Cain and Able with Will Smith and… Vampires?

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will smith Cain and Able with Will Smith and... Vampires?

It seems that these days you can’t turn around without seeing an example of the current vampire craze gripping the world of entertainment. We have The Twilight Saga dominating the movie box office and both True Blood and The Vampire Diaries covering the land of TV. Evidently, if you mention the word “vampire” studios/networks see nothing but $$ in their field of vision.

However, even with vampires practically taking over our world, did you ever think that the Bible would fall victim? Apparently that’s exactly what’s happened. According to Deadline, there’s a new vampire take on the Biblical Cain and Abel sibling rivalry tale in the works – and attached to both star and produce is none other than box office sensation Will Smith.

The Legend of Cain (which has nothing to do with the vampire video game The Legacy of Kain) is described as an, “epic re-telling of the Biblical sibling tale, this time with a vampiric twist.”

Smith would play the titular character – “the original Bad Boy” as Deadline describes it. It’s not clear whether they will make Smith/Cain a vampire or whether he’ll be battling them (which he’s already done in I Am Legend).


Will Smith I Am Legend Cain and Able with Will Smith and... Vampires?

Will Smith 'day walking' in 'I Am Legend'

The Legend of Cain will be produced by Smith alongside his Overbrook Entertainment partner Jada Pinkett Smith (who is also his wife), James Lassiter and Ken Stovitz. The script for the film was originally written by Caleeb Pinkett (brother of Jada) and Dan Knauf (Carnivàle) before Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center) revised it.

I have little doubt Overbrook will have trouble with Cain in terms of money as they’ve just had a big hit with The Karate Kid, which has grossed over $200 million so far.

As far as the general idea goes, I really don’t get why they’re stretching so far as to take something from the Bible and skew it into something that has nothing to do with it whatsoever. And with Smith being the kind of star who always plays the hero of a film, does that mean they’ll try and make Cain, who according to the Bible is the first murderer in history, a hero? Whether it’s as a vampire or the guy who’s fighting them, they’ll probably portray the character as heroic. It seems like a suspect idea to me that’s simply moving forward because of how popular vampires are right now, written by people in the Hollywood “bubble.”

I suppose it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Smith wants to get in on the vampire action. He’s one of the few remaining bankable movie stars so why wouldn’t he want to be part of the current vampire craze? Normally, putting Smith and vampires together would be a pretty much guaranteed success, but considering the subject matter, we’ll have to see.

And in case you missed it, be sure to check out our own Kofi Outlaw’s hilarious post on the 5 Movie Roles Will Smith Needs To Play.

Will Smith will start shooting Men in Black 3 starting next month and beyond that he’s attached or rumored to be involved with over 32 projects (yowza!), including sequels to Independence Day and I, Robot.

Source: Deadline

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  1. On that I agree Daniel,,,

    And I never endorsed voting for will smith listen to the tape!!!


    • hahaha

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers the White Wolf ip. I’ll have to reserve judgement until more of the story becomes apparent before calling for lawyers though, just because they use Cain (I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Abel’ by the way not ‘Able’) as the main character in a vampire movie does not automatically mean plagiarism. The Sheriffs (Justicar) and Queens/Kings (Princes) of True Blood come a little close. It’s just a pity that WW/WOTC couldn’t have made progress on a V:TM movie/TV show (although I’m sure there was one out a fair while ago).

    I’m slightly surprised to hear that Karate Kid did so well, $200M+, really? There definitely is no accounting for taste is there (although I just watched Grown Ups last night and quite liked it so I’m included in that too).

    Aside: I do wish people would just comment on things relevant to the site, all the political and religious nonsense can be spewed on other forums.

    • Kindred: The Embraced was the White Wolf show. It strayed pretty far from the game a bit, and failed for one of the reasons that Twilight fails. Vampires burn in the sun. The game had rules for resisting the sun, which is ok if used properly in TV and movies. Running for cover, or a quick trip just before sunset or after sunrise is goods. Meeting people for lunches and just hanging out during the day is bad.

