Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didn’t Return for ‘Iron Man 2′

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Terrence Howard RDJ Iron Man Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didnt Return for Iron Man 2

2008’s Iron Man ushered in the Age of Marvel, and the movie business hasn’t been the same since. Director’s Jon Favreau’s blockbuster origin story was a near-perfect introduction to the now-established Marvel Cinematic Universe and not only cemented the comeback of star Robert Downey Jr., but launched him into superstar status. Downey’s billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist Tony Stark would be joined by other charismatic stars in the form of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America, but Downey remains Marvel’s most popular – and highest paid – poster boy.

Downey’s co-star in the first Iron Man was Terrence Howard, a fine actor who had been nominated for an Oscar for Hustle & Flow following his acclaimed turn in Crash. Howard played Stark’s best friend and ally Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes, a character who – in the comics – took over for Stark as Iron Man and eventually became a superhero called War Machine. Howard was replaced by his Crash co-star Don Cheadle in 2010’s Iron Man 2, and like Maggie Gyllenhaal replaced Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, many fans didn’t seem to mind.

There were brief rumblings three years ago regarding the change-up, but some of the details remained unknown … until Terrence Howard answered a call-in question on Bravo’s late-night chat show Watch What Happens Live and dished some surprisingly candid dirt laced with a palpable amount of vitriol. Watch the segment HERE.

Terrence Howard as Rhodey Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didnt Return for Iron Man 2

On why he didn’t return, Howard said:

“It turns out that the person I helped become Iron Man … when it was time to re-up for the second one, (he) took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out.”  

The unnamed “he” is Robert Downey, Jr. , of course. Howard elaborated after host Andy Cohen commented that “The word was that you wanted the same money as Downey.” According to Howard:

“We did a three-picture deal, so that means that you did the deal ahead of time. It was going to be a certain amount for the first one, a certain amount for the second one, a certain amount for the third. They came to me with the second and said, ‘Look, we will pay you one-eighth of what we contractually had for you, because we think the second one will be successful with or without you.’ And I called my friend – that I helped get the first job – and he didn’t call me back for three months.”

It’s been years since then, though – Cohen asked how things are between Howard and his “friend.” Howard’s response was as dry as a post-apocalyptic wasteland:

“Oh, I love him. God’s going to bless him.”

In an industry where salary details – especially those concerning huge blockbuster movies like Marvel’s – are generally not broadcast, Howard’s revelations are surprising. Besides virtually guaranteeing that he won’t be getting a Christmas card from RDJ this year, what else can we glean from Howard’s story?

A day later, Showbizcafe.coms Tony Rico appeared on NBC’s Today and provided the monetary amounts Howard was referring to. Essentially, rather than pay Howard the $8 million for Iron Man 2 per his contract, they offered him $1 million instead. According to Howard, the money promised to him went to Robert Downey Jr. instead.  

Many franchise roles – especially the ones based on comic book superheroes  – are recast between films (Mark Ruffalo replaced Ed Norton as the Hulk, for example), and while Rhodey intervened at key points during the first Iron Man, that film was first and foremost the RDJ show. Howard was pretty solid in the role, but it was really Cheadle who put his stamp on the character  in the two sequels – there is no hard report on how much Cheadle got, but according to his IMDb.com page, his salary for Iron Man 2 was the one million dollars Howard refused.

Don Cheadle War Machine Armor Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didnt Return for Iron Man 2

Just how much of this can we take at face value? Given Marvel’s by now well-documented practice of low-balling their actors, probably a lot. We already know that RDJ reportedly received upwards of $50 million for appearing in The Avengers (that includes a backend deal, of course), and while negotiations between Downey and Marvel for The Avengers: Age of Ultron were anything but easy, he finally signed on for that film following the billion-dollar success of Iron Man 3.

Terrence Howard is evidently still quite bitter about the whole deal, that much is clear – what’s less than clear is just how Howard “helped” Downey win the role of Tony Stark. While we know that other actors – like Sam Rockwell, who would appear as Justin Hammer in the sequel – were considered for the role, not much is known about the process otherwise.

