Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didn’t Return for ‘Iron Man 2′

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Terrence Howard RDJ Iron Man Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didnt Return for Iron Man 2

2008′s Iron Man ushered in the Age of Marvel, and the movie business hasn’t been the same since. Director’s Jon Favreau’s blockbuster origin story was a near-perfect introduction to the now-established Marvel Cinematic Universe and not only cemented the comeback of star Robert Downey Jr., but launched him into superstar status. Downey’s billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist Tony Stark would be joined by other charismatic stars in the form of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America, but Downey remains Marvel’s most popular – and highest paid – poster boy.

Downey’s co-star in the first Iron Man was Terrence Howard, a fine actor who had been nominated for an Oscar for Hustle & Flow following his acclaimed turn in Crash. Howard played Stark’s best friend and ally Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes, a character who – in the comics – took over for Stark as Iron Man and eventually became a superhero called War Machine. Howard was replaced by his Crash co-star Don Cheadle in 2010′s Iron Man 2, and like Maggie Gyllenhaal replaced Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, many fans didn’t seem to mind.

There were brief rumblings three years ago regarding the change-up, but some of the details remained unknown … until Terrence Howard answered a call-in question on Bravo’s late-night chat show Watch What Happens Live and dished some surprisingly candid dirt laced with a palpable amount of vitriol. Watch the segment HERE.

Terrence Howard as Rhodey Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didnt Return for Iron Man 2

On why he didn’t return, Howard said:

“It turns out that the person I helped become Iron Man … when it was time to re-up for the second one, (he) took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out.”  

The unnamed “he” is Robert Downey, Jr. , of course. Howard elaborated after host Andy Cohen commented that “The word was that you wanted the same money as Downey.” According to Howard:

“We did a three-picture deal, so that means that you did the deal ahead of time. It was going to be a certain amount for the first one, a certain amount for the second one, a certain amount for the third. They came to me with the second and said, ‘Look, we will pay you one-eighth of what we contractually had for you, because we think the second one will be successful with or without you.’ And I called my friend – that I helped get the first job – and he didn’t call me back for three months.”

It’s been years since then, though – Cohen asked how things are between Howard and his “friend.” Howard’s response was as dry as a post-apocalyptic wasteland:

“Oh, I love him. God’s going to bless him.”

In an industry where salary details – especially those concerning huge blockbuster movies like Marvel’s – are generally not broadcast, Howard’s revelations are surprising. Besides virtually guaranteeing that he won’t be getting a Christmas card from RDJ this year, what else can we glean from Howard’s story?

A day later, Showbizcafe.coms Tony Rico appeared on NBC’s Today and provided the monetary amounts Howard was referring to. Essentially, rather than pay Howard the $8 million for Iron Man 2 per his contract, they offered him $1 million instead. According to Howard, the money promised to him went to Robert Downey Jr. instead.  

Many franchise roles – especially the ones based on comic book superheroes  - are recast between films (Mark Ruffalo replaced Ed Norton as the Hulk, for example), and while Rhodey intervened at key points during the first Iron Man, that film was first and foremost the RDJ show. Howard was pretty solid in the role, but it was really Cheadle who put his stamp on the character  in the two sequels – there is no hard report on how much Cheadle got, but according to his IMDb.com page, his salary for Iron Man 2 was the one million dollars Howard refused.

Don Cheadle War Machine Armor Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didnt Return for Iron Man 2

Just how much of this can we take at face value? Given Marvel’s by now well-documented practice of low-balling their actors, probably a lot. We already know that RDJ reportedly received upwards of $50 million for appearing in The Avengers (that includes a backend deal, of course), and while negotiations between Downey and Marvel for The Avengers: Age of Ultron were anything but easy, he finally signed on for that film following the billion-dollar success of Iron Man 3.

Terrence Howard is evidently still quite bitter about the whole deal, that much is clear – what’s less than clear is just how Howard “helped” Downey win the role of Tony Stark. While we know that other actors – like Sam Rockwell, who would appear as Justin Hammer in the sequel – were considered for the role, not much is known about the process otherwise.

