Who Is ‘The Last Cylon’ On Battlestar Galactica?

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battlestar last supper Who Is The Last Cylon On Battlestar Galactica?

With the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica upon us, I have many questions swirling around in my head. Not to mention I either hate or thank Ron Moore for this. Thanks Ron!!!

Before I start, I have to warn you that as of April 4th of this year, it was reported over on EW that the first 10 of the last 20 episodes are scheduled to air – which seems to confirm what they were saying over on SyFy Portal about the season being split up, so be ready for a break in the midst of it all if the writers strike didn’t mess up their plans. (BTW, the EW link has some good background info for those who need to play catch-up.)

So who the frak is the final Cylon? Let me torment you with some logic and observations first.

In the picture above, it’s called Battlestar Galactica: The final supper. In the picture is a goblet by itself at the table. Is there some significant clue by this missing representation of a figure or the cornerstone to the answer? It is such a simple goblet or cup, yet by itself, being pondered heavily by Lee Adama. At EW.com, if you click on the number representing the goblet, they point out that Moore insinuates the missing Cylon is not at the table. Well, there go a a few theories.

One of my first thoughts, since they like tossing twists at us, is Mr. Gaeta, only because if you look at the four of the final five, they’re all in strong support positions in the fleet, much like Gaeta has been all along.

The wheels are turning now, aren’t they?

But yet as I ponder the final Cylon, I also have in my head the quote we’ve heard a number of times, first in Battlestar Galactica: Razor, and then in the show itself: “This has all happened before; and will all happen again”

What the heck does that mean?

In recent episodes, we’ve seen the Cavils having the raiders lobotomized, referring to them as “They’re tools, not pets.” – Which says they’re treating members of their own race like slaves. Not cool Cavil. In fact, maybe foretelling?

We’ve seen Six’s and Sharons’ give the Centurions free thinking.

We also see the Six’s and Sharons have the Cavils, Dorals, and Simons all shot, and then Six asks one of the Centurion’s to “throw the surviving Cavil model out the airlock… please.

old cylon new cylon Who Is The Last Cylon On Battlestar Galactica?In that scene, there’s a Centurion in the foreground cleaning up the massacre mess, and when she said please, he stopped what he was doing and seemed to look in her direction, pondering, then went about his business. That scene said it all for me, because what I saw was a spark of a thought in that metal head of his. Dare I say, a plan? Wait, doesn’t the show open up saying the Cylons have a plan? This all started with the shiny guys, it’s probably going to end with the shiny guys.

Bruce’s Revelation, with the reasoning that created it:

1. Humans created the Cylons.

2. Cylons rebelled against their human creators.

3. The Cylons evolved themselves into their creators image (aka “skin jobs”).

4. The new Cylons (skin jobs) lobotomize the Raiders AND in the same move, have given the Centurions free thinking.

With this, I project the following inspirations:

- The Centurions are not just tools.

- They must rebel against their creators in order to avoid being lobotomized.

- Suddenly, we will have the Cylons fighting the “Humans” all over again.

We then see “humans” defending themselves against the “Cylons / Centurions” and of course, the Centurions would probably create skin jobs somewhere down the road in order to infiltrate the “humans.”

And it starts all over.

Hence, all of humanity is “The Last Cylon.”

For me, this premise puts to rest some questions and doubts I have had about the new Cylons… For example, if Tigh is a Cylon, how was he in the first Cylon war?

If it’s not all of humanity, I’ll go with Plan B: Gaeta.

Me? I can sleep now. It all makes sense… that is until I find I’m wrong.

What’s your take? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Photo Credits: Last Supper: Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Blog; Cylon vs. Cylon: Galactica TV

UPDATE (9/27/08):  Aaron Douglas who portrays Chief Tyrol participated in an online interview and he blows the lid off of some story details from the end of season 4, with potential story spoilers.  You might want to jump on over and check out our newest post about Aaron Douglas Dishing Out Possible Spoilers.

UPDATE (1/18/09) See our coverage of season 4.5 premiere episode and who the final Cylon revealed is over on our Battlestar Galactica Premiere post!

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  1. Dude, what a GREAT “out there” theory! Wouldn’t it be a trip if you were right. That would be a head-spinner of a twist on which to end the series.


  2. Interesting theory. Allegedly there are many clues in “The final supper” Promo piece. Since it is a take on the Last Supper by da Vinci let me rouse up more questions. Why is Caprica 6 the center of this piece? If she is representative of Christ , does this mean she will ultimately save humanity? Is she to be the savior? Keep in mind there are 11 characters each representing a disciple. The missing 12th character should be the last Cylon. ( The shows creators have said the last Cylon is Not in the picture.) Interestingly, this seat is where Judas sat in the original painting. So does this mean the final Cylon will betray 6 or all of humanity? If So, Who could it be? Personally I’ve always suspected Baltar as the final Cylon. Initially because of the Original TV series & the fact that he sees & communicates with 6 even when she is not around. (If it turns out he is not a Cylon then there needs to be an explanation of this) There are ton’s of other reasons I feel he is the final Cylon & although the creators claim he is not , there are two sixes in that picture (Natalie & Caprica) who’s to say there isn’t another Baltar yet to be revealed?
    Who knows? Maybe the last Cylon is Hot Dog.

