Will Smith Is Not Sure About ‘Men in Black 4′; Says ’3 Is Enough For Me’

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will smith men black 4 Will Smith Is Not Sure About Men in Black 4; Says 3 Is Enough For Me

Men in Black 3(D) outperformed its predecessors at the worldwide box office, but it didn’t exactly leave the door wide open for a fourth installment. The story involved Agent J (Will Smith) chasing a biker thug extraterrestrial back in time to the year 1969, in order to prevent him from killing 29-year old Agent K (Josh Brolin) before he grows up to be Tommy Lee Jones. By the end, J has learned the hard truth about his partner’s impersonal ways, and (back in the present) the pair’s friendship then became all the stronger for it.

When Collider asked Smith about Men in Black 4 (during an interview for After Earth), the ex-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air replied:

“I think three is enough for me. Three of anything is enough for me. We’ll look at it and we’ll consider it, but it feels like that it might be time to let someone else do that.”

Smith, over the past couple years, has grown increasingly wary of being pigeon-holed as (to quote him) “the sequel guy,” which explains why he’s not planning to revisit his previous blockbuster playgrounds – with the gestating I Am Legend 2 and dual Independence Day installments - should they ever happen, that is. Men in Black 3 was the exception to the rule, because Smith came up with the idea for the story – where time-travel is a plot device used to bring emotional closure to J and K’s relationship – during filming on Men in Black 2 over a decade ago now (according to MIB trilogy director Barry Sonnenfeld).

Josh Brolin Will Smith Men in Black 3 Will Smith Is Not Sure About Men in Black 4; Says 3 Is Enough For Me

Josh Brolin and WIll Smith in ‘Men in Black 3′

Sony/Columbia Pictures has taken the first steps towards making a fourth Men in Black installment, and has screenwriter Oren Uziel – who is also rewriting the 21 Jump Street sequel – assigned to scripting duties. The consensus among our editors on the Screen Rant Underground Podcast lines up with Smith’s comments: that Men in Black 4 – if it happens – should take the form of a reboot, where the proverbial torch gets passed to a younger generation of actors (for more on that subject, listen to the SRU’s Men in Black 3 episode).

Collider asked Smith about the possibility of his son Jaden – Big Will’s costar in The Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth – being up for the job. The actor’s reply:

“If they were interested in that – that’s not something that I’m pushing for, or I don’t even know if Jaden is interested, but we’re open.”

The debate about Jaden taking over any of his dad’s popular franchises is a testy one, especially since the discussion tends to quickly veer away from the focus – and onto issues concerning nepotism in Hollywood (and showbiz parents bringing their kids into the limelight). However, the pertinent question is whether or not Jaden has the same natural screen presence as his father – based on his lead performances in The Karate Kid remake and After Earth (read our review for insight on that) – and can help to carry the Men in Black franchise into the future.

After Earth Will Jaden Smith Crash Will Smith Is Not Sure About Men in Black 4; Says 3 Is Enough For Me

Will Smith and Jaden Smith in ‘After Earth’

If Jaden’s interested in (semi-literally) following in his father’s footsteps, then it would probably make more sense for him to assume the lead in something like Independence Day 2 - he could easily portray Captain Steven Hiller’s biological son (born after events in the first movie) – rather than explain how his character looks like Agent J’s son and has never been mentioned before. (That would be based on the assumption that Uziel’s script doesn’t abuse the neuralizer-as-plot-device gimmick even more than it already has been in the first two MIB sequels.)

Similarly, Men in Black 4 seems to call for a re-modeling approach similar to that which – by most accounts – would be used in Ghostbusters 3 (assuming it ever becomes more than Dan Aykroyd’s pipe dream): have the older Men in Black train a new band of alien-fighting agents – like Jones did with Smith in the first movie – and thus, allow the original stars to complete the circle. If it worked for Star Trek and (fingers crossed) may work again for Star Wars: Episode VII, then perhaps third time will be the charm (as far as it working for Men in Black).


