Will the Original Captain Kirk Be in Star Trek 2?

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star trek header1 Will the Original Captain Kirk Be in Star Trek 2?

The last Star Trek film was by all accounts a huge success, both financially and critically. The reboot brought in $384 million worldwide since its May 2009 release and with the DVD soon to hit store shelves November 17th, the financial gain is sure to continue. Director J.J. Abrams, along with writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci managed to reinvent the Roddenberry franchise without the use of *gasp* William Shatner.

Some people questioned why they wouldn’t bring Shatner on board for the reboot – not because he is the greatest actor in the world, but rather because he essentially IS the embodiment of Star Trek. Our friends at Cinema Blend pointed us towards The West Australian, who were at a Los Angles press conference promoting the Star Trek DVD, where J.J. Abrams addressed that very topic and it looks like William Shatner MAY (not will) show up in the new Star Trek sequel.

“The problem was his character died on screen in one of his Trek films and because we decided, very early on, that we wanted to adhere to Trek canon as best we could … the required machinations to get Shatner into the movie would have been very difficult to do given the story we wanted to tell and also to give him the kind of part that he would be happy with.”

I suppose that makes sense. Shatner did die in the Star Trek: Generations movie only to come back from the afterlife “Nexus” and die again later in the movie. So why wouldn’t Abrams and company do the same kind of thing for the prequel?

“It was a foregone conclusion we wanted him in the [Star Trek]. It was this thing where it would have felt like a gimmick in order to get Shatner in the movie, which would have honestly, to me, been distracting.”

alien girl Will the Original Captain Kirk Be in Star Trek 2?

Not quite as distracting as Leonard Nimoy returning to battle a snow beast as his home planet is destroyed, or as distracting as a green alien hottie in her underwear, but I understand what he means. Trying to start a franchise basically from scratch so that it may continue to live through numerous sequels is tough enough to do without bringing back in a familiar face just for the sake of branding.

So what has changed in the Star Trek universe that would allow Abrams to include Shatner into the upcoming sequel?

“In terms of moving forward, I am open to anything. I feel like the first movie did some of the heavy lifting that needed to be done in order to free us to continue going forward. Maybe there’s less of a burden and there’s going to be more opportunity to work with him (Shatner).”

I’m not really sure how I feel about that statement. The inclusion of Shatner in any manner other than portraying Captain Kirk would just be strange. That means in order to use both Chris Pine and William Shatner as Captain Kirk there would have to be time travel involved and honestly that would feel gimmicky to me. The whole topic is covered in detail on the upcoming Star Trek DVD, in a feature called “The Shatner Conundrum”.

william shatner kidney stone Will the Original Captain Kirk Be in Star Trek 2?

I honestly don’t think Shatner should return to the franchise. He had his three decades of fame from Star Trek and should now fade into the background and enjoy watching younger actors pick up the torch and run with it. I’ve enjoyed watching him in his more comedic roles lately and who doesn’t like the Price Line Negotiator? But he most likely will play a part in the sequel because Abrams added:

“I would love to work with [Shatner]. We speak. We actually have a lunch date planned. “

What do you think about William Shatner coming back on board to play a part in Star Trek 2? Should he leave well enough or alone or does he deserve to be in every Trek movie as long as he lives?

The Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD comes out in the US November 17th, 2009.

Source: Cinema Blend, The West Australian

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  1. Pretty please NO!!!!!!!

  2. I love Shatner as Kirk. I wish that there was a way that they could have him in the film without the use of time travel (unless the Guardian of Forever is used). That being said, I think that they shouldn’t use any of the original characters from TOS any more. Let the new cast further the stories, especially since it IS a new Trek universe.

  3. Sure, if it’s some Spock’s flashback or something. But no more time traveling inter dimensional rifts please!

  4. JJ Abram’s Star Trek essentially took the last thirty years and rendered it null and void. Whether it was wise to do so is a discussion for another day or time.

    Given the circumstances, it is plausible for William Shatner to return; But as Capt Kirk in an alternate time, or Future Kirk reminiscing about his early days as Captain? That’s probably up to the writers.

  5. I’d rather see a hologram of Buddy Hackett cracking wise while standing on the shreded uniform Kirk died in.

  6. NG- you took the words right out of my mouth-. @ andy S- i originally thought that the “guardian of forever” was going to be in this last film and thought for sure that’s how the time travel was going to take place. i think it would’ve been good to go that route, i’ll be so bold to even say better, but probably too late now.

  7. regardless of what they claimed, i always thought when i heard that he wasn’t in the first it was by design in that they’d be saving him for the second or even a later film. it’d be nice to see him as kirk again and let’s face it- shatner isn’t getting any younger, maybe they should use him while they still can..

