‘The Wolverine’ Snags A Summer 2013 Release Date

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wovlerine 2 release date The Wolverine Snags A Summer 2013 Release Date

2011 was a rough year for The Wolverine (a.k.a. Wolverine 2). The X-Men spinoff flick was originally supposed to hit theaters this summer, with Hugh Jackman working under the direction of Oscar-nominee Darren Aronofsky; that is, before Aronofsky bailed on the project, and the Japanese tsunami forced an additional delay in production, and then shooting under new helmer James Mangold was pushed back again, to the latter portion of Spring 2012.

However, once Jackman wraps up his role in director Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables musical adaptation, he is expected to begin work on The Wolverine – and 20th Century Fox has now officially slated the movie to hit theaters in Summer 2013, on the assumption that there will not be any additional major production holdups.

Fox has selected a July 26th, 2013 theatrical release date for The Wolverine, where it will face “competition” in the forms of the Phineas and Ferb movie, along with the Dirty Dancing remake. That also means the Wolverine 2 will be arriving well over a month after Warner Bros./DC unleashes Man of Steel – so there shouldn’t be any major overlap, as far as grabbing the attention of the comic book movie crowd goes.

This move also essentially guarantees that the X-Men: First Class sequel – which Matthew Vaughn recently closed a deal to direct – will not be arriving in theaters until Summer 2014. For fans who were worried about Fox trying to rush the First Class followup through production in order to make a 2013 date (due to the uncertain status of the new Wolverine franchise installment), that is comforting knowledge.

wolverine release date The Wolverine Snags A Summer 2013 Release Date

'The Wolverine' returns in Summer 2013

Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie’s original screenplay for The Wolverine has been reworked by Mark Bomback (Unstoppable, Live Free or Die Hard), but the central storyline is most likely still intact. The plot should therefore revolve around Logan/Wolverine, who is dealing with the aftermath of the memory-erasing injuries he sustained in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in a new adventure full of danger and romance in Japan, based partially upon Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s popular 1982 Wolverine comic book story arc.

Mangold has spoken out before about how The Wolverine will not only be more of a nuanced character study, but also depart heavily from the standard superhero movie narrative. Similarly, Jackman has promised many times over that his latest (last?) portrayal of Logan onscreen will be much more akin to the character as presented in the original X-Men comics – not only in terms of his antiheroic attitude and raging tendencies, but also more his traditional compact and bulky physique.

The Wolverine will primarily be a standalone movie that flies high or fails on its own terms; nonetheless, it will also have to combat the lingering bad taste left in moviegoers’ mouths by Wolvie’s debut solo venture. Whether it can be successful in only one, both, or neither regard, that remains to be seen.

We will find out for certain when The Wolverine arrives in theaters (at last) on July 26th, 2013.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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  1. about time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Meh, I lost interest after Darren Aronofsky left.

  3. Can’t wait. Other than the treatment of Deadpool, I enjoyed “Origins.”

  4. Don’t really understand why ya’ll keep diss’en on the first Wolvering Movie. I though it kicked ass.

    • u cant be serious the first Wolverine movie is awful.

      • Xmen origins was ace

    • I’m totally with you Levi. I thought the first one was solid. Great story to me and I’ve reading xmen comics an watching the cartoons since I was a kid. Great film. And it’s bout time a sequel came out. The only thing I didn’t really care for was how dead pool was portrayed after he was enhanced with the pool but besides that I really likes it. Now I wanna watch it. Lol

      I do wish the dead pool movie tied into these ones. I also wish the first tied into the original saga better but am happy it can tie into first class. :)

      • I like the first one too. Actually wolverine is what got me interested in x-men in the first place. I hadnt seen any of the other films until I saw wolverine. So for still wanting to see the other three after seeing wolverine then it must have been a decent film.

        • Count me in.What was so awful about it????????????

        • I totaly agree with you, Origins was mad kick ass. Hugh Jackman was awesome in it, i cant wait for the wolverine.

  5. Yay! This is going to be worth waiting for.

  6. Sure hopes Fox doesnt screw this up (again)…

  7. La dee freakin da!

  8. about freaking time! now all we need is a deadpool release date and ill be happy

    • in other news boune legacy trailer should arrive in next 48 hours

  9. The Silver Samurai has to look awesome in this. I’m talking armor shining like Liam Neeson in Clash of the Titans. And really it’ll probly look like the Last Samurai but with freaking Wolverine…and more awesome!

    Cause Origins was kinda cheesy, to put it nicely. But i dont know, if this does get made, it could be good…or awesome!

  10. Looking forward to this I really liked origins but it did have its fair share of flaws but otherwise it was awesome I can’t wait to see what the first teaser trailer will look like when its finally released.

  11. kinda hopeing that someone like web gets to direct a remake soon, after watching the amazing spiderman trailer, and after the batman films man the dark tone, and realistic approach is something all comicbook films should do, and try to keep continuity from film to film.

