Who Is ‘The Last Cylon’ On Battlestar Galactica?

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battlestar last supper Who Is The Last Cylon On Battlestar Galactica?

With the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica upon us, I have many questions swirling around in my head. Not to mention I either hate or thank Ron Moore for this. Thanks Ron!!!

Before I start, I have to warn you that as of April 4th of this year, it was reported over on EW that the first 10 of the last 20 episodes are scheduled to air – which seems to confirm what they were saying over on SyFy Portal about the season being split up, so be ready for a break in the midst of it all if the writers strike didn’t mess up their plans. (BTW, the EW link has some good background info for those who need to play catch-up.)

So who the frak is the final Cylon? Let me torment you with some logic and observations first.

In the picture above, it’s called Battlestar Galactica: The final supper. In the picture is a goblet by itself at the table. Is there some significant clue by this missing representation of a figure or the cornerstone to the answer? It is such a simple goblet or cup, yet by itself, being pondered heavily by Lee Adama. At EW.com, if you click on the number representing the goblet, they point out that Moore insinuates the missing Cylon is not at the table. Well, there go a a few theories.

One of my first thoughts, since they like tossing twists at us, is Mr. Gaeta, only because if you look at the four of the final five, they’re all in strong support positions in the fleet, much like Gaeta has been all along.

The wheels are turning now, aren’t they?

But yet as I ponder the final Cylon, I also have in my head the quote we’ve heard a number of times, first in Battlestar Galactica: Razor, and then in the show itself: “This has all happened before; and will all happen again”

What the heck does that mean?

In recent episodes, we’ve seen the Cavils having the raiders lobotomized, referring to them as “They’re tools, not pets.” – Which says they’re treating members of their own race like slaves. Not cool Cavil. In fact, maybe foretelling?

We’ve seen Six’s and Sharons’ give the Centurions free thinking.

We also see the Six’s and Sharons have the Cavils, Dorals, and Simons all shot, and then Six asks one of the Centurion’s to “throw the surviving Cavil model out the airlock… please.

old cylon new cylon Who Is The Last Cylon On Battlestar Galactica?In that scene, there’s a Centurion in the foreground cleaning up the massacre mess, and when she said please, he stopped what he was doing and seemed to look in her direction, pondering, then went about his business. That scene said it all for me, because what I saw was a spark of a thought in that metal head of his. Dare I say, a plan? Wait, doesn’t the show open up saying the Cylons have a plan? This all started with the shiny guys, it’s probably going to end with the shiny guys.

Bruce’s Revelation, with the reasoning that created it:

1. Humans created the Cylons.

2. Cylons rebelled against their human creators.

3. The Cylons evolved themselves into their creators image (aka “skin jobs”).

4. The new Cylons (skin jobs) lobotomize the Raiders AND in the same move, have given the Centurions free thinking.

With this, I project the following inspirations:

– The Centurions are not just tools.

– They must rebel against their creators in order to avoid being lobotomized.

– Suddenly, we will have the Cylons fighting the “Humans” all over again.

We then see “humans” defending themselves against the “Cylons / Centurions” and of course, the Centurions would probably create skin jobs somewhere down the road in order to infiltrate the “humans.”

And it starts all over.

Hence, all of humanity is “The Last Cylon.”

For me, this premise puts to rest some questions and doubts I have had about the new Cylons… For example, if Tigh is a Cylon, how was he in the first Cylon war?

If it’s not all of humanity, I’ll go with Plan B: Gaeta.

Me? I can sleep now. It all makes sense… that is until I find I’m wrong.

What’s your take? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Photo Credits: Last Supper: Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Blog; Cylon vs. Cylon: Galactica TV

UPDATE (9/27/08):  Aaron Douglas who portrays Chief Tyrol participated in an online interview and he blows the lid off of some story details from the end of season 4, with potential story spoilers.  You might want to jump on over and check out our newest post about Aaron Douglas Dishing Out Possible Spoilers.

UPDATE (1/18/09) See our coverage of season 4.5 premiere episode and who the final Cylon revealed is over on our Battlestar Galactica Premiere post!

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  1. One question– pointing female figure next to Roslin in the picture — is that a brunette six or D’anna? I think it’s a six but can’t really tell.

    While I think that Baltar as the 5th makes the most SENSE (and the fact that Baltar has an “internal six” and Caprica has an “internal Baltar” would be explained by the fact that they “died” in the same blast, then had their consciousnesses mixed during their resurrections) – I think Baltar is too obvious a choice. As many have noted above.