      • At least they never sparkled :)

  3. @jordi
    Yes, you are not the only one who remembers the White Wolf property. It is a great property and it’s really sad that Fox or another network hasn’t pushed to revitalize Kindred much like all the other revived shows lately. Also, it’s probably too bad that you didn’t see Karate Kid(remake). I had the same misconceptions untill I saw it. It’s an excellent remake in the spirit of the originals.

    Kindred: The Embraced didn’t stray too far from the mythology. They changed a few things because they worked better for TV, but that’s fairly normal. Vampire Diaries is a prime example of ‘borrowing’ elements from a successful novel series and making something interesting and fresh. You can like it or not, but the WB pulls amazing numbers for this show, and it’s growing massively in popularity. Like I said above, Fox should consider revitalizing Kindred, especially during this whole vampire craze. In addition, saying that Twilight is unsuccesful is pure fail. This is a hugely successful movie series, and whether you appreciate it or not is your opinion, but the public has spoken. Personally, I don’t have liking for True Blood, but I can appreciate its audience.

    @Daniel F
    Clearly we don’t agree on politics, and I would highly suggest when discussing them that you articulate why you’re angry instead of just wishing death and disease on someone and their family. I have family in political office as well, and I see both sides quite frequently. It’s a challenging and scary endeavor, and pretty much anyone to engage is this job field and be successful has tremendous mental fortitude.

    Not only are you uneducated and clueless, but you can’t articulate yourself. “Lay of the milk”, “Listen to the tape”? huh? You don’t even make sense. You also can’t grasp the basic concept of words and there meanings. For example, you can have an opinion about whether someone is charasmatic, but you can’t have an opinion about the definition of the word. You’re just being an idiot when you say “That’s just my impression.” Also, somehow you’ve flown so far off track that you’d rather discuss your longing for Will Smith than the fact that we’re supposed to be discussing our interest in seeing him play “Cain: The First Vampire”. Of course, your response to this was nothing short of…”umm..duh…cain and able are like bible figures and can’t be vampyrs”. This also shows your lack of understanding or acceptance of creative properties that have explored this mythology in detail before.

  4. Umm Milk I havnt wished death on him or his family. I’m sure Obama is a nice guy just a bad president who’s decisions are hurting this country and worse the people who he is suppose to protect. His health care plan alone will allow the government to fine people for not getting insurance. This goes in to effect in 2012 I will I will not be allowed to decide if I want health care or not I’ll get to decide which health care I want or be punished by the government for not being able to afford it. The health care will not be free and the middle class will be very hurt by this policy.

    Still I didn’t wish death on any one please re read my post. Im not the most calm person, I’m quick to anger and have been in far to many fights but while I may be quick to punch a man I don’t wish death on them. I wish death on no man especially a man family.

    • I was exagerating “death and disease” for effect. I understand you have a certain political view I don’t agree with. I think you articulated very well in your above post, so I respect your view, I just don’t agree with it.

  5. so, daniel, 790, how bout them Heat now!!! sorry, trying to distract/sway this thread from anymore political rants, its not what the site is about:)

  6. This isn’t the first time a biblical figure was used as a vampire origin story. In the Dracula 2000 crappy movie, Dracula was actually shown to be Judas Iscariot, and became a vampire after he killed himself. This movie might work but I wouldn’t want them to use this venue to malign Christianity.

  7. If they follow the (potentially source) material as developed by White Wolf closely…then we’re in for a treat, vampire fan or not. The mythos wasn’t JUST about vampirism it was more about a crime and a punishment and the ethos that even a God might not be without blame (was the punishment excessive in the extreme? Did it create more problems and solve nothing?). Still, with Will Smith I can’t see it fitting any of the above categories to be honest, he’s good for semi-serious but really doesn’t have the grim gravity that such a role would require. Cast someone else, someone much darker of aspect (not a colour jibe!) and I’ll be happy.

  8. It’s about time Will comes back. I’m so looking forward to an actual Vampire movie it’s ridiculous. Not sure how I feel about it having heavy bible influence but I can choke down my hate for it to watch a badass movie.

    • @Thomas…

      I watched The Book Of Eli last week, and even though there are some religious/Biblical overtones in it, it was an enjoyable film.