  12. When ever I hear “Wolverine in Japan” I can’t help thinking about TMNT 3.

  13. While I enjoy all the xmen films and spinoffs, the continuity is so screwed up its hard to actually love them. As far as I can recall Logan lost his memory just before joining the XMen, after he had been in Japan, that and the shoddy way of getting Gambit into the first film makes me not too excited for this. Ill watch it but prob just to pick up on more continuity errors

  14. I dont know why people hated the wolverine movie, i thot its been one of the better x men movies up there with x men 3 and first class, i think just alot of the comic book fans get too picky, im excited for a sequel, as for the deadpool movie, it needs to have some tie in with the last wolverine movie, u cant just pretend he didnt appear in it, most fans of deadpool complained that he has his mouth sewn so he cant talk(because his wisecracks are what make him enjoyable) well watch the movie and fast forward the credits and see what happens ;)

    • HaHa you must be very very young,not to be mean but the only people i know that enjoyed the first Wolverine film and X-Men:The Last Stand were children who hadn’t reached puberty yet.

  15. This movie is like the alcoholic father who’s never there… so as far as ‘I PROMISE THE MOVIE WILL BE OUT SUMMER 2013′ goes..i’ll believe it when i see it.

  16. “…..as presented in the original…..”. Amen to that, fingers are crossed.

  17. Sweet cant wait to see wolverine again :)

  18. In what world does it make sense to hire the Live Free or Die Hard writer to rework a screenplay by the Usual Suspects writer?

  19. F I N A L L Y

    • story of my life

  20. Marvel is going to have another great year again…..

  21. Okay… so 2013′s comic book movie line up now includes:
    Iron Man 3
    Man Of Steel
    Thor 2

    It’s official: 2013 is gonna be another great year for CB movies! :D

    • Dang when u list the movies like that no wonder why everyone dishes on DC movies, they like almost like the elephant in the room. Just one and pooph there will not be one for several years till some crazy ass makes us a damn flash or jla movie.

      Cannot wait..

  22. It should be r-rated and Wolvie better be carving through hordes of ninjas! A bloody mess of snarling claws, that’s the memory-drained animalistic logan I want.

  23. I didn’t like X-Men Origins: Wolverine but X-Men: First Class saved the series.

    I just hope this sequel will be a reboot and gets the charcater’s origins right.

    The Wolverine should be directed by Matthew Vaughan and be a R rated.

    Vaughan did a great job on the timeline and the characters from X-Men: FC, the cast did good jobs.

    The Wolverine should have violent fight scenes and a great script or this movie will be awful.

    • What you say is true!

    • Yes, they did a good job with XMFC as long as you examine alone and encapsulated. If you examine it in the larger picture you will see how much the absolutely butchered the canon to make this movie work.

  24. Wolverine’s one line in the X Men: First Class movie (unrepeatable here of course) is the Wolverine I want to see for 90 minutes. Okay, swear words don’t make a movie (unless it’s a London gangster flick. They use it to compensate for, oh, story, characters, dialogue, anything etc etc), but these studios are so obsessed with box office that they will sanitise any franchise to get da’ kidz in. Then comes the figures, games, slippers etc. Is it too much to ask to have Wolverine on a lunchbox with a R-rated comment in a speech bubble?

    There is a way to do a dark, brutal Wolverine movie. Having him find himself (again) isn’t the way.

  25. My fear is that the movie will be a “introspective/trying to find himself” piece complete with that “confused look” that Jackman has done a lot in the X series, and will fall VEEEEEEERY short of any hoped for expectations in the way Ajeno described (the even further watering down of a volatile character).

    I swear I feel like the way they keep neutering Wolverine, the next time that we finally see him on screen, he’ll be in a coffee shop in Williamsburg getting ready for a Broadway audition

    • Unfortuantely, this is probably EXACTLY what it’ll be. After four failures with a TALL, UNHAIRY, KINDLY, hugh jackman played wolverine (which betrays all that wolverine is and has ever been), my expectations are, to say the least, not very high.

  26. If they have to follow what has already been done with other X-films they have tied their hands a bit in how they can set this film up. In the comics Logan had been in Japan before getting his mind erased (and not with a Adamantium bullet), which is where he trained with Ogun. That stuff came up after the initial mini-series, but it explained when and where Logan did much of his martial arts training, and fleshed out his dealings with the Hand.

    Making this more of a martial arts/revenge movie would make sense, and even if they put the Silver Samurai in there I hope they stop there and don’t try to make this a mutant festival like Origins because it’s not really warranted.

  27. Hmm, the only way I could see how someone liked wolverine: Origins is someone who never read the comic books, watched the original cartoons, or knows what the actual origin story of wolverine is. Just sayin’.

  28. Would really like to c him battle omega red!!!

  29. I want Wolverine to wear the same suit in the next Wolverine movie.