Do you want Will Smith to pass the baton in Men in Black 4 – or would you rather the door be shut on this sci-fi franchise? Be sure and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Source: Collider

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  1. I honestly think MIB has had its time now and people should move along.

    The third was definitely better than the second but it still felt like it was plodding until the really obvious and cliche reveal at the end.

    What Hollywood need to udnerstand is that not everything needs a sequel/franchise built around it just because the box office takings were high for the first one and once a series is done, it’s time to leave it alone.

    • Agreed totally. But the only see $$$, as long as it does well, they´ll keep making them. Look at Twilight, the split the final book and they still want to make another movie.

    • Dude. Do you even know how Hollywood works and what is its raison-d`ètre?

  2. I understand if it said this TLJ.

  3. his son better stop ruining movies. I had high hopes for after earth but was very disappointed. He has the facial expressions of Kristen Stweart for god sakes.

    • Jaden’s been great in other stuff though, like pursuit of happiness or even karate kid. After Earth sucked for many reasons one of the main reasons being M NIGHT SHYAMALAN he directed it and got a credit for writing it. That dude has the opposite of the midas touch. Everything he comes in contact with turns to sh**

      • I haven’t seen The Pursuit Of Happyness but in The Karate Kid and The Day The Earth Stood Still, Jaden was incredibly wooden, incredibly annoying and helped me decide to never watch anything he “acts” in ever again.

        I learned that lesson, I won’t make that mistake again.

        • He is like 5 in pursuit of happiness, and its still his best performance and wills best as well

          • He was great in Pursuit of Happyness, not so much in the Karate Kid. But I think he didn’t have to act in Pursuit, they just needed to throw him into tough conditions with his dad and BAM, natural performance.

      • You are wrong. You must not know anything about movies.

    • what you except he is gay

  4. He better make MIB 4, after Earth bombed and Coloumbia/Sony wants their money back

    I think will Smith will start up another franchise for Columbia/Sony
    MIB 4 is not happening

  5. Here’s an idea for a sequel-cum-reboot:

    Have MiB 4 in the future when mankind’s advanced in technology and officially made contact with aliens and is now part of the intergalactic community. How would the MiB’s role be then?

    And as a bonus Will Smith can appear as a much older Agent J. Maybe even be a mentor to the new protagonist like K was for him.

    • PS: No Jaden Smith as protagonist, thank you.

    • sounds interseting but the time been done alredy plus would thire be a pount to mib if aliens r knowing to us

  6. Isn’t there supposed to be a Hancock sequel too?

  7. What’s wrong with being a sequel guy? Robert Downey Jr. seems to be dealing with it quite well… In fact it is making him quite popular

    • Probably Will’s way of trying to say he doesn’t wanna be stuck in the same roles over and over again without wanting to come across as a d-bag.

      • Will smith is like johnny depp we have seen them enough that they need to evolve and be in serious film.

        • The only trouble is that when they act in serious movies, they tend to bomb (7 Pounds and The Rum Diaries for example).

          • Both movies sucked
            The pursuit of happiness didnt bomb
            Finding never land didn’t bomb

            • thanks drool i was gonna use both of those as an example along with terrence mann ali

              • Funny thing is, a lot of people I know didn’t even know they were in those movies. It’s like those movies went under the radar for a lot of people and they’re only remembered for mostly the more comedic roles.

                Even I forgot Ali, Finding Neverland and some of their other more serious roles existed, which is saying something.

                The amount of people talking about Will’s Fresh Prince reunion last week speaks volumes I think. It’s not that they aren’t good ins erious roles, they proved that, it’s just that both actors are sort of stuck in more family friendly, slapstick personae in much the same way that a lot of people over here ignored David Tennant’s credible acting roles in theatre, film and television until he appeared in big hits like Broadchurch recently, purely because of Doctor Who and the wider population seeing him in that role.

