Will Smith and Charlize Theron Confirmed for Hancock 2

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hancock Will Smith and Charlize Theron Confirmed for Hancock 2

In the summer of 2008 Will Smith showed off his ability to go days without shaving, act like a jerk and stop trains with his head by starring as the title character in the superhero movie Hancock.  The movie had a good box office run, banking over $600 million worldwide; so it’s no wonder that talks of a sequel weren’t too far behind.

While Hancock 2 has been in the pipeline for a minute, what was unconfirmed was whether director Peter Berg would be able to lure Will Smith and co-star Charlize Theron back for the sequel.  Theron had talked late last year about her interest in continuing her role as the female counterpart to Smith’s godly hero, but until now, the only confirmed facts were Berg returning as the director and the addition of Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara as the script writers.

Well, all the fog of uncertainty has been lifted Berg recently talked to MTV News and dropped the following bomb about Hancock 2:

“Everybody’s going to come back for a sequel.”

It’s nice to hear Berg actually confirm the return of all parties involved with Hancock but does he really mean it? I liked Jason Bateman’s character in Hancock and I hope he returns to play Theron’s human husband – but up to this point, the actor has only expressed interest in the project; there has been no official announcement of his return.

When MTV pressed Berg a bit about some insider, spoiler-ific information, he let it “slip” that there will indeed be a third superhuman, an all-powerful god that will be introduced in Hancock 2. Nothing like staying true to the first film where they explain that Smith and Theron are the only two remaining old gods in existence, is there? Oh well, anything can happen in a $equel…

hancock460june30 Will Smith and Charlize Theron Confirmed for Hancock 2

So who will we see playing the new god? Berg is being something of a Slick Willy about that:

“We have [someone in mind]. I’m not gonna tell you who, but we have!”

I love when directors and studios do this type of super-secretive withholding of info, while simultaneously dropping bread crumbs for us to follow. Usually it means that they have no firm idea what they’re going to do or who they’re going to get to do it, and are waiting to read some feedback from the fanboy blogosphere for ideas. So…let’s give them some.

Who would you like to see as the third all-powerful demi-god in Hancock 2 (I vote Justin Timberlake, he’s the new red)?  And are you happy to see Will Smith and Charlize Theron reprising their roles?

Hancock 2 has no release date and will more than likely have a name change by the time it does.

Source: MTV Splash

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  1. Brad Pit as a white trash kkk member who gets Hulked via radioactivity!

  2. in the first movie hancock counter part was telling hancock what happen before he lost his memory and how”They keep finding us,try to burn the house down with her inside but hancock save her or They attack us in a holly somewhere in Miami”So I think is best to start by identifying who is “they”?

    • Did you not go to school? Or are you just unaware that there are buttons on your keyboard that add punctuation? Just trying to make sence of that jibberish you wrote gave me a headache. Go learn how to use a comma.

    • Chris how can you make a comment on someone’s punctuation when you can’t spell the word sense? ..lol

  3. i need to see this …please make a 2… i hope rock can play the 3rd…oooh and throw some thor lol

  4. The idea of a prequel is the only way to go with this story. They were the only two left on the planet after all had mated….so having a third now would only seem out of balance.
    As for who would play the third super hero, my thoughts go to who would round out the cast if it took place in Miami? Benecio Del Toro or Andy Garcia

    • my point exactly! they really need to do a prequel.

  5. I hope they make a sequel soon this guy mixxed with some of the other big superheros would cause trouble and be hilarious!

  6. Jeremy Renner, Denzel Washington or Liam neeson for 3rd god

  7. If they are built in twos there has to be a 3rd and 4th. These new gods dont have to be old, they could be young, like just got their powers and don’t know what to do with themselves

  8. I agree with the earlier thoughts of the prequel. There’s so much you can go on off of what was talked about in the first movie.

  9. I say the new God-like one should be some ancient mythic god thats been out of the picture for a while, hence thier thinking they are the last two. maybe some god of the earth that is just now awakening to take vengeance on mankind for the damage they’ve done to the planet or one that’s been shaken awake by some catastrophe. A god that’s all about destruction of the world as we know it. And I think this god should be a woman not man, maybe mother nature herself. Someone a little more seasoned should play the part too, like Michelle Phiffer or Sigorney Weaver, mysteriously wise yet alluring using more godlike powers that the heroes have to fight against and not just super hero like strength. Wow….anyway….thats what I would envision.

