James Mangold Says ‘Wolverine 3′ Will Shoot After ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

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The Wolverine Poster James Mangold Says Wolverine 3 Will Shoot After X Men: Apocalypse
We all know that 2015 will be a fairly epic year for blockbusters, and the stakes are high for every studio and their superhero brands. While Fox will be unveiling their ambitious Fantastic Four reboot that summer, after this May’s release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, we won’t see the next installment of their X-Men franchise until 2016 in the form of X-Men: Apocalypse.

Fox is ramping up the marketing push for DoFP, with a slew of new images (along with some new plot details on Apocalypse) and a teasing countdown to the film’s second full-length trailer – not to mention speculation around yet another prominent character’s supposed contribution to the film.

Among DoFP‘s expansive slate of mutants – both familiar and new – the character of Logan, A.K.A. Wolverine, once again played by Hugh Jackman, is front and center, with near-future versions of Prof. Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellan) sending his consciousness back in time to prevent a mortal threat to all their brethren in the form of the mutant-hunting Sentinels.

This basic plot was teased as a mid-credits tag at the end of last year’s The Wolverine, the character’s second standalone spinoff film, directed by Walk the Line‘s James Mangold. This direct lead-in to Days of Future Past has left many fans wondering about the future of this character – Hugh Jackman has noted that recasting is “inevitable”and whether any further standalone movies are in the cards.

According to Mangold, the answer is yes. Check out his response to a Twitter follower below:

The first (adamantium) stab at a spinoff film, director Gavin Hood’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is still largely detested by fans of the X-Men universe, with its over-cooked plot and stupefying approach to fan-favorite character Deadpool. Mangold’s sequel was a vast improvement – for the first two acts, anyway. The film has its flaws, but Jackman’s performance was not one of them – he remains as committed to his signature character as ever, making its box-office success a decent gauge that fans were open to another solo outing.

X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine and Xavier James Mangold Says Wolverine 3 Will Shoot After X Men: Apocalypse

James Mangold has dropped enigmatic hints about a possible storyline for Wolverine 3 (or maybe it’ll be called The Wolverine 2), but many expected the fate of that project to hinge on the success of Days of Future Past, which, with its estimated production budget north of $200 million (not accounting for distribution and advertising costs), would have to either smash some box office records here in the U.S. or dominate globally to turn a profit.

Mangold’s tweet is by no means an official announcement, but the rough timeline presented may be a strong indication that Fox has a hell of a lot faith in DoFP‘s potential. This could mean that, really, the viability of a third solo Wolvie flick will depend on the reception of Apocalypse. The idea seems to be that DoFP‘s connection to Apocalypse will blow open the potential for alternate timelines and directly influence further spinoffs, such as the mooted X-Force movie, X-Men and Fantastic Four crossover and, logic suggests, Wolverine 3.

The plot details of Apocalypse are still murky at this point, but if everything goes according to plan, we could possibly see our third solo Wolverine movie in 2017.

Stay tuned for more on this as details emerge.


X-Men: Days of Future Past is out in theaters on May 23, 2014. X-Men: Apocalypsewill release in theaters on May 27th, 2016. Wolverine 3 may arrive in 2017 or later.

Source: James Mangold (via CBM)

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  1. Hope Jackman will be up to it. By 2016, he’ll be nearing 50. Robert Downey Jr can pull it off because he doesn’t have TOO many stunts, plus he doesn’t have to get f**king RIPPED like Jackman has to. I’d like to close out Wolverine’s story (barring a possible leadership role in the future X-Force film) sooner rather than later. That character needs to rest for a while.

  2. They are going to burn him and that character out.

  3. OVERDONE!!! now, someone get Mark Millar or someone else at FOX to answer when the heck we will get our mother F**c*ING DEADPOOL movie!!!

    were tired of wolverine. The fans have wanted deadpool for years and everyone is ready to make the darn movie.

    • I want a Deadpool movie also but I am not tired of Wolverine yet either.

    • I remember Hugh jackman talking about worrying about over staying his welcomed. Your not over staying your welcome Hugh jackman. You always did Wolverine well. WOLVERINE is over staying his welcome. Fox do you not understand you have other characters that are spin off movie gold!? Do you not understand Deadpool is movie gold!? Stop milking wolverine to death!

  4. I’d like to see them actually kill him off eventually. These movie universes need to reach an eventual boiling point and hit the reset button. new cast, new origins, new universe.