Howard is miffed about missing out on such a lucrative franchise, but it’s not as if he’s not working – he was in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, turned in a powerful dramatic turn in Prisoners, and is currently on the big screen reprising his role in The Best Man Holiday. Given the amount of respect he’s earned in Hollywood, he won’t be hurting for roles anytime soon.

On one level, we can’t blame Howard for his bitterness. On a whole other level, it’s difficult to empathize with the petty squabbling between millionaire movie stars… Howard’s face as he tells Cohen that “God will bless” Robert Downey Jr. is still priceless, though. Perhaps his best move would be to campaign for a role in the DC Movie Universe, maybe?


Terrence Howard can be seen in The Best Man Holiday, which is currently in theaters. Robert Downey Jr. will return as Iron Man in The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015.

Source: Bravo & Today

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  1. Damn.

  2. Wow…and i thought RDJ was only an a**hole on set…

  3. I know this is a little off topic. but is Jeremy Renner returning for Avengers age of Ultron? or did he get fired?

    • The unspoken things I would do for $1 million. Seriously, I agree wholeheartedly with J.J. Abrams about how movies doesn’t need to be made for half a billion dollars to be good, and the actors don’t really need multi million dollar salaries for two months shooting.

      There are loads of really good films that are made for a lot less money and yet they get just as much recognition as these big budget films.

      It does seem however that Marvel has a problem shafting good actors out of their role. Like Edward Norton was a good Banner. I would have loved to see him try to argue with RDJ. For me I’ve always seen Banner as somewhat quirky and scrawny who did take his alter ego very seriously. But to each their own. Not saying Ruffalo didn’t do a good job either. I just preferred Norton’s portrayal best. Also, wasn’t Ruffalo and Norton promised a few more movies? I think it’s pretty clear that we all kinda want one more stand alone Hulk movie.

      • Wait, how did my comment end up as your reply???

        Is there something wrong with screenrant’s commenting system?

      • Wasn’t Norton notoriously difficult to work with on TIH? I mean, I don’t know why you’d want an actor who might try to bigfoot all over the place when you just need him to be a supporting player in a big ensemble movie. Ruffalo seems more willing to be a team player.

        Ruffalo has a nine-picture deal, I think. I assume they won’t use him in more than a couple AVENGERS movies. There don’t seem to be any spots anywhere for a standalone Hulk.

          • I didn’t much care for either standalone Hulk and I’d be fine with never getting another, which I know isn’t the most popular opinion. I probably liked Lee’s Hulk marginally more, just because it was more of an oddball auterist failure than a standard if oddly structured Hollywood genre exercise. Norton gave a better performance than Bana, to be sure, but, IMO, Ruffalo works better in an ensemble than Norton would have and he’s better for Whedon’s apparently Bixbyesque conception of the character. So I’m fine with Ruffalo going forward, assuming he’s only ever used in team-ups and big ensemble films. Ruffalo’s clearly not right for the lead of a $200 million franchise picture, no.

          • @Manic

            I would believe it’s a mixture of both. I know from many other reports from people who have worked with Norton (or TRIED to work with Norton in some cases) that he is pretty much an arrogant, pretentious, snob that thinks he knows better than everyone else, including the director, who he would then proceed to ignore and do his own thing… But honestly, while compared to Hulk, The Incredible Hulk was much better, honestly, it was probably my least favorite of the Marvel phase 1 movies mainly because it seemed to try to take itself a little too seriously… Iron Man 2 kind of took it the other direction, but still, I definitely loved Ruffalo’s Hulk the most in The Avengers. Mark Ruffalo did the perfect mix of the unassuming Bruce Banner, even with a sense of humor. Which is what makes the moments that he seems to snap seem a little unnerving… Either way, I liked the Avengers portrayal of the character a whole lot more than TIH’s, even though I thought that was a pretty decent movie.

            • Rumor has it that Norton wanted like 60 million to do The Avengers and to direct the movie.

              • If that’s true, that’s crazycakes. Both of those requests. Crazycakes.

      • It’s easy to shave some money off of your budget when you don’t pay for a new script and instead just rip off an earlier, much better one. Abrams is a genius.

