Who Is ‘The Last Cylon’ On Battlestar Galactica?

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battlestar last supper Who Is The Last Cylon On Battlestar Galactica?

With the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica upon us, I have many questions swirling around in my head. Not to mention I either hate or thank Ron Moore for this. Thanks Ron!!!

Before I start, I have to warn you that as of April 4th of this year, it was reported over on EW that the first 10 of the last 20 episodes are scheduled to air – which seems to confirm what they were saying over on SyFy Portal about the season being split up, so be ready for a break in the midst of it all if the writers strike didn’t mess up their plans. (BTW, the EW link has some good background info for those who need to play catch-up.)

So who the frak is the final Cylon? Let me torment you with some logic and observations first.

In the picture above, it’s called Battlestar Galactica: The final supper. In the picture is a goblet by itself at the table. Is there some significant clue by this missing representation of a figure or the cornerstone to the answer? It is such a simple goblet or cup, yet by itself, being pondered heavily by Lee Adama. At EW.com, if you click on the number representing the goblet, they point out that Moore insinuates the missing Cylon is not at the table. Well, there go a a few theories.

One of my first thoughts, since they like tossing twists at us, is Mr. Gaeta, only because if you look at the four of the final five, they’re all in strong support positions in the fleet, much like Gaeta has been all along.

The wheels are turning now, aren’t they?

But yet as I ponder the final Cylon, I also have in my head the quote we’ve heard a number of times, first in Battlestar Galactica: Razor, and then in the show itself: “This has all happened before; and will all happen again”

What the heck does that mean?

In recent episodes, we’ve seen the Cavils having the raiders lobotomized, referring to them as “They’re tools, not pets.” – Which says they’re treating members of their own race like slaves. Not cool Cavil. In fact, maybe foretelling?

We’ve seen Six’s and Sharons’ give the Centurions free thinking.

We also see the Six’s and Sharons have the Cavils, Dorals, and Simons all shot, and then Six asks one of the Centurion’s to “throw the surviving Cavil model out the airlock… please.

old cylon new cylon Who Is The Last Cylon On Battlestar Galactica?In that scene, there’s a Centurion in the foreground cleaning up the massacre mess, and when she said please, he stopped what he was doing and seemed to look in her direction, pondering, then went about his business. That scene said it all for me, because what I saw was a spark of a thought in that metal head of his. Dare I say, a plan? Wait, doesn’t the show open up saying the Cylons have a plan? This all started with the shiny guys, it’s probably going to end with the shiny guys.

Bruce’s Revelation, with the reasoning that created it:

1. Humans created the Cylons.

2. Cylons rebelled against their human creators.

3. The Cylons evolved themselves into their creators image (aka “skin jobs”).

4. The new Cylons (skin jobs) lobotomize the Raiders AND in the same move, have given the Centurions free thinking.

With this, I project the following inspirations:

- The Centurions are not just tools.

- They must rebel against their creators in order to avoid being lobotomized.

- Suddenly, we will have the Cylons fighting the “Humans” all over again.

We then see “humans” defending themselves against the “Cylons / Centurions” and of course, the Centurions would probably create skin jobs somewhere down the road in order to infiltrate the “humans.”

And it starts all over.

Hence, all of humanity is “The Last Cylon.”

For me, this premise puts to rest some questions and doubts I have had about the new Cylons… For example, if Tigh is a Cylon, how was he in the first Cylon war?

If it’s not all of humanity, I’ll go with Plan B: Gaeta.

Me? I can sleep now. It all makes sense… that is until I find I’m wrong.

What’s your take? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Photo Credits: Last Supper: Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Blog; Cylon vs. Cylon: Galactica TV

UPDATE (9/27/08):  Aaron Douglas who portrays Chief Tyrol participated in an online interview and he blows the lid off of some story details from the end of season 4, with potential story spoilers.  You might want to jump on over and check out our newest post about Aaron Douglas Dishing Out Possible Spoilers.

UPDATE (1/18/09) See our coverage of season 4.5 premiere episode and who the final Cylon revealed is over on our Battlestar Galactica Premiere post!

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  1. She’s said she’s uniting them so they can find the way to Earth.

    That is their purpose. They are only activated by following the path to earth;

    All evidence indicates that their identities wouldn’t be known unless the journey to Earth was being attempted.

    I’d suggest that they are one off sleeper agents that are set to be triggered if the humans tooks the one escape route possible to them from the colonies.

    If Earth is a human colony – which it appears to have been as the cylons were not built when the humans went to Earth – then the Cylons would not have multiple copies on Earth.

