Dakota Fanning Dorothy in (Dark) Wizard of Oz?

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twisted oz the scarecrow header Dakota Fanning Dorothy in (Dark) Wizard of Oz?

Over two years ago it was reported that Warner Bros. was trying to bring a “dark and twisted” version of The Wizard of Oz to the big screen, loosely based on Spawn creator Todd McFarlane’s Twisted Land of Oz toy line. Since that time there’s been little to no word on the development of the project – until now.

UK trade paper The Daily Express is reporting that the Twisted Land of Oz movie could go into production next year, and that actress Dakota Fanning is being heavily eyed to star as the Dorothy character – specifically Dorothy’s granddaughter – in the present day re-imagining/sequel to the classic tale.

At last word (two years ago) A History of Violence scribe Josh Olson was working on a screenplay for WB. Olson claimed back then that while he wanted the Twisted Land of Oz film to be darker than the original, he didn’t want it to be as borderline Rated-R as McFarlane’s toy line.

For example, take a look at the Twisted Land of Oz versions of Dorothy and her friends The Cowardly Lion and The Tin Man (see the Scarecrow up above):


twisted oz dorothy munchkins Dakota Fanning Dorothy in (Dark) Wizard of Oz?

"Dorothy and the Munchkins"

twisted oz lion Dakota Fanning Dorothy in (Dark) Wizard of Oz?

"The Not-So-Cowardly Lion"

twisted oz tinman Dakota Fanning Dorothy in (Dark) Wizard of Oz?

"The Tin Man"

Freaky right?

The filmmakers will DEFINITELY have to tone down McFarlane’s concepts if they ever hope to have this film make it to (non-XXX) theaters. I mean, I know Dorothy started out sporting ruby-red heels and all, but McFarlane’s S&M version of the girl is a little too much even for me… Yeesh.

As for what McFarlane himself envisions for the Twisted Land of Oz movie:

“You’ve still got Dorothy trapped in an odd place, but she’s much closer to the Ripley character from Alien [Sigourney Weaver] than a helpless singing girl.”

My question is would the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion still be trying to protect Dorothy from the Wicked Witch of the West? Or will they be trying to torture/kill/devour her Hostel-style?

Hell, who knows: even McFarlane’s version of Toto looks like something out of a LSD-induced nightmare. Who can tell how these characters will end up portrayed in a finished film?

The guys over at Slash Film have raised some doubts about The Daily Express story – specifically whether or not Fanning is in fact being tapped to star. Until we have confirmation from the actress herself or reps at Warner Bros., keep this news filed under “RUMOR.”

How do you feel about a big-screen version of The Twisted Land of Oz (that’s my own tentative title for this project, BTW)? Do you feel that it could end up being promising (like, say, Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice In Wonderland re-imagining/sequel)? Or are some things too sacred to be “dark and twisted?”

Source: The Daily Express, & Slash Film

“Twisted Land of Oz” action figures can be purchased at McFarlane Toys

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  1. I wouldn’t mind a twisted oz but I don’t really think I would want the characters to look like those pictures.

  2. My face starting frowning with Dorothy and my heading just shaking with the final picture. I think McFarlane has some serious mental issues.

  3. Some one had some serious mommy issues.

  4. As long as it doesn’t look like those pictures… yeesh..

  5. Dakota Fanning is scary enough to play a wicked witch, not Dorothy.

  6. If they keep it like the toys, I don’t think Dakota could do Dorothy. Looks crazy though, could be great.

  7. Make it a Rock Opera like Repo! and I’m sold.

    Except for Dakota Fanning. She’s not right for this particular version of Dorothy.

    • I totally agree! It’d be awesome if they’d make it a rock opera like Repo!

  8. The original Wizard of Oz is in itself a pretty dark story. I know that when I was a little kid, those flying monkeys scared the crap outta me. McFarlane has just gone overboard. I can GUARANTEE the film will be a financial disaster if it’s portrayed like the action figures. You can’t rape a classic, beloved film and turn it into some twisted S&M softcore porno. I wouldn’t mind a retelling of the story, and in that vein I thought Tin Man on SciFi was excellent. A more modern, heroine view of Dorothy would be interesting, but to diverge from the actual story the way that the action figures show would be just too much.

  9. I would love to see a movie based on those action figures… Except that maybe dorothy has a bit more control over her arms but other then that it would be awesome. We already have the original and its cool, we have the wiz (which i prefer the most out of all) and we have the tin man one… So going dark is the next step. Yes it is a lil bit overboard but whatever at least its different and maybe finally something thats fantasy that could be or will be rated r and there might not be any kids in the theater when i watch it. Thats just my opinion of course which i’m pretty sure it won’t happen but one could hope for…

  10. I would personally love the movie to be similar to the figures. I don’t understand how people can be prude about the figures. Um it would be a dark film and probably a horror film in which case what would be the problem if it were made exact to the figures?

