‘The Wolverine’ Possibly Facing More Delays [Updated]

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The Wolverine 2 Delay The Wolverine Possibly Facing More Delays [Updated]

[Update: There are now conflicting reports that The Wolverine won’t be delayed, and will start filming in Canada this fall. Scroll down for details.]

Hugh Jackman was the poster boy for Bryan Singer’s X-Men trilogy, and even though the director dropped out of the third installment, Jackman remained the star of the show in the career-making role of Wolverine. The success of the mutant franchise led Jackman to getting his own spin-off movie, a prequel explaining his character’s history in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While critics panned it as another weak installment in the franchise after the poorly received X-Men: The Last Stand, the movie made big coin as the summer’s kick-off movie of 2009.

This success led to the quick greenlight of a sequel, to be titled The Wolverine, that would explore a story from Marvel Comics that Hugh Jackman really wanted to get into: that of Wolverine’s adventures in Japan. With a screenplay from Christopher McQuarrie and the re-teaming of Jackman with Oscar nominated director Darren Aronofsky, things were looking up until a number of factors started to claw away at the plans Twentieth Century Fox had in mind.

Aronofsky dropped out of The Wolverine, shattering some expectations early, then the awful and destructive weather conditions Japan fought through put a damper on principal photography plans for March. Fox was able to find a replacement director in James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma) but still hasn’t locked down a schedule.

We spoke with Jackman at Comic-Con in July and he seemed optimistic for the project, confirming the main villain of the movie as the Silver Samurai, and that they plan to shoot in October. Now comes word that the production may be pushed back even further, to some point in spring 2012, after Jackman finishes with Les Miserables.

Deadline has the scoop which also reveals that since Japan is still recovering, the production may move to Canada, saving only a bit for Japan, if any at all. What’s really a bummer is that if production on The Wolverine does in fact change location to Canada, then Darren Aronofsky could have directed it all along, especially since it is being delayed. The official reason for his departure on the project was that he didn’t want to shoot overseas for an extended period of time, keeping him away from family.

There was of course speculation of creative differences between him and the studio regarding the story and style of The Wolverine, but Mangold is the new man in charge when it still could have been Aronofsky. Hindsight is a kicker.

UPDATE: A Celebrity & Entertainment writer for the Vancouver Sun contacted us when this story was posted, claiming that The Wolverine will NOT be delayed, but rather will start filming in Canada this fall. As writer/reporter Katya Holloway told us via Twitter:

Wolverine is scheduled to begin filming in Vancouver in November

As of now FOX has not made any comment on which version of the story is true, but it seemed as though Holloway was pretty certain of the production schedule. We’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned.

A spring start date – which Fox still hasn’t confirmed – would have The Wolverine hitting theaters as far as way as summer 2013 unless they can rush it for a holiday release in 2012. With no timeline on a sequel to X-Men: First Class or the teased X-Men 4 and New Mutants movies, the X-Men franchise is getting installments few and far between.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. crap

    i dont’ care if it would suck. A sucky X-men movie is still better than most movies :(

    • haha yeah

  2. Beat me to the punch, just posted about this in the general discussion. This whole project is starting to sound shaky and some people are saying that the script is also being tinkered with by Mark Bomback. The production company and Fox have a bad habit of altering these movies story-wise from one minute to the next and the longer they take the more chances they have to turn this film into another mess.

    I never bought the travel issue as the whole reason Aronofsky bailed on this project and with this news it seem like there is more going on with this project then just bad weather.