    • It is the same story with rennor, he asked for more money based mostly on his deal he received for the Bourne films. Marvel didn’t really fire him rather they just never extended his contract. Rumour is that Jensen Ackles is the front runner to inherit the role

      • if that is true that would be awesome but he is really busy on a little and awesome show called supernatural which shoots for like nine to ten months of the year. I Wanted for captain america but chris evans did a fine job

      • FWIW, Renner is still listed in the cast for AVENGERS 2 in imdb. There were a bunch of rumors in mid-May that Hawkeye was being recast, but those don’t seem to be panning out.

      • Don’t know where you got that info. Right now, its common knowledge he’s still Hawkeye unless they announce something.

  4. Oh poor you, you got offered to do what, 7-8 weeks of shooting for 1 mil $? Oh poor you, it must be hard being rich and spoiled cu*t.

    • Considering most of the bitterness comes from the fact that $7million promised to him was being added to the $8million RDJ was getting anyway (making RDJ $15million for IM2), I’d be upset too.

      Whether he had the foresight to see Rhodes wear the suit and get a slightly more expanded role in IM2 and IM3, well, that’s doubtful or he may have stuck around and held out for more next time. Hindsight and all that.

      • Well, take it or leave it, and I guess he left it, which is fine by me. Honestly, Robert Downey Jr. does deserve to have more money than Howard. He is definitely more the reason for the character’s success than Howard. Further proof of this is how Don Cheadle actually has done a better job in portraying Rhodey than Howard anyway…

    • @ Thor

      Okay, fair enough.

      So how do you feel about Downey? lol

    • Agree 100% with Thor. 1 million is heaps. Especially for acting. In one movie. If there was a contract, go to court. Fight. Don’t get all bit**y years later cause your too good to be paid 1 million dollars. He did a great job in Iron Man, but it really was the RDJ show, and did he really expect to be paid the same after the massive success that IM1 was?

      Considering the massive success of IM2, The Avengers and IM3 I’d say Marvel made the right choice in making sure RDJ stayed, even if was at the expense of a fellow actor who thought his time playing the side kick was worth more than a million big ones.

      • I’m sure they had a clause in there somewhere to prevent lawsuits (like promising a certain amount of money and then having to back out if the movie wasn’t financially viable and any potential sequels were canned permanently).

        Still though, Howard’s time in the business and the fact he’s been in some acclaimed roles before and since IM1 mean that $1million is definitely something he’d earned the right to work for.

        Just look at the actors who get upwards of $40million per role and all sorts of rights and merchandising deals thrown in for even more money.

        • “Just look at the actors who get upwards of $40million per role and all sorts of rights and merchandising deals thrown in for even more money.”

          Yeah, like ROBERT DOWNEY JR!

          • Ha.

            I was thinking of Will Smith, Brad Pitt etc but him too now.

            As long as we get more Sherlock Holmes and he does something as brilliant as Chaplin again, I’m cool with it.

        • Glad Someone Recognized That The Directors Make FAR Less Than any Actor.

          • correction: make far less than SOME actors.

    • A deal is a deal. If you went to work and your boss told you, oh by the way your check is going to be $ 100.00 from now on , what would you say?

  5. If it was contractual, why couldnt he take them to court?
    This is one of my biggest problems with Marvel. The way they treat most of their actors and ALL of their film makers as expandable. It will bite them in the buttocks sooner or later.

    His reploacement didnt “put his stamp” on the role IMO, the script expanded the role. I think Howard is twice the actor Cheadle is.

    I do have to admit though, even though I dislike actors (who didnt quit or die) being replaced, Ruffalo fit the Banner role better than Norton did.

    • I completely disagree there.

      Norton to me is Banner. He has that slight build you come to expect from the comic books where Banner is wiry and slender compared to his huge, hulking alter-ego. He also played the role a lot more convincingly than Ruffalo did. One movie and a post-credits button in and I still can’t accept Ruffalo as Banner unless something spectacular happens in his next appearance in the role.

      He looked almost smarmy and arrogant in The Avengers in my opinion.

