpig doesn’t have to back up his opinion because he is correct and XMO:W was a horrible movie from a canon standpoint.

        I would argue though that XMFC was just as bad at raping and pillaging the canon to further their own selfish ends.

        • But we’re not talking about either of those two movies.

          • And of what canon do you speak of that has been raped supposedly? There have been thousands of x-men stories ranging from brilliant to god-awful. The x-men comic universe is FAR more convoluted and littered with continuity errors than the movies are. What do you even mean? The evil fox corporation are going to steal our children in the night and retroactively rape our childhoods! They couldn’t possibly be trying to make films that people will enjoy so that they can make money, that would be a business plan!

            Here are some truths for all you cry babies to digest:

            1. Bryan Singer’s x-men set in motion the current era of comic book adaptations we all currently obsessed with. If you don’t like them fine, but don’t retroactively b**** about it’s adherence to the source material when in 1999-2000 the budget, audience OR cgi capabilities weren’t there to deliver these unfair expectations.
            2. X2 was widely considered the best superhero movie ever made prior to Nolans bat flicks
            3. X3 is more than 6 years old now. Mistakes happen, things change and problems are rectified. (batman & robin transitioning to batman begins). Origins is not great. Well never mind, first class was great so that 3 good to 2 bad.
            4. Time travel, alternate universes, multiple versions of characters. These have been pivotal parts of the x-men mythos since the late 70′s. The accidental continuity issues across the movies are fun and invite passionate discussion among fans. It’s ironic in its way because it actually brings these films closer to the spirit of the comics whilst simultaneously incurring a whole load of nerdy ire for those who need everything spelled out for them.
            5. The wolverine is addressing every single issue everyone had with origins…. Maybe I’ll eat my words when the film comes out, we’ll see I guess.

            Bottom line is…. Everyone complains but never accepts 20th century fox’s role in shaping the modern comic book movie, and with hindsight are disappointed with the treatment of x-men in an era where expecting anything more is completely unrealistic. Nothing has been raped. There is no canon. These movies have a fluid continuity as do the comics and EVERYTHING is fixable through time travel.

            Just try to enjoy it. Because MARVEL will NEVER. EVER. Get the rights back. And even if they did they don’t have the resource to make these films currently.

            • 1) I interpreted your reply as wanting an explanation about The first Wolverine movie but in re-reading it you probably wanted to know the reason for attacking the new movie (which is of course that it isn’t set in Logan’s distant past like it should be)

              FILTHPig however did talk about XMO:W and he even mentioned that all the other X-Men movies besides XM2 were poorly done (that includes XMFC)

              So yes, both WERE being discussed on some level. Maybe not by YOU specifically but they were on the table.

              2) I made no mention of the 3 X-Men movies, only XMFC which WAS a total raping of the IP to get what they wanted for that movie to work. So you directed the majority of that rant at the wrong person there Tex ;)

              3) You should avoid throwing around derogatory terms like “cry babies” as that can be interpreted as a personal attack. Can you really not express your opinion in a calm and dispassionate way without name calling?

              • @Mongoose. I apologise for throwing the term ‘cry babies’ around, as it is not my wish to offend anyone. Also, I realise that we are having a discussion about the entire x-men movie IP, so I also apologise for calling FILTHPIG out on that. However, in your reply you haven’t really addressed any of the points I’ve made, particularly in regard to clarity in what ‘raping the IP’ actually means in this case. Also, there’s a lot of talk about a perceived ‘x-men canon’ of these boards. I’d like to know what that means. What would satisfy you as a fan? Once again, sorry for the ranty aspects of my post but please read again and see if you can address any of these points because I’m genuinely interested in a well argued counterpoint view.

                • I appreciate the much more level headed response. That’s all I or anyone here on SR wants. :)

                  As to your points:

                  1) X-Men 1-3…..I had no real issues with 1-2. They took the cast and basically “updated” the story to have it start in our modern era. #3 for me though just had a bit too much silliness like completely gutting the power and ability of the Phoenix Force and having Magneto pick up the Golden Gate bridge (some 800 THOUSAND tons and simply use it as a walkway? All he had to do was move it a mere 100 yards further and drop it onto Alcatraz to literally flatten anything on the island. Sure the movie way was more dramatic but if you are going to give the characters THAT much ability, at least have the writers have them use it intelligently. Juggernaut was also a let down for me but there were parts of #3 I did like so it wasn’t that bad (at least for me)

                  2) Wolverine Origins was just…….Having Deadpool be the kitchen sink of mutant powers really took a dump of what the character was all about not to mention all the other things. Yeah it was just bad.