Howard is miffed about missing out on such a lucrative franchise, but it’s not as if he’s not working – he was in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, turned in a powerful dramatic turn in Prisoners, and is currently on the big screen reprising his role in The Best Man Holiday. Given the amount of respect he’s earned in Hollywood, he won’t be hurting for roles anytime soon.

On one level, we can’t blame Howard for his bitterness. On a whole other level, it’s difficult to empathize with the petty squabbling between millionaire movie stars… Howard’s face as he tells Cohen that “God will bless” Robert Downey Jr. is still priceless, though. Perhaps his best move would be to campaign for a role in the DC Movie Universe, maybe?


Terrence Howard can be seen in The Best Man Holiday, which is currently in theaters. Robert Downey Jr. will return as Iron Man in The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015.

Source: Bravo & Today

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  1. Off Topic but I would like to see the grey Hulk in the next avengers. They could easily work that in I think and it would so kick ass.

  2. This is Howards take, and while Marvel does not have the best track record under that scumbag Feige, an article when they recast him said the main reason was most of the cast and producers found it unpleasant to work with him in the first movie.

  3. WOW, Howard’s ego has really exploded big time. Not much for a wife beater/sociopath to say considering Cheadle is leaps and bounds over him in terms of acting and being a man. Howard really needs to go back and re-examine his reasons for being an actor, considering his religion doesn’t approve of acting. Cheadle has made the role his own in ways Howard could never. He has great chemistry with RDJ and I feel I can watch him without having to go wash my eyes afterwards…uh that is with baby wipes. After six arrests for various forms of abuse against women I cannot stand this piece of crap. The Marvel Universe with actors such as Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, et al who all respect women have my support. Howard turned me off to the first IM film. Thankfully he’s not in it that much and THE performance is Robert Downey Jr. as the titular character.

    • @Sam

      Hey, for a guy with such a little girly voice, he needs to beat women to make himself feel manly you know. LMAO

      Yah, Cheadle is a MUCH better Rhodes than Howard. Even though he’s physically very lean and not exactly a “big” guy, he has a much more commanding presence. I mean, that scene where he jumps out of his suit swinging in IM3 would have looked ridiculous with Howard doing it. I can’t imagine Howard swinging his fist and looking all tough at anything but his wives and girlfriends apparently…

  4. Damn, the actual video was taken down.

    • Here’s another video from a radio interview from back in March where he basically explained the same thing and said he was supposed to get 8 mil.

      • Wow, what he’s saying sounds very true.

        THINK ABOUT IT and how things were set out before Iron-Man hit the box office: War Machine in the comics is just as popular if not more popular than Iron-Man. They made a three picture deal and it definitely makes sense for War Machine to take over in part 2.

        Howard expected that to happen, and Downey didn’t want to sit back and pass on the reigns for a movie. So, Downey definitely had a motive to alienating Howard. Since, Downey wanted to continue being the lead star. This is all a little sleazy, Downey should have stick to what was originally promised. What makes it worse is that Downey got the part because Terrance Howard recommended him.

        • War Machine was in no way just as popular as Iron Man in the comics. In fact, he was fading into obscurity, just barely popping up around the time of the Super Hero Civil War.

        • If War Machine was meant to be as big as Iron Man in MCU… they wouldn’t have named the film after 1 character only… which is Iron Man … !

  5. I don’t like Terrance Howard as an actor, but I would be upset about the whole money thing. I have a feeling that neither side is giving the full story about all of this, though. With that said, I think Don Cheadle is a way better actor than Howard.

    • This was all wrong. Cheadle actually offered a deal and it was less than what Howard wanted.

  6. There have just been so many rumors as to why he didn’t come back for any of the sequels. Besides money there was a rumor that Marvel executives weren’t too please with Howard fooling around on the set and that he was difficult to work with. Either way it doesn’t matter. Cheadle is way better as war machine any way. Howard’s ego and pride just got bruised that’s all.obviously Howard still wants in on the Comic book movie franchise,so go to WB /DC and maybe he’ll get cast as black Manta when they eventually make the Aqua Man movie.

