Will Spider-Man 4 & 5 Be Filmed Together?

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spider man wall Will Spider Man 4 & 5 Be Filmed Together?Ironically, I had just made a remark just this morning on the SuperHero Hype Forum about how we’d yet to hear anything from Sony, Marvel Films & Co. regarding Spider-Man 4.

In fact last we heard, James Vanderbilt (i.e. Zodiac screenwriter) was hired to write Webhead’s 4th cinematic adventure. And that was just a week or so before the WGA Strike started last year.

Since then, it’s been dead silence… until now.

Cinematical is reporting (via a trusted insider) that Vanderbilt turned his screenplay in just a few weeks back.

And according to their source:

“His story arc has encompassed two films, making Spider-Man 5 shootable at the same time. The studio saw dollar signs and is in the process of reworking his deal to snatch up the story arc.”

It should be worth-noting that similar rumors surfaced regarding Spider-Man 3 a few years back. If my memory is correct, said rumor was 3 would feature Sandman as the villain, and then segway into 4 which would showcase Venom.

Those “shoot multiple superhero sequels at once” rumors also applied to X-Men 3 back when Bryan Singer was still supposed to direct.

Even if this is true, it then becomes a question of whether or not Sam Raimi and Tobey Maquire return.

Neither are contractually bound to the series anymore. Not to mention both appear to be busy on other projects.

Raimi’s currently working on Drag Me to Hell for next year and a Jack Ryan reboot for Paramount aiming for summer 2010 release, while Maguire is attached to produce and possibly star in Robotech for Warner Brothers.

So for the moment, take this rumor with a grain of salt…

Source: Cinematical

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  1. It’s been stated before that Maguire, and Dunst have no interest or intention to come back. The only person actually toying with the idea is Raimi. It’s also been said that there was going to be heavy recasting of every major character. But who knows, maybe they’ll throw enough money at Maguire and Co.

  2. This sounds like a great way to get 2 more films out of Rami and Tobey, and have some great villian story arcs.
    I could live without Mary Jane.

  3. Well if they make 2 films at once they’ll be saving money. That money saved will be offered to Tobey. He will prob get 25 mil + backend deals.

    Dunst will prob be left behind and replaced by (forgot her name) that blond Fire Captains daughter in S3.

    Sounds good to me.
    All that sucks is they prob won’t get everyone together till early next year at best, so were looking at a possible summer 2010 film??

  4. Also I remember Tobey saying after S3 that if the story was good he would be back for Spider Man 4. And sure 5..

    Its all about the money.

  5. I sure hope Maguire and Dunst will be back for this, as I stated before recastings are just terrible! This series is still fresh in mind and I think the general audience will also dislike the recasting.

    Anyway, hopefully will 4 and 5 be seperate stories, not like Pirates 2 and 3, or Matrix 2 and 3.


  6. That’s crazy Matrix 2 & 3 kicked ass around the block.
    (What is the prob everyone has with these films?).

    Pirates 2 & 3 were pure CGI garbage.

    But I respect you Opinion.

  7. Don’t want to waste a lot of energy on Matrix 2 & 3 comments, but they stank big time. Went in the wrong direction, too much existentialism B.S.

    Never reviewed “Reloaded” for some reason but here’s the last one:



  8. I never cared for Kirsten Dunst as MJ. In the first film she was ok, but in the last 2 I really haven’t been able to stand her-kind of like Lana Lang in Smallville. IF they do a Spidey 4 (and 5), I’d be completely happy if they left MJ out of at least ONE of them, or better yet recast her with someone who has a little more fire to her. And PLEASE don’t make them with soooo many cheesy lovey-dovey scenes.

  9. Tobey will be back. This franchise will be shat if he didn’t. Re-casting in this sort of movie would be terrible.

  10. Sony had previously said they wanted SPIDER-MAN 4 out for summer 2010 (i.e. this was before 3 opened).

    But that CINEMATICAL article made no mention of any release date. IF it is for 2010, then that summer (like this one as well) will be over-stuffed with superhero films – IRON MAN 2, THOR, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL and SPIDER-MAN 4.

    I’ve said before that summer 2010 will be stuffed top to bottom with blockbuster tentpoles because ’09 is going to have ALOT less than usual (i.e. WGA Strike)!


  11. *sigh* This (movie!) franchise feels sooo dead to me. :(

    Number 1 worked ok for me. A bit slow because of the backstory and development but it worked in the end.

    Number 2 was kinda ok, maybe a bit too much going on in the story department.

    And finally Number 3. Although not an abyss of bad filmmaking such as BATMAN & ROBIN, there were a number of similarities. Including wasting good villains on a *too* foreseeable story. And then the light fizzed and went out…

    Sorry, but to revive this franchise they will have to do something better than the last two times!


  12. I think the Matrix films were a comment on how mass media has pulled the wool over our eyes and how we think the world we know is real when in actuality we know nothing of what really is going on in the world. I read a book called NEW World Order written in 1991 and written by Pat Robertson (yes that Pat Robertson) and he comments on what the world will be like in the next century. I recently reread the book and was shocked to see how many of his predictions have come true.The machines in the matirx represent global corporations and the world bank and their attempt to control the world by taking control of mass media and controlling the information we have access to. It is probably already too late to stop what has been set into motion by globilization and the world is not a very nice place to live. We are cattle to the people with the real power to be used as they see fit and that is the point the matrix movies were trying to make. Who will wake up society in general to what is really going on and who will be the larger than life Savior to rescue us from our prison..Our lives are not really our own and freedom is an illusion…and yes I am a sane human being!!

