‘The Wizard of Oz’ To Be Re-Released in IMAX 3D Theaters

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wizard oz imax 3d The Wizard of Oz To Be Re Released in IMAX 3D Theaters

Make a reference to something from The Wizard of Oz – ruby slippers, Emerald City, flying monkeys, and so on – and chances are, whomever you’re talking to will immediately understand what you mean (even Steve Rogers). That’s a solid testament to the staying power of MGM and director Victor Fleming’s Technicolor musical adaptation of the L. Frank Baum Oz story, which opened in theaters some 74 years ago.

WB will re-release Wizard of Oz in theaters this September, albeit only on IMAX 3D screens around the U.S. The limited theatrical run is meant to build-up momentum for a subsequent home video release of a 5-disc anniversary edition, which is going to include Fleming’s motion picture in DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and UltraViolet versions (in addition to bonus features, like a new documentary about the making of the movie).

IMAX Entertainment chairman and president Greg Foster promises that a post-converted stereoscopic (re: 3D) treatment – in combination with the original print being “stretched” to fit the IMAX standard – will help present-day audiences to better understand how people felt watching the film for the first time back in 1939, since¬†“It was one of the first movies that truly came out at you with an explosion of color.”

wizard oz imax 3d release date The Wizard of Oz To Be Re Released in IMAX 3D Theaters

Many a person’s initial reaction to a classic 2D film being post-converted to 3D is – understandably – wary at best; at worst, they consider it blasphemy. However, the recent 3D/IMAX re-releases for Titanic and Jurassic Park have demonstrated that a meticulous post-conversion can enhance the viewing experience, in addition to bringing out more depth in these blockbuster’s visuals. (That was also the case with last year’s IMAX re-release of Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

Wizard of Oz¬†could benefit from the 3D/IMAX post-conversion process, which may help to make the film’s bright colors all the more striking; not to mention, highlight the details of the hand-crafted sets and costumes in Fleming’s movie. Similarly, film buffs might want to consider giving this theatrical re-release a look, if only for the bragging rights that come with having watched famous Hollywood moments – like Dorothy arriving in Oz or any of the film’s musical numbers – play out on the big screen.


The Wizard of Oz will get a one-week stint in 3D/IMAX theaters around the U.S., beginning on September 20th, 2013; it will later receive a limited international release. Meanwhile, the latest home video anniversary edition – which includes the Blu-ray 3D version – will be released a couple weeks later, on October 1st.

Source: USA Today

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  1. Hopefully 3-D will help this movie finally get the recognition and love it deserves.

    • Lol.

    • That was funny as hell :D

  2. This Is a great movie. I’ve always loved it. It’s a real classic.

    Oz te great and powerful was terrible. I did not like that movie and I almost had to force myself to sit trough it. Best part about that movie was mila kunis

    • Actually, it was prelude. It is tell you of what’s happening before this movie. :)

    • Haha the worst part of that movie was mila kunis!!!! She was the worst possible person to choose for that part. Idk what the casting directors were thinking. And the makeup when she turned green was absolutely AWFUL!!! I do stage/movie makeup and I was disgusted. I’m a hardcore wizard of oz fan but oz the great and powerful was the biggest load of crap ever. What’s his face that played oz was terrible too. Oz was NOT a womanizer and if anyone bothered to read all 28 books or so they would know. Even though it wasn’t a remake, it was in fact a prequel, no one will ever compare to the original actors in 1939. Hollywood needs to just stop now trying to bring back a classic. Keep the classics sacred. I don’t see anyone trying to remake gone with the wind or west side story so leave the wizard of oz alone. Ok that’s my rant :P I’m done now haha.

      • Oh an another thing, making it 3D was the stupidest idea ever. Whoever suggested that should be shot. It ruined the regular version and you could HIGHLY tell what parts were supposed to be 3D.

  3. Money grab

    • So what.

      Would you run a business to lose money?

  4. Seriously Do we really need to 3D Wizard of OZ now. What’s next a 3D Version of Gone with the Wind, Ben Hur, Metropolis. Can’t Hollywood grow a brain and not try to make TRUE CLASSICS better with these 3D things. These movies should NEVER be tarnished they are classics. It’s just Sacralige to do this to them.

    • Then don’t watch them. Geez. MGM owns The Wizard, not you. So they don’t have to consult you on whether this is a good idea or not.

      I think it will be great for kids to see for the first time. I remember watching this movie in pre-school, on a small tv, and being very bored by it. And I had to watch the movie several more times to begin to like it. But had it been on a big screen, like Imax, in 3D, I might have been more excited to see it.

