‘Captain America 2′ Deleted Scenes; Directors Talk ‘Captain America 3′

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[This article (and the videos therein) contains SPOILERS for Captain America 2.]

This April’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier will probably go down as one of the best films in 2014. With its smart blend of political intrigue and action thrills, brothers Anthony and Joe Russo delivered what many consider to be one of the strongest offerings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (read our review). Not only that, the superhero sequel currently sits atop the domestic box office charts, having grossed $259.3 million during its theatrical run in the spring.

Now, Marvel is starting to gear up for the home media release of The Winter Soldier, which will hit stores on September 9. Of course, it will be full of fun special features for fans to chew on, including deleted scenes. Marvel Studios officially released one such scene as part of the Blu-ray promotion, which you can watch above.

The scene in question features Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) and Jasper Sitwell (Maximiliano Hernández) having a rather tense encounter following the perceived death of S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). While it was probably cut due to time constraints, the dialogue fits in nicely with the film’s themes, as the question of whether loyalty to an individual or an organization should be the higher priority is raised. Fans who are aware of The Winter Soldier‘s various twists and turns can see how this bit could have easily fit in the final product.

Below is a second deleted scene that Marvel has unveiled from Winter Soldier. It takes place right after Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) declares that Steve Rogers is a fugitive from justice; again, you can see how this sequence fits with the film’s larger political conspiracy/thriller design. (The reasoning behind it being cut, well, that’s not so readily apparent.)

Those who responded well to the conspiracy aspects of the second Cap solo outing should be very pleased to learn that these elements will be present in Captain America 3 as well. While speaking with Yahoo Movies, Anthony Russo explained that since the character was created for “an explicitly political purpose,” it would be hard to move away from those themes in May 2016’s installment.

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  1. So why can’t Evans remain as Cap and do his directing thing in the off season? Right now, Evans IS Cap.

    • because maybe he doesnt want to be cap anymore

      • “If I’m acting at all, it’s going to be under Marvel contract, or I’m going to be directing.”

        I recognize he follows that up with a statement about only acting when he’s obligated to, but he doesn’t say he’s completely done, either. Contracts can be extended. He also backpeddled on his ‘retirement’ from acting not long after this. Not to mention, he’s been in non-Marvel movies since this, like the excellent Snowpiercer. Evans isn’t done with the shield just yet.

    • For me personally Evans is the most expendable leading man in the MCU. Not to say he is a bad cap I just believe there is much better out there. He looks the part but he never gives off the old fashion vibe that Cap needs. He seems to modern in the way he speaks and acts. Just an opinion

      • You’re so wrong on so many levels.

      • He seems very much like a man from another time, who doesn’t like some of the changes he sees around him. He moved beyond that man-out-of-time thing quite well, his jaw no longer hanging as he says “What is happening?” but he still seems like someone from another age.

      • I agree, they could have got someone better than Evans…

      • I have to agree with the others. His character is nothing like the world in which he woke up too. I believe all the movies made this VERY clear.

    • Being an actor, you only need to appear when the directors need you on screen. While being a director, you need to be around your movie projects until it finished. If Chris Evans wants to be a director, he can’t split his attention to two entirely different things. If he wants to be a lousy director and not ready to give up his stardom, i seconded your question.

      Of course it’s another story if he’s both director and actor for the same movie, like Jon Favreau on Iron Man and Iron Man 2. But you notice that director who act on his own movie usually plays secondary character. CMIIW

      • You know, like Mel Gibson in Braveheart 😉

        • Well, prior to Braveheart, Mel Gibson has 18 years experience of acting and directing a movie once…

  2. Might help to add a spoilers disclaimer in the beginning. I wasn’t sure if the post/deleted scenes would spoil much, but it definitely seemed to when I scanned it.

    (I haven’t seen it yet. No chance to unless you’ve already seen it in theaters after all.)

    • Why would anyone watch deleted scenes to a movie they haven’t seen yet?

      • Because they were deleted? Not all scenes would be directly linked to spoiler parts in a movie. That’s why people don’t usually care that they were deleted.

