Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!

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iron man poster contest Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!

It’s been a while since we had a contest here at Screen Rant so we figured you might appreciate our latest giveaway. simple smile Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!

With the Iron Man movie less than two months away now, we thought you might like the opportunity to win one of the two posters above. We’ll be giving away three of each of the above posters: One poster each to six lucky winners!

The poster on the left is the latest one for the movie and has been dubbed the “Evolution” poster, while the one on the right is the original teaser poster for the Iron Man.

Evolution poster size: 13.5″ X 20″

Teaser poster size: 27″ X 40″ (Movie theater display size)

Decisions, decisions… while the teaser poster is huge and iconic, the evolution poster is super-cool and a more reasonable size for framing and hanging. simple smile Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!


As mentioned above, there will not be just one, but three winners. There are two steps required to enter the giveaway:

1. Sign up for our Screen Rant Newsletter using the form below. If you’re a current subscriber and are receiving daily news updates you’re already entered! If you’re not yet a subscriber, just enter your email address below and you’ll receive a daily summary of Screen Rant news in addition to registering for the contest!

2. Leave a comment below using the same email address you subscribed with – telling us which poster you would prefer and why you’re looking forward to seeing Iron Man. (This step is to make sure someone who really wants a poster and is looking forward to the movie has a better chance of winning.)

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If you don’t reply to that confirmation email you’re NOT subscribed to the newsletter or entered in the contest. I only mention it because I’ve seen quite a few unverified sign ups in there, and they won’t count unless you reply and confirm that it was really you that signed up.

So remember: Sign up, verify, and comment below. simple smile Win One Of Two Iron Man Movie Posters!

The contest ends at midnight Sunday, March 9th, 2008. Everyone who is a newsletter subscriber at that time (unless you’re related to me or write for Screen Rant), , lives in the continental United States (sorry, the shipping will kill me, otherwise) and has commented below has a chance to be randomly selected as one of the six winners.

Iron Man opens on May 2nd, 2008

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  1. Tony Stark might say: Is that a typo in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  2. I’ve been an Iron Man comic book reader since the early 60’s. Stan Lee is my Idol. What made Iron Man the best was that he didn’t have super powers. He made himself “Super”. The Evolution poster is a testament to his hard work and the trials and tribulations he went thru to finally create the ultimate armour. I would love to have it for my collection, but the teaser one is super cool too! Gary

  3. Vic,
    I neglected to mention that I am a member in good standing of FOOM.

  4. Wow, F.O.O.M., now there’s an acronym I haven’t heard in AGES! 😀


  5. I think both posters are amazing, but I’d lean toward the Evolution poster. I love that Mark I suit!

    I’m looking forward to Iron Man because he’s been my favorite superhero for 25 years and with what I know of the movie thus far, I believe it’s in good hands with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey, Jr.

  6. I want the big one! yay! Thanks Vic!

  7. The evolution poster would be awesome.

    IM is going to put Marvel back on the movie map!!

  8. Alcadyzaar-

    when did Marvel leave the map? was I passed out???

    Marvel’s been the center of comic-movie attention since like 2000

  9. I agree with Jon above. I think the teaser poster is going to be an iconic image for movie and comic fans alike. I’d prefer the teaser poster.

  10. I would like the 27 X 40 teaser poster. I am avid poster collector and it would be nice addition to the collection. I want to see Iron Man because it was always one of my favorite comics, because its centered around a normal, troubled man.


    Just thought I would try for one of these. They are really awesome.


  12. I would like the TEASER poster
    When I was a kid, I had two comic heroes I was nuts about – first was Spidey. Then later on, it was IRON MAN. Something about David Michelinie’s run on the book was so magical to me – the way he portrayed Tony, how he dealt with technology (not just showing a new suit of armor, but going into the specs and building of it in detail) the great supervillians, the armor VARIANTS, dealing with Tony OUT of the armor (learning to fight had to hand with Cap, his realtionship with Bethany Cabe, his alcholism) Something about a normal MAN who could do such amazing things was so appealing to me. I used to draw my OWN versions of armor of my own design I was so into it. This was the MAIN comic title I worked REALLY hard filling in back issues of…

    I could go on and on but I was obsessed with IM. So I was understandably nervous about the movie -but things started to look better and better.

    And as of this LAST trailer? I can say I am more excited about the IM movie than I have been for a new movie in I don’t know HOW long. This is a childhood dream being realized for me and I am STOKED.

  13. While both posters are simply amazing, and look really sharp, the evolution poster is the one that looks REALLY cool!

    Looking forward to a good summer of sci-fi/comic movies!


  14. Hey, Vic, good on ya for having this contest. I’d prefer the poster on the right.

    And why do I want to see this movie? You mean besides because it looks well acted, well directed, etc? Maybe because I’ve been an IM fan since age 8 or 9. Collected the comic for years and have a special placein my heart for Rhodey and his sidekick Stark!

  15. Very cool contest, Vic! I would prefer the teaser poster because it’s very simple and very cool….

    I’m really looking forward to the Iron Man movie simply because I am a huge fan of comic book movies! The movie looks like it has been put in good hands with the director and the actors seem MADE for the parts. Of course the stack of Iron Man and Avengers comic books I have in the closet from when I was younger doesn’t hurt either….

  16. Whew. Signed up at the last second. Put me down for the teaser poster…

  17. I Want The Iron Man Evolution Poster And Ive Read The Iron Man Comics So Im Really Looking Forward To Iron Man Because The Trailers Look Awesome And Its One Of My Most Anticipated Movies of the Summer Along With The Dark Knight

  18. I want the evolution poster and I want it because I grew up reading the comics and watching the TV show and I have been reading the comics since that point. I have also been following the movie since it’s beginning.

  19. Ok folks, comments and entries for this are now CLOSED.

    Pretty good odds for those of you that entered: Better than one chance in seven to win a poster. :-)

    I’ll announce the winner in the next couple of days!