    I mean look at any horror film out there and there’s stuff 20 times more freaky in them than these figures.

    To go so far as to insult Mcfarlane(John “Kahless” Taylor and Jason) is frankly ignorant and stupid. As the creator of Spawn I don’t expect him to make a toyline with fluffy dogs and cute little elves.

  11. Maybe its just me but I couldn’t give a crap about The Wizard of Oz, and McFarlane’s work sickens me.

    I just hope that Fanning’s life doesn’t spiral down a depressing hole of drug abuse and booze afterwards,,,
    That’s all I have to say.

  12. Nice would like to see Dorothy (Megan Fox) like the pic and start to run in slow M. like she did in Transformer LMAO NICEEEE

  13. If they want the reboot to be anywhere remotely close to the toy line, Dakota is not the female for that role. She’s way to young, even as a granddaughter. I had that toy line and loved it. It was truly demented in the style of McFarlane. Yes, it was questionable, but you have to appreciate someone’s ability to take what’s deep down in those dark places and make them a visual reality.

    While the original is all to much for me, i’d love to see a dark, demented version of it that really pushed the boundaries. We have enough heart warming, touchy-feely movies as it is, already.

  14. If they want a darker version then why would they use sweet, pale and blonde Dakota. The toys are probably the creepiest things I’ve seen in a while but doesn’t everyone have a creepy side? A dark Wizard of Oz would be cool but not with a half naked Dorothy being tortured. Tone down and make it, I’ll see it.

  15. It was a bit much for me, but i have friends that would die to see a movie like this and everybody has freedom of expression and so, I am in full support of the project.

  16. Dakota…………….Just say NO!

  17. Take my word for it: this version of the Wizard of Oz is never going to make it into the theaters without some major overhauling to tone down the violence that seems to be in all portions of it. Dakota Fanning is a good choice to be a character, but I don’t really see her as a relative of Dorothy Gale, granddaughter or whatever. The characters are freaky and diabolical in their own right and unless they want to have a R-rated movie or a X-rated on on their hands, the filmmakers are going to have to make it less scary and more family friendly like the original. No offense to McFarlane, but making the Wizard of Oz so diabolical and freakish is not the way to go!!!

  18. I think that this would be a great movie, finally some imagination, not the same old blonde dip**** movie, with a ending you hate. I would love to be in this movie!!!

  19. Are they kidding?! Didn’t Universal, DreamWorks and Imagine Entertainment make the same mistake with The Cat In The Hat in 2003? Taking a well-loved classic and perverting is NOT the best decision. What the heck are those morons in Hollywood thinking?! We’ve seen enough remakes and sequels already! Tim Burton, please tell us you are not gonna be in on this horrible idea!

  20. I seriously doubt Dakota will want to play the role of Dorthy if she has to dress like the above image, “my God” she’s still just a kid!! Surely they’ll tone it down a bit if she is to be in it?? What type of rating will film be?

  21. I honestly did NOT like the Wizard of Oz probably becaus eit was before my time and way too happy go lucky. With that in mind, I feel that some classics shoudl just be left alone. This is is one of the most popular classics ever made and remaking it and changing the tone and style of the film into a more darker and grimmer version sounds like a rude gesture to the film’s legacy. Not to say that it would not work, but honestly just come up with a new idea and leave this fairy tale story the way it is. If they do remake it into a dark and twisted story, it might work but A LOT of people will be upset with teh studio’s tampering.
    Just my opinion

  22. Cool! Now I’m stupid and ignorant. Now that’s how to approach an opinion! :-(

  23. @Ori

    Chill out on the name calling.


  24. They already made a dark Wizard of Oz. It’s called “Return to OZ” and (maybe it’s because I watched it way too much as a kid) it’s pants-crappingly terrifying. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one whose seen Return to Oz… If so I implore you to check it out!

    Also, does anybody else think that Tin Man up there totally looks like Lord Zed from the Power Rangers?

  25. this film will be awsome.
    they really should keep the characters as close as possible to the toyline.
    it’s macfarlane’s vision and no one should take that away from him.
    if they make this film, i will be first to go see it.
    i just hope macfarlane doesn’t let anyone spoil idea’s he’s already put into this and that he keeps a close eye on whoever direct it.

  26. i think they should do it just the way the toys look i think it will rock this pitiful little censored world of ours and wake it up a little bit

  27. I would love to watch this movie. Be it the violent & twisted version portrayed in the pictures, or a toned-down PG-13/R movie. I hope it does happen in the near future. Toto needs to be less monster & more realistic though…

  28. Oddly enough, if you know about the real world behind the veil pulled over our eyes… those toys are a bit more realistic to what The Wizard of Oz represents and is used for. CIA slave trafficking and MK Ultra (Google it) controlled media whores anyone? That being said, the movie sounds like an interesting twist on the ‘classic’, sounds fun.

    ^ have fun learning something new about the media and entertainment industries