Cain and Able with Will Smith and… Vampires?

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will smith Cain and Able with Will Smith and... Vampires?

It seems that these days you can’t turn around without seeing an example of the current vampire craze gripping the world of entertainment. We have The Twilight Saga dominating the movie box office and both True Blood and The Vampire Diaries covering the land of TV. Evidently, if you mention the word “vampire” studios/networks see nothing but $$ in their field of vision.

However, even with vampires practically taking over our world, did you ever think that the Bible would fall victim? Apparently that’s exactly what’s happened. According to Deadline, there’s a new vampire take on the Biblical Cain and Abel sibling rivalry tale in the works – and attached to both star and produce is none other than box office sensation Will Smith.

The Legend of Cain (which has nothing to do with the vampire video game The Legacy of Kain) is described as an, “epic re-telling of the Biblical sibling tale, this time with a vampiric twist.”

Smith would play the titular character – “the original Bad Boy” as Deadline describes it. It’s not clear whether they will make Smith/Cain a vampire or whether he’ll be battling them (which he’s already done in I Am Legend).


Will Smith I Am Legend Cain and Able with Will Smith and... Vampires?

Will Smith 'day walking' in 'I Am Legend'

The Legend of Cain will be produced by Smith alongside his Overbrook Entertainment partner Jada Pinkett Smith (who is also his wife), James Lassiter and Ken Stovitz. The script for the film was originally written by Caleeb Pinkett (brother of Jada) and Dan Knauf (Carnivàle) before Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center) revised it.

I have little doubt Overbrook will have trouble with Cain in terms of money as they’ve just had a big hit with The Karate Kid, which has grossed over $200 million so far.

As far as the general idea goes, I really don’t get why they’re stretching so far as to take something from the Bible and skew it into something that has nothing to do with it whatsoever. And with Smith being the kind of star who always plays the hero of a film, does that mean they’ll try and make Cain, who according to the Bible is the first murderer in history, a hero? Whether it’s as a vampire or the guy who’s fighting them, they’ll probably portray the character as heroic. It seems like a suspect idea to me that’s simply moving forward because of how popular vampires are right now, written by people in the Hollywood “bubble.”

I suppose it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Smith wants to get in on the vampire action. He’s one of the few remaining bankable movie stars so why wouldn’t he want to be part of the current vampire craze? Normally, putting Smith and vampires together would be a pretty much guaranteed success, but considering the subject matter, we’ll have to see.

And in case you missed it, be sure to check out our own Kofi Outlaw’s hilarious post on the 5 Movie Roles Will Smith Needs To Play.

Will Smith will start shooting Men in Black 3 starting next month and beyond that he’s attached or rumored to be involved with over 32 projects (yowza!), including sequels to Independence Day and I, Robot.

Source: Deadline

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  1. White Wolf Studios…get out your lawyers. This concept has been scribed by WW: Vampire the Masquerade for a long time now, and I’m sure they’d be wondering who decided to use their “original” idea.

    • I agree. “Vampire the Masquerade” was the first to make the Caine and Vampire connection.

  2. Stupid idea. He will create controversy which has never been his “thing”. I think he’s a great actor and he could work on much more creative projects than this. Will Smith has never ridden the bandwagon, why start now?

    • Actually, Will Smith might be trying to run for political office. he mentioned it right after Obama won. Since he made such a statement, I started to see his image as being tainted.

  3. Not impressed so far. I was hoping it was a game adaption,

  4. It may not be related to Legacy of Kain, but this sounds a lot like the vampire origin story to White Wolf’s Vampire The Masquerade story line. You may remember them as the ones that sued over Underworld’s plot.

    As to Cain being heroic afterwards? He wasn’t nesscessarily a bad guy. Did he kill someone, yeah, does that mean he couldn’t seek redemption?

    • @adam

      I mentioned this above. I had even forgot they sued over Underworld, but depending on how this developes, it could be much worse, as this sounds like the exact origins chronicled in The Book of Nod.

