Will The Incredible Hulk Defeat Iron Man?

Published 7 years ago by , Updated July 16th, 2008 at 11:57 am,

hulk vs iron man Will The Incredible Hulk Defeat Iron Man?We just received some surprising information from MovieTickets.com regarding The Incredible Hulk movie which opens a week from this Friday on June 13th. It seems that according to their tracking, Hulk may actually end up with even better opening weekend box office numbers than Iron Man, which by all accounts knocked it out of the park with its close to $100 million opening.

They collect data during the movie ticket purchase process including a “buzz factor” (OK, the real name is “Aided Awareness” but that’s boring). They say that buzz factor score for Iron Man was 36%… and for The Incredible Hulk, it’s currently at 49%! So fully one third more people are aware there’s a new Hulk movie coming out than knew about Iron Man, even with it’s uber-marketing campaign. That’s quite a change from just a month ago where it seemed like every person I talked to who didn’t follow movie websites said “There’s a new ‘Hulk’ movie coming out?”

So the question is whether that will translate into big opening weekend box office numbers for The Incredible Hulk. Could a third higher awareness of the film translate to a third more dollars at movie theaters? Not necessarily, but if it does, that means that our big green friend could be looking at a $130 million opening weekend! That would be a helluva shocker, but awesome news for Marvel Studios…

I’m wondering if the success of Iron Man is actually helping to boost the buzz on Hulk. People saw how awesome that movie was and now they’re thinking Marvel might be able to go two for two.

The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13, 2008.

Source: MovieTickets.com

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  1. I dont know, but i do feel strongly that Hulk is getting all this “Aided awareness” from IRON MAN. I dont think without Shellhead it will be the same.

  2. I disagree. hulk, stands alone, and doesn’t need any help from puny metal man. more people know of the hulk than they do iron man, and i’m talking about the people who don’t even read comic books or watch the cartoons. the hulk character is just too well known, like superman.


  3. Quicksilver,

    I think Hulk needs all the help it can get since the first one was one of the worst movies ever. Hulk has more comic fans from back in the day, but he does not appeal to the regular public like Iron man does, nor does Ed Norton nowadays.

    I think they should be pumping out more marketing focusing on Robert Downey’s cameo and how these movies will all tie into the Avengers (assuming the hulk and Ed Norton will be in that). That in itself would triple the cool-factor and buzz of all movie geeks.

    I would be money that this movie is not as successful as Ironman and so far im shooting 3 for 3 this summer :) not that that means anything, haha.

  4. I don’t know, after watching numerous clips from the movie, I’m pretty excited for it. I’m just hoping that with the Stark cameo and the Avengers project possibility on the horizon that we see Robert Downey sporting the Sick-as-hell “Hulk Buster” suit in the future…

  5. I dunno, more people migth know about this movie and more people are familiar with The Hulk character, but the Ironman trailers and previews were fantastic and really apealing, wile I do like a lot what Hulk has put out in that department, they are still not on the same level of ‘you must watch this’ as the shell head’s.

    Personally, I really want to see it.

  6. honestly, i don’t see how iron man appeals to the general public more than the hulk, since the hulk has had more notoriety, ala the numerous cartoons of the 60s, the hulk tv series of the 70s, the incredible hulk cartoons of the early 80s, and the hulk cartoon of the 90s, and geeze laweeze if i must say it, the botched up ang lee film of the millenium. with all of these hulk introductions spanning 5 generations, i find it hard to believe that the hulk appeals to the public less than iron man.

    and i think that marvel agrees, seeings how there has been much controversy with this film, concerning it’s production, storyline, release date, and ed norton himself.

    i think this movie will be number one for at least 2 weeks straight. maybe even 3.

    i mean not only do we men love the hulk, but women adore ol’ green skin just the same. HULK SMASH !!!!

  7. no it can’t beat ironman i’m thinking around 70 mil opening weekend

  8. Yeah, notice the many use of question marks and speculation in the post above. Most tracking is indicating $50-60MM for Hulk’s opening weekend, but hey, who thought that Sex and the City could top $55 million??