      • I agree Dazz. Wasn’t Banner a doctor in Ethiopia or some other Third World Country at the start of The Avengers? Well, he looked pretty well fed for someone who put the needs of others before himself. Just sayin’.

        • Yeah he was in India and didn’t look like a man on the run with barely anything to eat on his travels, constantly looking over his shoulder and paranoid. In fact, he seemed well-fed and just completely smarmy the whole time. I wanted him to turn into The Hulk purely so I wouldn’t have to endure any more of Ruffalo’s version of Banner.

          • Exactly. Now, imagine Norton giving that performance about putting a gun barrel to his mouth, pull the trigger only to have the monster inside him spit the bullet out. Way more powerful then when Ruffalo did it.

            • Yeah, I thought that would be a good chance to show some emotion from Banner especially but maybe one or two other characters, like “wow, this guy has it tougher than we thought”.

              Unfortunately, the delivery just sounded like it was a normal, everyday event like buying coffee.

        • OK. I maybe wasnt honest enough there.
          Ruffalo just looks more like Bill Bixby, who was my first memory of the Hulk. I was watching that show before I could even read comics. Which is why I said “fits the role.”

          Norton is a much better actor. And I cant see Ruffalo carrying an entire Hulk movie. Which might be why, much to my sadness, there is not a Hulk 2 in Phase 2.

          “You wouldnt like me when I’m hungry.”

      • Right on. Norton is Banner. I wish Marvel really cared what the fans want, but as long as we keep buying tickets they will do whatever they want. Think about it. Those executives probably think they are our puppet masters.

        • Read through these boards.

          They kinda are.

          That’s why I rarely praise Marvel even though I like many of their movies, trying to do my part to reverse the trend of “Marvel can do no wrong.”

          Yes they can, hold them accountable or the movies will slowly turn to crap. Like I think they are already going that way, I dint love either movie in Phase 2 so far. IM3 was… well IM3. Thor 2 was good, just wish they would stop apologizing for the subject matter and take themselves a little more serious. They don’t have to go all “Nolan” on us, but they use WAY too much humor for my taste.

        • “I wish Marvel really cared what the fans want, but as long as we keep buying tickets…”. I think you just canceled out your own argument there. I can’t speak for anybody else, but I wouldn’t buy a ticket for something I don’t want to see. Seems to me like they know what they’re doing. For me, as long as the story is good and the script is good, they could change the actors every movie. I go to the movie to see the characters, not the actors playing them. Roger Moore was a great Bond – as long as he had a great Bond movie around him. Once he didn’t, we got “A View To A Kill”.

    • i can see this being the future of marvel:recasting, lots of recasting. i think it would be interesting to see how people would react to Iron Man getting recast.

    • **expendable.
      Although, when referring to the MCU, expandable is a good description! They expand year after year!

  6. No Wonder

  7. Basically, it all comes down to money. To us, $1,000,000 is a lot. But to people like them who’ve seen and spent a little more than that, one million is minimum wage. Pride was definitely an influence for Howard’s decision, too. And back then the probability of producing a successful superhero sequel was very slim.
    Oh well, his loss was Don Cheadle’s gain.

    • Well, look at it this way too.

      Karl Pilkington was just a producer working on the XFM radio show when Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant were allowed back in 2001. Thanks to them putting him on the air more often and his popularity soaring, he now lives in a 5 bedroom house in London and has earned a few million from TV, books and podcasts.

      Not bad for a guy who left school in Manchester with one grade that was barely a pass.

  8. Ah, that Robert Downey Jr. Such a nice bloke.

    Turns out he’s an even bigger a** hole than Tony Stark.

    • Could be.

      Or maybe he was desperate after his stints in rehab and jail and took whatever he could in case his career goes downhill again.

      Isn’t he using some of the money gained from IM3 to produce several movies through his own company now? Pinocchio is one of them I think.

    • RDJ also refused to sign on for avengers 2 unless his cast mates (who were very underpaid for phase 1) received a raise for phase 2 onward. Terrence Trent Darby might say he’s a dick but the evidence suggests otherwise

  9. Tbh his acting for Rhodey was a little stiff. And to expect to get paid the same amount as the leading star who is making the movie is a little selfish. Cheadle played Rhodey better then him. Not greatly but better

    • It’s not about being paid the same as RDJ. It’s just that they totally disregarded the contract!

