Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!

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iron man poster contest Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!

It’s been a while since we had a contest here at Screen Rant so we figured you might appreciate our latest giveaway. simple smile Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!

With the Iron Man movie less than two months away now, we thought you might like the opportunity to win one of the two posters above. We’ll be giving away three of each of the above posters: One poster each to six lucky winners!

The poster on the left is the latest one for the movie and has been dubbed the “Evolution” poster, while the one on the right is the original teaser poster for the Iron Man.

Evolution poster size: 13.5″ X 20″

Teaser poster size: 27″ X 40″ (Movie theater display size)

Decisions, decisions… while the teaser poster is huge and iconic, the evolution poster is super-cool and a more reasonable size for framing and hanging. simple smile Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!


As mentioned above, there will not be just one, but three winners. There are two steps required to enter the giveaway:

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2. Leave a comment below using the same email address you subscribed with – telling us which poster you would prefer and why you’re looking forward to seeing Iron Man. (This step is to make sure someone who really wants a poster and is looking forward to the movie has a better chance of winning.)

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So remember: Sign up, verify, and comment below. simple smile Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!

The contest ends at midnight Sunday, March 9th, 2008. Everyone who is a newsletter subscriber at that time (unless you’re related to me or write for Screen Rant), , lives in the continental United States (sorry, the shipping will kill me, otherwise) and has commented below has a chance to be randomly selected as one of the six winners.

Iron Man opens on May 2nd, 2008

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  1. i want the poster with the three armor suits. i want 2 see iron man because im a big fan of the comics. and the movie reallys looks terrific.

  2. I’d prefer the “Evolution” poster, not that I wouldn’t take the teaser. I want to see Iron Man because I’ve been reading the comic since I was 8 years old. ’nuff said.

  3. I would love the teaser poster. Would look good in the Theater!

  4. While both posters are awesome, the evolution poster is incredible. In May, you will believe that a man can fly, again!

  5. Either One They are both awesome posters.
    I have been a marvel fan for a long time, And to
    to see what they have accomplished with Iron Man blows my mind! They are going to score big with this one!Can’t wait to see it!!

  6. Both posters are awesome, but I would have to say I would want the teaser poster. I think that is going to end up being an iconic image that will be instantly recognizeable to most people 5 or six years from now. I have been reading Iron Man comics since I was six years old. I have been waiting for this movie since the first Spiderman made so much money. I even have an Iron Man tattoo on my shoulder! This movie is going to be HUGE and I cant wait!

  7. I would love the evolution poster for my 6 year old son. While he won’t be able to see it (at least not until he is 13), he has loved every trailer and would definitely love the poster.

  8. Both posters are amazing, but I’d have to go with the teaser poster. I’m so excited to see Iron Man, I’m getting a bunch of my friends together to go to the midnight showing the day it releases. I love the idea that this guy, using only his ingenuity and creativity, can design something that lets him compete with the toughest of supervillains. It’s inspiring in a way, that one man can be so dedicated to a cause and change his life around like that.

  9. I’d love to win the evolution poster, I’ve been an Iron Man fan since around ’85, and have been waiting for this movie since then. My daughter (who I made an Iron Man fan) and I are both going to be in line the first day.

  10. I would like the teaser poster, because I have been an Iron Man fan since my brothers gave me a toy when I was 7 and experiences at that age live with you. I get the same comfort from Iron Man as you do when you see your old Elementary school or watch cartoons from your childhood. This movie has kept me in anticipation for who knows how long.

  11. Craig,

    In case you weren’t aware, despite the fact that the movie will be rated PG-13 Favreau has stated that he made the movie such that he would feel comfortable taking his own six year old son to it.

    BTW folks, make sure you type in your email address correctly or I won’t be able to reach you in case you’ve won!!


  12. I want the triple threat poster! Too cool!

  13. In my opinion the Evolution poster is a sequence that needs to be shown more than the single mask shot, and therefore is my selection. Being a fan of marvel, and not DC, I can say that I have waited for this movie for a great deal of time. From the trailers I believe we will be seeing the best marvel movie to come from the comics to the silver screen. My only worry is that they took the nick fury from the ultimate universe, which in my opinion is the bas**** off spawn of marvel. I have high hopes and will be there in theaters to catch the film.

  14. I would love the transition posters. Shows the evolution of the armors. True fact; I was showing my dad last night who doesn’t want to see this and he looked at the poster and just got a smirk on his face and said “Pretty damn cool” Now that was awesome to hear.