  9. Incredible Hulk will open higher than Hulk (2003) but lower than Iron Man…the 100M club is an extremely tough feat to reach, only 10 movies or so in history has accomplished this statue, Iron Man was not one of them, it came very close but was shy of 2M excluding Thursday preview…

  10. Incredible Hulk will open higher than Hulk (2003) but lower than Iron Man…the 100M club is an extremely tough feat to reach, only 10 movies or so in history has accomplished this statue, Iron Man was not one of them, it came very close but was shy of 2M excluding Thursday preview…

  11. Hmm, lets see, Hulk comes out on Fri 13, Jason was born on Fri 13, by that calculation, that means that there will be a Hulk vs Jason Voorhees fight at night in Camp crystal lake! (joke!)

    But seriously, I am so glad for all of this great news (hulk getting good preorders, Lou, closer to the awesomeness that is the tv.) I think, as a huge Hulk fan as I am an Iron Man one (Iron Man is my third favorite Marvel Character in case your wondering) I think the Green Goliath needs to have as a good film as the other Marvel greats…Also it means for an Avengers film!

    Thank you!

  12. I don’t think that the Hulk will have a stonger opening weekend than Iron Man. I think it will certainly open strong + if it proves to be good will demonstrate really strong legs in the following weeks.


  14. The question is how many of the people that know about the Hulk movie really give a crap about it? How many of them still have a bad taste in their mouth from the last one? Awareness isn’t always a good thing…

  15. I think once news drops that this Hulk film will be much more of a roller coaster ride, complete w/ dashes of that Marvel humor (which Supes utterly lacked) not to mention battle scenes that will easily rival Godzilla, Cloverfield, or Transformers; then word of mouth will get out that people will want to see it the following weekend.

    For example, Mongol may be a better movie, but Hulk is a more recognized brand to a general audience.

    And how much Zohan or M. Night can we really take?

    It’s main competition will be Wall-E & Panda. But if reviewers get word out that Hulk has a budding romance at its core, then families will be drawn to it as well.

    I say Iron Man was a surprise, and Hulk will be a surprise, too. NO ONE’s expecting a good Hulk movie (those of us who’ve been following it know differently).

    CGI looks Stellar- Finally! And every person on earth knows what the term “HULK OUT” or “HULK SMASH” means. Again, it boils down to Norton’s performance.

    I predict a surprise equaling of Iron Man’s opening weekend, given the competition.

  16. Karyyk, Lots of people still have a bad taste in their mouth from “Hulk”,BUT they ‘ll still go because its the Hulk! IMHO, Like have said on all early discuss about the film is that HULK fan club is 10 times the size of IM fan club and the kiddos ADORE the Hulk! I’ve a son and 7 nephew (ages range from 3-10)that ask me RELIGIOUSLY when the film will release and are we still going! So althought Ironman is my guy, I believe “Incredible Hulk” will be equally as success as “Ironman” if not alittle better.

  17. I’ve read early reviews and all should I say “Hulking out” with positive reviews! Marvel will own this year, period!

  18. What’s not to love?!! It’s the Frankenstein monster on Reed Richard’s produced anabolic steroids…I think the Hulk will do fine in the 60-75 million dollar range with a final take of 180-200 million domestic and perhaps another 150-250 million overseas…But alas HULK WILL NOT SMASH IRON MAN’S BOX OFFICE…I hope it does because it will be great for the MArvel brand and the super-hero genre in general…the better they do the more of them they make…great time to be a comic book fan…

  19. We probably should all just enjoy the prospects of a Hulk movie actually doing as well as Iron Man this year. That would mean even more Marvel movies (and probably DC movies too, if you think about it) coming our way, and I would be very happy with that.

    Hard to believe June 13 is only a little over a week away now.