        • Still seems risky.

          • It’s true. Lesson learned. I’ve been avoiding pretty much everything Captain America-related for the last several months. Even been wary of Avengers: AoU posts that mention how this movie “changed everything”.

            It’s been tough, I tell you.

            • so why haven’t you bothered to see it yet? it was in theaters for ages…

              • Because it’s also been out of theaters for the longest time. Or maybe it’s just better to watch it when I’m at home for a plethora or reasons.

                Captions, time, travel, school, work, the list goes on. Pretty much the reason that not everyone in the entire world has seen it yet. Stop being a dick

            • I hear you… :(

    • CA:TWS came out 4 months ago. Common spoiler courtesy/etiquette extends to about 2 weeks, maximum. You can’t expect media sites to post spoiler warning 4 months after a movie has come out because YOU didn’t see it. That’s on you.

      • Actually yes you can, which is exactly why Screenrant does it (including “Spoilers Discussion articles) and has done it now…

        But really though. Two weeks courtesy and just splay out every spoiler at will? You sound like that a-hole friend that everybody has who discusses every movie or tv scene just because he’s already seen it in the first 2 weeks and anyone who’s not on his schedule doesn’t matter. Hm.

        • I don’t know about “2 weeks” but several months out, yes someone who hasn’t seen it has to just deal with discussions. Especially if you’re among a movie-going crowd.

          • That “several months out” argument isn’t reasonable – if you haven’t seen it in theaters, then you automatically don’t get to see it for many months after that. Passage of time after theatrical release doesn’t count for anything.

            And despite this, t’s not a request for spoiler-free posts. It’s a simple request for a “Spoiler Alert” on there so that me and anyone else who hasn’t seen it can avoid it instead of reading into it, looking like of the many many articles that don’t have spoilers. There could have been a few clips about some sweet quips Samuel Jackson said, or some side plot that didn’t have major reveals or whatever. See where I’m coming from?

            Either way Screenrant already added the disclaimer like they always do.

            • Automatically?

              Where I live there are 8-9 theaters that replay post-release films, and those are just the theaters I can think of. If I googled it there would be more.

              • Your choice of the word “automatically” is 100 percent wrong. Im not saying its right, or that you should do this, but have you seriously never heard of a pirated movie. chill out man. I do agree that they should have initially posted it with a spoiler warning though, and your wish was granted. SO all is well that ends well.

                • I think you accidentally replied to me instead of him 😉

                  • You would be correct sir

                • Yeah and I’m happy with Screenrant.

                  But I’m absolutely baffled at the hostile backlash that came flooding from the comments. Especially considering how casually Screenrant was able to provide it.

    • Theres a quarter page break saying spoilers follow…you sure are a genius.

      • I wonder if it’s occurred to you that it wasn’t there earlier, and that they added it after my comment??

        Hm, if you didn’t manage to figured that out then maybe, just maybe, you might be the true ‘genius’ here.

        • He’s got you there @Sphynx101. You should read all the comments in the thread, and then really think about it before you are going to call someone out. And then be sure to double check that YOU understand what is happening before you call the other guy dumb. Pot calling the kettle black…genius.

    • spoilers….if you have the internet…you could watch it tonight!

      that’s what ive heard anyway

      • Not if you need closed captions, bud. Not everyone nor everything was created equal, unfortunately.

        • not true. many movies are also capable of having closed captions, or subtitles if you will. you just need to know what you are doing.

          • Pirated films with captions? By golly, give me a link and all will be well!

            But seriously I’ve had to cancel dates because they couldn’t make it to the ridiculously far movie at the random time that nobody goes to movies at. I’ve had to pass on going to movies with friends at such and such theater because it wasn’t showing captions at the theater they bought tickets for. I can’t watch pirated movies with friends because they never come with captions. Captionfish website dictates all my moviegoings. So tell me more about how I need to know what I’m doing.

            • Spoiler Alert! There weren’t any subtitles in those clips released, so I have no idea what you were even thinking to begin with.