  13. Yeah its funny sometimes when I bring up Matrix 2 & 3, I get opinions from people that hated the films. In terms of BO gross I’m clearly not alone.
    I loved all of the Matrix films and a review wouldn’t have changed my mind.

    After the Speed Racer fiasco I no longer rely on reviews when it comes to the Wachowskis.
    IMO, there clearly ahead of their time, nothing proved this point more than Speed Racer.

  14. what’s all the Matrix talk? well, to carry on… I kinda liked Reloaded, but I really thought it was a lead-in to a fantastic movie that turned out to be a huge disappointment. Not talking about underlying plot or dialog, just felt like it was missing something big but can’t put my finger on it.

    S3 would have been great as intended, with the creation of Venom at the end right before the credits leading right into S4. I wonder what the bridge could be for 4 & 5. I’d really like to see a Spidey movie with a cliffhanger ending

  15. Some people hate him but (for now) Tobey is Spider Man.

    Recast him and they loose the mojo….

  16. Good reasons to look forward to 2010. ;-)

  17. YES GREENKNIGHT333 your exactly right!

    I’m constantly surprised how many intellidgent people can’t see this or think that our government would NEVER hurt there own citizens.
    (Please. Just look up at the chem trails they spray over us weekly). And those that think I’m crazy google (chem trails).

    You can read alot of books that were written about the NWO back years ago.
    I read a book a few months ago that clearly predicted the fall of the dollar that were going thru now. It was written in 1986. And funny thing the only congressmen that was in the book speaking out about this was Ron Paul.


    I don’t want to spin this into a political debate but people really need to wake up, or take the red pill or whatever. All the signs are right there in your face.

  18. THanks 790!
    We are living in the matrix right now in that there are increasingly ever more multimedia distractions to occupy the middle class’ time with. The internet, movies, video games,home entertainment, cell phones, television just to name a few. Also the middle class is being dumbed down..The more time people spend wasting on these distractions the more control corporations are getting in the world. They have a lot of people convinced that they need to purchase and buy to feel worthy of being in the world..I read as much as I can, I don’t watch TV or play video games or spend a lot of time on the internet. I do have a few guilty pleasures and this website is one of them but I tend to spend less than an hour a day on the net. I don’t even listen to the radio much therefore my senses are not being constantly bombarded with propaganda from corporations hrough advertising. I determine my self worth and education is the only true way to controlling your own life.

  19. A good way to leave off S4 to S5 would be doing the Kraven the Hunter story with Kraven “killing” Spiderman and burying him alive and then assuming his identity. THe Kraven losing his mind story would be great!!! Imagine Spiderman crawling out of the grave and having the vibe that comes with that being directed by Raimi..JJJ could hire Kraven to capture Spidey but of course Kraven is insane and decides to become the Spider by killing him and burying the evidence.S5 could start off with SPidey crawling out of the ground and being totally freaked out by the experience and then putting the hurt on Kraven.

  20. Or the Death of MJ instead of Gwen Stacy could be a great bridge between S4-S5. Peter’s greatest fear from the first two Spidey movies would be finally realized in that he could never be with MJ because he could indirectly be responsible for her death by one of his foes. Or the Black Cat could be brought in as a part of a love triangle..nah!!


  22. Yeah I hear ya GreenKnight333, but keep in mind there are alternative forms of Radio and websites that do contain the real truth you seek.

    Back to Spider Man, personally if this news is true*lol* and we get Rami and Tobey back, I’ll be happy with whatever villians they pick.

  23. Interesting if they do kill off MJ inbetween 4 & 5, and
    make it a cliffhanger, that would be very cool.
    It would also be harder for the fans to see that coming because of shooting them at the same time.
    I’m starting to see the method in the madness here.

  24. Raimi’s burnt out on Spidey. Time for some new blood in the directing/producing dept. Getting back Tobey and to a far lesser extent Dunst would be nice but if I was bankrolling this – time to get some unknowns and save some dough.

  25. CanuckLou, if you were bankrolling this film and you left out Rami, and Tobey the film would fail.
    The reason studios pay big money for the same actors is because those actors have fan-base’s, they bring in the big bucks. (Remember Tom Cruise used to have one).

    Recast Indiana Jones with Tom Seleck and you might save 30mil. But the film wouldn’t make 30mil. See how it works.

  26. Sorry, guys, but the Raimi/Maguire Spider-Man series is OVER. What will eventually become the fourth Spider-Man film will be a NEW start/take on the series. Avi Arad even said so in a recent interview, he sad it’s “the beginning”. I wouldn’t expect a new Spidr-Man film for at least another 3-5 years.

    When it happens it will most likely be with a much younger cast and it will have no ties to the previou seies. Good thing too, quit while you’re ahead.

    Spider-Man will be recasted sometime and MUST be if the franchise is to live on. Maguire and Raimi can’t do this forever, and Maguire is in his thirties for petesake (heh), much older than the character Spider-Man is supposed to be (he was 16 when he got his powers and his story goes from there, I can’t think of a time where Spidey was seen depicted in regular continuity as being over 25) anyway.

    Let a good Captain America film get off the ground or at least a Fantastic Four reboot before we start recycling Spidey already.

  27. um, tobey is not gonna be that old when spidey comes out, he`s gonna be like 36, that`s not that old. how can this series already be over and start from the beginning, they would have done the first 3 movies for nothing.

  28. i will see spiderman 4 and 5 with tobey magiure i like tobey magiure he’s cool awsome and two thumbs i love you tobey magiure you are cool i will see him on spiderman 4 and 5 i will see tobey on spiderman 4 in theatres may 6th 2011 see ya.

  29. I am waiting for Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman-4.
    He must be return……….!