Will Smith ‘Probably’ Won’t Appear in ‘I Am Legend 2’

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Will Smith Not Returning for I Am Legend 2 Will Smith Probably Won’t Appear in ‘I Am Legend 2’

Some actors have no problem revisiting their gallery of iconic characters to maintain relevance (Sylvester Stallone, anyone?). However, Will Smith fans might have a bit of a wait before the former Fresh Prince – fresh off the release of Men in Black 3 - reprises another of his popular roles.

Indeed, Smith recently said that he “probably” wouldn’t be appearing in the prequel/sequel I Am Legend 2, despite previous reports that indicated he would.

On whether or not he’ll reprise his role as Robert Neville, courtesy of BBC News, Smith said:

“Probably not. Producers are working on ['I Am Legend 2']. I’m not actually working on it. If it’s great, I’m into it. [But] I don’t want to be the sequel guy. I figure I’ve got about six or seven more years where I can run and jump a little bit and then I’m going butt and gut for the rest of my career. Butt and gut.”

As recently as February, Smith was reportedly attached to return as Neville in the long-in-development sequel to 2007’s I Am Legend, despite his character’s fate at the end of the first film. Rumors ran rampant that the film would be a prequel or that Neville would appear only in flashbacks. Now it seems that might not be the case.

However, Smith does not rule out tackling sequels to his other hit films. A reunion with co-star Martin Lawrence and director Michael Bay on Bad Boys 3 remains a possibility, as does Hancock 2. But for Smith to really commit to any subsequent sequel, there’d have to be a “groundswell of support,” he said.

Will Smith Bad Boys 3 Will Smith Probably Won’t Appear in ‘I Am Legend 2’

Given his position as one of the last remaining marquee box office stars, it’s refreshing to hear that Smith is hesitant to continue milking prior successes. While the Bad Boys and Men in Black series naturally lend themselves to sequels (they are, after all, buddy cop films), the rest of Smith’s filmography – especially I Am Legend – doesn’t really warrant sequel after sequel. Despite its hefty box office take, Hancock didn’t exactly leave fans clamoring for more upon its 2008 release.

Plus, with his universal appeal and genuine acting chops (see: The Pursuit of Happyness), Smith’s best performances could very well lie ahead of him. It all depends on whether or not fans embrace these upcoming original projects with the same enthusiasm as they did his past hits.

Are you disappointed to hear that Will Smith may not appear in I Am Legend 2? Would you prefer Smith make more sequels or stick to original material? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest news regarding I Am Legend 2 as the project develops.


Source: BBC News [via EurWeb]

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  1. i would love a sequel to hancock. the first one had its problems but i still really enjoyed it. and i wouldnt mind seeing another I, robot. but yeah, I am Legend doesnt really need a sequel, though a prequel would be kinda interesting. It could be sorta like contagion, except with vampire/zombies.

    • I would totally prefer “Hancock II” over “IAL II”.

  2. Too bad. Would’ve been cool to see him play the POTUS in Independence Day 2.

    • That would be cool

  3. Seems he’s making some serious effort in picking roles. I wonder if that movie he’s doing with M. Night will be any good……

    • name a recent M. Night movie that was actually good. Not just even kinda okay, actually GOOD.

      • Avatar was Cool !

        • Cool but not good. Of course I loved the cartoon so I know how bad he butchered it.

        • the story line wasn’t accurate and personally Dev Patel as Prince Zuko sucked !

        • You thought it was cool? I thought it might have been one of the worst pieces of crap I’ve ever watched. In fact, I stopped after 45 minutes cos I couldn’t take any more.

  4. I would have liked to have them go with the alternate ending to I Am Legend (why would you release the picture above with Neville and the Zombie and have it used in so many promos only to not use that ending?), so that Neville can live on and then we can have a proper sequel.
    In the original ending he didn’t learn anything and just killed himself. At least in the alternate he learned that he was wrong about the zombies being dumb killing machines and lost beyond all hope. It was kind of symbolic about prejudice in general.

  5. Just wait till they offer him more $$$

  6. Dont riff on sly! He is giving us what we want!

  7. No independence day 2?

  8. What a strange time to grow a conscious considering he just put out MIB3. Dude, you are no more the “sequel guy” than about half of Hollywood.

    I would really prefer however that they not make an I Am Legend 2 considering the first one was a bastardization of the original anyway. If they are going to go ahead with it regardless, Smith might as well join in.

  9. BAD BOYS 3

    give the people what they want.