    I’ve been a Iron Man fan since I was a little kid. Comics; TV; what have you. This movie is going to be IMO one of the biggest comic book movies ever and I can’t wait to help by going to see this movie, once, twice, lol. Three times if I can.

  15. I’d like the larger teaser poster as I already have the evolution poster.

    As a lifelong fan of shellhead and over 20 years of collecting merchandise, comics and artwork, I could not be happier that this film is about to be released. I only hope that it breeds multiple sequels and spinoff’s to generate a greater fanbase.

  16. I would LOVE the teaser poster!!

    Ever since i was 3 ive loved movies especially superhero ones. Howard the duck was my first fave, then i couldnt wait for spiderman n it came and loved it even more. Since looking through all of the comics marvel made IRON MAN was the 1 i wanted them to make into a film. ive had 2 wait most of my life reading all of the comics ive found and all of the animated films

    and now my dreams have come true the only way it could get any better is to have the poster above my bed!!!

  17. Vic,
    Thanks for the info on the PG-13. Who knows, I might just break down and take him. (Although I do remember how horrified I was that a couple of parents brought what looked to be a 4 year old and 7 year old to Batman Begins) I would definitely need to preview it (maybe many times :) ) before taking him. I also do not want to set a bad precedent.

  18. Iron Man is solid! If forced to choose I would roll with the Evolution poster, as I was fortunate to buy the comic back during the “Suspense” days! Great contest!

  19. I would like to win the evolution poster. It would look awsome next to my IM comic book version.

  20. I wold love to win the teaser poster for my son! He is a BIG fan and is really excited about the movie! Thanks for a great chance to win one! ~ :)

  21. R U gonna have TDK merchandise too? J/K – a TDK poster probably wouldn’t be a good idea because it would either

    (a) keep someone up at night (“can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me”), or
    (b) be so dark it’d look like a Metalica album cover

    The evolution poster is pretty sweet tho

  22. Love the mystique and power of the teaser poster.

    As an Iron Fan since 1986(I was 5 and thought he was a robot until I read the issue) I dreaded the idea of an Iron Man movie. After enduring so many changes (organic webshooters?) in other films, I felt any interpretation of Iron Man would carry more cons than pros and I would only catch the film out of obligation rather than anticipation. However, everything I’ve seen so far just looks and feels right. I watch the trailer and I see Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey and all I can think is May can’t get here soon enough. Favreau has made me a believer.

  23. This is a hard one, but I think I’d prefer the Evolution poster because it’s just, well, cooler-looking!

    As for the movie, I’ve always loved the IM comics, and I think at this point I’m looking forward to Iron Man more than Dark Knight.

  24. I would like the poster of the 3 armors simply because i beleive Iron Man is the best Marvel superhero. Ever since 1988 when i read my first comic, i fell in love with the innovative and not boring plot this comic brought to the audience. Having starting to pick the story line on the early 200’s just hooked me up. From the Iron monger story line, to Demon on a bottle, to armor wars, to the war machine, Mandarin, Fin Fang Foom, etc…. Iron Man has always shown that intelligence beats muscle.
    Now, just 20 years since i first laid hands on the comics to see the movie finally come togheter better than i ever made if beleif on my mind, its just one of my dreams come true. Favs has no idea how much myself and thousands of others will appreciate all the hard work he has placed into this film. This is not just another superhero story to be told on the big screen, its THE superhero movie of this decade. And i am sure he wouldnt have been able to acomplish this without all the support from the fans, specially all of us at AI, but VIC, who’s great work has kept a lot of us stay focus and have something to do for the next 58 days… Vic, Favs, you guys rock!!!!!!!!!

  25. Vic, I favor the Evolution poster, and would really dig it.

    However, please consider throwing an extra sympathy vote for Chris, who admitted in front of all the world that he liked Howard the Duck.

  26. Thanks, HOMER. And Jim, you’ve just blown Chris’ chances! lol :-)


  27. I think the evolution poster,would be fantastic to show all of my friends,

    I have been a fan of Iron Man since the early eighties,and I’m very stroked about this movie,the cast is perfect.

    The armor evolution,and the way that Jon chose realism over fantasy,in my view will make Iron Man a blockbuster for this summer.
    Here is a thought what if RDJ got the Oscar nod for best actor in a fantasy movie,and Jon got best director,and Iron Man was best picture,along with Costume,set,and music design oscers.
    How is that for a prediction.