Will the Original Captain Kirk Be in Star Trek 2?

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star trek header1 Will the Original Captain Kirk Be in Star Trek 2?

The last Star Trek film was by all accounts a huge success, both financially and critically. The reboot brought in $384 million worldwide since its May 2009 release and with the DVD soon to hit store shelves November 17th, the financial gain is sure to continue. Director J.J. Abrams, along with writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci managed to reinvent the Roddenberry franchise without the use of *gasp* William Shatner.

Some people questioned why they wouldn’t bring Shatner on board for the reboot – not because he is the greatest actor in the world, but rather because he essentially IS the embodiment of Star Trek. Our friends at Cinema Blend pointed us towards The West Australian, who were at a Los Angles press conference promoting the Star Trek DVD, where J.J. Abrams addressed that very topic and it looks like William Shatner MAY (not will) show up in the new Star Trek sequel.

“The problem was his character died on screen in one of his Trek films and because we decided, very early on, that we wanted to adhere to Trek canon as best we could … the required machinations to get Shatner into the movie would have been very difficult to do given the story we wanted to tell and also to give him the kind of part that he would be happy with.”

I suppose that makes sense. Shatner did die in the Star Trek: Generations movie only to come back from the afterlife “Nexus” and die again later in the movie. So why wouldn’t Abrams and company do the same kind of thing for the prequel?

“It was a foregone conclusion we wanted him in the [Star Trek]. It was this thing where it would have felt like a gimmick in order to get Shatner in the movie, which would have honestly, to me, been distracting.”

alien girl Will the Original Captain Kirk Be in Star Trek 2?

Not quite as distracting as Leonard Nimoy returning to battle a snow beast as his home planet is destroyed, or as distracting as a green alien hottie in her underwear, but I understand what he means. Trying to start a franchise basically from scratch so that it may continue to live through numerous sequels is tough enough to do without bringing back in a familiar face just for the sake of branding.

So what has changed in the Star Trek universe that would allow Abrams to include Shatner into the upcoming sequel?

“In terms of moving forward, I am open to anything. I feel like the first movie did some of the heavy lifting that needed to be done in order to free us to continue going forward. Maybe there’s less of a burden and there’s going to be more opportunity to work with him (Shatner).”

I’m not really sure how I feel about that statement. The inclusion of Shatner in any manner other than portraying Captain Kirk would just be strange. That means in order to use both Chris Pine and William Shatner as Captain Kirk there would have to be time travel involved and honestly that would feel gimmicky to me. The whole topic is covered in detail on the upcoming Star Trek DVD, in a feature called “The Shatner Conundrum”.

william shatner kidney stone Will the Original Captain Kirk Be in Star Trek 2?

I honestly don’t think Shatner should return to the franchise. He had his three decades of fame from Star Trek and should now fade into the background and enjoy watching younger actors pick up the torch and run with it. I’ve enjoyed watching him in his more comedic roles lately and who doesn’t like the Price Line Negotiator? But he most likely will play a part in the sequel because Abrams added:

“I would love to work with [Shatner]. We speak. We actually have a lunch date planned. “

What do you think about William Shatner coming back on board to play a part in Star Trek 2? Should he leave well enough or alone or does he deserve to be in every Trek movie as long as he lives?

The Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD comes out in the US November 17th, 2009.

Source: Cinema Blend, The West Australian

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  1. @ Lord Garth

    I’m a fan of TOS, liked TNG more (nothing wrong with some Earl Grey), and thought the movie was great. Except for destroying Vulcan. I file that under, going to far to establish an alternate timeline.

    @790 – You always seem to be a bit cranky.

    As for Shatner – it’s time for the series to move on without him. Live long and prosper.

  2. Fury2701, have you ever seen an episode of LEXX,,,?

    Of course I’m cranky,,, ;-)

  3. No – I never watched Lexx. The reference is over my head.

    We have to find you something to cheer you up.

    Do you like Flashforward? Tonight’s episdoe was pretty good . . .

  4. Well LEXX is availible on dvd check it out! Its better then “Flashforward.” It ran for 4 seasons.

    Did anyone notice the “get your vaccine shot” message in the episode ???

  5. This makes me go “D:”

    Not because I don’t like Shatner; I’m just not sure if they could do it. If it was up to me, I’d have Kirk be a background — thingy. It was mentioned that they wanted to have a scene with Kirk singing Spock Happy Birthday…that’s the kind of scene I’d like to see.

  6. I think they need to step away from the Shatner years of the franchise. The film was smart how they utilized old Spock, and some of the old story moments to tie in the old fans with the new actors, but we’re sold. We don’t need another timeline or Shatner to show up to let us know that this series is still cool. It is already. The franchise needs to grow on it’s own, as much as I love William Shatner.

  7. Completely agree, Heather!

  8. I always agree with female Star Trek fans.

  9. Don’t get me wrong.. Shatner as Kirk in the past was great.. but that was then.. at most I’d say maybe a cameo, perhaps with a touch of comedy.