  7. To cut someone’s contract by 70+% is quite a bad way of doing business, if people start saying “he is still getting a million he is a dick for not taking it” well if your boss cuts your salary by 70% I don’t think it makes sense for a Macdonald cleaner to come in and say “you still earn way more than me stop complaining”

    At least Disney is doing the spending for Marvel so those won’t be an issue anymore, but if this is true you do have to wonder if the RDJ standing up for his fellow cast members rumor is true or it’s just great publicist work.

  8. I guess Howard also expected that there would be a War Machine spin-off.

    • iirc – Howard was signed first for IM and paid more than RDJ. Howard had a three picture deal that included either an option for a War Machine movie (a 3+1 deal) or it counted War Machine among the 3 pictures.

      Either way, he was the weakest part of Iron Man. I don’t blame him exactly for that, the way Rhodey was written and directed isn’t entirely his fault.

      However, Marvel treated Howard rather poorly. There are better ways of doing business and they aren’t exactly coming out of this smelling like roses. But, it’s been five years now. Howard needs to get over his new found case of butt-hurt.

  9. Normally I would say that Terrance Howard should have expected it but they signed a contract and Marvel should have held up their end of the bargain. The contract doesn’t even make sense, why would the supporting role offer more money then the main role?

    Surely Robert Downey Junior should have been getting more money from the beginning and I don’t get the casting of Terrance Howard, he’s an ok actor but personally I think Don Cheadle did a better job of playing James Rhodes. Marvel should take Don up on his offer to play Rhodes in the next Avengers film. So, I like Don better but Terrance has a case here, Marvel promised him $8 Million? They should have given him $8 Million.

    • I assume Howard got more because he was a steady actor with some accomplishments and RDJ was rebuilding his career after stints in drug rehab and jail. You’d pay more to the guy who looks like he’d be more bankable based on recent (at the time) work and I can see why Marvel would be a little afraid of audience reactions when they cast RDJ as the lead.

      • Fair point, just seems like the way Marvel handled this along with their attitude towards Mickey Rouke sounds like Marvel Studios can be jerks to anyone they feel is standing in the way of their grand vision.

  10. Millionaire problems indeed. Sometimes Howard, it’s about upping your brand. Yes, it’s b******* they altered the deal, BUT the fact remains: I pay to see RDJ as Iron Man, not ‘whomever’ as War Machine. The reality ($) of the draw.

    But don’t cry guy. I’m not even a fan and I know who you are.

    Must be doing something right…. ::shrug::

    • Thier is a poem by Kipling called ; IF ; everyone gets screwed. Be a man about it.

  11. Howard was better! They should have brought Katie back in TDK trilogy. Studio exes need to learn continuity is important. Thor 2 and IM3 has Marvel on a downward spiral!

    • Thor 2 was best comic book movie of the year. How is that a downward spiral?

      • While I find “downward spiral” a bit grandiose for movies doing as well as they are, Phase 2 has fallen well short of Phase 1 thus far IMO.

        And Thor 2 being the best of the year is just an opinion, don’t try to present it as fact.

        • Thor 2 is the best comic book movie of the year and the best movie of the year period.

          • No. Saying Period as you did means without contention.
            I do not think it was the best of the year.
            Ya see, I already showed you that it is, in fact, NOT unanimous and does in fact have contention.

            So as I said, Opinion. Whether you like it or not.

            Shoot, the site you are currently on didnt rate it as the best of the year. I’m glad you liked it, I am glad you think it was the best, but dont go thinking you get to speak for the rest of the world.

          • Wait…
            did you aslo say “best movie of the year?”

            WOW. are you 12? are you being sarcastic?
            Like I always try to say, to each their own, but jeez man. You CANT be serious.
            Expand your horizons a bit my man.

