SR Geek Picks: Winter Soldier Trivia Lesson, Batman vs. Wolverine, Movie Cliches & More

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web for you. Today you’ll find some amazing Nicolas Cage and Doctor Who shirts; the rejected pitch for Being John Malkovich; a cool Game Of Thrones pin prop; some Breaking Bad cigarettes; see the most epic proposal ever; and watch John Williams music soothe the savage baby. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, TheGeekTwins have 6 awesome videos that put Star Wars in real life.


Rejected Pitches: Being John Malkovich

Well, this is just insanity scribbled on a piece of paper.


Who Is The Winter Soldier?

Time for a Marvel history lesson!


Ricin Cigarettes

Ricin Cigarettes SR Geek Picks: Winter Soldier Trivia Lesson, Batman vs. Wolverine, Movie Cliches & More

Breaking Bad amazingness by Jonny etc.


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  1. Batman would have known Wolverine heals fast, and not just leave him there, thinking he won. Therefore, this battle is void. He would have made a gadget that continually shocks wolverine and put it on him while he was knocked out to keep him at bay. Nice try, but Batman would never lose to a chump like wolverine.

    • I’m a Batman-fan, but c’mon Wolverine would always win. He got healing factor and s*** like that

      • yes,but if bat would know that he can´t beat him with his human powers, he would try to chop his head off with an adamantium sword or another fictional hard metall. in his world or more when he´s for justice league he has enough superpowered villains.

        • correction: …..when he´s working for justice league…. .

      • Well, Batman has beaten Clayface and Clayface can’t be physically injured. He’s beaten Superman who could destroy Wolverine easily. He knows more forms of martial arts than Wolverine, is more intelligent than Wolverine, and and and and and. Batman wins.

    • @brian

      Batman had to lose, I think that web series is voted on the week before, and based on the winner of the vote, they make a movie showing that person winning. So I guess Wolverine won the vote, they had to make Batman lose…

      • So they knew beforehand that they were going to show 2 girls pillow fighting in tight/revealing outfits? Gasp! I feel so deceived now.

  2. lol Works every time..

  3. lol, cute little baby likes the good old star wars theme. it´s a beautiful score,timeless !

  4. There are really only two kinds of people in the world. Those that think there are only two kinds of people in the world…and those that don’t.

  5. Am I the only one who is surprised at how great Wolverine’s mask looks in that short film? I used to be unsure if it would look silly in a movie but it’s pretty damn cool here.

  6. There are two kinds of people: The kind who argue about who would win between Batman and Wolverine; and the kind who don’t care cause we got to see two beautiful girls pillow fight.

  7. ehrm, did noone recognize the complete awesomeness of the ricin cigarette ad? how great is this one? got a new wallpaper.

    cheers. soeren

  8. Batman has an exact, detailed, and fail safe plan to take down each and every one of the justice league if and when the situation calls for it. He would never engage Wolverine without doing his homework, having a back up plan, having a back up plan to his back up plan, etc etc. However, wolverine being wolverine, in my opinion, would do much less planning and just engage. (Healing factor, indestructible skeleton, heightened strength and reflexes? why not?) Although he may have years and years of war fighting skills under his belt, Wolverine will always give way to his animal instincts and berserker rage, something that Batman knows and will use to his advantage. Everyone has a weakness, and Batman is the master of exploiting a villains weakness. Is Wolverine known for his extensive rogues gallery? Or for keeping an entire cities underworld single-handedly at bay? (yes, yes I know he has the Bat-Family to rely on). Batman is fighting for the memory of his parents, to protect the innocent, and to preserver the sanctity of the city he loves. What is Wolverine fighting for???? ‘

    A better question is why would wolverine be killing someone unless they deserved it? But in the context of this nerd-tastic geek showdown, its clear that Batman will always find a way. he is the most resilient crime-fighter in the history of comic-book culture. Wolverine is a brawler, pure and simple, and a cocky one at best. Batman will outsmart him, find a way to even the odds, use his vast access to resources, and use his tech to overcome any foe.

    Because he’s BATMAN

  9. That Winter Soldier video reminded me why I don’t read any comics. All that dying, and coming back, and changing sides back and forth, and children emerging from the strangest constellations is worse than any soap opera. I think I stick to the live action movies, thank you very much. At least until they get stupid like that as well.

  10. Lmao, all of these Batman fanboys are funny. All of your arguments are invalid. First off, the “He has a plan to take down the JL” is null in void. That wont save him in a fight against wolverine. So if they were to both engage in a battle with Batman only knowing that wolverine had blade lake weapons. Wolverine with his healing factor, enhanced strength, super senses, unbreakable skeleton, and years of combat experience would have a definite edge. The battle portrayed was completely justified given the circumstances.

  11. LOL, that second to last one in the two kinds of people video about the pirate and earrings thing made me laugh. So politically incorrect, but so funny, lol. Actually, it’s funny because of how politically incorrect it is, lol.

  12. Are people saying…Batman could not come up with a strong enough magnetic field to stop wolverine in his tracks…Indestructible Metal Alloy…that can be thwarted with a electro magnetic field?