Hugh Jackman Hints At ‘Wolverine 2′ Start & Release Dates

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The Wolverine 2 release date Hugh Jackman Hints At Wolverine 2 Start & Release Dates

The search to replace Darren Aronofsky in the director’s chair of The Wolverine ended two weeks ago when James Mangold was selected by Hugh Jackman and Twentieth Century Fox to helm the X-Men Origins: Wolverine follow-up.

With fan-approved Aronofsky dropping out of Wolverine 2, combined with the terrible natural disasters Japan faced, it seemed for quite some time that The Wolverine wouldn’t be able to claw its way to a timely production start in order to make its tentative 2012 release date. According to Hugh Jackman however, the film can still be ready for theaters next year.

In an interview on Toronto’s CHFI radio station, the host asked Jackman about the second Wolverine solo affair to which Jackman gave a rather candid response.

“We shoot in October, so it will probably come out a year after that. That’s usually around the timeline.”

Up until now, due to the various circumstances listed above, we haven’t had a a clear idea of the timeline for the next X-Men franchise installments. With an October start date, Jackman can continue on his intense diet and workout regiment to build his body up to the “powerful” and “stocky” Wolverine physique that Aronofsky requested Jackman to aim for.

The Wolverine may then mark the first time an X-Men movie opens in the fall – That, or Fox will pull another X-Men: First Class and have it rushed for a prime-time summer release during the May-July period.

The adamantium-laced mutant’s first solo outing banked $370 million at the box office, despite poor reviews, so the studio and producers will not pass on the opportunity to launch Wolverine 2 next year, thus making room for the Tim Miller-directed Deadpool film in 2013, possibly joined by a sequel to X-Men: First Class.

The Wolverine is designed as a standalone film as opposed to a direct sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, allowing screenplay writer Christopher McQuarrie to ignore what happens in that film like the rest of the franchise is seemingly doing as well (see: X-Men: First Class & X-Men Origins: Deadpool). The story follows Wolverine as he heads to Japan and is based on the popular Frank Miller and Chris Claremont’s Wolverine comics from the 1980s.


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Source: CHFI (via The Playlist)

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  1. Just what we need, another X Men title. Still, the first Wolverine was pretty good even though Ryan Reynolds tried his best to ruin it for me.

    • Reynolds is an actor following a script and director. Dont blame him.

      • I can, may blame the director as well. If the director asked him to be a more agressive version of Van Wilder then he got it on the nose. He annoyed me for the whole movie and I was told to watch the whole Van Wilder movie because the end was really funny, it wasn’t.

        I have heard that Green Lantern is pretty bad too, not just a coincidence.

        • Green Lantern is good. Not great but very good and extremely entertaining. Experience something for yourself before you say its bad. Everyone has their own opinion on things and I really liked the movie despite the bad reviews.

          Very few actors have control over how a character is handled once on set. Reynolds is in that category. Blame whoever you wish by the actors are not to blame for why W:O had issues. The actors were fine, the story was the culprit on this one.

          • Do you really believe that Alpine, that actors have no control over the character they are playing? Pretty sure Christian Bale gets pretty worked up on set, would not like to direct him!! But Batman was pretty good and not irritating at all.

            All characters are written, some actors are perfect for the roles and others are not. I am yet to see Ryan Reynolds in a film that I liked so maybe it is not just him – Blade 3 was another.

            I certainly will be watching Green Lantern but on DVD or maybe Sky (over here that is our satellite TV).

        • If you say Reynolds annoyed you as Deadpool during the Wolverine film, then you know nothing about the character. Deadpool is schizo hitman, who never stops talking in narrative or real time. So if he annoyed you then he played the part right b/c generally people get sick of

        • Please tell that you don’t think that Ryan Reynolds was the ONLY bad thing in XMOW…

          If anything the actual story and CG are in the top 25 rankings in that movie’s horrible-ness.

    • Were you watching the same movie as the rest of the world? ;)

      X-Men Origins: Wolverine was terrible. It felt short/rushed. The script was WAY too corny and it wasn’t really relevant to the comics.