    • “I wasn’t sure if the post/deleted scenes would spoil much”

      You are kidding.

  3. These scenes didn’t add much, so I’m glad they were cut. I especially disliked the stupid first person shooter shot in the second scene. The first time I saw that was in the Doom movie. So stupid. It belongs in video games only.

  4. Why not let Chris Evans direct Cap 4? MARVEL could re-sign him to star & direct Cap 4 & even Cap 5. The guy is an obvious genuine talent & superstar. Give him what he wants and keep the franchise going. Heck, I wouldn’t mind watching him even direct another MARVEL movie in a different MARVEL franchise.


    • I was thinking this too. Let him direct an upcoming film and maybe he’ll re-sign on to play Cap.

    • I would imagine he’d want a break from all-things-Marvel, at least for a while.

  5. I hope Bucky is the next Captain. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of Sam Wilson being cap, I just really like the falcon as a character. Plus it wouldn’t add as much weight to the story; the difference between antagonist turning into protagonist is huge compared to protagonist becoming another protagonist.

    • No, they won’t do anything fun or inventive like that, if Chris Evans decides to depart.
      The people in control at Marvel are business men, not creatives, and as business, they can’t aford to risk changing or tainting a successful product, so from a purely financial point of view, and believe me at the end of the day that’s the only view they take, there are only two logical options for Marvel, ither dispense with the character completely rather than risking losing money on a flop, or cast a like for like replacment and carry on in the hope that it doesn’t rock the boat to much.

      • P.S I wish non of the comment above was true.

      • Oh, I think many would disagree. Guardians of the Galaxy was an unbelievable risk, and if you were looking at that film purely from a business perspective, very few would green light it (case in point – Deadpool). Marvel either took a blind punt on it, in which case they risk losing money, or they could understand the creative vision for the film and knew it would turn out to be a fun ride… I can absolutely see Marvel changing it up and having Falcon or Bucky take the shield – especially when Sebastian Stan will have maybe 6 movies left to run on his deal. Isn’t it good business to use assets that you already have under contract?…

    • I’m fairly sure that in at least one arc of storyline from the comics Winter Soldier does become Cap. I beleive it was when Cap goes missing so they replace him without the general public knowing and Bucky is Cap until the Real cap is recovered. I may be wrong it has been several years since reading that particular story line

      • You’re right, its well known that Bucky becomes the second Captain America after (spoilers maybe?) Sharon Carter/ crossbones kill Steve Rogers. Its the logical follow up if they are sticking close to the source material, but with the how well Anthony Mackie’s Falcon has been received by fans and the recent announcement that he will be the next to wield the shield its all up in the air at this point.

        • Or if they are following the CURRENT comic book path which has Falcon as Cap…

          Maybe foreshadowing, maybe just a conspiracy theory…

          • Thanks for reiterating what I said in the last sentence

  6. I can see the MCU eventually using both Bucky and Sam Wilson as Cap. Bucky was Cap in the comics before the upcoming Falcon-as-Cap development, so one doesn’t have to preclude the other.

    But like MTH says, the emotional impact of Bucky becoming Cap is much bigger at this point, plus… Falcon is just so cool, I want to see more of Sam as Falcon before he becomes Cap (if he does).

    • Or maybe they make Bucky and Falcon fight over the title “captain america”, like the robins did in Batman: Battle for the Cowl…

  7. i hope the deleted scenes will be available in iTunes extras….. lol

  8. Cap Winter soldier is still the best super hero movie of 2014, I really enjoyed all the action, tension and the twists, I was really shocked by how good it turned out to be. Guardians is the close second. And TASM2 was by far the worst hero film of 2014. I hope they give more to Frank Grillo as Crossbones even though I also want him as the Punisher :(

  9. Tws was awesome! I really want to see cap 3. But guys, remember the curse of three? When your first is good and your second is fantastic,the third tends to suck ass. It’s VERY common with superhero movies. Hopefully this will break the curse(now if only someone could break the curse of 4)

    • “the curse of three” What in the blue hell is that? “curse of 4″ Get outta here.