            I’ll even give you a short list of movies I found better just incase you want to get started today: Gravity, 12 years a slave, Captain Phillips, Lee Daniels Butler, Before Midnight. There are many more that I have not had to the pleasure of viewing yet that I am most certain will be better than Thor 2.

            Also make sure you check out American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street when they release later this year.

    • @Wes

      Katie Holmes chose not to return to the role. I also recall her being pregnant at the time.

  12. know what, they both aren’t the best Jim Rhodes. Idris Elba should’ve been casted for that (even though he was so cool in Thor & Thor 2).

  13. I think most people would be just as pi**ed off as Terrance is. Sounds like he’s just worn down from keeping it to himself for so long. Couldn’t turn off his self-censor. And why should he cover for RDJ? Maybe RDJ’s publicly supporting his Avengers cast is just his way of easing his conscience for taking from his friend’s pocket/pushing him out the door. This is the same in any industry, and the whole “poor him for not getting his $8 million is total B.S. That’s the industry. That’s what these guys get paid. Who in their right mind would build a career by constantly letting the execs low ball you and bully you into accepting the lowest paycheck on the block? Terrance Howard was fantastic in the role. Marvel and RDJ both had a chance to do the right thing and honor their damn 3 picture deal. Hell, RDJ could have been reasonable and asked for a little more, Marvel could give a little, TH could give a little, and they’d have had the same cast for IM2. Sounds like they held TH in such little regard as to put the whole financial burden on him–one actor. One actor as compared to an entire movie studio. WTH is that? And his “friend” got the ball rolling? That’s no friend. I’d be pi**ed too.

  14. I actually liked Howard as Rhodey more than Cheadle. He seemed more likable.

    All of this just brings me back to the Edward Norton incident. This came down to $$$. Both Howard and Norton didn’t return, even though I actually liked them more than Cheadle and Ruffalo. Yes, one performance can make an impact.

  15. Always thought it sucked that he wasn’t in the following 3. I think Cheadle is a fine actor, but not a good action star at all. I think Howard had way more charisma and did more acting with his eyes, which I can appreciate. Don’s got a much more subtle way about him and doesn’t always show emotion best in this role. In Hotel Rwanda, sure, but not as Rhodey.

  16. HEY I see Ultron in the upper left corner of that pic up there!

    • It’s not Ultron.

      Iron Man Mk II, actually. ;)

  17. Disappointing and slyly biased article

    Kevin Fiege &his Legal oons are definate P.O.S. its that simple

    Their past and even current form in business dealings leaves alot to be desired and Howard was one of the first (bit not only)more visible victims..
    RDJ didnt get asmuch in the first film for two reasons because as usual he worked out a cut based on box office performance &a higher cut of possible sequels &because at that point he was still considered even by Marvels execs a “liability waiting to happen” (part of why most fans thought him perfect for the role in the 1st place)
    this is why RDJ stalled so long on his Avneger sequel contract coz he knows firsthand what snakes hes dealing with in the backgrounds &you have to be very strategic with them.. &i get the feeling the reason he ditched Howard was coz he honestly felt he had no choiceor he’d endup on the woodpile/replaced aswel

    Does anyone remember a man named Edward Norton? One of the most loved/talented actors in hollywood PRIOR to making The incredible Hulk with guess who MARVEL

    he took a role that was considered dead OWNED it &did well in the same yr IM1 came out what happened next? little things started falling into place with Iron Man &someone realised the avengers initiative would be BIG &instead of honouring his deal they forced him out made up lies about wanting more money (sound familiar?) “being difficult” etc unlike Howard (who initially took the high road &stayed silent) Nortons ppl reacted immediately threatening legal action &vehemently denying the accusations calling them “outright lies &gross slander” the result.. i cant remember seeing Norton in anything of note since………….