  10. fury2701– I am also more of a TNG fan (of course it’s hot, what do you want in it??)
    Anyway, I disagree on the whole vulcan being destroyed. I liked when a movie or series does something has life altering as killing a character or planet, (also big joss whedon fan) because it forces the characters to have a little more depth. Spock will be a different character now and I like that cuz, again, it’s moving away from the original series.
    The orginal ST series should be it’s own. JJ made the movie apart from the original so they could be preserved that way. But then they could also make their own new version of ST.

  11. MY God! Is it that freakn’ hard to come up with and idea!!!

    Here’s one…

    *** Use Shanter er Kirk as a ‘Hologram Diary’. ***

    He could be in any time period, any costume and give advice to any new Captain of the Enterprise!

    A simple voice over about leaving a ‘Diary’ can juice the audience, the NEW captain could be ‘given’ it by ‘any orig crew member’ (or even ‘found’). Another orig crew member could even leave the ‘key’ to unlocking it!

    I could be loaded into the new capatin’s personal ‘iPod’ (du jour) and used as a reference for advice or just to ‘b****’ to about something. Shatner could ham it up to his (and ours!) hearts content! (Maybe even pop-in once in a while when the ‘diary’ is left on ala ‘Q’.

    His segments could be filmed ‘anytime’, ‘anytimeline’, ‘anywhere’ and in any uniform or costume. (Could you imagine getting advice from Kirk, sitting at home in his chair with his feet up by the fire, book in hand, looking over his glasses and giving YOU advice via a Hologram?!?

    Tell me that wouldn’t go over!

    Could be a huge story device…

    What do you guys think? Really? Thanks! ~ Stark

  12. Prob with your hologram concept is why would they select an older version of Kirk. If its a hologram they would select Kirk in his prime,,, not the Boston Legal bloated version.
    Shatner needs to get a life,,,

  13. Naw… don’t agree. Shatner is the ultimate ‘ham’… but IS the Mythos for good or bad.

    I really don’t think that a Orig Kirk, leaving an holographic ‘shouldawouldacoulda’ diary to himself or any other captain of the Enterprise isn’t a bad thing. He’s not Denny and I bet that when you hit your later years you’ll put your feet up more, eat a litte more, heck maybe even enjoy a cigar now an then!

    I think it’s a good device to string in the movies.

    Ok PARAMOUNT…. if you use this, you STOLE it from me!

    ~ Stark

  14. If they use the jaws of life to shoehorn Shat in the next film I won’t be there.
    To think that Abrams would entertain this idea strikes me as desperate and unoriginal…

    Its bad enough what he’s done to the franchise. What’s next George Takai in the 3rd film. This is lame,,,

  15. As creative as all that sounds, Stark, I just hope they don’t include him at all. Or any others from the original series for that matter. Let the new series carry on with the new actors.
    790, you didn’t like the new ST movie? Why for? If you don’t mind me asking.

  16. @Kristi, I enjoyed the first 20 min. I was pretty shocked that Abrams pulled off a great opening that displayed some realistic Star Trek action. Then the film turned down I road that just didn’t work for me.
    I guess I could right 6 more paragraphs about what I didn’t like, story casting etc, but films are subjective and I’m a pretty hard core Trek nitpicker. Lol,,, ;-)

    It was entertaining to a degree but I have no interest in seeing it again or buying the dvd. And I have all the past trek stuff on dvd so what’s that tell ya,,, :-(

  17. @ Kristi

    You just threw out a very random ST:TNG quote didn’t you?Data’s housekeeper from the alternate future in “All good things.”

    You should join our quote game on the original Star Trek movie thread. We have over 2300 posts!

    Anyway, we can agree to disagree on Vulcan. I still say that some basic things should remain stable even in a reboot and a founding member of the Federation needs their home planet.

  18. @720
    To each his/her own! I know some hardcore original series lovers that loved and hated it. :)
    Guess it can’t please everyone. So what would’ve made it better for you? To not have made a movie at all? ;)

  19. @ Fury2701
    Don’t think I’ll be quite helpful on the original series quotes, but I might be ok with TNG and the ST movies!
    I’ll check it out! Sounds fun!
    Did you like the new movie besides the vulcan destruction ? just curious. :)

  20. i 2 Love shatner as Kirk. if and when they throw him in a New Trek Film
    i feel it should be for a very minor Cameo, Like a Role a little Smaller than tyler perry’s.

    “who personaly i hated in Star trek it just Took the Fantasy out of the film.when i see a guy who throws out about 3 crappy movies a years and Drops his name more than M.Night Shyamalan ”

    but i’ve been i die hard trek Fan my whole life,id really enjoy seeing Bill in a New trek film.
    but a Small Role Please.

  21. Kristi,,, I’ve had a lot of ideas about what I would have done, if given the opportunity. ;-)

    First off, I would have NEVER gone back to the past, in terms of recasting the original crew.
    Star Trek (IMO) needs to move forward not rewrite history…

    I wrote a 2 page treatment a few years ago about a new Star Trek movie idea. It was called,” Collective” and it dealt with the Star Trek timeline post Voyager’s return to the Alpha Quadrant.
    It was to be a continuation of the Trek timeline that ended with “Nemesis”…

    Section 31 conceals Voyager’s future weapons technology after it returns. This causes a problem with the Romulan peace talks post Shinzon. (As the Romulan’s are aware that the Starfleet is testing new weapons) Meanwhile the Borg in a Mirror Universe plot to re-supply our multiverse with new Borg.