      However I have always enjoyed The Wiz much more. That’s also a classic in its own right.

  5. There is only one scene that can work with 3D: the house crashing to the ground from the twister.

    Why can’t they just re-release it as, oh I don’t know, ONLY HIGH QUALITY?!

  6. ….because the flying monkeys weren’t creepy enough already.

  7. I’ve always disliked this movie. Just plain creepy and dumb. I’d rather watch After Earth 3 times than The Wizard of Oz once.

  8. The original was shot on stock 35mm film in 4×3 aspect ratio.
    To make this IMAX 3D requires heavy digital upconverting first,
    and worst of all, cropping the frame to allow for the wide screen.

    The top and bottom of the picture is lost and for a picture where
    such meticulous effort was made to fill the frame visually the
    loss of that work makes this version fundamentally altered.

    A proper restoration of the original movie projected
    from 35mm film, not digitally converted and projected,
    would be an event worth venturing to the movies to see.
    This release is a venture in curiosity rather than film history.

    • Actually, an Imax screen is 4:3. It says it right on their website! They use this ratio because a higher vertical length creates a better feel of motion. So they wouldn’t have to crop anything out. And the Imax upscaling looks amazing today, did you see Raiders Of The Lost Ark on Imax? Plus 35mm to 70mm, isn’t much of a jump when digitally scaling.

      • IMAX DMR releases have been wide-screen, IMAX capability of 4:3 not withstanding.
        The last theater release of The Wizard Of Oz was a cropped wide-screen.
        It was reported when this release was planned that that restored
        master would be used for this upconversion to IMAX.

        Unless that was changed this will be wide screen too.
        However, if that was changed that would be ideal.
        I have found no information on whether it has.

        • Don’t go see this in imax if you’ve already seen the movie 50 times. This is for people, especially kids, who’ve never seen it. Plus it’s only for one week. So I don’t know why you’re complaining so much.

          • I was not complaining and I had no intention of going.
            I was just commenting on the nature of the release itself.

  9. I would bet money that these re releases do not succeed because they come out in 3d but simply because they are re released.

    That is the market is ready to see them on the big screen again.

    Titanic being around the 100 year mark from the actual sinking would make it even more interesting.

    Where they are missing the boat is limiting the Wizard of Oz to the U.S market. Even re releasing the 2d in cinemas worldwide would make a ton of money and push the special edition dvd sets even more.

    This desperate flogging of 3d in the hope that the masses will eventually buy into it is pointless.

    • I am all for re-releases of classic films as they were originally presented.
      Films shot on film projected on film. No digital conversion and no 3D.

  10. As a side note The Wizard Of Oz
    is James Cameron’s favorite movie.

  11. I’m wearing my evil witch hands.

  12. I think them making the wizard of oz in 3D will be awesome. This is a big day today for the wizard of oz. if you aren’t a fan you don’t know that the last person died today. There was one munchcan left. So they should make it 3D.

  13. I saw the 3D wizard of Oz today in Australia.
    It was technically very well executed.
    It gives a vivid 3D to all scenes, and adds dramatically to the impact of this classic masterpiece .
    It is done with respect for the original. There is no badging or branding of “WB 3D” at the beginning, not any new credits to the 3D technicians etc at the end…. this alone spoke highly of the commitment to preserving the integrity of the original .

    Nothing seemed tacky or contrived in terms of 3D….as com sometimes occur in new films wher the obligatory broom stick is poked toward the audience.
    I watched it in a suburban multiplex in Australua, it was pleasant to view, no eye strain or IMAX nausea.
    My friend who is a 3D officianado ( 20 years shooting 3D photography ) felt it seemed like the film had been shot in 3D originally .
    Is it sacrilege ?
    Well , I think colorisation of a black and white film could be sacrilege …. but I found this 3D rendering to be just an augmented way of viewing a masterpiece.
    I thing the original producers would be delighted that the 3rd dimension could be captured so well and an extra vivid reality added to their work . I think if they could have chosen this as the original release format, they would have.
    It has been marketed as being only a 2 day special release for the 75th Anniversary . If this is the case there will be many nostalgia and 3D fans who will sadly miss this treat on a big screen .
    If you get the chance , my advice is to go ” off to see the wizard” in 3D …… it is some old magic …. with extra new magic senditively woven in as a bonus.

  14. I don’t see how adding a 3rd dimension to a Classic’s image somehow tarnishes it. I say make all the great classics 3-D!