  20. Quicksilver..
    i dont think you got point…
    Iron Man doesnt need to introduce or promote HULK or create a fan base to go see it.
    Iron Man made an awareness that HULK was going to be playing this summer. Like VIC has said on plenty of posts…. Many people i talked to, did not even knew the HULK movie was comming this summer, and they are people whom know the character. I didnt have to go into the explanation of who he was, they already knew.
    With all the awareness out, i am sure HULK promotions will hopefully take the sour taste out of people’s mouth and make it a better summer movie.

  21. Hey Quicksilver,

    I think you’re wrong about what appeals more. I think you’re confusing that idea with what people/comic fans knew more about previously. The hulk character prior to these movies was obviously way more well known.

    When we say appeal, we mean when regular ppl see the commercials, which is cooler to them? Robert Downey, funny as hell in an awesome looking modern fighting suit with crazy sweet action sequences, or a big green monster fighting another monster…? I don’t think there’s anyone out there who can say the hulk commercials were better or more appealing than the iron man ones. You could also go as far to say Ed Norton doesn’t appeal as much as Downey does.

    Did anyone see the MTV movie awards? Someone brought that up in the weekly chat topic. Anyways, Ed norton was a boring not-caring guy in his 2 seconds presenting, and downey was funny as hell and actually enjoys what he does. Whether that has to do with Norton’s controversy with Marvel or not, I don’t know.

  22. The Hulk definitely had more name recognition than Iron Man, and I think that’s a major factor. But no matter what happens at the box office, Iron Man still rocked hard!

  23. Hulk promotions are popping up all over. I’ve seen big green plastic (?) fists. Pandas are cutesy tike toys, but get-bigger-and-stronger toys are for boys of all ages (and girls hoping to Hulk Smash! the glass ceiling)

  24. i dont khow how much the incredible hulk will make but i hope that opens big.it looks way better than the 2003 version my prediction would be the same as ironman but it will have stronger legs the early reviews are being great.

  25. Hey, check out our spiffy new Incredible Hulk movie page complete with trailers, clips and an image gallery. :-)


  26. Hey, Vic, i like what you guys did to the site. it looks great.

    ok, guys sorry i’m late. i’ve been away from the cpu for about 5 days, but now i’m back. let’s see.
    i am assuming that the hulk movie is going to be a smash hit. with that said, then, yes, i do feel that the hulk movie will beat out iron man. however, i can understand what you mean H.O.M.E.R. when you say that the iron man movie set up the in coming of the hulk. but honestly, if hulk came out first and iron man second, the same argument could be applied.

    however, in my initial argument (overall)i’m not referring to who set up who. iron man is not more known than the hulk. a character that is more well known than the hulk would be spiderman. in fact the very first superhero (in the marvel realm) i became aware of as a kid was spidey, followed by the hulk. plus, i think my generation, when we were kids, most of us tuned into see the hulk cartoons of the early 80s and even the ones of the 90s. grandmama’s and ganddads know of the hulk.

    there is no formula to know just how much each movie will exactly make at the box office, but like adrian said, he has kids who constantly ask him when the movie is coming out and if they are still going to see it. with the millions of kids in america, and grown-up kids in america i say hulk will beat out iron man at the box office.

  27. the only way the hulk movie could do bad is if the script itself is bad. word of the mouth is best advertisement for any film and the best destruction for any film. if this hulk movie has an excellent storyline, plot, and good acting, which would amount to a sense of realism. this movie will be number 1 at the box office for 2, maybe 3 weeks in a row. and i do stand by that.

    iron man was awesome because it had all the key areas in place (as mentioned before). if the hulk has these areas in place it will do well and better. it will do well because of it having the right tools, and better because hulk is more well known than iron, and therefore more liked.

  28. Iron Man will KILL The Hulk.

  29. Having seen the movie last night the answer to the question at the top of this page is “No.”

    Don’t get me wrong, ‘Hulk’ was very good, but it wasn’t the fun ride that audiences loved so much from ‘Iron Man.’