Wolverine 2: David Slade or Duncan Jones Could Direct

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The Wolverine New Director Wolverine 2: David Slade or Duncan Jones Could Direct

With the news that Hugh Jackman is being sought after to replace Viggo Mortensen as the Huntsman in Rupert Sanders’ Snow White movie, also came a nugget of information regarding who’s being look at by Twentieth Century Fox to direct The Wolverine.

The sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine was off to a promising start with Darren Aronofsky signing on to direct the pic which would shoot in Japan. Then came the news that Aronofsky dropped out and the natural disasters which may postpone filming.

With the dream team of Aronofsky and Jackman no longer a reality, who could step in to replace as the helmer of The Wolverine? Jackman himself promised he/she would be someone “as good” as Aronofsky and they wouldn’t settle for anyone less.

David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) was a contender for the job before Aronofsky swooped in and more recently, it seems that he’s practically locked for the Daredevil reboot, admittedly revealing that The Wolverine is interesting but that he hadn’t talked to the studio about it.

According to Deadline, Slade is a contender (but we could all say that) and that Duncan Jones (Source Code) is as well. These are only two of a larger list, I’m sure, but the first we’ve heard of the Moon director being associated with Marvel’s fiercest mutant.

Jones’ Source Code debuted this weekend to strong reviews, albeit a somewhat disappointing opening weekend box office haul, but he’s on the right track and moviegoers and geeks alike can easily get behind him.

Slade on the other hand,  has the Twilight background which will automatically bring with him some negative connotation, but for me, he did make the best film of the three thus far and no one can deny he can make a dark and violent movie (see: 30 Days of Night).

Are either “as good” as The Swan director? That’s debatable, but I do believe both could bring something to the table given the chance to helm The Wolverine. I’m curious as to who else they’re looking at. The bigger issue comes with how the studio and director will work together and if said director will have more creative freedom than Gavin Hood did in Wolverine’s first solo outing.

The Wolverine is aiming for a summer 2012 release.


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Source: Deadline

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  1. Duncan Jones should have directed Superman, he was offered it.

    • Is it possible for him and Snyder to switch? I’d love to see a Snyder wolverine.

      • I’d certainly prefer that, even Snyder couldnt make a worse film that the first Wolverine.

  2. I would rather see Xmen 4-5 than this the xmen spin offs haven’t been good so far, but sayin that deadpool is looking for a director, so why not Jones,forget wolverine.

    • “The X Men spin offs havent been good so far”?

      That is true, but there has only been one.

  3. This is the only X related film I’m interested in seeing go before the cameras, the story line is one of the best Wolverine stories that has been written. I just hope that the studios let the story be told the way it is, I doubt it because there isn’t really any cameos that fox can exploit in this story so im sure that Arnofsky’s leaving is more related to the studio interfering then his family situation.

  4. They better hire one of these guys fast before Jackman signs on to Snow White and The Huntsman.

    • I’m hoping Jackman signs on to Snow White! ASAP.

  5. I think that this production will be delayed regardless of how fast they get a director due to the Japan natural diaster. I would rather see Slade get the job.

  6. There is ONE director who is actually PERFECT for a Wolverine movie. A director that would be better than Slade, Aronofsky, and Jones combined. But I don’t want to mention his name until after Fox has already made their choice. I don’t want the idea to get out to them.

    • That post makes no sense.

      • Well, after they’ve made the announcement then I’ll say it. Otherwise, my idea might get back to them before they choose, it’s happened before. If I can’t get a unified Marvel universe like we have with the comics, then I want Fox to fail.

        • …a bit harsh!?

          • @davyb, Yep, it is isn’t it. LOL! I know it’s Marvel’s fault that we don’t have a totally unified Marvel U but I’d really rather see them all back at home where they belong. That way I’d be able to see Wolverine fight the Hulk like what happened in Wolverine’s first comicbook appearance.

            • Well, I find it poor fare to blame them for signing off on the movie rights to some of their better known characters when I expect they did so in order to improve their financial situation… which in turn meant that they could continue to provide the service for which they are renowned, i.e. producing quality comic books.

              I mean, in the short time that they’ve been active as a movie studio I’d argue that their output has been of a superb quality… despite the fantastically steep learning curve they would’ve had to endure.

              Perfect? No… but **** me, its still damn impressive.

              The ‘movie rights’ issue is something I’m confident to leave alone for now… ’cause I further expect that its:
              A) definitely on their long term list of things to sort out and
              B) not something they feel so desperate about that they have to sort it out right away….