      I’m looking forward to seeing Will Smith in a movie which is different from the usual movies he’s done in the past.

  9. Manfromcowsbehind
    “Listen to the tape” is a talk radio expression that means go back and listen to the tape. In this case I meant go back and read my comments. “Lay off the milk” you couldn’t figure that one out? Wow,,,
    Anyway now that you know what “listen to the tape” means, perhaps you should go back and re-read my comments….

    • @790

      Every time you post you make yourself look more idiotic. Any educated person can determine what “listen to the tape” means, but why even use it in this context? This isn’t a talk radio forum, so why even make the reference when you can just say..”Go read my comments!”? As for “Lay off the milk..” I’m still pretty confused. Milk has no mind altering or negative effects as far as I know, so it really makes no sense at all, unless you are again making a poor attempt at relating milk to alchohol or drugs? ::sigh:: It’s no wonder that you think anyone who would have an interest in vampire mythology, lore, or written word is a Goth with a death wish. Going back and reading your comments reveals a few things…
      A. Your terrible grasp on the English language and grammar.
      B. Your enduring hate for the current President and his political agenda.
      C. Your complete ineptitude at understanding what you are ranting about in the first place.

      This is a rant about Will Smith playing Cain, the first vampire. What thoughtful insight have you even brought to this rant…oh yes…You hate vampires, and Will Smith should be President.

      I think I have come to the determination that you are a lot like a closet homosexual. You probably really aspire to be like Edward from Twilight, sparkling in the sun, but whenever someone challenges you on the thought, you verbally attack and assualt them denying your desire to sparkle.

      • There’s a real daddy hit mommy at the dinner table vibe goin on on this forum.

  10. Will Smith is a black Abel. Wow that was unexpected! Ima wait to see how this turns out

    • I’m sure It will be a great Movie. Im African american and a great Vampire Expert,and the thought of a african american playing this role is really great because all we see in History are Caucasian Vampires. About time we are seeing Vampires who are black lol. I mean Aaliyah R.I.P,Blade,Eddie Murphy pretty much are the only Popular African American Vampires that have been made.Will did great in Hancock so I guess just imagine him being a Bloodsucker rather then a Superhuman would just seem more Evil,but I can’t wait either to see how it turns out.

  11. Cain*

    • Why not? American society seems to accept a white Jesus, Adam, or Eve, so why not a black Cain or Abel? The garden was supposedly in Africa, right?

  12. Anything else on your mind mandrinksfromcow?

  13. Kahless, the Garden of Eden has been traced back to the area now known as Iraq…

    • They didn’t take earth crust displacement into account. :-)

  14. This sounds dumb. Will smith’s a good actor, don’t get me wrong. But I just don’t get this one. It’s not that he’s black, and it’s not because he’s a black vampire. It’s because he’s a vampire. wtf

    I guess I’ll wait and see. I mean I’ve been wrong before…

    But not that much.

  15. What does race matter? Mr. Smith is an Academy Award nominated actor. Get over it.

    • Ask the people bitching about the actors in The Last Airbender…

  16. The idea of Cain from the Cain aand Able story, being a vampireis not new to this movie. It was printed as a story in the Role Playing Game Vampire: The Masqurade. I am personaly pissed at this movie because I have been working on first a comic then a script for years about the Vampire Cain… Ive worked real hard and spent many sleepless nights wrighting and illistrateing this… But I will finish it either way and still attemp to put it into a movie. I dont know the story of Will Smiths new movieand all the luck to you but mine will be better so keep your eyes open people. So enjoy your govement approved violence and sexuality until the good story of Cain hopefuly arrives. I have no teamof wrighters and no artists to speed up my process seeing as this cost alot of money most of us joes dont have.

    • There is also a really amazing book series by the name of Sabina Kane series by Jaye Wells. Her books are about the main character Sabina Kane who is a vampire/mage hybrid and her adventures. But Wells uses this theory of Cain and Able, with Cain being the first vampire, as the origin of the vamps in her series, his movie sounds a lot like her series.

  17. it’s cool 2 still have runing mates around,smith! Now is your turn.