    This is EXACTLY what they did to Howard with a slightly more cynical by the numbers twist
    instead of being decent men and sitting down to work out a REASONABLE paycut where he idunno takes a small percent of the gross or part ways amicably something??
    what do they do?
    IMMEDIATELY (after realising theyd struck gold with RDJ) decided to ditch Howard with the ole hollywood spit in te face tactic – extreme lowball knowing his agent wont even listen to such a nonsense offer then renege on the contract.. THEN to make it worse they immediately started leaking lies and rumors he was being arrogant/wants more money (dejavu???)
    basically shitting on his name before he even had a chance to get back from his dads funeral
    the guy put up with this for 4 yrs? 4yrs of questions and assumptions of his character &being blacklisted in shoddywood till finally decided to shine a light on it

    All i can hope is once the ppl at disney realise what the real deal is.. go over fiees head overlook the blacklist and hire Howard for the role he was BORN to play -Lando Calrissian – The End

  18. It’s funny that now that Howard has said something he is considered bitter when all of the rumors about him being difficult to work with have been floating around since the situation first occurred, presumably from somewhere within Marvel Studios. Between Howard, Edward Norton, Micky Rourke and the parade of directors that have come and gone on these Marvel films it always seems to a problem with the other party and not Marvel.

    AS for the money issue it is all about context. A million dollars is still a lot of money, but when you are told (and it can be assumed have a signed legal document) saying you are going to be making another amount and that agreement is altered significantly you have the option to walk away. It’s like someone offering you a thousand dollars to do something and then come back and say all they can pay you is a hundred. Assuming you are going to be spending the same time and effort to do the work if you do not want to do it for less money just on general principle that is your option. The fact that the money was being cut and given to someone else also might rub someone the wrong way too.

    • Howard, Norton and Rourke have had issues elsewhere, professionally and personally, so it’s not just about Marvel finding them difficult.

      As for the parade of directors, I think it’s been pretty clear that the MCU machine and the creative compromises that it requires individual filmmakers to make has been frustrating and publicly acknowledged. Alan Taylor’s issues with the THOR 2 tag, for instance, or his hands being tied about certain storytelling decisions. The circumstances that led to Favreau leaving the IRON MAN franchise. I don’t think anybody that the problem has been with the other party (i.e., the directors); I thought everybody knew that it’s been with Marvel bigfooting all over the place.

      As for the money, I don’t know why we’re allowing this to be framed as Downey taking money from Howard. Both Downey and Howard were taking money from Marvel. Marvel could have afforded to pay Howard $8 million or whatever and still paid Downey $15 million or whatever. Howard’s salary dispute was with management, not his fellow laborer.

      • I have not heard much about Howard or having issues professionally and Norton is just known to be a control freak about his performances. Rourke has dragged himself around the block so many times talking about it is redundant. But to bring up anyone’s personal issues while Robert Downey Jr. is part of the conversation is more than a bit ironic.

        • You were suggesting that Marvel’s issues with actors that have been problematic elsewhere was evidence of a problem with Marvel rather than with those actors. As far as I know, outside of him wanting more money to keep playing Tony Stark, they haven’t had any notable issues with Downey, so that’s also not evidence of Marvel not being able to get along with performers.

          • What I was suggesting is that it’s funny that Howard became a problem after the money issue came up and how his outside personal problems get mentioned by some like it has anything to do with a contract disagreement. Norton was known to like to have a lot of control over directing and editing cuts, but they hired him anyway. Rourke has a long rap sheet that is well known, but they hired him regardless. They all became problematic after they went against the Marvel Studio program and spoke out about things they did agree with in the movies they were in. If things go south with Renner let’s see if he becomes a problem as well.

  19. he’s butthurt five years later.

    • FLAG!That’s just gross!

  20. I could see Terrence Howard as John Stewart, Cyborg, or Black Lightning.

  21. Oh Marvel….paying 1/4 of the budget to a single actor that doesn’t even deserve it. RDJ is a great actor, why? Because he’s playing HIMSELF. It’s such an easy job for him, it’s ridiculous. So they pay a single actor 50 million dollars, they use cheap cgi that makes thor flying look completely ridiculous. And of course, don’t spend any time on story or character development….just fill the movie with dumb jokes, that’s Marvel quality for you guys.