      • A contract that may not have been set in stone.

        After all, they contracted Billy Dee Williams to eventually become Two-Face then bought out his contract and replaced him with Tommy Lee Jones.

        They also contracted Robin Williams as The Riddler then hired Jim Carrey years later instead.

        Plus like I said, a 3 movie deal could’ve been signed but if the first movie flopped, there would have been a loophole in the contract to prevent the stars suing for the final two movies listed on that contract that never got made.

        Remember, not all contracts in Hollywood are set in stone.

        • They paid Billy Dee Williams not to play the role he was contracted for. I always thought that was such a dick move but this is another. Here is Howard’s situation. He is standing in the way of a MAJOR MOVIE COMPANY putting out their blockbuster. Now he could either bow out of his contract or he can take them to court, further holding up production and getting a reputation for being hard to work with. How many of you would take your bosses to court, especially knowing they didn’t want you and that your actions would be noted by all the other companies in your line of work?

      • They were not under obligation to bring him back per the contract; they did him the favor of offering to re-negotiate before recasting a more reasonable option.

  10. I like to look beyond the millionaire talk and pay more attention to the fact that they said one thing and then changed their minds about it: we will give you this much… now that we are doing part 2 we will only give you this much. It’s the principle people. He should get something going with DC, and so should Ed Norton. I just worry that Norton has that reputation for being hard to work with, and DC does not need anymore problems right now. If they could work something out with DC though, it would be great! One thing WB does not seem to do much is stick it to their employees.

    • Yeah, this and the reliance on Whedon (who I’ve never liked) are the only negative things I hold against Marvel Studios at the moment.

      I wouldn’t mind Norton as John Constantine, even if they dropped his traditional Scouse accent for another attempt at bringing the character to the big screen.

      • Why Constantine? I mean, it’s not really a household DC comic and nowadays with comics being turned to films, they tend to aim it for kids therefore building a franchise around it such as toys, games and cartoons.

        • Well, even if he can’t pull off the accent, he looks like he could do the character justice somehow.

          Besides, it’s not all about the kids, otherwise DC wouldn’t be announcing a possible Constantine TV show or the del Toro directed Justice League Dark movie waiting to be confirmed.

          • **Fingers crossed** for a Del Toro JLD.

            Riddle me this Dazz, would it bother you if Justice League Dark came out before the ACTUAL Justice League?

            • **Fingers crossed** for a Del Toro TIH 2

              • Huh?
                I have my fingers crossed for ANY new Hulk flick.
                Has Del Toro been linked to this possibility?
                What a perfect fit that would be as he loves him some Monsters. Only problem is he may be a little too dark for Marvel.

                But I got a few free fingers still, I cross two for that, would be damn cool!

                • No, but Del Toro was planning on remaking the old Incredible Hulk tv show that starred Bill Bixby which apparently has been shelved, I was hoping Marvel would get him to direct TIH 2 instead.

      • OMG.

        You dont LOVE Wheddon?

        I was starting to think I was the only one!

        • Not a fan of Whedon here either.

  11. I see where he’s coming from. Imagine if you were promised $8 million and then people turned around and said to you “you’re not that important to our success so now we are only going to pay you an 8th of what we contractually promised you and give it to someone else.” Id be pretty pissed. I guess it’s a little petty to bring it up again on tv after so much time has passed though.

    • I wouldn’t say it was petty, I’m sure we’ve all had long-standing grudges, plus it was brought up and he answered.

      Weirdly, I sound like I’m defending Howard on these comments yet I felt he came across as bland and unimportant in the actual movie.

      • His role was bland and unimportant. Did you know he was in the scene where Tony and the soldiers were attacked by the “Ten Rings” early in Iron Man. I didn’t realize that until watch a re-run on FX

  12. On a different note, is RDJ returning to The Avengers 2 as only Tony Stark or as both Stark and Iron Man?

    • I assume just as Tony initially, who knows if he’ll be talked out of retirement to suit up again.