  10. Unfortunately it never ended like the short story. He’s captured by the night people and discovers some of them have a serum which keeps them partially transformed. They still go into a catatonic state during the day yet retain their minds and don’t become zombified vampires.

    They take him to the city and inform him that he’s murdered a great many of them while they slept. He is the last known human alive and he spends his time going out during the day, killing, experimenting on & molesting the females.

    He looks out the window and theres a crowd of the vampire people watching and some look afraid when they see him. He realizes then, “I am legend.”

    The story ends.

    • Heston’s portrayal in “The Omega Man” was much closer. Not perfect either mind you but compared with this movie……

  11. “Probably not. Producers are working on ['I Am Legend 2']. I’m not actually working on it. If it’s great, I’m into it.”

    all this means is that the money ain’t quite right just yet…

  12. he wants too much $ to be in movies now a days .. so it makes it that much harder to make a budget for a film and then try to make money back .. still have been waiting for an i.d. 2 .. but have read is mainly because of smith why it wont get made .. very similiar ro johnny depp and his 75 mil price tag and seeing how lone ranger is doing .

  13. dear mr smith,

    scrap i am legend. think twice about hancock 2. definately do bad boys 3 and somehow make your way to a ridley scott set ASAP.

    - johnny

  14. Fine by me, I hope this news causes the studio to dp the sequel. The book is always better than the film but in this case they aren’t even the same story. Read the short story and tell me you don’t picture Billy Bob Thornton in that role. It could have been a classic.

    • yes the book was better in my opinon .. and i really feel like the problem with will smith as an actor is taht you see him and not the character he is playing just my take ..

  15. No thanks for the I am Legend 2 but I think a Hancock prequel would be pretty interesting

  16. Just another way of saying “Show me the money!!”

  17. Not sure where this “groundswell of support” is going to come from. If it wasn’t there already around the time right after the movie was released, then why would there all of a sudden be one now after 5 years? Seems like he’s setting himself a reason to not do the or sequel/prequel/requel because he knows there will never be that groundswell.

  18. I dont think a sequel ,prequel 9etc) needs to use the main character from the previouse films as long as another great actor can come in anda great script is written. i think they use one character for sequels way to much and it becomes boring same o same. look at the x-men films useing wolverine over and over but then they use different one in first class and it becomes fresh.

  19. Why make sequels to crap movies. If you’ve ever read the book I am Legend you’ll wonder why they bought the rights to it and made a film that was nothing like the book. They should re-boot it. Do it right this time. The book was awesome and it’d make an awesome movie. So far ever adaption has been a joke but I’d have to say even Omega-Man was better than the last effort.

  20. I thought he died at (I AM LEGEND)

  21. I am legend sucked, Hancock sucked, Bad Boys II although “fun” was just darn goofy. Please no sequels to these, however an independence day sequel with today’s level of special effects / cgi would be the sure winner in my eyes. Pullman and Goldblume probably could do with the pay cheque too, throw them a bone Will!

    • I guess im in the minority of the people who hated Independence Day.It was cool at the time it came out but over time i grew to hate it.It even was the reason why i waited so long to see the first Men In Black.

  22. Bring on BAD BOYS 3 ….its time !

  23. I’m just saying that a well made sequel to ID4 would’ve been a nice bookend to one of the biggest movies of all time. President Steven Hiller and is ever thinning Secret Service team fighting off an alien attack within the White House would be so much more badass than Roland Emmerich’s ‘White House Down’ project.

  24. YAY!
    (Is there a font on this site that I can use to make that bigger or is caps all I’ve got?)

  25. Hey, I’ve got an idea.. Let’s mash up Bad Boys 3 with Transformers 4 and let Michael Bay blow everything up!

    That would be AWESOME!

    Good times!


  26. TAHARQA.

  27. are you guys are all crazy? i am legend was awesome even though I’ve never read the book Will smith played an awesome role and I definitely think there should be a prequel/sequel it would be epic even though he “died” they should go with the alternate ending. go i am legend2!!!

  28. Will Smith, will you please play robert neville in I Am Legend II?!? That was the best f***ing movie I have seen. Acting was amazing and the CGI was better than all the previous adaptations yet. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t follow the books storyline because they tried to modernize the book and they did a good job. And the CGI is apparently going to be better in I Am Legend II. f***ing amazing!!!

  29. I liked the first half of Hancock, the rest of it was too different from the first half, really didn’t care for the twist… or ultimately the movie itself. As for I AM Legend… I hated the way it ended.. it left me wanting more. I cannot imagine another character being able to replace Will Smith and really hope that if the story is fitting, that he’ll play the part.