  8. I like your idea a lot, Huggybear! That would bypass the whole overused time travel business in Star Trek and give Nimoy and Shatner a final moment of closure together. Could definitely work if written as well as Nimoy’s part was in the first movie. And if Big Bill drops a couple of pounds…

  9. Just have older Spock send him a photo or video clip (home movie) he “found” of Kirk’s dad George from his timeline (where he “proudly lived to see you become captain of the Enterprise” – and George would be Bill Shatner. Easy-peasy.


  11. @skippy- nice idea.
    @huggy bear- can they show a memory of spock that includes a current shatner/kirk if in spocks original time line , kirk died much younger?

  12. I’m guessing that the movie will either have
    A.) Both Pine and Shatner as Kirk, in which case time travel has to be used, or at the very least time line shifts


    B.) Pine is Kirk and Shatner is a new character in a position of power where he interacts with Pine. If a whole lot of time has not passed between films, then Nimoy could intereact with Shatner as well. That could make for some predictable, albeit funny, conversation between the two.

  13. I just want more LENS FLARES!!!!

  14. While all the mentioned storylines and methods to bring back Shatner sounds intrgiuing, I feel it would just be sad to see Shatner as Kirk all these years later in the aspect of aging etc..

  15. please no more lens flare.

    and captain kirk is an incredible actor but shatner was a decent actor in the past but not anymore. i say leave him out.

  16. meant to say kirk is an awesome “character”

  17. That crappy pansey Next Gen Era has been wiped from existence. So he never had to die just becuase the character of picard is such a God D$mned P*ssy he had to rip Shatner from a somewhat lame paradise (god how is it that Ron Moore, the man who created the excellent Galactica is the same guy who wrote that lame, leftie, super sanitary crap?? A Kindergarten on a Fleet Flag -Battleship???) because he couldn’t beat Malcome MacDowell in a fist fight?????? Malcome MacDowell, he couldn’t knock his ass out???????? So Kirk has to whup that ass and then die by falling off a super modern 24th century “rusty Iron??” bridge?????


    The Nero incident wiped that possible hippie commune Trek from existence. Shatner very much alive and banging hot chick. Picard wiped from time, no flute and tea sipping for you!!

  18. If not Kirk, how about Shatner as the voice of the Enterprise computer now Majel Barrett’s no longer around?

  19. Why not make Shatner a relative of Pine’s Kirk if people have to see Shatner do more Trek? I’m on the fence about whether or not he should get a part at all. If they are going to use him then have a Dang good reason to use him. Not just write the story as an excuse to use him. They could use a good original story about now, too.

  20. Shatner will always have a place in Star Trek history…but he doesn’t need to be a part of this. Gracefully bow out of the story………oh yea, he already did.

  21. I really doubt they’ll bring Shatner in for the sequel. The first film was a semi-transition film for the franchise and now I’m sure they want this new crew to stand on its own.


  22. Shatner, What a self centered non acting BLOWHARD! The only thing I want to know is: Are the going to show Archers dog runnin out of the trancporter like at the end of the book…would have made an AWESOME finish to the end credits IMO,or maybe a Trek 2 Promo ad. :)

  23. I can’t believe this topic has returned….

    My final words on this, who cares!

  24. Shatner aside, are there any rumors or confirmations about Nimoy returning for the sequel (or not)?

  25. You know you got to wonder if all this isn’t some kind fan club inspired movement with Shatner ultimately behind it. Whether he’s behind it or not, I hope the fans of Shatner stop rattling the media cage calling for an appearance. It wouldn’t be too hard to turn some, as if they don’t already exist, into a Anti-Shatner movement. The powers that be at the studio should be allowed to make up their own mind on this one without interference. Let go Shatnerites let nature take its course… ;)

  26. Leave Captain “Bloated with water weight” behind and move on..Shatner’s ego is so big..he thought the franchise needed him in the reboot to survive but he was wrong! Nimoy’s appearance was extremely poignant and classy unlike Shatner’s rants about why the god-Kirk wasn’t in the film..

  27. Okay so I guess I’m a Shatnerite :) I want him in there dammit. What I don’t understand is why people are complaining about the possibility, or notion rather, of him in the next or future movies. True, people like me are complaining why he can’t be added in the next movies, but what we really all need is a confirmation to stop this arguing.

    I’m hating these stupid guessing games they’re fooling us around with. Or these hints and riddles. Cut down to the chase. This whole topic is stirring up a lot of people. Shatnerites and Anti-Shatnerites alike.

  28. I think Shatner is a funny man! And he did a great job as Kirk! He made Kirk who he is! However, this a new Star Trek! I’m sorry, but they need to distance themselves from everything before. If all the next couple of movies are doing is bringing in Shatner or old story plots from the series or movies, then why bother making them?!
    I’m sorry, Chris Pine did a STAND UP job! And I’m ready to see what he has in store for Kirk! Mr. Shatner, you’re time has passed, let it go!

  29. I have 2 comments:
    1.It is reasonable to leave Shatner out ie James Bond. The new actor is the new character until he doesn’t want to do it anymore.
    2.The original Kirk character can return again if they chose to follow the books. In them he returns to life about 4 times with believable story lines.