                It’s why Will Ferrell starred in the great movie Everything Must Go, why Jack Black returned to Tenacious D and then did more adult, black humour type movies, why Schwarzenegger moved into family friendly comedies.

                It’s to go against type and have a broader appeal rather than being stuck known as a certain kind of actor. For some it works, for others it doesn’t and others like Depp and Smith work well in the roles but those movies aren’t remembered as well or as fondly as stuff like Fresh Prince or MID or Pirates Of The Caribbean.

                • *MIB

            • 7 Pounds was a great movie, and Smith was good in it too.

          • well ofcoures only depp dricks rum

        • lol pirates in black agent jj

      • I’d rather be the sequel guy, than the dad who pimps out his son.

    • this is why eddie murphy is out of the movie game

  8. Unless he feels the movie will make a billion dollars or unless he is able to spread his ridiculous Scientology rhetoric he will not be making a 4th one. When is the last time he has taken a chance on a movie role, or done a movie where the subject matter is at least a little controversial. I am done with this guy, I hope him and Cruise live happily ever after in their spaceships.

    • Seven pounds tho not a great movie was very emotional and offered a diffrent role for him

      • I hate Scientology too but that won’t stop me seeing a movie starring Will Smith, Tom Cruise or anyone else involved in the religion as long as the movie looks decent enough. To say you will is kinda silly.

        I mean, if we’re gonna stop watching movies because a star or someone involved is in a ridiculous, hokey religion then we wouldn’t watch any movies unless made by and starring atheists.

        • Ridiculus, hokey religions. Wow. Someone has a differing opinion, they are automatically wrong? Only atheists have it right?

    • I don’t understand people like you, you’ll hate a guy because of his religion even though he hasn’t hurt anyone. I don’t want to turn this thread into a religious debate. Even though its your opinion, and no one can begrudge that, I sincerely hope this sites moderators put the banhammer to you.

      • Bit too far to call for him to be banned when he only put an opinion forth and never actually did anything worth being banned for.

        I don’t agree with what he said but I’ll fight to the death his right to say it, y’know?

        • That’s why I don’t moderate. I agree with you wholeheartedly, it’s his right. But I can hope, can’t I?

        • Research a religion, what for? Just because its different to yours or doesn’t fit into your definition of a religion? This is why I have a problem with what you wrote earlier and what you’ve written now. Honestly, I didn’t even know Will Smith was a member of this church and really don’t care, Scientology has no effect on my life and probably none on yours either, that’s why I would have banned you. His religion shouldn’t be a determining factor on whether you see his movie or not, it should be the movie itself. But it’s your opinion and you have right to it, but in my opinion talk like yours shouldn’t be allowed on this site “about movies”.

          Now, what would you think of a ‘Men In Black 4′?

    • Actually, Will Smith is not a sciencetologist if you must know. Jada is.

  9. please not jayden smith oh my god..

    • Tasteless?

      It will be if Eli Roth writes and directs.

  10. If they did introduce Jaden in MIB4 then I would go with an alternate timeline. Set it in the late 70s/early 80s and have Jaden play a young J whom was taken in by Brolin’s K after J’s father was killed.

  11. ‘Men In Black 4′ is the best thing he’s done since ‘I Am Legend’.

    • Nice to know.

      Can you tell us how The Avengers 2 did in the box office too? Did Man Of Steel get a sequel or did they jump right into Justice League? Is Adam Sandler still getting work to do the same tired routine or did he retire from acting and comedy before you came back to enlighten us on the MIB 4 situation?

      • I meant, his unwillingness to do MIB4 is the best decision he’s made since ‘I Am Legend’. I didn’t mean MIB4 would literally “be the best thing he’s done”. I don’t have powers, I’m no superhero….

        “I know that it’s confusing. It is one thing to question the official story, and another thing entirely to make wild accusations, or insinuate that I’m a superhero.”

        • Have to agree.