      I agree that Reynolds did a bad job as Deadpool, but you have to ask: was that really his fault? He had to work with what he was given. I think it was the writer’s and the director’s fault for the bad Deadpool act.

      • Actually, thinking back, XO:W was pretty bad overall. My mistake.

        • first, you saying a movie was good, and then the movie was terrible don’t know a jack

          • I know one Jack, Jack Daniels – nice guy. I saw this movie a long time ago

    • Funny that you should say that considering that his Wade Wilson was probably the best thing about XO:W.

    • Reynolds was the only thing I liked about XOW. What a stinker.

    • So you blame an actor who was in the movie for like 5 minutes? Reynolds was definitely not the problem with XO:W, it was the script and total lack of Wolverine awesomeness.

      • Wolverine had allot of problems that the whole Deadpool character kind of illustrates. Their decision to throw so many people into the story that really had no place helped make it a bit of a mess. Characters like Deadpool, Gambit, the Blob, and Cyclops really had nothing to do with Wolverine’s early origins and the fact that the producers themselves admit the Deadpool character was not done well at all begs the question, why did they do it in the first place ?

        As for Reynolds I am not a fan of his work at all but, he can’t be totally blamed for the Deadpool character since he only played the Wade version in the beginning of the film. That said having only seen him in Van Wilder, Waiting, Blade 3, Smoking Aces and Wolverine I can say that aside from Smoking Aces he does seem to be doing the same act in the majority of his films. There is no crime in that and allot of people do it but, with Green Lantern being his vehicle it may become a major knock if he is seen as just changing super hero costumes and cracking jokes. Even if it does fit Deadpool perfectly some people won’t make the distinction between that part and the other ones.

        • you need to watch other ryan reynold films such as buried, the nines and Chaos Theory.
          in these films he shows why hes such a saught after name in hollywood especially in buried that film was just an emotional rollercoaster and that was mainly due to his acting ability.
          and also he has alot of other films coming up that will not be similar to his early roles of van wilder and co.
          and a few years ago before xmo:w was made and reynolds declaired interest in making a deadpool spinoff the character in the comics said that if there were to b a film made about him then reynolds would be his number 1 choice

    • One of the reasons why Ryan Reynolds did Green Lantern was because of how much they butchered Deadpool with the whole Barakapool debacle. The other fact of Fox not having their act together in time was also another reason he lost interest and moved onto GL in the meantime until Fox “got their act together”. He was losing faith in Fox. He did the best he could in XO- Wolverine, the same with GL (even though he was miscast) he still did a descent job with what he had. I feel sorry for the guy, THREE cbm fails in a row. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

  2. I only want this to happen so I can see a huge improvement over the first. There were some good things about Wolverine Origins but they screwed up so bad in other areas that it really didn’t redeem itself by the end. I want more.

  3. Hugh Jackman has hijacked the wolverine character. Why wont he leave??? enough already. You are too tall and too elegant. Guys Bryan Singer and this loser Jackman is to blame for the deformation of the X-men franchise

    • Over-react much? Are we really gonna complain about the height of the actor? I mean, really?!

    • how can you say that Hugh has made ALL the X-men movies the reason I go see them

    • @Hyman Roth, I have to agree with you on this. Jackman has done a descent job as Wolverine but has only scratched the surface with Wolverine’s depth. Never have I seen him portay Wolverine like he really should have been ; Jackman is too nice, too clean and too tall for Wolverine. The reason why Wolverine became a popular character in the first place was because he was a break from your normal tall, handsome, nice, pretty boy, goody two shoes hero. He became popular because he was the little guy; the UNDERDOG. NOT handsome, short, stocky, rugged looking, nasty attitude, and didn’t take crap from anybody but had a lot of heart. Jackman has never brought out the animalistic side of Wolverine and we’ve never seen one true “berserker barrage” from him. The character “Wolverine” is reminiscent of the actual “wolverine” animal; wolverines are small, ferocious and can take down animals much larger than them, that’s what Wolverine should be like a little guy but totally ferocious and FERAL. That’s why they put Wolverine up against such a big and virtually indestructable guy like the HULK in Wolverine’s debut.

      • Worded perfectly.