    One ending that I think might be a real surprise and not a copout would be if a copy of one of the known cylons — or even a centurion, raider, or hybrid — was the last of the final five. We have just been getting hints that the centurions have been purposefully dumbed down by the skin jobs, and are capable of more than we have been led to believe. The final cylon’s being a centurion would explain D’anna’s apology (as she had likely treated them as servants during her “lifetime”). And it would have an interesting social justice message. Besides, the five are likely to be “early models,” right? Maybe the last of the Twelve for some reason abstained from taking on human characteristics, for fear of entering the cycle of enslaving/enslavement described above.

    Also, Cavil (or the Cavils) seem awfully bent on NOT discovering the final five… he was the one who boxed the 3’s, proposed the lobotomies of the raiders, promoted sharon’s vote for lobotomizing as a deciding vote against her fellow 8’s… what is he trying to hide? Is he mad to keep power over the “lesser” Cylons, and knows that if a centurion is revealed as the 5th, that will all end? Is he a flawed copy — too human, too individual, and thus too power hungry, — of the last of the final five?

    I am intrigued by the fact that the first of the final five to be “discovered” by anyone but one another (Anders) was discovered by a Raider.

    ALso, the last of the five being a known Cylon would explain why they didn’t hear the music that triggered the other four.

    And there are a lot of known Cylons who aren’t in the picture!

    I like my theory that a copy of a known cylon is among the final five… but I don’t think it’s that likely. :^(

    Personally, I hope the 5th is Gaeta.. I just always liked him, and he fits the pattern of the “four” being strong support/”sidekick” people. That’s what Cylons were originally designed for, right? Dualla is second on my “hoped for” list, for the same reasons.

  2. Well thought out Jen. I think you make a good argument for a Centurion being the final of the five. Wow! That would be a mind blower.

    I second your idea that there is more to them than meets the eye. That’s exactly what got me going on this conjecture in the first place!

    Thanks for stopping by Jen.

  3. What a rip-off of the Buffy ending…

  4. The final Cylon is Michael Phelps wearing alot of Gold Bling.

    And the show will end with the big bang theory, everything exploding and the universe starting again

    no, im just kidding. I have no clue, but I do know there’s no way I can read all the posts here. Alot of good stuff though!

  5. Just finished the episode “Unfinished Business” last night.(Tough to get thru that one) biggest chick epsiode yet ! ;-p

    Love the show but, frack it sure delves deep into personal relationships, rather than dealing with the ongoing chase and voyage to Earth.
    Why cant we see Adama having to deal with other alien species that they would possibly run into besides the Cylons. They did that on some of the Original episodes.

    Anyone here remember that the original Cylons were not created by man, the were a reptillian speices that basically went Borg on themselves and adopted robotic bodies to live in.

    We havnt seen any Imperious Leader in the new show.

    “By your command” has been replaced by “so say we all”.

  6. Ya I do remember that 790, I watched repeats of that on the space channel like 10 years ago, and my bro recently bought the DVD set which is shaped like a Cylon helmet, hehe.

    I always thought they could of fit another season in there that dealt with what you’re talking about. Maybe not another species for me, but more of the travel, living in space, avoiding cylons and stuff.

  7. Yeah ive seen that dvd set, but its still a little pricy for me.
    I used to love the (original) upper level Cylons, remember Lucifer, had all those wires in his head. Haha.

    (In the new show)
    I was kinda hoping they would find that planet with the casino, that was all a trap to capture the humans for the Cylons. There were these insect looking aliens.

    Also the last BSG old school comic books went into the reptillion side of the Cylons. 😎

  8. Ya, but that stuff wouldn’t appeal to the regular mainstream audience. And they couldn’t pull of wierd look aliens and make it a hit show like it is. It wouldn’t fit. It’s like seeing Nolan’s Bat-films with clayface or the Croc. It doesn’t work y’know.

    As for the DVD set, we actually found it for like $15 or $20 on boxing day in Bestbuy somehow, but I swear it was like 80 or something weeks before in other locations

  9. I think I got it – really. The fifth is probably Zak Adama.

    The clue is in what is known so far about the prequel, “Caprica.” One of the major storylines in “Caprica” is about how a man who is close to the Adamas invents something Cylon-like: his daughter is somehow able to download her memories into a computer, but she dies soon thereafter. The father, grieving, finds a way to put her memories back into another body and he ends up with a Cylon-like “copy” of his daughter. So the first “cylon” was not necessarily a centurion-like robot but a “skin job”, or at least a robot with a human mind, and was “resurrected” like “Battlestar” Cylons can be.