    • RDJ is a great actor because most love his acting. Regardless of whether he plays himself or not, a lot of great actors played themselves such as John Wayne. A movie’s success is based on whether people like the people playing the parts and whether they like the story and how it is presented, most do not decide whether they like a movie by how the actors portrayal differed from other parts they have done.

      • You kinda disproved your own point.
        Many will say they loved John Wayne, good luck fining many who would call him a “good actor.”
        Because he’s not. I don’t agree with Sandra that RDJ has no value, he is the face of the entire MCU, OF COURSE you pay him whatever you have to.
        I also think he is a good actor, but not so much in the Iron Man role. As Sandra said, he’s just kinda being himself in that one.

        @Sandra, go watch go watch Chaplin, Sherlock Holmes, or go way back in the day and watch Less Than Zero and then try to tell me he is a bad actor. He might not be the greatest, but he is no slouch when in a more challenging role.

    • Funny story about Thor flying. I recently read a Stan Lee interview where he disses Superman. Fair enough, the man is a Comic Book legend, his opinion holds some weight for sure. His reason was because Superman can fly but it’s never explained why or how. Fair enough point, I don’t personally care, but it’s a valid opinion.

      Then he lost me completely.
      He says: Unlike Thor, who can fly because he spins Mjölnir (his hammer name for those who don’t know) creating lift and allowing him to fly.

      You’re kidding right Stan? I don’t think you understand how “lift” works if you believe that nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with either characters method of flight. But C’mon Stan, don’t knock somebody else’s unexplained means of flight because you came up with a ridiculous method of flight that would never actually work for yours. To quote Roger Rabbit, “P-P-P-Please.”

      • The hammer is magic and can only be lifted by someone worthy, implying that the weight is massive if not infinite relative to the lifter. This being the case then spinning the hammer and letting it go in a direction would allow the holder to “fly” any distance. Superman on the other hand really has no explained reason for the ability to fly other than the “jump tall buildings” thing.

        • Jerry, you also seem to not understand how “lift” works. I’ll give you a hint, the SHAPE of the thing being spun is very important. You can’t just spin any object and create lift, in has nothing to do with weight.

          Your explanation makes more sense, kinda like he throws the hammer and just holds on for the ride. But if that were the case course corrections would not be possible. You are just going to go in the direction you let go and that’s it.

          I was commenting on what Stan Lee said, which was that “it creates lift like a helicopter does.” Pure BS.

          I will say again, I never had a problem with either method, these are freaking comic books not science fiction. I just hate lame fanboy rationale.

          • I doubt that the idea is lift in the aerodynamic sense. The idea is ability to lift a object by way of the force supplied by the weight of the hammer! The hammer can change course as it is under the control of Thor (as seen in the latest movie when flying through the streets returning to Thor).

            • You both seem to not know how comics or movies work. First, writers write things, then the comic is drawn or the movie is made, and the thing happens. Doesn’t need to be true or realistic.

  22. Whinner!

  23. A good person would know to see what’s wrong with himself first before making accusations and puts the blame to others. It’s hard to do, but it’s a fact.

    Personally I think looks-wise, I like Howard better… but attitude-wise, Cheadle is leagues better especially after knowing Howard’s continuous reaction in public. It’s like he’s a child who couldn’t get his toy or candy, I mean the case is over years ago, and obviously it’s partially HIS own decision to cut the contract as well (things like this go two ways right? The same thing like Norton), so why does he keep on making a big fuzz about it? Now I’m not judging him or anything, but just from common sense and how he reacts now, it’s obvious enough why Marvel didn’t want him back.

  24. Wow. I was hoping to post something along the lines of “this is more Hollywood BS,” and was going to say something about how it likely related to paychecks.

    Howard beat me to it. Nice to see some of Hollywood’s under-dealings exposed for what they are. LOVE Downey in the IM role, but seriously. No one on the planet is worth a 50 million dollar paycheck, either for one project, or THEIR ENTIRE LIVES. Not when so many others have little or nothing in the world. Some of these replies to the contrary, are disgusting.

