Will Smith Stars In ’7 Pounds’ Movie

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7 seven pounds movie Will Smith Stars In 7 Pounds Movie

I’ve seen the poster for this but beyond that haven’t really dug into it up until now. Will Smith teamed up once again with the director and producers he worked with in Pursuit of Happyness for the movie Seven Pounds.

The synopsis of the film is very succinct:

The emotional story of a man who will change the lives of seven strangers.

In addition to Will Smith the film stars Rosario Dawson and Woody Harrelson. Italian director Gabriele Muccino impressed me with “Happyness” and I’m sure this will be quite the emotionally moving film as well (I’m a sucker for these things, although I generally don’t go out of my way to watch them).

Check out the poster and the trailer below:


will smith 7 pounds poster Will Smith Stars In 7 Pounds Movie
Will Smith Seven Pounds poster

Official movie site: SevenPounds.com

Seven Pounds opens on December 19th.

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  1. I loved this movie and I love Will! It made me feel sorry for how selfish I can be at times. Funny how some things contradicted some of the things the Bible teaches and yet reflected a Godly message in so many ways. I hate suicide, it freaks me out and it is the most selfish act in my opinion. Yet, this man gives so fully, so selfishly, so beautifully; I just sobbed. I love the emotion expressed, and the struggle was believable….the anguish over his loss and his empathy for these people he chose to take the time for. I also liked when Emily went to go see Elizar (or whatever his name was…the blind guy) and looks into his eyes…only to see Ben’s eyes. I don’t know, I love this stuff. I also loved him in Pursuit…his smile is irresistable and to show this sensitivity is so attractive.
    Thanks Mr. Smith!

  2. I am a 26 year old male with big muscles and a big ego… this movie made me cry like a baby. Luckily I watched it by myself. I am trying to find a way to get my friends to watch it but I dont want to sound gay. Maybe I will say “Hey, I heard that movie 7 pounds was good why don’t we watch that.”

  3. This movie is the most sincerely poignant movie I have ever had the opportunity to view; I believe it is easily one of the best movies that Will Smith has made – he is truly one of the finest actors of his generation.

    I too, was puzzled by the title, and believe the movie would have been viewed by many more people, and been received much better despite the inherent sadness, had the title had not been so cryptic.

    Right now, at the time of this message, I am in the last moments of my second viewing, and am, again, breathless with the sacrifice made by Ben (Tim) Thomas to save his Emily.

    God grant that I would be as selfless should the need arise.

  4. My family and I watched this movie for the first time last night. Once again, Wil Smith delivers a great character. I couldnt help but to fall in love with him myself.

    It’s such a beautiful story. I find myself crying again thinking about it.

  5. I understand about the seven pounds (of flesh owed) for seven lives he took, but what about the Jellyfish? Did it die from the icey water or did it pose a threat to unsuspecting rescuers which in turn could possibly be yet another pound of flesh owed?

    • The jellyfish was used in the suicide due to that he could kill himself without ruining his heart to donate to Emily. Also the icy cold water was used to help further.

    • If you watch again, as he climbs into the tub, he leaves a note on the floor beside the tub in very large letters warning the rescuers not to touch the jellyfish.

  6. Ok just watched it for the first time since I waited for it to come out on TV. There are two reasons why I don’t *love* this movie: 1. In a way, it does advocate suicide equalling redemption. 2. It paints a black and white picture of good and bad in the decisions Tim makes for who to save. No one is all good, and everyone deserves a chance to be saved.

    But you can’t make this movie without those 2 points, and I did enjoy the movie and story.

    • Very much agreed! Although I did *love* the movie, I 100% agree with your two points and hold the same view. However, because of these 2 elements, it stays true human emotion and reaction. He is both a villain and a hero and doesn’t skirt around tough morale issues like suicide and murder etc. It’s not necessarily a fun movie to watch, but it is a great one!

  7. its sch a wonderful movie, nvr can hv sch a meaningful end. i fall shrt of words to hw mch i was emotionally touched, jst wana thank all the units of ths grand masterpiece. thank u.

  8. I believe the human brain weighs about 7 pounds, use yours to figure out why they chose this as the title.

  9. I found that this movie was sickening and heartbreaking. He committed suicide because he loved someone and they needed a heart. Why not wait, search and see what happens? This was the saddest movie that I have ever seen. It made me sick.

  10. the human heart weighs 7 pounds. that was the intention of the title.

    • the human heart does not weigh seven pounds….it is 10oz…duh.

  11. No, he didn’t kill himself because he was in love. you didn’t get it. he was going to marry the woman that died in the car. they crashed because HE was texting even though she told him to stop. there was a direct correlation among the 7 people by getting in that crash. he ultimately made their lives right as a result of the actions he took throughout the movie – all the way to the end where she needed a heart in order to live out the dream life she thought she could never have…that’s why the notes and the connection in the end to the guy who got his sight back and will smith putting his lover with the no longer blind guy. he was going to kill himself anyway because by texting he killed his true love – the 2nd lover was to please her, and then as the heart doner for her to continue her life and live out her dreams … watch it again – you missed the whole thing. it was sooooo well written-so well done

    • No no he was not just a lover to “please” her, he did love her which is why he went to her doctor after and asked if their was more hope because he was doubting his plan. He didnt set Ezra and Emily up to be a couple that was not the intention there. But No, he also didnt kill himself because he was in love, in fact if he could have he would have stayed alive and been with her. Its complex and has alot of different elements, but it’s awesome when you put it all together!

  12. wait – my bad – the human heart doesn’t wiegh 7 pounds. look up the saying “7 pounds of flesh”

  13. i believe that the 7 pounds is reference to ’7 pounds of flesh’ – this is an adaptation from The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare where the money lender Shylock requires a pound of flesh in exchange for a bad debt.
    Tim perhaps feels he has 7 debts to pay (for the 7 deaths) and thus owes a ‘pound of flesh’ (not the literal weight of course) for each of the deaths he causes.

  14. The Movies was based off 7 Lives he saved. Remember he couldn’t get of the tragic loss of his wife and the 5 other’s he killed, “texting while driving”. Here are the 7 lives he gave his life for: (Thanks Meaghan)

    1.) The abused woman and her children – gave them his beach house
    2.) The elderly man – he was on dialysis and he gave him a kidney
    3.) His brother – gave him a lung
    4.) Ezra played by Woody Harrelson – gave him his corneas
    5.) Emily played by Rosario Dawson – gave her his heart
    6.) The social worker, I believe her name was Connie – gave her an organ, but I can’t remember which. I think she was in liver failure.
    7.) Young boy at the hospital with leukemia – gave him his bone marrow

  15. What a great movie. Will Smith is such a great actor. This isnt his type of movie, but pulled it off marviously. I shed a tear or to at the end. Not many movies do that to me. C/c

  16. of crack…

  17. In the movie.. Tim visits a doctor who is ‘punishing’ a patient. He finds him unworthy of his help.
    What did that doctor need from Tim?

    • The doctor/owner of elderly medical centre, needed bone marrow I think. Connie was the name of the women who was abused by husband and who was gien the beach house. Part of his liver to Holly. Kidney to hockey coach, George. Lung lobe to Ben. Bone marrow to the kid (nicholas?). Parts of his eyes to Ezra. Emily got his heart in more than one way.