    Keep in mind that “Caprica” needs to connect to “Battlestar”. So flash forward: Bill and Carolanne Adama have young 2 sons. One (Zak) comes near death – or actually dies. However, workaholic Adama is off in space and never finds out. His wife, grieving and feeling that her husband won’t understand, has Zak “remade” the same way the first guy’s daughter was remade. Zak gets a human body and grows up. Carolanne never reveals anything to Bill or Lee Adama, but there is some psychological fallout for her (which is why we see her drinking heavily in a flashback). “Caprica” establishes a friendship between the Adama family and the man who makes his daughter into the first “Cylon,” so it is very plausible that an Adama would be among the very first Cylons.

    Flash forward. Zak is a not-so-great pilot who passed flight school because of Kara (he doesn’t have to be an ace just because he is Cylon… he just got the consciousness he was born with, after all). He dies in a crash — but actually what happens is that his “crash” is similar to Starbuck’s “crash” in season 3– basically he falls into a wormhole. Which leads, like Kara’s, to Earth. Only he doesn’t come back, and he, like Kara, he is presumed dead.

    All in all…
    1) Zak has been to Earth — as at least one of the final 5 is supposed to have been.
    2) Zak’s not in the “Last Supper” picture.
    3) Zak’s not in the fleet.
    4) Leoben’s statement that “Adama is a Cylon” is explained.
    5) The longest story arc has a chance to wrap up.
    6) There is a connection to the Prequel.

    THis also potentially provides many interesting story twists. FOr example, the first “Cylons” were actually the skin jobs, not the other way around. THis might explain the divide between the 1st 5 and the 7 Cylons — 5 were initial “skin jobs,” made like Zak. The 7 came after; they were constructed by “robot” Cylons who knew that it was possible to be humanoid, like the 5. In fact, maybe the reason the robot Cylons were pissed and eventually rebelled was that they were denied humanoid bodies. So they sort of reverse-engineered the first 5 into the last 7. And not only that, they somehow figured out the “download consciousness” technology that the guy’s daughter in “Caprica” (the “oringinal Cylon”)had access to, and this led ultimately to the resurrection ability of the Cylons.

    ALso, it is remotely possible that aspects of the first 5’s personalities were incorporated into the 7. This would sorta-kinda explain Leoben’s fixation on Kara; after all, the Adama “personality” is very attracted to the Kara personality — Lee, Zak, and Bill have all loved her intensely (although Bill’s love was paternal). I’m not sure if other connections could be made, though I can sorta-kinda see elements of Saul Tigh in Brother Cavil and aspects of Tori in 3.

    I also wonder whether whether Kara’s having a “feeling” about where earth was could be explained by her meeting up with Zak when she wormholed (I presume) to Earth. A bit of the “download consciousness” technology was used to give her a “feeling” about earth. And, as a backup, a little info was placed in her shiny new Viper, too. ALthough I guess none of this would necessarily require Zak’s presence.

    Also, the “original Cylon” – the resurrected daughter – had something to do with a religious cult which, if memory serves, was monotheistic. This could have somehow morphed into the Cylons’ preoccupation with religion.

    I think I’m satisfied enough with my own answer that I can stop thinking about it until the show starts up again in January. Thank the gods!!


  10. i may be a little out of the loop here on some of the pre sci-fi channel series info but there was never a Prequel…
    maybe in paperback form but never on the TV show, and never was there any talk about some guy downloading is daughter’s memories and then reviving her in some cylon type fashion.

    i am not sure where this information came form but i would love to see the source.

    it would of course explain how cylons can download and resurrect when they die.

  11. Ah ha… more evidence for Zak as the final Cylon: he’s going to reappear in the last 3 episodes!!!

    Copied from the IMDB filmography of Tobias Mahler, who played Zak in flashbacks…:

    1. “Battlestar Galactica” …. Zak Adama (4 episodes, 2004-2009)
    … aka BSG (USA: promotional abbreviation)
    – Episode #4.18 (2009) TV episode …. Zak Adama
    – Episode #4.19 (2009) TV episode …. Zak Adama
    – Episode #4.20 (2009) TV episode …. Zak Adama
    – Act of Contrition (2004) TV episode …. Zak Adama

  12. Jen: Nice evidence. I could lean your way easy, unless these are all flashbacks that he’ll be in.

    In the words of one of my favorite characters: “Indeed”

  13. Jen – couldn’t agree more. Do you think the ‘new’ Viper that Starbuck has might actually turn out to be Zak’s? She may have been sworn to secrecy about his existence and this would explain her desperation to return to the Earth she had found. She’d be pretty elated about finding her one true love.