      Examples please.

      The only one coming to mind is perhaps the Blade trilogy in most peoples eyes. I personally loved them all.

      • Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy is the biggest example.
        the second is widely regarded as one of the best comic book movies ever, and the third one killed the franchise.

        • Thank you so much!! Mike h, you want examples? Ok:
          Alien franchise

          Star wars(debated)
          Nolan batman(very debated)
          As for curse of four, that is when a trilogy does ok, then a forth one comes and… batman and robin happens.

          • Fair enough. Examples accepted.

    • It is VERY common with a lot of other genre trilogies, not just the superhero genre.

      A lot of trilogies, I’ve liked the first origin movie, loved the second well-established movie, and didn’t care much for the why bother third one!

      • Exactly! I am very pleased that you can see that the curse of three (aka “doing the ratner”) and the curse of four(aka “doing the Schumacher”) is the second most serious problems with film. The first being the “George Lucas syndrome”.

  10. Should Marvel Studios FINALLY decide to include Black Panther in the MCU, I’d like to see a direct involvement of the Winter Soldier to the assassination of King T’Chaka. That would provide a great deal of tension between T’Challa and Bucky, leaving Captain America to intercede.

    • This.
      And Keith David for T’Chaka!

  11. Can something please be done to fix or modernize Caps headgear? With modern technology and CGI, I can’t believe that they can’t make it look less “dorky” ( it pains me to write that since Cap is my favorite Marvel character) In the comics; you can’t tell it’s Steve Rogers. In the movie adaptations; you can easily tell who it is; but we shouldn’t be able to.

    • I would guess that it’s less because of the gear and more because Chris Evan’s face is distinctive as heck, and even more so because I think his most distinctive characteristics are the exact parts that aren’t hidden – his mouth and his eyes.

      • I take issue with much of what you have said. First of all, in the continuity of the Marvel Universe, EVERYONE knows that Steve Rogers is Captain America. It is not a secret so your assertion that we shouldn’t be able to tell who is under the cowl is moot. Secondly, you are suggesting that putting a CGI helmet over the face of an actor when a practical application is fine, will make him look less dorky. if anything it would diminish from the overall look of cap. I will agree with you that the cowl does make him look a little dorky and i think that is a plus. Cap is from another era. he IS a dorky old fashioned dude and i like that it is reflected in his outfit. I can’t fault you for wanting your Cap to look like a total badass though.

        • Yeah, think about how awful Ryan Reynolds CGI Green Lantern costume was.

  12. The 2nd scene finally explains something I found so odd in the movie- the closeup of Roger’s shoes when he’s walking in the hospital. I kept thinking there was some reason that the shoes he was wearing were specifically colorful. Apparently it’s cause he was playing basketball!


  13. Chris Evans never wanted to be Cap in the first place, they wanted him for 12 movies, he haggled them down to 9, then 6 films. Still he wasnt sure if he could even do that. He doesnt want the role anymore, he is simply fulfilling his contract and seeing it out. Come avengers 3 he will be gone from Marvel with no intention to return. FACT. And if you dont like spoilers, why come onto a movie website that always has spoilers. Again its fact that screenrant is a site garnered on spoilers and teasers, you sir, are a fool to think otherwise

    • Well Struck m’lord. +1

    • Man you sound like you heard that from Chris Evans himself. You must be his agent, thank you so much for the information you have given us.

    • +100000000000

      • (Agreeing with Gaz)

  14. HAIL HYDRA !

  15. All I want to see is them lock down Hugo Weaving for a 3rd Captain America. If he is going to be replaced, lets see him go down fighting Red Skull.

    • That is one of the gripes I had with the first Capt. America movie, the way they handled Red Skull.
      I agree, if they indeed to kill of Steve Rogers, then have him go down fighting Red Skull.
      I doubt they will get Hugo Weaving to reprise the role, didn’t he say in an interview that it was a bad experience for him, and he wouldn’t return if they asked him? I swear I read something along those lines! A shame really, cause he portrayed the Red Skull really well!

