5 Movie Roles Will Smith Needs to Play

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Fresh-Prince-of-Bel-Air-Will-Smith(NOTE: We first published this a few years ago, but have dusted it off in honor of Men in Black 3 (read our review). It is meant to be humorous and satirical, in case you're wondering).I'd only be half-kidding if I were to say that 75% of the time that a new leading man role is announced, I hear at least three people in our comment sections nominating Will Smith for the part. In fact, in my line of work I hear the name "Will Smith" mentioned so many times that it's becoming something of a neurotic tick in my brain. Now that Men in Black 3 is here, Smith's name has resurfaced once again in the cultural zeitgeist.It never seems to matter what the role in question is: people seem to think that Will Smith - a.k.a. The Fresh Prince, a.k.a. Big Willie, a.k.a. "His Jiggyness" - is the man for part. Granted, Smith is ultimate embodiment of old Hollywood star power. The man has conquered everything - the radio airwaves, the small screen, silver screens all over the world - and his star power is still shining so bright that even his son, Jaden, has been able to bask in its glow (if The Karate Kid's $100 million gross is any indication).Truly it is a Will Smith world we live in and rather than rage against the machine, I'll instead help oil its gears by providing you readers (and Hollywood, if you're watching) with "The 5 Roles Will Smith NEEDS to Play".

Every Biopic About an American Icon

Will Smith as Muhammad AliWho better than Big Will to star in the upcoming biopics about treasured American Icons? It's been said many times by many folks that Will Smith unequivocally embodies the American Spirit, so if Hollywood is trying to make biopics about historical figures who have become synonymous with the American ideal, they need an A-list leading man to bring those spirits and ideals to life onscreen.Currently in the pipeline are biopics about Jimi HendrixRichard Pryor and Tupac Shakur, which are all prime Will Smith material, but why stop there? Why let the talent of Big Willie be hampered by something as trivial as race? Give him the Frank Sinatra biopic, the Abraham Lincoln biopics (both of them) - the whole works!You think "Old Blue Eyes" wouldn't give his blessing to "Old Brown Eyes" popping in a pair of colored contacts to portray him onscreen? Throw Jazzy Jeff in there as Sammy Davis Jr. and it'll be just like old times again! As for Abraham Lincoln: Dude, Will Smith has more Lincoln in his swagger than Lincoln ever did! 'Nuff said!

Every Black Superhero (and Even a Few White Ones)

Will Smith SuperheroBoth Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. are building epic superhero movie franchises at the moment - although there's been a notable lack of heroes of color on the screen ever since Wesley Snipes helped usher in the modern era of superhero movies with his role as Blade (a role Will Smith should've played, BTW!).The lack of superhero diversity on the big screen hasn't gone unnoticed, and as a result, there are plans to get black superheroes into the movies - a perfect opportunity to add some Will Smith to the mix! It's already being said every day in our comment sections - Black PantherLuke Cage, Bishop from X-Men, The Falcon, Green Lantern Jon Stewart - Will Smith would be perfect for any one of these superhero roles - hell, he could probably play all of them.But lets be real: a lot of those C-List heroes aren't big enough for Will Smith! No, our beloved Big Willie has the kind of world-encompassing charisma that is best reserved for the biggest and brightest heroes in the stable! So toss him in the upcoming Superman reboot (it almost happened before), or replace Chris Evans with Big Will in Marvel's Captain America (there's still time!). Will Smith is basically a superhero already, so nothing is really off limits, as far as superhero movies are concerned,.Besides, if you don't give The Fresh Prince a chance to play some of the biggest heroes on the block, you know Hollywood is just going to create knock-off versions of those heroes and have him star in the films anyway (*cough*Hancock *cough*). Why not cash in on the combination of star power and brand recognition? Isn't that what Hollywood is all about?

Every Character Who Saves The World

5 Roles Will Smith Needs To PlayDid Tom Cruise save planet Earth in War of the Worlds? No. And you know why? BECAUSE HE'S NOT WILL SMITH!!! Only Big Will has the necessary Jiggyness to save an entire planet!Whether it's greeting aliens with a punch in the face (Independence Day), or whipping out his "Noisy Cricket" to blast extraterrestrials into a fine goo in the Men In Black franchise, Will Smith is the man to call when the planet needs saving. And we all know what happened when robots and/or those freaky I Am Legend mutants tried to run us off - Will Smith to the mother-f'in rescue!In Peter Berg's Battleship movie, aliens take on the Navy; Berg and Smith already established Hancock as an Earthly protector, so I'm sure Big Will would have no problem kicking E.T.'s ass all across the seven seas! Or how about those nasties from outer space who invade the old west in Jon Favreau's adaptation of Cowboys & Aliens? Well, if you've seen Wild Wild West, you already know which cowboy Favreau and Co. needed to call for help... HINT: It ain't Daniel Craig!Big Will's reputation as defender of our planet is so esteemed that there are already calls for him to return to duty in a couple of Independence Day sequels, and Smith is once again keeping us safe in the cosmos while simultaneously "making 3D look good" in Men In Black III. The man is tireless!