    • Yes sir!!! Reset button please. Try to make it closer to the Uncanny X-men comic line-up or similar to the 90′s cartoon line-up. Either way would make me happy. Make cyclops a bad-ass with wolverine and gambit as the support bad-asses. I feel as though if the x-men is ever rebooted and done correctly it could have even more magic than the Avengers.

      • +1

  5. Old Man Logan

    • I thought that but wondered what changes they’d make since he’s bullied off his farm by Hulk and She’Hulk’s incestuous family to begin with, he travels with a blind Hawkeye and President Red Skull features too.

      I could see them reintroducing Sabretooth instead and keeping Wolverine as more personal movies while X-Men is overblown spectacle and X-Force is written with a slightly different genre in mind, similar to the differences in tone between Captain America and Thor movies.

      • Ya if XForce is presented as an espionage or similar styled genre flick Fox has a potential winner there.
        And now that I think about it. Since Fox doesn’t own any of the side characters in Old Man Logan…it would be awesome if Marvel adapted the storyline for an MCU character, haha. Old Man Cap would be awesome.

  6. Dear Fox,

    Dump stupid Fantastic Four, reboot the X-Men completely after X-Men: Days of Future Past and make a F*CKING DEADPOOL MOVIE!!!

    The Insufferable Deadpool

    • Theres a reason why DEADPOOL is not in the radar, perhaps is pretty violent also it can be a Rated-R film which kids cant watch and that will put studios in jeoperdy, idk just saying

      • Blade was rated R as well and those movies made plenty of money, compared to their budget anyway. I realize R rated comic book movies overall don’t do too well but Deadpool has way more name recognition than characters like Kick-Ass or Judge Dredd. And nowadays maybe even more recognition than Blade.

        • You know that. We know that. The bean counters, though, always have the same goal in mind: maximum $$$. Rated R films are not where one finds those in any genre.

          A 2010 study shows R generally nets 25-35% less at the box office than PG-13. A few months back I was reading about how 2012 had 33% more R films (168 to 113 PG) and the total profit was about half ($2.3b to $4.7b).

          Blade was a little different because it was before the CBM boom and a low tier character. I’ll guarantee you if they made an attempt to reboot that character they would do everything they can to skirt by with a PG-13. What works in their favor is that one can get away with a lot more than in previous years and still keep the lower rating.

          • That’s an interesting analysis.

            In that case, I’d be happy with a PG-13 theatrical release and an R rated or Unrated video release. Or something similar to what Anchorman 2 did which was to theatrically release the R rated version in a limited capacity. What’s the big deal with that? Easy!

        • agreed sir!!

          Dear R rated comic book doubters, your all idiots and have no clue what your talking about.


          Sin city, 300, Blade 1, blade 2, blade 2, The Watchmen, Punisher 1, Punisher (the other guy), Dredd ( most under rated example yet), V for Vendetta, KickAss 1 and Kickass 2 ( which both KICKED MUCH A$$)

          so all the R Rated comic book excuse givers please shut your pie holes.

          that is all and your dismissed.

        • Blade did not have 50 people at a studio micro-managing the project, and that really only applied to the first two. Everyone saw the result of the writer and director trying to make Blade 3 into some kind of Scooby-Doo movie and trying to spin-off the Hannibal King and Whistler characters.

          And it seems like die-hard comic book fans greatly over-estimate Deadpool’s popularity outside of the comic fan base. Unless the end product is excellent it is not realistic to think a Deadpool movie would do better then the Punisher or Ghost Rider films with or without an R-rating.

          • I’m glad you said it. Comic fans seem to think Deadpool is a legend known by everyone. No.

            Now I think a movie such as that made [R] would do well if they sell it right with trailers and advertising. Dredd wasn’t sold very well but was Fuggin fantastic and i look forward to the possible sequel in making.

            Sorry but i’m still not tired of Hugh Jackmans Wolverine. Tired of the Stand alone films since #1 but not tired of his char by far. So they make him the key element. He’s the char that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

            As long as he leads the fights with his rage filled aggression I’m happy. And i’m sure we’ll all be Revamped when he F*x up the Sentinels with a lot of Rage, Aggression and Anger. Nearly 50 or not. Just gray his hair :) Old Wolvie was still a beast in the future he didn’t retire cuz he hit old age and got some gray hair

  7. I would like to see them sorta ret-con Wolverine:Origins, by making that only a fraction of the true Weapon X program. Maybe he could find out that there have been more experiments, and could possibly introduce X-23? … I don’t know the whole history on that but from what I’ve read it could be adapted to fit into the films pretty easily.