  16. I just really want them to bring in Red Skull back

    • Yes, yes, yes, yes!!! And I hope they can get Hugo Weaving to come back.

  17. Just a random thought, what if they gave Bucky the Nomad identity from the comics while he’s out finding himself? It would be a cool way to tie into that old Captain America plot without having to fully go into it, and it really fits where Bucky is right now. He’s no longer the Winter Soldier, and he’s not exactly a man with a country, either. As Steve and Sam hunt for him, though, they could hear rumors of a shadowy so-gooder called ‘Nomad’ that ends up being the man they’re looking for. The movie is then about trying to bring Bucky back into the fold, at which point he gives up the Nomad guise and sets him up to take over for Cap when Steve dies in Avengers 3. Whaddaya think?

    • I like it ! But I was under the impression that the valedictorian from Iowa that Sitwell mentioned was a Nomad reference

  18. Seeing the Winter Soldier holding Cap’s shield in that scene the pic above is from gave me chills! One of the top Easter Eggs, if you consider it one.

  19. Personally, I don’t like the idea of a combined Cap/Falcon. This idea that Marvel is starting to follow more of their current storylines recently doesn’t bode all that well. At least with me. They have always been clear about writing their movies with changes but enough semblance to the comics world to make it just right.

    I certainly hope that when Evans decides to leave, which is almost certainly going to happen, that they will replace him with the right character. I think obviously, the winter solider storyline was told for that reason. And keeping the Falcon as a side kick.

    Captain America with wings seems to make him a little more angelic than he really is.

  20. I hope Bucky doesn’t become the new Cap. He has no personality. I didn’t care when he died in the first Captain America.

    Just let him stay the Winter Soldier with minimal dialog.

  21. So, Sebastian Stan has a nine picture deal with Marvel, of which he has completed two. So, after Capt. America 3, he’ll still have six movies to complete. Unless he’s in any of the upcoming Avengers or does a crossover into other Marvel movies, I think Marvel is lining him up to be Capt. America.

  22. I could see Cap 3 being used as a vehicle to introduce Black Panther while Cap is hunting Bucky in Africa. (SPOILER) Didn’t Cap say, at the end of the Cap 2, that he was going after Bucky? It was my impression that Cap and Falcon were going to head off together to hunt him down at some point. (END SPOILER)

    I also think Cap will be assassinated by Crossbones in Cap 3.

    I could see Stark being arrested and imprisoned at end of Age of Ultron. Then I could see RDJ being asked to do IM4 (which takes place after Cap 3). While he is in prison he finds out about Cap’s assassination and breaks out to bring Caps killers to justice. Maybe we find out that the real Mandarin was pulling strings for Caps death. IM could team up with Bucky in this movie with Bucky taking up the Shield.

    This movie could also be a good vehicle to introduce Ms. Marvel.

  23. if it’s true that marvel got back the rights of punisher, ghost rider & blade, then it will be sick seeing frank castle in cap america 3, since black widow & falcon came out in TWS:

    2 years after what happened during TWS movie, Nick Fury contacts Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) to team up with cap. america & Bucky (winter soldier) to battle Baron Zemo & The Serpent Squad.

  24. I would definitely want Bucky to be the new Captain America I remember really loving that story line a lot when I read it I also really liked the costume he had as Cap. I bet in Captain America 3 there is a chance we will see the death of Steve Rogers and Bucky decides to take over, therefore becoming the star of a new captain america franchise, the franchise could deal with Bucky struggling to fill Steve’s shoes when everyone is telling him he isn’t Steve etc… I think that could work well but I’m not sure if it would happen because of all of the contracts and schedules that everyone has. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to killing off one of the heroes in the marvel universe and Joss Whedon has teased death and awful things in Age of Ultron I have a feeling that an avenger is gonna die and I’m interested to see who it is I’m pretty sure it will be Hawkeye but I’m not convinced it will only be one character that dies in the story I know some people that are thinking it may be Cap or Iron Man I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if its Thor because no one is really expecting that but I’m not really sure so we will see.