    • Awesome idea! Mother Nature would be a cool way to go. Then they could work in natural disasters and stuff like that too… It would work for either a prequel or sequel! Good choices of actresses to play her too. :)


  10. Third god could have killed his partner, flaw in the original blueprint

  11. It wouldn’t be a flaw if there was a new singular “God”-like character. Angel didn’t really know much of their past earlier, like where they were originally from. As far as she knows they were in pairs. Perhaps this one character bought them to Earth, and then left, and is now returning to see how it went. Perhaps when both of them were “dead” (or at least, no heart beat) it sent some kind of signal to this new character.

  12. A sequel would be waaaaay awesome! For the third God, my suggestion would be Javier Bardem or “The Rock” Johnson. Hope this movie goes into production soon!

  13. A third god will be awesome to the sequel i say leonardo deCaprio would play a great god

  14. Maybe it’s going to be their creator. It said they were created in pairs in the movie so obviously there should be an even more powerful God that did the creating. Mary did say people called them gods, angels and so on so they might not be necessarily gods themselves but just superhumans. Maybe the real god was awaken after their fight with each other and he’s going to scold them lol


  15. i think james franco should be the third superdude

  16. Do a prequel …with Charlize and will being hunted and how they separate and Will loses his memory(add some extra spice) or we will castrate you

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  18. They could easily go with a sequel. Could make the third god as someone who had found his pair in the past but the partner was killed and he was presumed killed aswell. So he spent all his time waiting for an oppertunity to seek revenge on the world thinking he was the last one and then when he hears about hancock and co. He comes to them to try and get them on his side to destroy humanity. But obviously he ends up being turnt down and starts a battle will and charlize instead. Could go well! Hope they get someone good in the cast… Would be good if they used keanu reeves lol see him flying about again.

    • WHEN ONE GOD DIES SO DOES THE OTHER SO PLEASE EVERYBODY STOP WITH THE “maybe his partner died and he didn’t”

  19. I agree with Benecio Del Toro starring as the 3rd SuperHuman, if it will be a male, that is. It could also be Colin Farrell, or Guy Pearce.
    If it is a female, then it should be Kate Beckinsale, Rosamund Pike, or Eva Green.

    & because the 3rd one no longer has a pair, it would make sense that he/she is even more powerful than Will & Charlize, since the further away they are from their companions, the stronger they become.

  20. It needs to be a Prequel. That way we can see all that Gods/Superhero’s that paired up and died. Then there is no need for Jason Bateman since he’s on the fence anyways.

  21. It would be awesome to make another movie for Hancock, I thought it was a really good movie. But like people have said, it should be a prequel, I mean, I think this movie has SO much potential that went to waste, like I’d like to know WHAT they are, or who tried killing Hancock and Mary in the past, I’d also like to know why Hancock seems to snap whenever called an a**hole, same for Mary, whenever called crazy, like is it some kind of secret word that makes them snap? why?
    As for a sequel, having a 3rd god is weird, I mean, Mary said all the others paired up and died, so why is this one by himself, and where is he that no one in the world has seen him do crazy god stuff? will he be coming from the planet that they were brought from? if it’s even a planet,or will it be some different type of god entirely. So many questions, so little answers.

  22. I like the ideas of a prequel you all had but I think you should go on with the sequel, but if you make a 3′rd god you have to make a 4′th because it says in the movie that neither god can die until they pair up and become mortal and then once they become mortal if one god dies so does the other so if the one died so has the other.

  23. A sequel or a prequel sounds good maybe both eventually or have some flashbacks to explain their origins. As for actors Kate Beckinsale or Rhona Mitra for a woman and The Rock or Collin Farrell for a man. Both ideas for either a single or pair of gods that are just as old as Hancock that just did expose themselves to the world or new is good. Old rivals or friends either would work.

    • Maybe the god/gods if not new could have been trapped either by other gods or a natural disaster like a volcano instead of just not let their existence be known. I’d also like to know at least a little about the origins of the gods and Hancock’s. Also more about their powers like when she got mad people keep sayn “is it hot in here” and was it Hancock making the tornadoes in the fight they had?

  24. Gerard butler

  25. Is George Burns still alive?

    That would be *awesome*.

  26. BRAD PITT!!!!!!!!

    • beyonce will be the 3rd goddess

  27. I for one want to hèar the full origins story and find who are the people referred to as ‘they’.
    And i think brad pitt would make a interesting 3rd hero that speaks to himself

  28. I for one want to see the continuation of the origins story and who is referred to has ‘they’.

    And brad pitt would makr a good 3rd hero that speaks to himself