    But we know they have been to Earth and therefore appaer to have left a path for the cylons to follow along the same path that humans had left in their religious texts. The cylons have a great amount of knowledge about the route.

    It would make sense that they were sent off – whether by humans or cylons – and either on the way back or once they got back they had their memories reprogrammed but the return has reactiviated them.

    If that were not the case their destruction at the hands of the humans wouldn’t have been such a threat. DeAnna could simply have found the other copies of them on Earth.

  2. Or how about this… complete speculation but not a bad direction for the story to go.

    If we go along the lines that Earth is a cylon colony, one they could have set up following the path of history – that cylons and humans go to war and separate – could it be that the original four reincarnate rather than than ‘resurrect’?

    That would require a method of rebuilding the body.

    If this was literal reincarnation they would have to be born to live again. To do this physically rather than in some weird spiritual way, or using technology, they would have to have a host for their DNA. As cylons cannot reproduce on their own, this could require humans.

    If the originals took humans with them to Earth but a war broke out between them, they could feasibly have destroyed the humans. That would leave them to search for the original twlve colonies to seek out the other humans. They then build the cylons with enough of their own DNA that should their new creations reproduce with humans one of the originals would be reincarnated. They start the war and herd the humans back towards their own planet while trying to get them to reproduce en route. That would explain why their offspring can’t reproduce between each other – due to the limited number of genes from the original four – and why the cylons want them to have children, why the cylons have chosen the Galactica to survive (given they placed all of the last four onboard, with one of the seven and knew full well of its defence against the viruses, they even placed a device in CIC that wasn’t a bomb – why not?).

    The whole plan is to drive the humans to Earth where they can begin the cylon cycle of reincarnation again.

    What do you think?

    It covers the major hole in the plot that the cylons could have destroyed the Galactica from day one but instead chose to place all of their undercover agents on it that couldn’t be resurrected…

  3. i love how many different directions the discussion has gone from the onset
    i truly believe you guys/gals are looking way way, and i mean WAY too deep into this.

    remember when all things have been considered the simplest tends to be true.

    one thing i do not hear anyone talking about is the ending audio we heard on the last episode…

    we hear someone say “You..???”

    You as in its a familar face
    You? as in doubting their eyes
    Now granted this statement doesnt mean that “You?” is the response form someone finding out who the 5th cylon is, its just meant to cause us to believe thats what it is.

    I am wathcing season 1 again today to try and find someone who had a small but important role, or a large but miniscule roll….

    frankly, i dont know who or cant even begin to guess who, but i think far too many people are thinking and looking into this way way too deeply.

    if you look at the drawing D’Anna did of the final 5 you will notice the center one is much more detailed than the others.
    they have a widows peak for a hairline.
    (the cracula pointed hair brow)

    now i havent been looking too hard but who of the final 4 has that hair ?
    i cant think of anyone at this moment…

    so…. who have we seen in season 1 that had a similar hair line?

    i know a pretty wierd way to look at it, but D’Anna drew a picture for us….

  4. Not actually v_lestat. post a spamgourmet.com mail address and I’ll send you to my secret site address that details this very theory I had this past summer, The people here were too critical, too apathetic, too clueless, or too distracted to ask me to finish my alternate story that would have sparked the solution. Reference my posts here:

    And it was so close to an end..

  5. i’ll read it in a little bit but one thing i havent seen anyone touch on and maybe its simply a matter of of not knowing greek mythology but why has no one explored greek mythology since thats what the entire theories of their history are based on….

    watching thru season 1, i feel like there is something there if we had someone here who knew greek mythology inside and out who could coorilate the shows analogies of their mythology to how greek mythology played out as we know it.

  6. Ok, I have a great working knowledge of greek literature and myth.

    v_lestat, I think that you make a valid point regarding the person that is the ‘unknown’ however they must remain unknown to be one of the five.

    I don’t want to appear determinate as obviously I know as much as you chaps, but I’d like to tske down some illogical ideas and build on the obvious points.

    The cylons ARE herding people to Earth, the one distinguishable character in the drawing would have to be Adama or Balthar as noone else has that hair, cylons are trying to mate with humans. The rest is noise.

  7. The Duke –

    what within Greek Mythology works with how the movie is playing out?

    given that they are living by old greek (and maybe some roman?) mythology.

    –you say the cylons ARE hearding the people to earth.–

    i do not believe that is necessarily true.
    i believe they are also looking for earth to finish their destiny as they know it to be written.

    hearding or luring them or tricking them, no i dont believe that.

    given that season one states that a cylon ad human must be in love to mate then it makes no sense for them to herd them to earth unless it is for total obliteration.
    is that what you meant? lure them to kill them?

    the question of 6 having a baby is still interesting knowing we do not know who the father is although baltar could easily be the father. and is the onnly one who loved her.
    Ty was halicunating and thinking she was his former wife, so that doesnt count has being loved. or was 6 confused and confused about being loved counts?

    all interesting things.

    i would like to delve deeper into the mythology and see what comes from it.