Will Smith as Jaden Smith in the Remake of 'Big'

Will Smtih Biopic Starring Jaden Smith 1Okay, so right now I'm only half-joking.  I could actually see this film happening (if it isn't already). Check out my own completely unofficial synopsis:Jaden Smith stars as an "urban youth" whose single mother works all the time, leaving him alone to face Brooklyn's toughest neighborhood. One hot summer night, the young man steals away to the boardwalk of Coney Island, where he encounters a fortune teller who shows him a future in which he is strong, handsome, wealthy and happy. Just before he falls asleep on the beach, the young boy wishes upon a falling star for his future to come true now, and when he awakes the next morning he's a full-grown adult, ready to make his prophesied future a reality - with a child's hope and wonder as his only guides.Daddy Smith and son Smith would reunite on the big screen, and  Big Will would once again showcase what a great off-screen dad he is by delivering a funny and touching rendition of his son Jaden's shining personality. I'm pretty sure that Tom Hanks will approve; with the one-two punch of Jaden and Will in one movie, who wouldn't approve?In fact, let's go ahead and throw Jada Pinkett-Smith in there as the mother and make this thing a Smith family trifecta - I can already smell the cash pouring into the box office![EDITOR'S NOTE: If this movie gets made your old friend Outlaw wants a cut of the action!... No, seriously, a "finder's fee" will be in order!]

Will Smith Playing Jamie Foxx Playing Will Smith in 'Big Willie: The Will Smith Story'

Will Smith Seven Pounds movie imageA biopic about Will Smith starring Will Smith? Said one Hollywood exec: "It's genius! We'll call it an 'auto-biopic,' shoot it in 3D IMAX and charge $30 a ticket!"Of course, seeing Will Smith walk around the screen as Will Smith wouldn't be that interesting: to add some "dramatic depth" to the project Will would structure his performance based on Jamie Foxx's portrayal of Will Smith - exactly the sort of meta-technique we expect from a qualified thespian!From West Philadelphia born and raised to the heights of superstardom, Big Willie would detail all of trials and tribulations (there must've been some...right?) that Will Smith overcame in order to become the Legend he is today (see what I did there?).Big Will would also write/direct/produce the film - with some help from his lovely wife, of course. Jada could also play herself in the movie, and there would be a dual role for Jaden as both young Will and himself (for anyone else it might be overkill - but not for a Smith!).Of course the whole thing would have to premiere in theaters exclusively in 3D IMAX: Will Smith's life is simply too large for the constrictive dimensions of your standard movie theater screen. None of that 2D nonsense over here - if you want to get an inside look at Big Will's life, you have to get inside of it!


will smith fresh prince big willieSo there you have it: a well-plotted road map for Will Smith's career that will keep him coasting through the next decade and up to that podium at the Oscars where he belongs.(P.S. - In case there's STILL a question, this was all just for fun - THESE ARE NOT REAL SUGGESTIONS (except maybe that Big remake). We all know that whichever roles Big Willie chooses play, they will be golden. The man just shines that bright!)And if  you're wondering why this all sounds so ridiculous - well, this is pretty much how it looks when you pull together every single Will Smith casting suggestion people feed into our comments section every day. Trust us, we're all too aware of how ridiculous it is. ;-)
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  1. I think Will Smith should be the star of the Karate Kid:The next Generation, it makes sense RIGHT?
    Of course,it might confuse the heck out of Jaden!

    • yes man…your words is true !!

  2. Wow Ken calm down wasn’t calling you an idiot just giving you the accurate info no need to get so defensive.

    As for some one already correcting you I apologize I didn’t see that I was responding to email alerts and responded to them in order I saw and responded to you before I saw the person correct you.

    • Alright, I will calm down since I’m SOOOO extremely worked up, lmao. Speaking of calm down, why are you all crying about this article? If you don’t like it, why are you even here reading it and complaining about it? I’m not being mean, but don’t like seeing you so upset, just compose yourself and read articles you actually enjoy.

  3. Oh Ken wanted to add nothing wrong with not knowing only reason I knew was I just happened to look it up two weeks ago cause my girl friend was asking which came first. I didn’t know cause I can’t stand black panther.