    I don’t want to address Origins much, maybe just that there have been different iterations of the government program. I remember that in the comics part of the weapon x program was derived from a journal of Mr Sinister, though he wasn’t physically involved, his medical procedures used. I would love to see him brought to film!

    • I think Lady Deathstrike is the movie universe’s version of X-23.

      • I’m pretty sure that wasn’t intended. The character of X-23 was actually created pretty recently around 2003, which was the same time that X2 came out. There was no reference to her being a clone of Logan, or her blade combo (2 hand blades, 1 in foot vs 5 fingernails of lady deathstrike)

  8. Id see X-Force 1 and 2 before another Wolverine movie.

    X-Force and Deadpool movies can be hits with low budgets. I really dont get Fox’s problem with his universe

  9. I really couldn’t care less what Wolverine does anymore. I’ve always liked the character but Fox have raped this cash cow enough now, they need to do something new and interesting.

  10. I’ve grown weary of shirtless emo lynchpin Logan. Why can’t he just be part of the team? His appearance in XFC was a fan-fave and stayed true to the character…..

  11. As much as I’m sick of Wolverine getting so much attention to the detriment of other X-Men characters, Mangold is a terrific director and The Wolverine was a good film, so I’ll buy into more of that type.

    Even if Days of Future Past bombs financially, Fox is still going to keep making X-films in order to keep the rights. Wolverine seems the least likely thing to be taken off the menu in the near future – he’s the reliable cash cow, even with diminishing returns.

    They should make a Deadpool film – plenty of R rated films do well. You just have to control the budget and actually turn out a good product.

    • I agree there should be a Deadpool film. I disagree that it has to be R rated. It could have spoof-like action, over the top and intentional camp and cheese. It doesn’t even have to be high budget. I wouldn’t mind another Wolverine film – its an obvious cash grab for Fox – but I would like to have the character’s run to end on a positive note.
      Better yet, usr the next Wolverine film to intro in Alpha Flight if you must.

      I’ll even take A Deadpool that’s DTV!

  12. Why can’t Fox get a plan and roll out what they plan to do for the next 5 years?

  13. I quit on fox’s xmen when wolverine xmen origins came out. I saw the leaked uncompleted
    version in 2009, saw first class for a dollar and saw the wolverine for free on you tube. without
    the rest of marvel’s characters as the jamaicans said in predator 2 ” the xmen are freaking

  14. Hey, forget Wolverine #3, I’ve got a better idea:
    How about Cyclops #1? Let’s back up and do things deservedly right for the real “main man of X-Men”!!

    • Exactly. I mean, Wolverine is my favorite X-Man, but COME ON, he’s not supposed to be the leader of the X-men, for goodness sakes! Where the heck is Cyclops, the leader who can put Wolverine in his place? Cyclops needs a solo movie or something. He at least needs to be in an X-men film again sometime (either a younger version, or explaining that he never really died but was sent to the future or something, idk).

  15. Yeah as much as I like the Wolverine character I want to see the X-men as a team and see them focus on different characters from film to film. Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Archangel, Juggernaught, Rogue all have really great stories still to tell.

  16. it’s got to be Wolverine 2 right? i think at this point everyone is ignoring that abortion of a film Origins.

    • I don’t think so. If you listen closely in The Wolverine while Logan is stuck in that chair and is waking up from all those poison arrows he was shot with, you can hear him say/think the word: “Kayla” — referencing Origins. Personally, I like Origins. Just because a film didn’t do too great and people didn’t like it that much doesn’t mean everyone can totally ignore it’s existence — in my opinion at least.

      • *its

  17. Oh good

  18. Wish to see Wolverine vs Omega Red, R-rating movie.

  19. So they’re still counting Origins as the first Wolverine movie? *Sigh*

  20. Its just Wolverine, without The.

    If the other two movie titles weren’t confusing enough.

  21. awasome thinking…wonderful thought

  22. I hope that he doesn’t give up the based on what the critics are saying about recurring in the same role, Hell, Gun Smoke was on for TV for 20 years and Kelsey played Frazier for near that time, plus that role buys him bigger and better things.