                  3) XMFC while good from a layman’s perspective was one of the worst pillagings of the IP to get it to work with the continuity of Singer’s first X-Men movie. They borrowed characters from the distant future, changed characters powers (needlessly), changed and ruined characters or groups like the Hellfire Club, changed the original X-Men line-up to satisfy their desires, and the list goes on and on.

                  They should have just wiped the slate clean, rebooted the franchise and used the correct characters instead of contorting everything to try and fit with the previous X-Men movies.

                  I’m all for changing things because not everything works in a movie and the X-Men stories are convoluted BUT certain things are constant like origins, powers, relationships, etc. Mess with the stories all you want but tampering with the most basic building blocks of the X-Men is what I take issue.

                  4) The problem with this new movie being set after the current X-Men movies is (at least in my eyes)…….Going to Japan was where Logan learned and honed much of skill set and helped shape his current personality. So to supposedly mash together everything that happened to Logan in Japan in one movie and then set it in the future ruins a good part of his backstory. Again you don’t screw around with a characters origins imho.

                  And then to hope that the next XMFC movie will solve ALL the continuity issues with “time travel” is setting oneself up for folly. It will most likely just create more issues and become a big convoluted mess.

  9. I do not see Fox correcting any continuity problems with this new information.

    • Yeah it won’t fix a darn thing. But its like they said, atleast this way it won’t screw the contunity up any further by having this movie take place at some illogical time period between the established movies.

  10. I gotta say, the continuity issues are a complete non-issue to me. I understand why it might be more important to comic book readers and fans where the actors have to be the right height, and the ages have to be right. But for me, a good film is good enough.
    This is the superhero film I’m most looking forward to next year. James Mangold, along side Christopher Nolan and others is one of my favourite filmmakers. Really just intelligent, inventive. Great sensibility for drama, great eye for action. And a real actor’s director.

    • What does being a comicbook reader have to do with taking issue with continuity errors within the structure of the movies themselves? It’s got nothing to do with the books, the movies themselves have major inconsistencies within their own timeline. It’s not about how tall Hugh Jackman is or how old the Summers’ brothers are, it’s that they can’t maintain a linear timeline without stepping all over themselves.

  11. Setting this after all the other movies seems like a bad idea to me.
    If they plan on making their X-men universe more coherent/fluid and trying to fix some of those continuity errors, then why put this after all the other movies when it could easily have been a prequel set before XMOW and before he met the X-men.
    Now this movie will most likely leave fans wondering “where are the x-men”, “why did they disband”, etc.

    /sigh. I really want this movie to do well and I still have faith, but this isn’t looking too promising.

    • Fox should just reboot the whole thing and keep Jackman ( no one would mind ). It would work so much better for Millar if he could just start from scratch on both fronts of FF and X-Men.

      • Honestly jackman is the one character I would love to see re-cast. Never was a fan of his Wolverine outisde his opening scene in the first X-Men. A shorter actor with a real mean side to him would be great to bring out the love-able ***hole cigar smoking loner.

        • The only actor I thought was perfectly cast was Sir Patrick Stewart. When they first talked about X-Men, he was my first choice for Xavier.

          • I agree. Stewart was perfect. Wolverine was miscast.

            • The casting of Jackman was last minute, and it doesn’t seem like they were ever interested in casting someone near the same height as the comic book version, so that ship has sailed and sank.

              If and when this character ever gets recast, I doubt they will ever cast someone under 5’5″ for the role, even if they could find someone. Like everyone always says, film is a way different medium then comics. And there are few normal looking men walking around built the way people think Wolverine should look, and if they can act or not is a whole other story.

              At this point Jackman’s drawing power and goodwill with fans and the industry is probably the only reason this movie is even being made.

              • How many 5’5″ actors do you know? We’re being nitpicky here. If they wanted to copy the comics exactly they’d just make an animated movie.

        • You are really nitpicking height? Pray tell where on earth are they going to find a good actor under 5’5″ that is not a skinny nerd?

          Honestly, height was always the least important characteristic of the character and one that even Marvel wasn’t too concerned about. If it had really been an issue they could have made Jackman visually shorter through a few movie tricks but it was just not important in the larger picture.

          • Not nitpicking at all. Height is not even my main issue. It’s the X-Men. Not Wolverine and the X-Men. Wolverine should be a background bad*** like Riddick was in Pitch Black.

