Will Smith Could Become Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 13th, 2013 at 9:19 pm,

Whenever Quentin Tarantino decides to actually move forward with a project, it’s big news in Hollywood. So last week’s report that the Pulp Fiction auteur is pressing ahead with a new throwback to the spaghetti western genre titled Django Unchained naturally sent shivers down the spines of fans who have been waiting to hear what Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds follow-up would be.

Now it looks like Tarantino has settled on the man he wants to play the titular ex-slave-on-a-mission in the film – and it’s none other than Will Smith – who once took his suave charm to the Western genre in the lackluster Wild Wild West.

Django Unchained has been described as  “100 percent pure popcorn and revenge flick,” and Heat Visionsays that Tarantino’s script has been enthusiastically received by studio heads so far. An official offer has yet to go out to Smith, who remains one of the biggest box office draws around – even though he hasn’t actually starred in a film since 2008. Needless to say, The Weinstein Company would more than welcome Smith into the mix of Tarantino’s new cinematic gig.

Christoph Waltz appears all but set to reunite with Tarantino in Django Unchained by playing a role written specifically for him – that of a bad-ass German bounty hunter who aids the freed-slave Django on his mission to rescue his wife from an evil plantation owner named Monsieur Calvin Candie.

Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson is said to be circling the role of Candie’s house slave, who is described as “an expert manipulator” who ends up squaring off against Django.

While I cannot speak for everyone, the prospect of Smith and Jackson facing one another in classic western-style (as envisioned by Tarantino, no less) sounds pretty awesome. Throw Waltz in the mix as a potentially even more bad-ass version of his Inglourious Basterds Nazi character, and we can forget needing a trailer to sell this thing – you’ve got my money based on that alone.

Early descriptions of Django Unchained also peg it as tackling the themes of racism in a fashion that is practically unheard of in a Hollywood production – and that although the project is shaping up to be an ultra-violent and pulpy vehicle in the vein of every film that Tarantino has ever made, the role of Django is said to be “heroic and could be iconic” if Smith decides to take it on.

Smith is one of those actors who (for me) tends to always shine through as a charming and engaging leading man, even when the movie around him is utter drivel – so I’m excited at the prospect of him signing on for Tarantino’s latest. Who knows, maybe the role of an ex-slave with a take-no-prisoners attitude, kickin’ butt and taking names in the Old South, could finally bring Smith some Oscar glory too.

Django Unchained is gearing up to begin production on location in Louisiana this fall.

Source: THR

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  1. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
    make this film. samuel jackson vs will smith yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  2. great news! been waiting on news of this project for a while now. smith & gt is a strange pairing in my eyes, but i’ve never doubted qt’s vision & probably never will.

  3. Normally I would scoff at this, but, Tarantino turns stars in to actors. Meaning anyone in front of a camera whilst QT is behind is always gonna be awesome. Seeing smith do a gritty pulpy role might be a good change of pace for his career.

    • Will smith is already considered a really good actor not just a star. But I do agree Quentin T is a God behind the camera and his scripts and directing brings the best out of every actor

  4. Awesome news. Hope he signs it. This will make a nice come back for him. Qt and Will could be explosive. The idea is already is lol

  5. No way, both of them should never be together.

  6. Todd, I don’t see why you think they shouldn’t.

  7. ALL QT’a films are “100 percent pure popcorn and revenge flicks,”. There’s absolutely no redeeming value or substance to them.

    He’s certainly not a god of cinema. He’s more like a demon that’s fooled everyone into his brand of psychotic folly.

    Needless to say I won’t be seeing this garbage,,,

    • So are you supposed to be the troll on this website?

  8. So pack, by your definition a troll is a person that doesn’t prase Tarrantino as a great director, and has issues with this Durango movie?

    Are you in 5th or 6th grade son?

    • Tarantino is one of the best script writers alive. I guess you have only seen kill bill and inglorious basterds. Seriously man saying he is a pure popcorn movie maker is just ignorant. Some of his movies like pulpfiction reservoir dogs and Jackie brown is the exact opposite. Read a book or something.

      • Seriously, just respect the dude’s opinion. He doesn’t like QT. Who cares? He has a right to his opinion.

        • Oh God bob really… Well don’t I have the right to strongly disagree? OK my statement was a little crude. But that’s why there’s comments to discuss and DEBATE. I want to know what’s so popcorn about the three movies I mention. Let 790 speak for himself and if you have nothing to say about tatantino or the casting of Ringo please St*u.