  4. Good grief, Kofi!
    That’s like saying Megan Fox is the worlds greatest actress.
    You had me thinking it was April 1st there for a moment.

  5. so why are people all up on my man Ken J like that!!! the man said he was mistaken but you peeps keep ram from behind?! this whole page was out of respect for will smith so “if you aint got nothin nice to say… dont say Shi*” lol but for real guys lets all just chill and be friends!! :)

    • It’s not their fault, reading comprehension is one of those topics that are often not well absorbed apparently, lol.

      For those who understood this, I’m just kidding! ;-)

    • in Ken’s defense, the black panther party was formed in 1966, same year as Black Panther’s first comic appearance (and this is according the Wikipeida so you KNOW it’s credible). does that exclude the possiblity that Marvel borrowed the name? maybe not?

      *all in jest btw, it makes no difference which came first and I concede that I should kick myself for possibly reviving this debate*

      • I have also determined that I cannot think of the words “black panther party” without hearing Forrest Gump’s voice in my head

  6. ID4 Sequels

    A sequel or 2 for ID4 is not only doable but could be as successful as the original so long as they are done right like the original ID4. I’ve read (don’t recall where) that many feel an ID4 sequel is not possible that there’s no logical story but that’s just not true and I even threw out a possible idea that was not only plausible but had potential and it played on the same formula that made ID4 a success.

    When I walked out after seeing ID4 the first time I had a ‘Feels good’ feeling that I did not experience again until the first TRANSFORMERS film; the kind of feeling where you find yourself actually cheering during the movie for the good guys. ID4 was no INCEPTION or Hitchcock like deep story but not all great movies need to. ID4 was fun, loud and made you say wow and “That’s was awesome” when you left and that same formula worked for TRANSFORMERS. It can work again in a sequel or even a trilogy so long as it’s done right.

    I just hope that if they do move forward with this they don’t make the mistake that almost every trilogy seems to and that’s where after the sequel is over the director and everyone else says “yeah we dropped the ball but we learned from that and are striving to make sure the next one brings back to the screen what the original did”.

    • I take offense at comparing ID4 to Transformers. ID4 was actually entertaining and Transformers was a steaming pile of… Well not suppose to say that word on here so I’ll leave it to the imagination.

  7. That’s kind of dumb Kofi because you can’t truly know if you like it unless you read it. I was interested in the concept at first because I saw the title and thought it was a joke. I kept reading because I can’t start reading something and not finish it a pet peeve of mine. Also I thought there might be something funny (I was wrong).

  8. Nice imitation of Smith, Paul. ;-)

    U know!

    • Pursuit of Happyness was one role he did alright in actually, and don’t think he was miscast for.

      But Ali? Couldnt buy it.
      Bagger Vance? Cliche.

  9. Lame! You forgot to include Will Smith as the new James Bond!!
    (I didn’t read thru the comments, so excuse me if somebody already mentioned this)

  10. Heeyaa :D
    I love will Smith!!
    He is a very nice ehm..,, Boy??
    Movies.. Ok.
    this site, not my thing.

  11. I thought it was hilarious, especially the part of Will Smith playing Jamie Foxx playing Will Smith LOL! Only question I have is “what comic book universe is DC putting together right now?” Last I heard all they had was Batman and Superman…in their own separate universes. You know something we don’t know?

  12. Whilst there’s no denying Smith’s success – from a box office view – his films speak for themselves. Not too many television actors have gone on to have massive careers on the big screen. (Nowadays its the other way around, but that’s another debate)

    However to call him the ultimate embodiment of a Hollywood star power is frankly, ridiculous. There are so many other actors who have hit the same commercial heights – yet carry a much stronger presence and can hold claim to a superior acting ability and better calibre of movies.

    Harrison Ford – I think it can go without saying. The biggest star of the 80s starring in two classic trilogies and massive in the 90s where he proved he could headline massive commercial independant hits like The fugitive, Air Force One, Clear and Present Danger.

    Tom Hanks was certainly then the biggest star of the 90s – able to produce commanding and compelling performances in many of the biggest grossing and better quality movies of the decade.

    Denzel Washington – in terms of pure acting ability simply no contest. Denzel may not have the box office tally of Smith , but then he chooses not to star in big budget event blockbusters. Masses will turnout to see his films just because he’s in it – and he can still generate $100 million US hits – as Safe House proved. And if you think Smith was good in Ali , then please watch Malcolm X for a true masterclass performance in a biopic.