          I honestly wish he’d return to Independence Day, even briefly. He still has star power (although how much he’ll have after next weekend when After Earth opens in the UK…) so even though people have forgotten Bill Paxton and Jeff Goldblum, they’ll still buy tickets for Will Smith.

          • I don’t know about that either, what he needs is a new movie something that isn’t a sequel. I’d like to know why he didn’t do ‘Django Unchained’, that would’ve been perfect for him.

            Will Smith movies usually have him as the complete centre of attention, he’s the only hero, the only star. If I were his advisor I’d probably tell him to do a superhero movie, he would make for a great Green Lantern. But if he wants to be really radical, how about a bad guy, I can totally picture him as Lex Luthor.

  12. i have to say, if him or tommy lee jones isnt on board for mib 4 then i just would’nt go on with tryig to make it, the only other thing i could think of is if they were to focus on 2 new partners working together would be the only way i could see this happening unless they wrote the story out to be where j wanted his normal life back and k had to train another new recruit again, but even then that would just seem like they’re retelling the 1st movie again…so like i said, to me if will or tommy isnt on board then i would hope it turns out to be a no go and leave the story ended where it did because to me that ending seemed like a perfect end to the series and if a 4th one diddnt happen it wouldnt bother me… although i wouldnt hate seeing another if both of em were on board for it lol

  13. I actually think they should do a Men in Black movie which focuses on the rest of the members and the organization itself. Similiar to what Joss Whedon is doing with Agents of Shield bringing new characters to light. Would be kind of neat.

  14. not having will smith in it could be a blessing to the MiB franchise. Having jaden ”whyny” smith in would simply bury it.

    Now..a new MiB movie with others actors? that is a 50% chance of doing good. I say take the risk, show us that the department is not just J and K and maybe with a good script ( who am I kidding, really?) it would be a good movie.

  15. Reboot!

  16. They already did another MIB movie. It’s called RIPD.

  17. 3 was enough for me as well. MIB offered nothing new.

  18. “Passing the torch” to his son on ANY movie would kill that franchise. Face facts, Jaden is not his dad, so pushing him on us is not gonna work. Acting isn’t genetic so I would suggest Jaden take a couple million out of petty cash and invest in another career.

    As for MIB……while both Smith and Jones have been the franchise……MIB are interchangeable (reference the first movie) so it’s time to give the positions to new characters i they want to make a 4.

    • Id argue smith isnt even as good as he once was, and that they both could be replaced by a likeable duo.

    • +1

  19. Jaden in MIB. He is too young for it to make sense as an Agent unless they were going for a Spy Kids version.

  20. Jayden Smith, just stop making movies. He needs to stop looking like he’s crapping his pants all the time. Go play with Justin and stop trying to be your dad.

    Maybe its time for another MIB team. Why not Alice eve and Josh Brolin. Like in MIB 3.

  21. Will obviously didn’t want to be there when he did the last MIB and shouldn’t have taken the part if he didn’t care. Both Tommy lee Jones and Will Smith were a let down and thereby made the movie a letdown!

  22. Smith is right in this case. 3 Men In Black movies are quite enough thank you very much.

  23. Trilogies are good enough, although there are exceptions.

    If Smith decides not to return, they’ll still make a fourth even if no one likes the replacement or whatever—even if no one even asked for one.

  24. Will’s sure changed his tune. First he said he’d love to a MIB4 if 3 did well enough, now he doesn’t want to. Fool.

  25. It’s going to be interesting to see how Will Smith digs himself out of the hole that was “After Birth.” With a combination of nepotism and M. Night, the movie had REDBOX written all over it.

  26. Sequels are not a necessity to our film culture but predicated upon short-term profit. What fails to harvest the requisite dollars at the American box office will generate the money overseas. The film industry is a factory and movies are retail product.

    What did Joker say about being “so serious”?

    For those of us who take our movies seriously there’s always crowd-funding because, when it comes to sequels, those “in the business” couldn’t care less.