    • seriously? hugh jackman is awesome as wolverine

  4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a bit great but a lot awful, I mean the film was a prequel and the timeline was confusing because it was made to look like it taken placed in the modern day in half of the movie and the characters wouldn’t written properly like Deadpool was turn into Barakra from Mortal Komabt and Gambit appeared in the movie for 5 minutes, come on, they were the two fan favourites in the comic books.

    Wolverine 2? this is a sequel or a reboot because when Darren come on aboard, it was to ingore XMO: W and become a one off movie.

    Now that James Mangold is directing, I hope he does a great job in the movie.

    Plus X-Men: First Class is the best comic book movie of the year.

    • The ending of Wolverine referenced the Three Mile Island meltdown which was in 1979. Figuring he hooked up with Stryker during the Vietnam War which ran until about 1975 the bulk of the movie is supposed to occur in probably the late 60′s until 79′.

      It’s kind of funny that the original X-Men films were deliberately vague about the time it took place and both Wolverine and First Class use real world events to bookmark their stories.

  5. yes xo:w wasnt the best film in the world but it did have its moments even if there wasnt many of them loool and reynolds played deadpool just right its just a shame they ruined the character at the end of the film.
    as for Jackman he’s a good wolverine and i cant see anybody else out there that would suit the role and for people moaning about him you shld be thankful coz dougray scott was cast as wolverine but had to leave the film coz he was tied up doing mission impossible 2, this isnt a perfect world so we’ll have to make do with a 6’4 wolverine instead of a 5’2 one.

    im all up for this movie just a shame aronofsky isnt directing it anymore

  6. If they do this movie correctly, then they should have a deadpool cameo…. a *real* deadpool cameo, not the crappy XO:W version

  7. I’m just hoping this Wolverine movie will make no reference to the first movie.

    And Hugh Jackman shouldn’t try to get too stocky. He has a lot of fans already, no reason to change what’s not broken.

    If this Wolverine movie is good, though, totally up for him doing more.

  8. Stop complaining, if you think you know it all about film and directing. Than why don’t you make your own wolverine movie, for real. These guys are trying to make it interesting for EVERYONE to pull in people who don’t even read the comics, and all you do is bash them on all of their work, it’s pretty sad that all you have to do is judge everyone else, I’d like to see anyone who’s complained about any movie they watched do a better job with that movie, seriously.

    • Right on Jeremy!!!!! its always easy from the sidelines

    • So every movie you have ever seen you have liked? You have never complained about how bad a movie was?

  9. I wish they would put Kitty Pryde in this movie. I enjoyed that comic miniseries where she and Wolverine kicked butt.

  10. This new director may very well do ok. BUT they should have chosen TAKASHI MIKE to direct this movie. Takashi Mike would have been perfect. Hopefully in the future if Marvel ever gets the rights back, I’m sure they’ll cast somebody that embodies Wolverine more and is a short actor. Jackman does an ok job but has never been truely Wolverine for me.

  11. I’m sure this next Wolverine will be ok and an improvement. I just really hope they let the X-men rest for a while now though… It’s really enough at this stage. ‘The Wolverine’ will be the sixth film and I guess it’s justifiable since Jackman’s the best Wolverine we’re probably ever going to get.

    • Unfortunately, if Fox wants to keep the rights, they have to keep making them every year or so; which means many rushed projects.

  12. I fear they will rush this to meet a summer release date, and the quality will suffer. Above all else, Wolverine needs a quality film to revitalize the franchise. People felt burned by the last film. If they get burned again, Fox’s money making franchise is dead. A quality film keeps Fox’s money train moving. Summer 2012 is too rushed. Late 2012 is too stuffed with competition. They should release it in 2013. That is plenty of time to make a great movie and you get to stake out a primo opening date.

  13. Fox won’t do that, a lot of people will be going to see Avengers, TDKR, and Spiderman. Fox will try to squeeze themselves in there in order to get the dripple effect of the summer crowd because a lot of people with be in the cinemas seeing those other cbms. I don’t care how good X-Men FC was, make mine Marvel Studios ftw.

  14. @Rob Keyes

    What is the purpose of the Wolverine vs. in the image at top?

  15. Give it up Fox. Give it up Hugh.