  8. its plainly obvious that on the hitatus trialer for sason 4.5

    the one saul tight is pointing a gun at is adama, no not lee
    im talking Bill/William adama

    he cant be a cylon

    becasue we clearly hear tight say “your” the fith, and if he was a cylon then where the frak did lee come from

    now d;anna said that the cylon wasnt in the fleet therfore it isnt geata, coz he was on the galactica during the last 3 episodes (sorry whoevers plan b wat geata)

    i think it will be baltars lawyer

    although one spoiler i do know for sure is

    “roslin dies in the next episode”



  9. There aren’t any direct parallels with Greek myth beyond the names used and the pantheon concept.

    There was a mix of greek and egyptian mythology used in the original series and they expanded upon this in the new series.

    It’s important to mention that as far as religion goes, Abrahmic, Greek and Egyptian mythology have the same origins and are not entirely consistent entities.

    The countries around the mediterranean were populated by different tribes that worshipped gods to greater and lesser degrees but believed in them all. People gradually started focussing on specific gods, so regions became aligned with different gods.

    The temple of Artemis in Turkey, the temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem, the temple of Apollo at Delphi (seat of the Oracle) etc. etc. all demonstrate local worship of specific gods, despite a belief that others existed.

    In some cases this led to belief that the one god worshipped was the true god (as in the Abramic religions), particularly as war separated tribes.

    For example, Istar/Astarte/Aphrodite was worshipped at Babylon and she is clearly not like by the Israelites who refer to her as the ‘Whore of Babylon’ presumably based on her religion’s focus on sex/love. This was reinforced when localities were devastated by natural disaster, disease or warfare, leading others to believe that their own worship was ‘correct’ and that the destroyed city clearly hadn’t been protected by their god, making it false or weak.

    It could be the case that the cylons worship one of the original gods that they have decided is the ‘true’ god in a similar way.

    However as there was not one single pantheon e.g. some people worshipped Bacchus, some didn’t making him a god in only a few parts of the mediterranean, we can’t directly link the 12 cylons or tribes to gods or goddesses.

  10. Some unanswered questions;

    What did the cylons do to Starbuck’s ovary?

    Why have the cylons not destroyed the Galactica when they have had the chance from day 1 (see above for opportunities)?

    Why is the route to earth marked by both cylon and human artifacts?

    How has Starbuck got knowledge of the route to earth hidden within her?

    Why do the cylons know so much of her?

  11. That was an awesome theological history lesson Duke, and a great comparative observation.

  12. v_lestat I spoke too hastily. I have thought about mythology and the characters.

    Moving away from the pure ‘pantheon’ point, there is a mythological connection regarding Apollo, his temple at Delphi and the myth of Kassandra.

    The story of Kassandra (the name rings a bell doesn’t it?) or ‘she who entangles men’ to take the wikipedia definition of her name and Apollo goes thus.

    She is a mortal given the gift of foresight by Apollo because of her beauty. She agrees to become his lover but then rejects him and he curses her, so no-one believes her predictions.

    This ties in well to the story as Kara has had a tumultuous relationship with Apollo, has clearly seen signs to Earth through foresight or forgotten knowledge and is currently disbelieved.

    To go one step further, we can tie Pythia together with Cassandra – Pythia being the Oracle at Apollo’s temple in Delphi.

    Could Kara be the reincarnation of Pythia?

    Leoben has said that Starbuck’s future ‘is written’. This could be literal if she wrote the scrolls.

    She has knowledge of the way to earth that she isn’t consciously aware of. Pythia has provided all of the clues for the fleet so far, albeit in a written form, that have in some cases been interpreted by the President and the Priestess.

    Yet Kara has been the most crucial protagonist in finding the route. She has responded to all of Pythia’s clues (Apollo’s arrow was found, retrieved and placed in the statue by her, she literally found Earth, she drew the image of the Eye of Jupiter that they were looking for).

    Starbuck doesn’t appear to be referred to in the scrolls personally unlike others such as the dying leader and the lower demon.

    How is she missed out by the writings?

    I could see her writing the clues down herself, at the end of the series, as the cycle begins again.

  13. very well written and completely agreeable.
    write more i enjoy reading it.

    now i saw the very last few seconds of a cemmercial on sci-fi the other night, something is being shown on sci-fi either thanksgiving night or day after.. i am not sure.

    when i asked my wife what that was she said something about the final episodes.

    does anyone know what this is?
    are they just replaying the last few episodes from this summer?