    The fact that Cylons started as skin jobs is indisputable, the ones in ‘Caprica’ are skin jobs and even the Cylon Flying Wings have an organic base.

    It all makes perfect sense.

    So far…

  14. The Final Cylon is….

    Muffit, the robotic daggit from the original series!


  15. Considering how many face lifts they’ve had, wouldn’t Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers qualify as skin jobs?

  16. I just finished watching all 3 seasons on dvd.
    The last episode where we see 4 of our crew are cylons was kinda weird.

    It almost looked like the producers
    (Who kill each other at the end of each episode) didn’t know if they were going to get renewed or not….

    I really dig the show, but season 3 was heavy in romantic relationships, to the point where I fasforwarded thru some parts.
    The season 3 ending was great.
    Really enjoyed Lee Adama’s speech there when he defended Baltar,,,

    Razor,and all the season premires/finales, were the best episodes (IMO). The show really slows down in the middle of the seasons….

    Anyway who’s the last Cylon?, I hope the show has more of an exciting climax than that,,, !!!

    James Callis deserves a Emmy for his performance as Baltar, and I’m sure hope that guy stays in Sci-fi. Love to see him in the Avengers film or anything really.

  17. “if Tigh is a Cylon, how was he in the first Cylon war?”

    He was not. All his memories were programmed. It is mentioned.

  18. Ok, here is my theory. The last cylon is on earth. He set up the viper and sent Kara with it back to galactica. This is how the radio transmited the right frequency on the viper. And the 4 others hear the radio and found the earth. Now they will find the last cylon on earth.

  19. By and By all of you could have had this worked out back then, yes there’s more to the story… 😛 and now unfortunately I’ve lost my muse to polish the rough draft of the conclusion.. :(

  20. I predicting that the last cylon is Romo Lampkin’s dead cat.


  21. Let’s lay down the rules first:

    * Moore said the final Cylon would be someone from Season 1.

    * D’anna said she wanted the “four cylons in your fleet” – Meaning the 5th is NOT in the fleet. So Tigh, Chief, Anders and Tori stepped forward. (Season S04E10)

    * Cylons can only have a child with a Human, and then only if there is love involved – Helo/Sharon, Chief/Cally.

    * The final cylon is not in the ‘last supper’ photo.

    Just to throw in the mix :- Caprica is pregnant. Adama accuses Tigh of being the father. That is not possible since they are both Cylons, and no love. Tigh also sees the face of Ellen in Caprica.

    If possibly Balter is the father (some encounter in the past) of Caprica’s child – and he is in the final supper. So Balter is NOT a cylon. Balter/Caprica –> hybrid. Caprica’s could have mistaken “our child” (that head Caprica has been telling Balter in the visions of the opera house), that she had mistaken to be Helo/Sharon’s child, Hera. Although Hera is seen in the opera house – a sign of things to come.

    Given the points I listed first, the final cylon -who is NOT in the fleet, and from season 1- can only be Billy, Ellen, Crash Down and a few others who DIED.

    My choice of the final cylon therefore is Ellen. Why? Tigh and Ellen never had children. Which fulfills the rules of two cylons not being able to have children.

  22. i dont believe ellen is a cylon because Ty is having visions of her, and we have yet to see 2 cylons have visions of each other.

    the final cylon is the former president (who died in the cylon attack in season 1) who also will just happen to be played by none other than Dirk Benedict. (the original starbuck)

  23. Just to repeat – the final Cylon CAN’T be someone who is dead.

    The cylons can’t regenerate anymore.

    And the final five couldn’t regenerate anyway. Otherwise the others cylons would see the spare bodies and say to themselves “Oh look, that’s who the final five are.”

    Then the plot would fall to pieces.

    The only POSSIBLE ‘dead’ person would be Zach who could have ‘done a Starbuck’ and zapped through a wormhole to Earth when everyone thought he was dead.

    Pick it up people!

  24. Why can’t the final 5 regenerate?

    The Final 5 were NOT part of the Cylon fleet that attacked the colonies, therefore would not have ‘spare bodies’ on the resurrection ships.

    They are *supposed* to be on Earth. “There are many copies.” A copy of Ellen can return, not the “dead” Ellen.

    Why could D’Anna want to unite the Cylons (if she already met 4 out of 5), if there’s not multiple copies of the final 5 still out there?

    Ellen still fits all the rules of who the final cylon is, without being something as far fetched as Zach, who while had a small part to play, never really advanced the storyline on his own.

  25. i think that the dude who is baltars lawyer at his trial will be the last one
    hes the shining ray of hope
    that oleads the crew to the actual earth