      • i think i have my old Jyhad CCG cards still somewhere…

  5. F-L-O-P

  6. Wow that story sounds as entertaining and relevant as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

    • MercWadeWilson,

      Actually Pride and Prejudice and Zombies sounds like it’s got some entertainment value compared to this.

      This film will truly be a test of Will Smith’s popularity and box office appeal.


    • Or the most recent one…Android Karenina

      I kid you not; saw it on the bookshelf of the store I slave away at.

  7. first step toward film adaptation of Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter

    • The same folks responsible for Android Karenina also wrote Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, if memory serves…

      • They made Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. And it is terrible.

  8. Well, if only they got permission from WW first! I’ve waited ages for this mythology to come to film as its actually a very credible one behind vampires. Fingers crossed for this.

  9. So if cain being a vampire is whitewolfs intellectual property than how’d they make the legacy of cain games without being sued?

    • Legacy of Kain had nothing to do with the bible. Did you play the game? Kain was a nobleman from Nosgoth who was murdered and made a deal with dark powers to become a vampire.

  10. Team Cain!!!


  11. vampires bore me, so this will bore me.

  12. I love people acting like this is shocking and some crazy unheard of thing. The Cain story has long been thought of as a vampire tale it’s not at all new. Look it up this story isn’t new and shouldn’t be controversial at all. Alot of people have always suspected the story of Cain is the story of the worlds first Vampire before the term existed.

    I find the story interesting and I’m for seeing it. I’ve always enjoyed the various Cain tales they have always been interesting and good reads. Of course I’m not a hardcore bible thump-er who gets upset anytime god or some random bible figure is mentioned.

    One this isn’t a new concept don’t blame anyone involved in this film for changing anything they are taking ideas that have been around for decades.

    Two don’t complain about a black guy playing Cain because despite popular opinion black people existed before the 1700.

    • The only example of the Cain and Able story being “long thought of” as a vampire story, is from 1991, when White Wolf introduced it in Vampire the Masquerade. If you have another example however, I would be more than happy to check it out.

      • Daniel is correct that Cain has been in vampire/monster myths long ago. Even in the story of Beowulf, Cain is mentioned as the father of monsters and Lillith (Adam’s first wife in Jewish legend) being the mother of monsters.

        • Technically, Lilith was the mother of demons and evil spirits. Monster is kind of a general term and would include everything from the Gorgonites in Small Soldiers to Jason Vorhees

  13. ah! you had me excited for a Legacy of Kain movie for a second there :( (massive fan right here as you may have noticed from my avatar)

    Personally I love vampires. REAL vampires not these sparkly things in twilight
    Some of my favourite books are by Anne Rice, my favourite all time TV show is Angel/Buffy. LOVE old classic vampire horror films and currently loving true blood
    So I may see this, but maybe wait for the DVD

  14. Daniel, Cain and Able are the biblical sons of Adam and Eve.

    Hardly the first Vampire,,,

    The vampire legend began with a cat named Dracula in the real town of Transylvania. Way after the bible was written, then re written, edited by the Catholics then edited again by a few kings.

    • Dracula may have been the first major case of literary vampirism in western culture, and what we base most of our current vampire fiction on, but vampire myths and legends go way back into the history of every culture on the planet.

  15. Yeah Will Smith would make a great president.

    If you can fake sincerity and charisma, promise change and then do the exact opposite you’ve got it made.

    Take that to the bank!!!

  16. @790
    Lol. Clearly vampire lore and mythology are as lost on you as politics. First, read a book. Then, learn how to construct a sentence that makes sense. You can’t fake things like charisma, you either have it or you don’t. As for the promise of change…clearly that was also delivered, most likely just not the change you wanted, which is apparently Will Smith for president.

  17. @milkfromacow, I have no desire to read up on Vampire lore. IMO, people that get off on vampires have a mental deficiency that steams from problems dealing with parental issues incurred while they were growing up. Most of the goth kids out there are all mentally screwed up and have ADD. You can clearly see that negligent parenting and drug use plays a role.
    Maybe your under the impression that you can’t fake charisma but that’s because your under that impression.