              Basically I think they’re doing fine… and if Fox succeed in making another Marvel Comic character into a successful movie then it’ll only serve to add value to the Marvel name, improve their stock and ultimately give them more power to recover their rights and consolidate their position.

              SO lets have an awesome Wolverine movie, eh?! :D

              • @davyb, Great points, I know business is business so that’s just the way the ball had to roll when Marvel dropped it the way the did. However Fox has had a good tenure of over ten years to handle Marvel properties and they’ve gotten their money back and then some while not doing a good job with the Marvel movies. Those properties should be in the Marvel hands now. But I know there’s nothing I can do about it but rant(which is what this forum is for) and NOT see Fox’s Marvel movies. I just don’t want Fox to have those rights for eternity and never see the potential of what could have been done in the right hands.

                • I really don’t know what kind of licensing deal Marvel signed with these other companies. Some people have said it lasts as long as the studios produce movies in some type of timely fashion, yikes.

                  Sony tried to actually buy Spider-Man out from under them and the X-Men deal goes back to when they first aired the cartoon on Fox and Avi Arad liked how they did with it and signed the movie rights over to them.

                  In my opinion I think Marvel figured that since they had licensed their stuff out before with terrible results (Punisher, Fantastic Four and the first Captain America movie which they must have burned the prints of) they had nothing to lose and money to gain. Odds were the movies would sit and either never get made or be a mess like the other ones.

                  Then Blade came out and did decent enough since it was not a major comic and people had zero expectations. And of course Lucas did the Star Wars movies and Lord of the Rings came out and people saw the CGI had caught up to where it might be easier to do a comic book movie and the flood gates opened.

  7. I wish John Woo would direct Wolverine. I would love to see his take on the character.

    • Holy crap, that could be an amazing underrated choice.

  8. Jones should obviously be the choice ahead of Slade, but Jones isn’t going to want to work for Fox!

    Soooo….Slade will wind up being the choice and the film will suck.

    Look for Jones to be the next director of The Flash movie for WB’s!

  9. Yeah “ulik” Fox is totally stalking you. -__-

    Though it is probably not happening, Matthew Vaughn would have been pretty superb. Would have been a classy R-rated Wolverine in his hands. And of course the legendary mask.

    • @Peevie Juice, What hits the internet is pretty much written in stone. Word gets around fast via the internet, especially rumors, and if a rumor(idea) sounds good enough, it could become a reality because of circulation and it getting back to the people who are the subject of that rumor. They might like the idea even if it’s a rumor and actually run with it.

    • Nope. Fox doesn’t have the balls to make a true R rated Wolverine film. That’s one of the reasons why Darren walked. They wanted to compromise his vision, plus the natural disaster in Japan didn’t help, and he didn’t want to be away from family forever. It was a combination of reasons why Darren got the hell out of dodge and I don’t blame him.

      Fox sucks!

  10. No aronofsky = not interested.

  11. Go bold and let someone like Larry Houston do it…

  12. it will be a garbage flick. count on it and superman will be worse.

    • Superman worse than what? Superman Returns??

      Riiiiiight….this next Superman film is produced and written by Nolan and Goyer who by the way revived the Batman franchise. Snyder will not screw it up because this next Superman film is a team studio film.

      Plus it can’t be any worse than Superman Returns right? Exactly!

      • That depends if you liked Superman Returns and I did, so did a lot of other people. More people went to see it than went to see Batman Begins. Always worth remembering that.

  13. The obvious choice is Jones, but to bad it won’t happen. Jones isn’t going to want to work for Fox. Trust me on that. So Slade will wind up with the gig unfortunately.

    Look for Jones to be the director of the eventual The Flash live action film for WB’s.

  14. Without a true talent like Aronofsky who would be comparable to what Nolan has done with the Batman franchise….this next Wolverine film dead on arrival. Duncan Jones isn’t stupid enough to be controlled by Fox, so that is a pipe dream. Slade will wind up with the gig, it will be ruined.

  15. I liked Superman Returns. But not better than Batman Begins. Superman is too fabulous a hero. His movies are never gonna be path-breaking. People are always gonna criticize them. People like the human side in superheroes. Superman does not have any. Guess why? Cos he’s an alien.

    I think they should try someone like Tarantino or Guy Ritchie. Give Wolverine the kick-ass attitude he deserves.

  16. The last Wolverine movie started off hot enough but after about the first act cooled down. I hope this will be better.