            • “A shorter actor with a real mean side to him would be great to bring out the love-able ***hole cigar smoking loner”

              Sounded to me like it was an important enough sticking point to mention first. ;)

              So tell us, who would you personally want to replace Jackman if the franchise was rebooted?

            • Wolverine was and probably still is the most popular character out of the comic, and by some stroke of luck Jackman has the charisma to pull of the likable aspects of the character enough to be popular. Wolverine hasn’t been a background character in decades, and your Riddick comparison is funny since that character kind of overshadowed the other characters in Pitch Black and became a spin-off character.

              There was a lot of screen time given to other things in the X-Men movies that had nothing to do with the Wolverine character that could have been spent developing other characters if they wanted to.

    • I see it differently, one then wonders if the events of x3 and the subsequent “disbandment of the xmen” directly cause/lead to the sentinels cleaning up the mutant populations relatively unaposed. Days of futures past would seek to ensure the event of x3 never happen thus allowing for the xmen to remain together and as such changing their future for the better. No xmen = sentinels are unaposed and apocalypse can walk all over everybody after.

      Would then mean this new wolverine set post x3 would also never occur ir the timeline is changed say in x2-x3. BUT the wolverine we see in this movie is the version of wolverine in the future of day of futures past.

      • That’s a big IF though… I like the idea (kudos BTW), but how do we even know that’s what they’re planning with XM:DOFP?

  12. Mangold doth protest too much. Methinks the actor who brought Peter Allen to life needs a tax write off… Casper Van Dien was brought in to be the “knitted eyebrow” coach for Jackman. Who wants to be a fly on the wall then those two were alone in Jackman’s trailer?

  13. Makes absolutely no sense I don’t want a calm Wolverine I want one full of rage and want to know what happens=ed after origin. Are they doing it this way not to follow the comic books?

    • Apparently, they’re just making it up as they go.

      “I’m not worried about these movies not following the comics”.

      Well, that’s just great. Why use all of the good/great stories that helped define this character and make him who he is today? Just patch everything together and hope nobody notices or cares. Sounds like the typical (and dated) way for Hollywood to bring these characters and stories to life. Which is why Marvel is light years ahead of pretty much everyone else when it comes to comic book movies.

  14. I haven’t really followed the comics like that, but I know a little something about the X-Men. Won’t it be weird for The Wolverine to happen after Last Stand seeing as though Wolverine killed Yoriko in X2. Isn’t she the daughter of the powerful family in Japan. I’m not sure, I just wanted to ask because if that’s true, how will they work around it.

    • Yuriko is a different girl from a powerful family. I believe this one is refering to Mariko, who is Silver Samauri’s cousin( I think) and Logan’s fianceé in the books. Also from a powerful family.

  15. To some, this may be spoilerish right?

    • Thats the risks you take when you come to a movie site. :)

  16. As long as there is no Deadpool impersonator/creepy looking mute/Wanna be Baraka. I will be happy. If FOX is so determined to destroy the character’s they have (XMO:W and XM3 for example), might as well have Michael Bay direct.

    But this news is good, not XMO:W 2, and that is VERY good news. Would rather have the Wolverine from the first three x men movies then the “animal” (as he was called in XM2) that just stood around doing nothing. Hell, Agent Zero did more when they were looking for the adamantium.

  17. I actually like this idea that it takes place after X-Men: The Last Stand, and that the group has disbanded, and some of them just gone. I look forward to the other films, for First Class, has saved the X-Men franchise.

  18. Why does the writer sound like he thinks its a good thing for one movie to develop other movies instead of focusing on it’s own story? Does he forget that Iron Man 2 sucked?

    I’m all for a cohesive Fox/Marvel universe but The Wolverine movie should tell its own story as should the new X-Men movie and the new Fantastic Four movie.

    Marvel studios is NOT the end all and be all of comic book movies, they have lots of things they can improve on. Outside of the first Iron Man and The Avengers Marvel Studios looks like a bunch of chumps imo.

    • You’re in the minority.

    • Small minority at that.

  19. Hm. Interesting. I figure The Wolverine will lead right into X-Men: DOFP. DOFP will lead into X-Men 4 set in a new future with Wolverine Prime still in the mix. This will allow for a soft reboot. Some characters can be recasted and some can reprise their roles and it allows for the X-4 writers to start a fresh trilogy.

    The only thing I would like to see is Stephen Lang show up as Bishop and Idris Elba to show up as Bishop. That would be sweet.

    • 2 actors playing Bishop? Does Bishop have powers I know nothing about? :-D

      • I assume he means Cable for one of them.

