‘Wilfred’ Will Return For Season 3; Season Premiere in June 2013

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wilfred season 3 renewal ‘Wilfred’ Will Return For Season 3; Season Premiere in June 2013

Adapting any kind of entertainment for a different country’s viewing audience is something of a thankless task. Even if there isn’t a language barrier to crawl over, differences in cultural quirks and taste can leave an adaptation floundering before the first frame of video is shot.

Fortunately for the American adaptation of Wilfred, the appeal of a talking dog must be fairly universal. After two seasons of respectable ratings, the Australia-born dark comedy has officially been renewed for season 3.

In a press release dated yesterday, FX Productions announced that the network has ordered new episodes of Wilfred for 2013. Production on the upcoming season should begin shortly after the turn of the year and the subsequent episodes will air in June.

Trekking into areas far more bizarre than the usual live-action sitcom, Wilfred stars Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings, Sin City) as Ryan Newman, a deeply depressed man whose milquetoast suicide attempt is interrupted by his neighbor’s request to watch her dog. Ryan is bewildered, because Wilfred the dog appears to be an ill-tempered, foul-mouthed man in a dog suit . . . whom only Ryan can see. The series’ two seasons have followed Ryan and Wilfred as they bond, go on comic misadventures, and learn to embrace the inherent weirdness of the world. Wilfred also stars Fiona Gubelman (Blades of Glory) as Wilfred’s owner and Dorian Brown (Roommates, Supernatural) as Ryan’s sister Kristen.

Wilfred Devil Season 3 ‘Wilfred’ Will Return For Season 3; Season Premiere in June 2013

Wilfred is the brainchild of writers Adam Zwar and Jason Gann (who also plays the titular man in the dog suit). Originally a series on Australian television, Wilfred was adapted for American audiences by David Zuckermann. As of season 3, Zuckermann is stepping down as Wilfred’s showrunner, but will remain on the creative team as executive producer. In his place, series writers Eli Jorné and Reed Agnew will step up as the show’s prime movers.

I have to admit an ignorance of Wilfred’s current creative arc, despite belly-laughing my way through its initial trailers in 2011. The cynic in me questions just how much comedic mileage a show can pull from the dissonance of Elijah Wood hanging around with an Australian in a dog costume. At what point will the show start circling around to the same gags about a dog who chain-smokes?

In spite of my pessimism, Wilfred has retained a sizable cable audience throughout both its seasons, so one can safely assume that the show has maintained a consistent comedic momentum. At the very least, the announcement of its renewal reminds me that I need to pick up the season 1 DVD set and finally make good on those trailer-based gut busters.


Wilfred will dig its way back onto television in June of 2013.

Source: FX Productions

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  1. I don’t care what anybody says, I love this show.

    • who has said anything to the contrary?

      I think it’s a highly interesting and fun show myself.

  2. ^^^Yes this show is Genius… Love it!

  3. It’s been a great week of news but this is just the icing on the cake.

  4. Kyle, pick up season 1. I can pretty much assure you that you’ll be game for season 2, and even more after that. This show is pretty damn brilliant. The jokes and give and take between the two main characters only get better in the second season. The comedy can be quite dark at times, which only gives it more weight.

    • I intended to get into the show during its initial run, but circumstances cut me off from cable for the duration. After re-familiarizing myself with the clips and trailers, either the DVD set or Amazon streaming of the show is absolutely in my near future.

  5. Everything has to do with everything Ryan.

    • “Say’s the dog to the man.”

  6. I am too excited for season 3. This show is probably the best mix of comedy and cynicism I have ever seen. The darkness of the show throws me off so often, that when a funny part comes along I find myself laughing in the most sudden and maniacal way…and then I start feeling like Ryan.

  7. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat, and entertained. Can’t for June 2013 for the third season of “Wilfred”!! Keep it up guys, Great show!!

  8. So you are writing an article with the knowledge of one that has only watched TRAILERS!? Wilfred is great. It appeals to my depression and has some of the best writing on tv. It sounds like you may enjoy Two and a Half Men more. You are misguiding the internet masses. I repudiate every word, and commit seppuku in a forum of peers.