  3. I was kinda looking forward to seeing The Wolverine next year :(
    I’m not a huge fan of the X-Men/Wolverine movies: the only thing I love them is that the cast is great (i.e. Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman – with the exception of Hally Berry, who was terrible), but since I recently got into the Wolverine comics, I’ve become more and more interested in the TV shows and the next movie as well.
    Guess it’s not a great time to be a Wolverine fan…

    On a completely DIFFERENT topic (and I can’t believe screenrant hasn’t written anything about this):
    The writers of Cap: TFA (who are also writing Cap 2 as I type – figuratively of course ;)) have announced that the chances are pretty good that Cap 2 will take place in BOTH the PAST (1940’s) and the PRESENT! 😀 This is great news IMO, it’s exactly the way I would have wanted it to be. They also said that they want to introduce some new characters to Cap 2 namely: Sharon Carter (in the present-part of the movie) and the Falcon (in the past-part of the movie) 😀

    • the cap thing would be cool for Baron Zemo like cap fights heinrich and helmut zemo

      • Exactly what I’m hoping for too 😀
        Cap fighting BOTH Zemo from the PAST and the Zemo from the PRESENT. It would make for a terrific story…

    • Yea they said that was their original goal from the begining and it was omly dependent on how well CA: TFA was recieved. Hopefilly they will use this to show why Cap was such a great hero in military genius to remebered for all gime during flashbacks. Instead of some kid from Brooklyn that can fly a fighter plane with skill but cant land a bomber hahaha.

      • He didn´t want to land the bomber. He wanted to crash it.

        • Which was beyond simple. The bombs were not guidance missiles but mini suicide bomber planes. Now with all of the hydra pilots defeated why would he crash the plane when he could have attempted a rough landing when crashing would have possibly set off the explosives. It was a bad decision and plot hole.

          • maybe his landing stuff got destroyed during the fights?

            • Yup. In the battle between the Red Skull and Cap, the ship’s controls got damaged. (Can’t believe no one remembered that…)

              • landing gear shamding gear. He flew the bomber directly into the glacier. With or with out the landing gear, he had enough control that he could have (and should have) glided the bomber into a crash landing. And let’s just say for the sake of arguing, he HAD to crash the bomber. After the bomber was set for the crash course, there were several different things he could have done that would have crashed the bomber and secured his safety. He had a suicidal death wish. I chalk it up too poor writing and being a super-soldier virgin. I woulda made it back to Hayley Atwell. giggady.

                • Okay, well lets put you on a plane with damaged controls – and tell you to try and “crash-land” it over the Arctic – I’d love to see how you manage to survive the landing (even if you do somehow manage to land the thing).
                  We all know that ice isn’t very popular for being “sturdy” and “solid”. A huge plane landing on some ice would easily start to sink on impact. And the impact itself would be enough to put a person in a coma.

                  • Also, let’s say for interests sake, Cap managed to crash-land the plane on ICE, without suffering fatal injuries, and be able get out of the plane…
                    How would he make it back to the US (or any populated area)? He doesn’t have a compass, food, water, etc… he would easily die in a week.

                    • Just though of ANOTHER thing…
                      That plane was going at such an incredible speed (and Cap couldn’t slow it down because of the damaged controls)… how do you land a plane going at like 800mph?
                      Answer: you can’t. the plane WILL crash. It was going way too fast.

                      Oookaayyy, I think I ran out of valid reasons now… 😉

                    • @TheAvenger

                      LMAO. Now your just arguing for the sake of arguing. Surviving after the plane crash and what happens to a super heated bomber on a glacier have so many variables I am not going to even start that argument. He could find a way to be retrieved and he could die in the snow but im (almost positive to certainty) he didn’t know he would be frozen in a state of suspended animation and kept alive. On the other hand he is a Super Soldier so maybe he knew all along. Smart Devil. I digress.

                      Now Super Soldier  Steve Rogers takes the bomber into a 30 degree angle straight into the glacier. We both saw he maintained some control over the bomber. When he was X amount of feet from the glacier he could have pulled up instead of going nose first. This would have spread the shock of impact over the body of the plane and greatly increased the chance for survival. With slim being a Super Soldier, he and the radio could have survived.

                      IMO it is just poor writing and a rushed conclusion. It would have been better IMO if the controls were stuck in auto-pilot or completely destroyed. Cap than uses a grenade or timed explosives on the engine forcing the bomber to descend rapidly into a crash. And he would have some time to get nice in tight wijth Hayley Atwell. 