    • Every article that comes out about these new X-Men projects sounds more and more confused. This movie won’t have anything to do with whatever it is Millar and Singer are planning, unless they go in and tack something on at the end; which is not outside of the realm of possibility.

      If this takes place after X-3 then one has to guess Logan will be crossing paths with most of these characters for the fist time, unless they are going to pull the slow aging gimmick out for anyone he may have known during WW 2 (we know how they love that plot device).

      Fox, Donner, Singer, etc., just need to admit they make these movies off the cuff and hope fans will put down money to see them. After a decade and what’s going to be six movies in after the Wolverine and whatever the next X movie will be, you will be hard pressed to find any cohesive story told at all and even less character development outside of four to five people.

  20. “Days of Future Past, as mentioned above, aims to ‘correct’ the contradictions in cannon that have arisen between the five X-Men movies released to date”

    My guess is that Days of Future Past aims to tell its own great story and worry about when exactly Xavier loses the use of his legs as a purely secondary thing. No where have I heard (officially) that the Time Travel device is being brought in so they can correct a few very minor plot holes, its just not that big of a deal.

    I’m also under the impression that ‘Origins’ is no longer included in the continuity, effectively eliminating all plot holes besides Xavier’s use of his legs….which is only contradicted in the pre-credit scene in X-3.

    • Mark Millar has said that Days of Future Past will involve time-travel, in some capacity:


      • I’m betting the ‘now he’s walking now he’s not Charles’, as well as the Charles-Eric on again off again relationship, are both going to be fixed with actual plot developments, in order to re-align FC as the true past of X1-3 films, with no inconsistencies.

        Perhaps FC’s Magneto and X will make happy after a long break, and out of guilt Eric gives him some uber magnetic therapy to make him able to walk again for short burst, lol. They should also build Cerebero together in the X-Mansion, as alluded to in X-2, with Beasts help.

        • Or they could just allude to that stuff in discussions, with Stewart’s X regaling McAvoy’s X of his life story, essentially telling McAvoy what lies in store for his own future, unless they seize this chance to do things differently blah, blah.

          What i’m wondering about this announcement though…
          if this Wolverine does end up being the one we see in the DOFP future, how are they gonna use Professor X with his newly found body. That post credits scene could actually come back to bite them on the buttocks, which would be funny considering it was most likely insisted upon as an attempt to leave the door open for future films sans Stewart.

          I did hear rumblings about a possible twin, but that would just be way too convenient imo, surely they can do better.

  21. So its’s going to be a poor band aid film to patch up (gimmicky cover up) the confusing continuity of characters not knowing each other when meeting up when they should do[or vice versa].

    • Sounds like it. Gonna need a whole lotta gauze.

  22. Interesting

    This will make for a different movie, so I hope they draw on the events of the first 3 X-Men movies, but without making it a huge plot point.

    I am actually looking forward to it more than I was before, so thats good I guess

    • Seconded.

  23. For the first time I feel excited about Wolverine! Great news!!

  24. I was alway excited about this film.
    Why does this news make it MORE exciting ?

    • For me it was confirmation of the X-Men being disbanded after Last Stand, which suggests that point may serve as the launching point for the DOFP future overrun by Sentinels. Treating Last Stand in that fashion could actually make that film an asset to the franchise, in many respects, rather than a liability (once all is said and patched).

      It’s like, if I had of walked out of the theatre after seeing Last Stand and someone said “Hey, why so glum? Don’t worry, they only killed off beloved characters because they are setting up the DOFP story arc!” – then I would have had a very different opinion of that film in the years following its’ release.

  25. This is just confusing. Marvel’s really screwing up their movies.

    • You mean Fox is (I think). Fox is the company who owns the movie rights to X-men and wolverine so they are the ones who would be blamed for screwing this branch of things up. If it was Marvel’s movie making it’d be much less confusing and actually have some simbalance of a cohesive story over all at this point. Not just a hand full of cohesive movies and some tacked on just to make money and screw things up.

  26. Hmm, interesting. follows X-Men:OW but yet takes place after the events of X3. I look forward to this & hope X4 & X5 won’t be far behind.

  27. Does this mean Xavier will put in an appearance, was he not resurrected after the shambles that was X:3? Should be interesting and I’m with most on here, hope we see Bishop & Cable and maybe Domino

  28. Wolverine looks Hot. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  29. This is very confusing. They made the First Class then they jump to Wolverine. Hope they will be able to connect this franchise with this movie.