  14. 2) The Temple at Delphi also holds the tomb of Apollo’s brother – Dionysus the reborn. Yep the reborn.

    Dionysus is the god of rebirth (signifying winter and then spring).

    His story is that his father (Zeus, as Adama is mockingly referred to) saves his life by taking either parts of his body or his whole body and has to sew them into his thigh. Dionysus is then REBORN from his father.

    Could Adama have recreated his youngest son? A bit abstract I’ll grant you but after I started looking at the greek stuff again v_lestat I realised I had been looking at the wrong bits.

    Not only that I thought I’d look around for a definition of the pantheon of 12 and, alhtough there is much fluidity within the pantheon there is a ‘classical’ e.g. from the arts, definitions of the twelve with (this is straight from wikipedia): Zeus (sky/boss), Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Artemis and Hestia making up the norm.

    Check this out.

    Zeus – King of the Gods and ruler of Mount Olympus; god of the sky, thunder, and justice.

    Hera – Queen of the Gods and of the heavens; goddess of women, marriage, and motherhood.

    Poseidon – Lord of the Sea; god of the seas, earthquakes, created horses.

    Demeter – Goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature, and the seasons (I always consider her to be linked specifically to Winter, can’t remember why).

    Hestia – Goddess of the hearth and home.

    These are the first five. The others are their chidren. Clearly they are not quite aligned with the final five as the gender difference is wrong.

    But consider this. Hestia in some cases was believed to have left this ‘council of twelve’ so that Dionysus could join. The historical reason for this goes back to a point I made in an earlier post that Dionysus was actually foreign and worshipped only in some areas. When he became accepted as a true god they had to somehow rewrite history to fit him in.

    Given the link to rebirth, to Apollo and the potential for being considered one of the 12, the legends would lead me to conclude that Zach is indeed the final cylon.

  15. And there’s more.

    Going BACK to the pantheon point…

    Artemis is Dianna (D’Anna) in Roman.

    Athena is Athena goddess of wisdom and tactics in war.

    Caprica is clearly Aphrodite, obsessed with Love.

    I would argue for Aaron Doral being Hermes as he is the god of thieves and messengers (he’s a bit weasily – weak I know!)

    Apollo (the god that is) would be Leoben as he appears to have the gift of foresight.

    Hephaestus was the god of blacksmiths and technology, so I would say Simon’s medical and technical abilities tie to this (although his limited appearances make him difficult to place)

    Ares would have to be Cavil as the god of war and anger, given he is the keenest to go to war and destroy the humans.

    So to go back to your original point, there does seem to be a strong link between the gods.

    I don’t think there is an easy link to the original five Gods to the final five, as one is the father, and one the mother of other Gods.

    Unless, I was right about the Seven cylons and they are derived from the ‘final five’.

  16. The fifth Cylon is some guy named Dirk Benedict…

  17. Apparently he was considered for the role of the cylon God at one point!

  18. There is a web page off scifi.com giving intermittant clues. The last supper picture they show on that page now has Laura missing

  19. Leoben actually said ‘all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again’ to Kara in season 1, the first time they ever met, when she tortured him by holding his head under water

  20. I was disappointed when Anders got right up in Leoben’s face on the demitrius and he didn’t recognise him as a cylon. But this also lends credence to the theory that the final five were and are truly separate from the seven, maybe that they came first. We have all been assuming they are a group together because they are all cylon. If the world we actually live in has taught us anything, it should be that people don’t work together just because they are all people. Further, what if the final five are not a group of five at all, but four and one? This would explain why the fifth didn’t hear the music and come forward. Granted, it could have been someone not aboard Galactica at that time, ie Starbuck, but the music haunted the four of them for days before that final moment of clarity in the nebula when they realised what they were. What if the whole show, the whole set of prophecies, Laura and her visions and Pythia actually has nothing to do with humanity. What if it is some preprogrammed way for these four cylons who have erased or forgotten who they are to get home to earth? What if the beacon, the lions head nebula, the temple and kara are their road signs, not humanity’s? And what if that final cylon is the one guiding them all home?