      • Nah, Pepper Potts is going to take his place while he sits home and gets drunk.

        After all, it was HER who defeated the manda… the mandari… the ma… Guy Pearce.

        I cant even bring myself to call Aldrich Killian The Mandarin.

        • I know! What was up with that!?! Iron Man 3 was a joyride but also a letdown all because there was no honest to god Mandarin.

          • Joyride?
            If you insist, it lost me early.

            1. Calls out a international terrorist to a fight, gives away his home adress. I liked this, but then this GENIOUS SUPERHERO goes home and isnt smart enough to up his security measure? Wait what?

            2. Trevor Slatery.

            I was just waiting for the credits by the time Ben Kingsley was singing “Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé.”

    • I’m guessing he builds Ultron to replace Iron Man at first, then after Ultron goes rogue he becomes Iron Man again.

  13. I wonder if RDJ helped his Avengers cast mates get more money for Avengers 2 of if it was all just lip service.

    • Judging by the way he treated Terrence Howard; Lip Service.

  14. Maybe Howard would get some sort of closure if he was offered the role of the Black Panther. As if! Marvel must be willing to lose fans if they were to do something as stupid as that. But then again they did “double dip” Chris Evans- first as the Human Torch and now as Captain America.

    • If they’re gonna double-dip someone for Black Panther, Idris Elba makes a lot more sense to me. That at least you could spin as characters from different realms having dopplegangers rather than two human duplicates. But, I don’t know.

    • Black panther is supposed to be black not butterscotch white like Howard is. Also his voice sounds like Michael Jackson.

    • Marvel did not make The Fantastic Four films with Chris Evans as Human Torch. That was Fox. So Marvel didn’t do any “double dipping”

  15. I actually wouldve liked him the continue to be rhodey and was very confused when Im2 first came out as I wasnt following news at the time.
    Oh well he quit for somewhat good reasons, probably shouldve hung in there, but whatcha gonna do.

  16. This isn’t really news, is it? I mean, we knew that Marvel played hard ball over what they considered an excessive salary for a supporting performer. Howard is just claiming it was all about money, while previous reports also suggested Favreau found him difficult to work with and was cutting his part way down for IRON MAN 2 after cutting it down in IRON MAN, which gave Marvel an opening to renegotiate his salary. If Howard was difficult, that would probably also explain why neither Downey nor Favreau were willing to go to bat for him with the studio. This new account is Howard putting the best possible spin on the story to make himself the victim and maybe it’s completely true and he was a total professional, but nobody really knows since he’s the only one talking.

    I mean, I don’t know what went down. This just seems like an actor putting his spin on five-year-old rumors to me. But I didn’t care for Howard in the role anyway, so I was fine with the recasting. Rhodes didn’t really work for me as a character all that well until IRON MAN 3.

    • What is with actors acting like prima donnas nowadays. From Christian Bale to Will Smith. Actors throwing fits about other actors or trying to control the whole production. It kinds of ruins the “movie magic” for me when I find out actors and actresses don’t get along on set (especially when they play the roles of friends or family).

    • *throws rocks*

      • Don’t get me wrong. Marvel and Disney are clearly cheap bastards and they were dumb enough to give a ridiculous deal to an actor that was never going to be higher than fourth on the cast list, a deal that they probably should have had to live up to. I’m just less sympathetic to Howard’s position if he really was a pain on set than if he was a consummate professional. I certainly didn’t think he had any chemistry with Downey and that’s basically all that character needs to have, so I would probably have tried to recast him myself anyway. It just seems to me like I’ve been hearing versions of this story since he got booted from IRON MAN 2.

    • And ironically Favreau got pushed out eventually too……

  17. Terrence Howard can play as John Steward — you know the black Green Lantern — on the DC side.

  18. I understand where Terrence Howard is coming from and all. If he signed on for a certain amount of money, and then was later denied it, I’d be a little upset that the other party wasn’t holding up their end of the contract.

    On the other hand…there is the issue of selfishness. There’s two sides to this, and both are valid. I feel Howard deserves both the defense and criticisms he’s getting here.