    • You’re worth as much as they’re willing to pay for you. So yeah, that means RDJ is worth a 50$ million note and I’m not.

      World’s not fair, nor should it be.

  25. Poor b*stard….

    Only a million…

    no wonder cinema tickets cost so much.

  26. Had Howard been paid what he was supposed to, IM2 would have been a better movie, and we probably would have had War Machine show up in Avengers, and actually get Shied and Black Panther movies. Perhaps if Marvel listened to Norton, TIH would have been better, and we would have had another Hulk movie too. Thor 2 would have been better if Taylor had autonomy. Avengers could have been better if Renner’s Hawkeye was developed. All these point to the leadership issues at Marvel/Disney. Also, some humor is okay in these Marvel movies, but there’s too much if it.

  27. Ironman has been real choppy after the first one. I mean 3 was ok, but that second one is pretty embarrassing to watch just because there was too much going on. The scene with Tony’s dad movie was such a forced heart warmer. It felt like someone that you are unsure about telling you they love you on the first date. It was too much, I think Terrance Howard needs to just bow out and be through and feel fortunate that he was not involved in these sequels. Now for the guy that knocked Thor 2 and said that it was a “Downward Spiral” keep in mind that this movie brought promise back to phase 2 Because Ironman 3 and the stint with the Mandarin really made me loose hope in all the marvel comics movies on the horizon. I feel in someway that Thor 2 is putting phase 2 back in the direction due to the tone still felling like it actually took place after Avengers. Iron man 3 seemed like a movie with Robert Downey Jr. in a crime drama and a robot suit happened to show up here and there. It did not feel like anything relate to Marvel at all, so if you want to call Thor 2 a downward spiral then Iron Man 3 is the black hole in Event Horizon, no wait worse than that……Disney’s The Black Hole, in fact Iron man 2 is just beyond reproach and back to the point of Terrance Howard he should be grateful that he has nothing to do with this series anymore. I don’t get it he wants people to see him as the acclaimed actor in films like Crash, Winnie Mandela, he was in Mr. Hollands Opus. didn’t he win best actor for Hustle and Flow, which was a movie that broke ground for the academy! If Terrance Howard considers himself an actor rather than a employee then he would let this madness go and realize that Iron Man alone sucks now and he was involved in the only one of the Iron man movies that was good. It was more than good it is to me one of the best comic book movies of all time! I put Iron man (the first on) up there with movies like Avengers, the Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Watchmen and X Men First Class (first class that is!). So Terrance Howard going back to you exposing your dirty laundry, let me ask you this: Does Daniel Day Lewis ever go to the media about feeling short change with any of his roles? If you are running out of money Terrance Howard stop trying to fit in with Hollywood and feel grateful that you are getting paid a fortune doing what you love even if the movie sucks you still get paid a good wage and I can easily name a some movies right now that you have been in that sucked and I think an 8 bit video game rendering of the movie could’ve been more compelling (LIKE BIKER BOYZ and sorry to say this may upset a few bleeding hearts but…. wait for it…..wait for it………CRASH)! So Terrance I am done and I hope that you have a new found appreciation about your job (since you don’t see it as a career)and be happy that you can still get work unlike everyone you left behind on Family Matters.

    This IS Smug George Clooney and you are NOT!

  28. Ugh, then why go into acting? I would’ve GLADLY taken what Marvel had offered if it meant sticking with a blooming franchise (although I’m a girl, but that irrelevant).

    Besides, it’s understandable RDJ would get more. He’s the flippin’ star! Had Howard stuck it out, he would’ve gotten more later, anyway, if all he cared about was the money.

  29. I would have never turned down One Million Dollars to walk around in a CGI War Machine Suit, even if it’s 1/8 of your promised contract. Who cares about friendships Terrence Howard, your in Hollywood. Contracts are broken everyday, plus RDJ is a better actor. Your Still crying over what happened years ago, bad decision by you bro! Any one in any job is always replaceable.