  21. D’anna said when she was on the galactica that she wanted the four cylons in the fleet, one theory I have is that maybe she only wanted the four from the galactica cos she already knew had the final one on the the basestar and from my memory there was a whole bunch of potentials on the ship, Baltar and Roslin included. We initially thought that it was ellen cos of the whole no children with tigh thing and she could come back and be all like, “you poisoned me!”. Now however we think its Roslin, because the scenes itd offer up wud be priceless. Firstly u cud just imagine Baltar basking in t glory that she is a cylon and he isnt, so hell prob have t end up sleeping wit her then:)plus itd drive Adama over the edge to realise that not only is his best friend a cylon, but t woman who finally loves him is too. also it wud fit nicely wit the Hera/opera house visions

  22. Hey, that is a great theory. One thing that has made me think is: I think that in the new series, contrary to the first Galactica, ( one of my favorites by the way ) everything has an explanation based on science and logics, in this way I assume that metaphysics and the gods are not true. So, why Laura Roslin has all those visions? Why could she share dreams with other Cylons? Why does the prophecy of a dying leader become true? I guess that she has those visions because they were implanted, and she can share dreams because she can communicate with other models. The prophecy becomes true because the program on her mind was latent waiting for a moment to wake up. There are few other questions: why does the song “All Along The Watchtower” wakes up them? This was a song from a distant earth, the earth that gave birth to everything. But who did start its broadcasting? Why does the science of the Galactica world seems to similar to ours except to the FTL factor? Also, why does their culture ( cigars, clothes, guns, language, etc ) are so similar to ours? And how did Gaius Baltar survive to a nuclear explosion? I of course think they are about to tie everything with the final series, I just keep thinking about all this. The new series is my all time favorite show no doubt

  23. daniel i agree with your analogy.

    UniversalHD was running a BSG marathon last night and i saw and episode that i never hear anyone talk about.

    it was when Baltar was standing outside of the little comune haven and was getting beatup by the marine guard and the cylon chick was picking him up when he got knocked down.
    he looked like a puppet on a string when he got up.
    people were gasping when this happened and even the marine guard didnt know what was going on.

    WHY hasnt anyone pursued this? why hasnt the story line expanded on peoples thoughts about this episode, why havent people talked about it?
    why havent we tlaked about it?

    it was obvious he was being controlled by some strange outside force yet people just blew it off…

  24. “For me, this premise puts to rest some questions and doubts I have had about the new Cylons… For example, if Tigh is a Cylon, how was he in the first Cylon war?”

    If you remember we started the show 40 years after the first cylon war. Adama and Tigh have been friends for 20 years so just because Tigh remembers being in the cylon war, doesn’t mean that he was.

  25. I have looked this picture over and over. Although I think that by saying my following opinion I will have to accept some “misterious and religious” events, I think that it is more logical to think that Gaius Baltar is the Last Cylon.

    The visions he has with number 6 are not visions properly speaking, they are rather the Cylon inner being that lies within his brain. Of course he was examined by the doctor, but the last Cylon is a different kind. That would explain much of the talkings he and number 6 have in Gaius conscience.

    On ther other hand, Caprica can see a form of Gaius Baltar in her mind, because when she arrived at Galactica, Gaius/Cylon realized it and sent a message to her. This would be an advance form of communication just as one we have today in wireless communications where devices constantly poll other devices close to them. When Gaius found her he started sending her these messages. That is why she sees a Gaius Baltar in her mind.

    I even wonder that Gaius/Last Cylon may be the first AI created by mankind just spreading his code through centuries and space.

    Gaius/Number Six/Cylon represent a religious triad just as in the Father/Son and Holy Ghost.

  26. I’m leaning towards Baltar despite my previous assertions too. The catch phrase of late was “The 4 Cylons in the fleet”.

    Yet, when that statement was made, wasn’t the president and Baltar on the Cylon Baseship?

    Just wondering out loud gang!

  27. The whole “It happen once, it will happen again” statement I believe is the biggest clue.
    The cylons and colonists find a nuke ravaged earth, that was probably settled by the 13th colony 2000 – 4000 years ago.
    The colonists then gave up all of their technology and looked for a simplier way of life. But as time went on, the descendants forgot all about where their ancestors came from and moved forward with technology. Like “sleeper” cylons, technological memories surfaced and they started building pyramids and such. We are those descendants and we end up nuking one another.
    So, in about another 500 yrs. the Galactica and cylons show up, scrub the earth clean and start the cycle over with the religions and politics, but this time they truly remember where it is they all came from and they dont commit the same mistake.
    On the other hand, in the end, Apollo wakes up next to Starbuck one morning and we find out its all been a terrible, horrible dream. (Just like in Dallas) just kidding

  28. @rwlosh-

    I dunno…waking up to find Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck in my shower, wearing nothing but suds and a smile?

    I’d find myself a good lock for my bedroom door and a Do Not Disturb sign…

  29. I also like the ‘What else could you have been wrong about?’ – taht in fact Roslin was a Cylon? I think her or Baltar, with Starbuck as the Oracle.