          • Django*** dumb t9

  9. I think michael clark duncan would be better than will smith in this. I could see him kicking alot more a** in the film than smith. Not saying smith is a bad actor I think he is great but his last good film was I am legend. Handcock and seven pounds were lame and seven pounds had the great woody harrelson. But I will see any thing that tarantino makes why does he not have an oscare and chirstoph waltz is great

  10. What about Ving Rhames or infact Denzel Washington (who won an oscar for playing a slave that got to fight for the Union army in Glory) . Must admit that the last couple of QT films have left me very disapointed (including and especially Inglourious Basterds)they seem very more self indulgent than normal. The spaghetti western is something he certanly needs to get out of his system. So there is definate potental for QT to redeem himself in my eyes with this concept. Not sure about Will Smith though….

  11. Do you always assume Brian?
    I don’t know what’s so hard to understand Taratino writes nothing but REVENGE PLOT FILMS. I thought I made that clear?
    He’s gong through all the genres one at a time. Personally enjoy films that don’t focus primarily on revenge as the driving force.

    If you get off on seeing gory films that glamorize violence and death good for you. Personally our worlds flooded with that kind of entertainment, I don’t seek it out. Lucky for you I guess Tarrintino continues to write heathly revenge films. You know what your getting with a QT film.

    Enjoy. :)

    • Hahaha do I always assume? Why is it that some people online are so pretentious.

      Nothing is hard to understand 720. Your just wrong. You said 100% of his films are “100 percent pure popcorn and revenge flicks,”

      My favorite film of his Resevoir Dogs is a heist film. Jackie Brown is a good ol fashion crime drama. NOT REVENGE DRIVEN. I thought I made that clear?

      You said there no redeeming value or Quality? Yes his films are violent and I completely and sincerely understand thats not for everyone (there’s so much real violence out there who can bare to watch movie violence =/). But the dialogue in his films are second to none. Just the simple banter between his character are worth price of admission. He is an amazing screen writer. So you saying his films have 0 quality is just humorous to me.

      Its cool Ill watch this movie with the best screenwriter of our generations and I hope you enjoy the last harry potter film I know your excited.


    • 790, pulp fiction, resevoir dogs, and jackie brown are not revenge films at all. What are you talking about?

      As far as the violence thing goes. Violence happens all around us everyday, so someone putting violence into a film is just art imitating life. Next you’re going to tell me live making scenes shouldn’t be in film.

      • Well said sully… pulpfiction is kind of a revenge film but has so many character and story can’t just label it a revenge film. I agree with u

        • I think the revenge scenes in Pulp are circumstantial. Butch, got his revenge on Wallace by chance.

          Jackie Brown wasn’t so much getting revenge as much as securing her future and it just so happened to be because of the man who put her in that position.

          Kill bill is a straight up revenge film. Yes.

          Inglorious Badgered was half revenge half oil nazis.

  12. Id like to see Michael Jai white in a tarantino movie…hes already proved he can do awesome with Black dynamite. And hes more then a decent actor. I read somewhere Denzel Washington really dislikes QT, besides DW is a serious actor and I feel like they would continuesly butt heads.

  13. Some of Tarrantinos most famouse scenes are revenge driven. Even in Pulp and JBrown,,,

    Sully haw hard can it be, I said I don’t praise and go out of my way see Tarrantino’s style. I gave a few examples of this and moved on. You guys want to assume I’ve never see his films that’s fine with me.
    Brian the dialog in Death Proof was cringe worthy especally during first act. Inglorious Bastards was also overly long, contained annoying dialog, an overload of torture, followed by a death orgy, concluding at last with a bloodbath film experience.

    Go ahead and support this its just not what consider high art or amazing writting. Its interesting to watch at times but nothing I find myself rewacthing…

    • QT.doesn’t make films, he make homages to films he grew up with. And he fully admits that. But that’s what’s so cool.about them. They’re exploitation films with homages to.classic cinema or pulp.cinema.

      • I’m not saying you have to like QTs films, I just wouldn’t label them all as revenge films is all. :)

  14. Sully if 85% of his films are revenge driven why do/would you really have a problem with me saying that?

    Yeah I agree he writes homage films that’s clearly obvious… Sheesh, remember I’ve seen his films. I can’t think of one I haven’t seen.

    • Problem is you said he doesn’t make quality films. He is considered one of the best screenwriter around that isn’t my opinion its just fact. You dont think Basterds dialogue is good!? Ok I understand you have a right to your opinon but that was the only good thing about the movie! Thats the only reason it was nominated for best picture & also best original screenplay. So I strongly disagree with you and so does The academy and Golden globes…

      Only reason were giving you a hard time is because you said “ALL QT’a films are “100 percent pure popcorn and revenge flicks,”. There’s absolutely no redeeming value or substance to them.” Its just silly to say something about that of one of the GREATS. NO SUBSTANCE, NO QUALITY! Pulpfiction is shown in cinema classes for god sakes.