    Realistically, these contracts can always change depending on how well a movie performs. And that’s just what happened. Iron Man became huge BECAUSE RDJ was fantastic in the role. People wanted to see him in the series. And so, understandably, Marvel wanted to make sure he stayed on board, even if that was at the expense of someone more expendable.

    And that’s the problem, Terrence can’t accept that he was expendable in the role. To expect to be paid the same amount as the leading man is crazy to begin with. So, understandably, if anyone’s pay was going to be cut to make sure the guy that brings in the bucks is sticking around, it’s going to be the guy that’s making just as much as him. Plus, as people have said, 1 million isn’t chump change for a few weeks of your time. Looking at it from this perspective, he’s acting a little childish.

    But in the end, I’m glad this happened anyway, because I never really liked Terrence Howard much as an actor to begin with, but I definitely prefer Don Cheadle in this role.

  19. Nothing against Terrence Howard, I think he is a fine actor. But I think he was wrong for the role. His voice was kind of hilarious in the first Iron Man. Don Cheadle is much better.

  20. Both Howard and RDJ got their respective roles in Iron Man because of their resemblance to their comic counterparts. But unfortunately for Howard, RDJ’s role was biggest and he didn’t really suck as a stuck up playboy turned self-righteous superhero

  21. Holmes was better than Gyllenhall and better looking too
    Howard was better than Cheadle and set a better tone to the character too

    • Gyllenhall.
      I just threw up in my mouth a little.
      Was I supposed to cheer during The Dark Knight when she got blown up?

      Imagine how happy I was when Batman was still moping about her 8 years later to start the next movie!

      Way too much Rachel Dawes in that trilogy. Its one of my few complaints.

  22. Wow… So many thoughts cross my mind while reading this article.

    Fortunately, there is nothing for me to say then what’s already been said.

    As for the Banner talk… What if Norton was the size he was in American History X while playing Banner? That’s bigger than Midget Ruffalo.

  23. I recently seen The Prisoners. Very good movie but Terrence Howard was weak compared to everyone else.

    • I wouldn’t say he was weak at all. He really didn’t have much work in the movie anyways.

      He was a bit player who played his part well, it was the Jackman/Gyllenhall show anyways.

  24. This is only one side of a story that’s many years old so I’m not going to go pounce on Disney/Marvel and Robert Downey, Jr. based on one man’s bitter recollection.

    Could it be true? Sure. But for all we know, Downey is a d*uche. Or Howard is difficult to work with. Or Maybe Howard slept with Feige’s wife. Who knows?

  25. the problem is RDJ absolutely knocked his character out the park and left Howard with no pull in negotiations, plus from what i’ve read Howard is a really big fan of Iron Man even had his dad on set who introduced him to the character as a kid, so i’m sure it’s not just the money.

  26. One of the biggest things about Hollywood that annoys me is actors who clearly enjoy playing a role but then back out because they’re not getting paid enough. I just don’t get it. If you have FUN doing, what does it matter what you’re paid, especially when even a massive paycut still results in a ton of money.

    I have a ton of respect for James Woods because he’ll play Hades every time the character appears. He’s gone on record saying he’ll take whatever he’s given, because he likes the character so much. I’m trying to think of a live-action example, closest I can think of is Hugh Jackman. He obviously loves playing the character, and I’m pretty sure he’s stated he’ll play the character until they stop making X-Men films.

  27. I had heard that Howard was actually paid MORE than Downey the first film, being Howard was signed first and Downey was lowballed bc he wasnt as bankable then as he is now after his breakout as Stark. Howard should have just taken the 1 mil and stayed in the role if he was such a fan. and if im not mistaken, wasnt Faverau the one who pulled so hard for RDJ as stark and had faith in him to nail the role?

  28. Good article, really good. Unbiased. Not everyone can be Keanu Reeves and help out others with splitting his salary. But millions upon millions of dollars, come on, nobody needs that much money! Unless your a shopaholic like Nicolas Cage and others. But, man, the waste, such waste. Help your friends, spread the wealth.