  4. The X-Franchise just needs to take a breather. It’s a dead horse these days and Fox are still flogging it. First Class was good, but forgettable…

    • A dead horse indeed.

  5. here is a idea fox how about instead of trying to put all this effort into a another wolverine movie how about you put it all into finally giveing us that deadpool movie.

    • Yep, a major studio like FOX can only do ONE CBM at a time….


      • There track record has shown that they are incapable.

  6. They need to let it go. Do a couple of more films on the Xmen first class and then say around 2018-2020 reboot the entire xmen franchise and have new actors playing wolverine, storm , colossus, jean grey, etc..

    • actually what they should do is give marvel the x men rights back so we can have good comic book movies not the garbage that is X3 and Origins

      • Your complaining they don’t make good X-men films, but you’re only complaining about those two?

        Both of them sucked, but X1, x2, and First Class were great. They just need to put as much effort in the next as they did in the those three.

        • Give the rights back to marvel = no Deadpool. While its in a slow slow development stage it has a better chance of being made as long as fox keeps the license.

  7. oh my there is that “bad” word again “REBOOT” uuggg

  8. To be honest I don’t think this movie should be made. The timeline of the X-Men movies are so messed up and confusing they are starting to barely tie into each other. I think Fox should only make a First Class 2 and 3 then give the rights to Marvel Studios because its just now working out any more…….

    • I TOTALLY AGREE!!! The whole idea of Wolverine 2 getting made is just so unnecessary. They should just do First Class 2 and 3 then stop. X-Men 4 is just gonna be choked full of (gasp) “You died!” or (gasp) “You lost your powers!” twists which will become really tiresome and silly. Fox should get some original ideas for a change instead of screwing up other people’s ideas. In Marvel’s reboot, they should tell the story from one of the other X-Men’s P.O.V instead of Rogue’s and it needs to be far more faithful to the comics.

  9. A simple browse over the comments on this article shows how interested people are in X-Men these days – they are mostly about Captain America. 😉

  10. True Believers!
    From a purly ‘Professional view point…
    Delays of this nature are not uncommon when filming ‘low budget/Independent films. The bad things happening with this film and the constant problems…
    may cause ‘Fox to rush and make a bad product.

    After the idiocy and mis-management of both ‘Green Lantern and the Green Hornet. The lack of dept on Conan..the poor ‘editing and sense of lost on Transformers 3..another ‘bad product isn’t what the cash strapped ‘General Audiances need to hear…


    • transformers has made a ridiculous amount of money… poor example

  11. i want to see wolverine go up against sabretoothe aka the real sabretoothe, adn omega red in sequels.

  12. Well, Japan isn’t recovered enough and until it is, they should wait and make Wolverine when “everything” is ready to do it right. Meanwhile, Jackman needs to be doing all the other movies that he has lined up, plus he probably has to spend the next 2 months pushing Real Steel anyhow.

  13. So now someone in Canada is saying they are starting to shoot in November. Fox doesn’t know anything about it though. I will not be surprised if the location and theme of this movie changes before it gets released.

    The cost factor on top of the issues in Japan might have something to do with these moves as well. The fact that these movies have been making less money each go around probably has them looking to cut costs and corners at this point.

  14. Do we really want or need a 6th movie with Wolverine in it?? I say not really. Probably still watch it though

  15. “the X-Men franchise is getting installments few and far between.”

    You say that as if it were a bad thing. The X Men movies have always been terrible. Such a silly premise, and it isn’t helped by the idiotic scripts.

    • X-Men are a silly premise?

      Just curious, if they are “silly” to you, and you’re reading and commenting on articles at ScreenRant, what exactly is YOUR idea of non-silly? Thoughtless romantic comedies with Jennifer Aniston?

  16. First Class may not have performed as well it was hoped by Fox, but take a look how much money the X films have made Fox. It aint going anywhere. Let them take all the time they want, cause for the most part, Fox makes good X-Men movies. Plus your telling me there were no parachutes in the bomber? Why couldn’t Cap have just jumped out?