    And btw I didn’t vote, I don’t play the fake sense of choice they roll out every few years.

    I hope you were able to read my response. Due to my bad riting an awl.

    • ha ha!

  18. Dracula was the most successful vampire story hardly the first. They were being told before Dracula was ever mentioned. Also as I said before a lot of people consider Cain and Able to be the first story however it never uses the term Vamipre. However there have been several stories during the 1900s (long before Will Snith thought about doing this film) that were told that called Cain the vampire to create Vampires. That after what he did to Abel god cursed him to walk the earth forever as a vampire. He wasn’t born one but cursed to be one. If you hate that don’t blame this possible film because it didn’t start that idea it just decided to work with it. I’m interested In that and always have been I found it an interesting story. The movie could be good as long as it stays away from twilight and I think it will.

    • i thought the first vampire was drake, as per the Blade lore……lighten up guys sheesh lol

  19. Daniel F,

    And who, exactly, are “a lot of people?” From where does one make the leap from the sons of Adam and Eve, jealousy and one brother murdering another to a freaking vampire story?


  20. @790
    Lol. Did someone kill your Warcraft character and cause you to hate on Dungeons and Dragons or something? Your response goes to show your lack of education. As Adam and others have pointed out, Dracula is just a popular western interpretation of vampire mythology, not nearly the first. You shouldn’t make claims if you can’t back them up with some facts. I find it amusing that you are so disturbed about these “fictional” creatures and their affect on society, but you still think it’s perfectly sane to shout out “Will Smith for president” because you liked his bare chest in Bad Boys or something.

    • ohhhhh..he went the gay route with you 790…..

      • Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :-)

        • I hate Seinfeld. Not the show. The guy. He just pisses me off.

          If your not making a seinfeld reference….my bad.

  21. I’ll hold off judging someones ability to be president untill I hear their thoughts and plans. I can’t say for sure but sadly I think Will would probably be to much like Obama and I’d rather not have another crappy president like him. I will say this just because someone is an actor doesn’t mean they can’t do the job. As far as I’m concerned our last great president was Regan and he was an actor. Still I assume Will is an Obama supporter and would be to much like him which would be doomsday.

    Either way he isn’t running right Now so this isn’t really an issue.

  22. @Vic
    I think by a lot of people, Daniel is referring to numerous movies and books using it as reference material. One example of a movie would be Dracula 2000. This used a similar link to God cursing a character with vampirism. In literAture, White Wolf studios created “Vampire the Masquerade” and has a heavily outlined mythology dating back to “original sin” in the bible. It’s fairly interesting, and has been the basis for many books in it’s universe. Others have robbed and pillaged from it’s mythos, like Underworld, which is why lawsuits were filed.

  23. @Daniel
    Please, no more politics. Personally, I think Obama is doing great, whether he’s a vampire or not. :-)

  24. Vic it’s not that he is born a vampire but rather cursed to be one after the terrible things he has done.

    • But other than Vampire The Masquerade, what old stories are you referring to?

    • Daniel F,

      I had honestly never heard that one.


  25. Milkfromacow, you clearly have some major reading compreshension issues.

    Maybe lay off the milk,,,?

  26. @mandrinksfromcow
    “Personally, I think Obama is doing great” ?
    Forgive me I didn’t realize how far gone you are in your fantasy world,,,

  27. Your wrong that he’s doing great but I agree no more politics Obama being a crappy person and president has nothing to do with this film.

    I see nothing wrong with a work of fiction being based on another work of fiction and interpreting it .

  28. It’s pretty much the norm for 790 and I to disagree but we are in agreement on one thing for sure. Obama is scum of the earth destroying this country worse than it already had been. I hope he gets paper cuts when he wipes his butt with the constitution.

    Also it was clearly a joke when he supported Will Smith for president.

    • this is a movie rant, not politics rant guys. either way, i have no interest in this movie, it’ll be emo’d up for the kiddie vamp lovers out there watch.

  29. i mean i do like some of will smiths movies, just this one just doesnt have the juice to keep me interested