  9. It sounds like the author hasn’t even watched the show. Honestly, watch it yourself, don’t read reviews

  10. when you realize that the talking dog and his actions are a way to materialize and face the multiple and intricate psychological problems affecting Ryan, you realize that the show has the potential to give a lot more

  11. Cannot Wait!!!
    Love this show. I was happy to learn that Wood has amazing comedic timing and the chemistry between him and the hilarious Gann is fantastic.
    While the dog sight-gags are often funny (and pushed quite far in some episodes), what is truly great about the show is the mutli-layered psychological aspects. Really hoping Season 3 explores that more.

  12. Whoever wrote this doesn’t understand the show at all. It is not even close to pure comedy. If you actually watched the show there is a lot to be learned through each episode dealing with the selected topic. If they run out of jokes they can keep going because of the actual story involved and lessons taught.

  13. I think this show is brilliant! I’ve been wanting to watch this show, the first time I saw it’s commercial. Well I finally started last week, and kept watching til the end if season 2. This show has so much to give. I say it’s one of my favourite show right now.

    • The same thing happened to me, I’d always wanted to see it from the promos but never did and finally saw part of an episode which got me intrigued enough to start from the beginning and not stop until I had hit the 12th episode of the 2nd season. Brilliant, clever, thought provoking writing. It’s not a fluff, vapid, slap-shtick comedy… it’s very, very well written and very, very funny! Great performances all around, and it manages to be thought provoking, but not preachy… Can’t wait for season3!

  14. I came here to find out what date the season 3 premiere will be. I need to schedule my vacation! :) Wilfred it that good! Brilliantly written, acted and filmed. Elijah and Jason are phenomenal together and the supporting cast of Fiona, Dorian, Chris and the special guest click impeccably. I know there is a shelf life for this type of show but I also know they will continue to knock it out of the park until Wilfred says goodbye.

  15. Hi Kyle,

    Why don’t you take the cocksock out of your mouth and watch the show before you question the legs of its concept.

    Ryan Newman

    • Hello Kyle,

      We were wondering if you ever got around to removing the cocksock from your mouth so you could watch the show unencumbered. Did you remove the dirty, used cocksock? It would really help if you watched a show before writing about it. It would also help if you were not gently gnawing on a sweaty old cocksock while watching it.

      Now I know it is considered old fashioned to be familiar with a subject before offering critique. I would wager it is also old fashioned to insist one not munch on a sullied cocksock while watching the programming. But why don’t you give it a shot and get back to us?


      P.S. We spoke with Elijah and he will be happy to give you the cocksock he uses and sullies during the shooting of his next sex scene. We hope this is incentive enough for you to actually watch the show.

      • Dear William Jefferson C,

        I don’t mean to intrude where I don’t belong, however, it so struck me that you seem to be inordinately infatuated with the nibbling and/or gnawing that one Kyle Hembree does with one sock, that I can only assume had been previously worn around one’s cock?

        Pray tell, WJC, what gives?

  16. I love this show its completely hysterical and witty:)

  17. Defo watch the first two seasons but watch the auzzie ones first just so you can see the differences in humour. Their both good.

  18. this show is awesome! ant the finals chapters of each season was so SHOCKIN!!!!!! can´t wait for the new season

  19. yay! I love this show :)

  20. Now is this the final season? Or will they try for a renewal next year?

  21. I’m so glad they put this show back on it freakin funny like really funny. Thanks fx.

  22. The Aussie series was way darker and cynical than this one. The US adaptation has been kept almost true dye to Jason Gann’s exceptional portrayal of Wilfred. I still prefer the Aussie show though. Dig it out if you have not seen it. Def not LOL funny as this show but fans of darkness and cynicism will love it.

  23. The Aussie series was way darker and cynical than this one. The US adaptation has been kept almost true dye to Jason Gann’s exceptional portrayal of Wilfred. I still prefer the Aussie show though.