      Maybe you just dont know what popcorn flicks mean. Oh no is that another assumption?

      • acting in bastards was very well done by SOME characters as well. But the dialogue is the reason why critics adored the film so much.

  15. Popcorn movie is a big budget mindless entertaining film geared towards a mass audience. Films like Transformers and Thor. Bastards was QTs first film to reach 100 mil. Most of his films have a very small target demographic. So how are we wrong for telling you that your wrong?

  16. Brian get some sleep,,,

    • Nice response. Think twice before talking out of your a$$ next time. I took time out of my night to make sure I put u in ur place

  17. Being a QT fan, I would add my two cents, but Sulls alreadyt covered pretty much everything that I had to say :)

    • Word Ants! :)

  18. @brian, are you in kindergarden? You took time out of your night to school me, 790? Lol that’s rich, you must be new around these parts. .

    Its called an opinion, if your childlike mind can’t grasp or deal with the concept, that I have one thats whaaaa too bad.

    Now gets some sleep I’m sure your up way up past you bedtime. And seriously get a life,,,

    • Hahahahaha yeah I never comment on these things but decided to do it sense Ive been trapped for the last 8 hours. Relax dude. I understand you have an opinion but an opinion can be wrong to. In my opinion the sky is purple…. You called QT films popcorn flicks and there the opposite of a popcorn flick. I got another hour and a half drive so if you still wanna go at it I’m down.

      • Lets keep this going. What makes QT films popcorn flicks? Calling his films popcorn flicks is comparing it to Armageddon. I’m bored and there’s only so much words with friends I can play….

        • Brian, 790,

          All right you two, that’s enough. It’s getting out of hand and is taking over the comment thread.


          • But Vic did u see what he said about tarantino!!!! You can’t allow this you mustn’t! Jk I’m guessing this is your site so your the boss apple sauce

            • Did you just really type that out? “boss apple sauce”?

    • I wanna know I’m having problems comprehending it with my child like brain capacities. Haha 790 just say you were wrong so you can go back to talking about potter #28

  19. That’s what I thought! Schooooooled! Maybe next time 790. Don’t worry though guy everyone is wrong sometimes.

    • LOL…^

  20. Will Smith ruins everything he is in, IMO. I can´t see him in a film without thinking “what a douche”, so I might skip this one.

  21. this is good news, Will Smith is one of my favorite actors and to have him and Sam L join up with QT this movie could truly be ePIC

  22. I want to give willl smith a chance I mean who knows QT did make brad pitt good in his film so who knows but ving ramms would be BA

    • Pitt was GREAT in ‘Basterds, he nailed that part. His best since Seven IMO

  23. I have got to say that QT is one of the more entertaining and dare I say “consistent” directors out there today. Now I would be the first to admit he would be a less than stellar choice to direct certain films but he is a master at lending his particular style to the action genre. From Kill Bill 1-2, to pulp Fiction and Inglorious Bastards, his vision is worth the price of admission.

    This movie sounds like it would be perfect for QT so I am looking forward to it.

    Btw…..Kill Bill vol. 3 has supposedly been announced :)

    • It can’t be called Kill Bill Vol. 3, Bill as we all know is dead. hopefully the titile will be changed when it happens.

      • lol, good point. I suspect it’s just a working title atm and it will most likely change once they actually start filming.

  24. I have not been a Will Smith fan but after thinking about this I think he would be great in this. A comment earlier mentioned how QT takes superstars and turns them into actors and I think that’s a perfect way to look at it here. I know Smith has a Oscar nod and was good in Six Degrees but other than that IMO he always plays the same type. And I think he could really knock out Tarintinos hyper stylized dialouge…

  25. I just have never really liked Will Smith. He has been in some entertaining movies but he’s just one of those actors for me that just gets on my nerves (I’m sure we’ve all got them). That’s not to say I can’t enjoy a movie with him in it, only that I would have enjoyed it more with someone else starring.

    I would like to see some young, talented black actor get a chance at this role rather than recycling Smith or Denzel Washington for every major african american role in Hollywood. This could be a once in a lifetime role for someone.

    All that being said, we’re talking about QT, so I’m watching the movie no matter what. The guys gold in my book and could make a film starring Screech and Pee Wee Herman and I’m there.

    BTW I’m all for Sam L in the role he’s rumored for. It sounds like a perfect match.

  26. I’m sick to dearth of Tarantino pissing around with middling, insubstantial genre trash. He should do something worthy of his talents.

    • Gravitas,

      Such as…?