    Spoilers ahead,,,,

    The Romulan’s and Federation come together and defeat the mirror Borg.

    Hope you liked my idea Kristi,,, ;-)

  22. 790 – you’re one of my favorite guys here, certinly the most interesting. I am very proud you have actually written, actually created something of yourself.


    3, maybe 4, people would watch anything set in that horrifically crappy Next Gen Era. Kirk and Spock are Superman, Captain America, Batman and Bond. Next Gen everyone (except DS9) is poop

  23. @720
    I am in agreement with Lord Garth! 720, you’ve got some great ideas! And unlike a lot of core fans who just sit there and bash the new movie, or didn’t bother seeing it all, you have a optimistic view and gave it a chance, and likewise don’t bash anything, but merely say that you just didn’t care for it.
    Anyway, I do like your idea! You can very much tell you are a deep caring ST fan, however, I am going to agree with Lord Garth again in that, the original series are huge iconic characters and that’s what JJ wanted to reboot. (Seems like that’s hollywood’s favorite thing to do right now.)
    I am a fan of rebooting old movies, so I guess that’s why I enjoyed ST. Although I will agree that sometimes reboots don’t work….ugh..wolverine…ugh!

  24. Thanks Lord Garth and Kristi, yeah I get what you mean about Kirk and Spock being the icons of Trek, but I’ve always felt that Shatner & Nimoy created those characters. Pine and Quinto, while they were adequate didn’t capture the magic. I actually felt the actors that played McCoy and Checkov were WAY over the top…

    But hey if it Trek continues to inspire people then its ok,

  25. I have to say I think Star Trek: Generations was something that the father of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, wouldn’t have truly wanted. I may be wrong on this, but I think the one good thing that could come from the alternation in the timeline from the the first movie would somehow be Kirk being re-written into history. I think Shatner deserves one last call as Kirk too, as Generations just wasn’t the appropriate curtain call. So I say go for, Abrams (and Shatner). But one note for Shatner: try and get in Kirk shape, not Boston Legal shape.

  26. The one thing that prevented me from going to see the Star Trek movie is the absence of Shatner playing Kirk. All due respect to the creative writers out there, but removing an icon from his role is the #1 reason I’ll avoid a movie like black death.

    Better an entirely new Star Trek series than the total thrashing that ‘rebooting’ gives a series or show. As for Kirk dying, lets not forget several novels co authored by Shatner that showed a clear means of bringing Kirk back to life. As I understand it, Roddenberry actually did want a movie or movies where all the various Trek series merged together. As occurred in the aforementioned novels.

    Star Trek, unfortunately, has suffered from a progressively bad set of movies, starting from Generations and on forward. Quite honestly, I have no intention of seeing any further Star Trek movies until the aforementioned books are made into film with the actors in their proper roles. I am that disappointed in the direction of the franchise.


  27. The only feasable way to have Shatner in the new film, without having to go with the time traveling gimmick, is to have the film take place in two different times in ST history. Basically, it would be old Kirk having to deal with a crisis, and has flashblacks to his younger days that helps him address or deal with it.

    Or perhaps, have a nod to “The Menagerie”, and have Kirk now retired, or about to retire, and he finally breaks the silence on something that happen him in his younger days. Like some classified mission that the Enterprise took, and for whatever reason, finally has to be revealed.

    Also, since it is now in a different timeline, Kirk’s death may never have happened via the Nexus/Soren incident.

    There are lots of ways to do it, without making it feel forced, or wedged in, per se.

  28. Does not matter that kirk died,leave time travel alone!
    Simply have Pine take shuttle into cosmic cloud that accelerates his aging process! ta da Shatner comes back on bridge! Great entrance sequence! Just a sub plot so he can cameo quckly whilt bones corrects things! Just a thought!

  29. I think the movie could have been told from the beginning, without changing the timeline, since there was not very much revealed about the OST crew’s academy days. It could have been old Kirk(Shatner)& old Spock (Nimoy)talking about the early days at the academy, right before Kirk goes to the Enterprise B launch,making mention of the rest of the OST crew’s whereabouts, thus making Star Trek a “flashback” and still keep with the timeline that has been going on for 43 years now. I’m sure in it’s five year mission, there are a lot of stories that can/could be told, and or include many aspects of the Trek Mutiverse. They could have bridged the gap between the NX-01, and the NCC starships, as well as what happened to the crew of the Enterprise NX-01, and if they don’t have any ideas, I do!!
    As far as bringing Shatner back in Star Trek 2, just have old Spock do a mind-meld with young Kirk, and show him the Captain Kirk he knew as his friend (come to think about it, they could have done that in the first movie, when they were in the cave. Young Kirk asks: “So what am I like in your future?” then old Spock shows him of his last encounter with Captain Kirk(Shatner), and still be used in Star Trek 2(Damn, I’m good)or maybe I should just file that idea away with the rest of the stuff I’ve written for the Star Trek franchise.