    Tom Cruise. If one actor matched Smith ,for box office certainty in the 00s – it was Cruise. If we think about it, pre couch jumping and scientology rants , up to 2006 Cruise was actually a bigger star. The likes of Minority Report, Last Samurai, Collateral , are far more substanial than any work that Smith has been involved in. And this is going without mention the huge films Cruise was in both the 80s and 90s.

    And no,no,no Will Smith cannot play Frank Sinatra.

    • Don’t embarrass yourself by getting so angry when the opening of the article CLEARLY states it’s meant to be satirical and funny.

      In other words: these aren’t serious suggestions.


    • And few of the people you mentioned currently have the worldwide box office draw of Will Smith, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  13. @Kofi

    Ah yes, but you missed the point.

    My point is that there are many actors who still have a more than considerable box office output, yet have a far superior acting ability and recognition. Are we then to say that Adam Sandler is the embodiment of a leading actor as well -due to his box office stats consistently generating $100 million hits Stateside?

    Had you said it in one sentence – you might have gotten away with it, but Will Smith as Frank Sinatra being satirical and funny – i’m sorry to be bearer of bad news, but you failed in both departments.

    • Well, I can’t impress everyone and don’t try to. Long as you clicked on the article…

    • I think you are a satire of yourself. Your reaction to this article is ridiculous.

      • No ridicule about it all, just making a counter point to the article that no one can address because what i stated about Smith’s leading man status compared to other actors was true. That’s all.

  14. That was funny as HELL!!!!

  15. Calling all those superheros c-list? I do not agree, lots of people thought that Iron Man wasnt a big enough hero to star in his own film (at least compared to the other superhero movies out there before him) now look at him.

    The case that I am trying to make is that as long as you cast the right person as the role, and make the plot good enough to watch for people to stay seated in the theaters, any superhero can become an A-lister.

    And IMO Will Smith would not make a good Black Panther, maybe a Green Lantern, but BP is to serious for Smith. And if Smith gets as big (Or bigger) as when he was in “Ali” then I could see him as Luke Cage. But only if he didnt smile much, like in Hancock or I am Legend, if he took those two movie characters facial expressions for a luke cage movie, or Heros for Hire movie, then I could see him doing a good job as Luke Cage, but not if he smiling for the majority of the film like some of his movies. Just my opinion.

    Now I could continue and say something about him being in EVERY SINGLE BIOPIC, or him TEAMING UP WITH HIS SON AGAIN AND AGAIN. But Ill leave it like this just so you can feel free to fill in the blanks.

    1. Will Smith stars in EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN BIOPIC FILM is a _______ idea.

    (Correct answer for both questions are any synonym for the word BAD, ie: terrible, disturbing, vile, etc…)

    • Dude, read the first paragraph of the article:
      “It is meant to be humorous and satirical, in case you’re wondering”

  16. The Big remake is actually genius. Just the idea of it is charming as hell.

  17. Haha! That was hilarious :D Thanks Kofi.

  18. Will Smith is good, but I prefer him in films like Pursuit of Happiness and Six Degrees of Separation. Hancock and Wild Wild West were some films I could do without. Snipes was definitely the right fella to play Blade, in my opinion. Fun article though. :)

  19. lol it’s kinda obvious this article was meant as a joke, look at the pics of Will they chose lol. O.o

  20. There I was expecting an interesting read and what did I get? Well whatever it was it wasn’t worth the time. What a lazy article.

  21. Kofi,

    I’m one of your biggest followers but this was a filler piece. I actually want to read your serious article about Will Smith’s career. When you do, I will try to read it

    • @Neil @Allen

      This article is a two-year-old reprint. We re-posted it just for fun.

      Won’t make that mistake again…

      • I thought it was funny… tell these other people to suck eggs.

        • What Robert said.

        • I agree.
          This article is funny as hell an shouldn’t be taken as seriously as some of these guys are taking it…

  22. Him as Richard Pryer would be good.

    • Mispelled Pryor.

  23. Will and Jaden teaming up for Big is actually a pretty good idea, considering Will seems adamant to get Jaden into everything. However, for some reason I get the feeling he’d want his son to play the larger role, so instead they should probably remake that Zac Efron movie whose name escapes me so Jaden can instead play a young version of his dad.

  24. He should’ve played Django. And that is not a joke, even if Jamie Foxx is good, Will would’ve been greater.

  25. I know it was a joke and it would probably never happen and if it did there would be a lot of people who would get pissed off. But I actually love the idea of Will Smith as Superman. I’m a huge Superman fan and I can totally see it in my mind. It would be great I’m pretty sure.

    • lol there would be a race riot if that happened

      • My thoughts exactly.

  26. Hhahah.

    All these super serious comments. I’ll cosign on the “Big” movie. Perfect role