  3. No, no, no… you guys all have it wrong.

    The last Cylon is clearly Jack Black.

  4. Ah man that’s good.

    Really good.


    Great food for thought.

  5. LOL… There are still some good options out there, I have to admit. Even though Baltar was the human leader in the original series, I can’t deny that he’s a potential either.

  6. Are the Final Five one of a kinds though? Not sure if any others of Ty or Sam. So maybe Balthar is a one off?
    He would be a bit obvious for the Final Cylon, and yet also fulfilling. Kind of torn on it. If they give it to another secondary character, like Dee, I will not be happy though.

    Hey, the President’s new assistant, she’s got nothing to do, let’s make her a Cylon! :P

  7. Yes Steven, it would seem the final five are single copies.. the rest of the Cylon population isn’t even allowed to speak of them, and that would be hard if they have copies.

    Hmm.. wouldn’t it suck of they got to Earth, and it’s all populated with the final five Cylons?

    Ray: I started going down that path you note because I think it has merit, but then I got caught up in so many different ways it could have gone that I just imploded and restarted the post!

  8. If the entire fleet finds out that they are ALL cylons, would they still continue to earth? Or would they decide that earth should never be found by them or the other cylons? I am assuming that the 13th colony was lost before the first cylons were built, and so it is the only place where real humans (us) exist.

    That guy in the tub at the end of “Razor” said something along the lines of Cara being the downfall of humanity. If the fleet is all cylons, she is leading them all straight for us here on earth.

  9. Zarek or Cottle,
    and there is still the mysterious cylon god.

  10. I like the theory Bruce. Let me take it one step further:

    All tweleve tribes are Cylons… and the war with the REAL humans drove them off Cobal to establish the 12 colonies while EARTH was the destination of the real humans.

  11. Interesting thought. If true, I would like to see this play out dramatically with humanity reaching earth and then being informed of this truth by what they see there. Perhaps there are human equivalents of all the main characters who “created” the human cylons way back when, and then the crew of Galactica realizes they are copies?

  12. Holy !!!! John… Wow!! That’s evil. I like it! 12 tribes, and how many Cylon models??? Would that be 12?!?! I think we’re building a pretty interesting scenario here on ScreenRant!

  13. Think that’s a great idea, especially as you could really link it with the first series. I remember seeing the pilot and there were cylons on display or something, and the Galactica is an old ship, they say.
    So would love if they could end by tying the two back together.

  14. its an intruiging theory but it doesnt mean ther still isnt one last model.
    The ads speak of the coming of the twelth
    the opening promo says ONE will be revealed.
    even if there are only 5 models, that doesnt mean
    there wont be more revelations .
    as I said there is still the matter of the cylon god .
    once we know who the creator is we will have more revelations.
    and twelve models could mean the cylons were meant to be a sister race not an enemy.

  15. If they were all cylons, wouldn’t they all have resurrected in the resurrection ships during the attacks on Caprica? Or any other times humans have died while in the vicinity of a resurrection ship?

  16. Hey DataSchmuck,

    The resurrection chambers are only fitted for the 7 models.

  17. This discussion has gotten way out of hand.

    I think they will stay true to the 12-model scenario, meaning 12 that each look the same.

    I’ve said Coddle and Zarek before, and Gaeta is higher on my list. Then again it could be any of many that died during the first three seasons.

    I really hope the finale isn’t too ambiguous, or too well-tied together.

  18. Bruce-
    after reading your article again, it’s a really nice, well thought-out theory. I likes it

    It has a little Matrix twang to it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the end

  19. “All tweleve tribes are Cylons… and the war with the REAL humans drove them off Cobal to establish the 12 colonies while EARTH was the destination of the real humans.”

    So, Earth becomes the new “Cobol”, for a future generation to exedus and create the next-gen 12 colonies. 12 Cylon models are the inspiration for the 12 gods, after which the colonies are named. Cycle starts all over.

    In the next generation, I want to live on planet Boomer, and start a feud with those jerks on planet Dorel, and only be friends with D’Annians.

  20. Thanks Panda. I guess you’re right about the Matrix twang. Hmm. I would like to think we’re developing a great hypothesis as a whole, here in the comment zone.. Because though I feel… comfortable about my theory, there’s always room for more ideas in a great discussion like this one.

    And yes, they better not have an ambiguous ending, unless of course, some screenrant writer just messed it all up for them and they have to rewrite everything. dOh!

  21. Hey! If that’s the case I wanna go live on the planet SIX!!!

    But you’re forgetting just one totally mind blowing twist Panda: everyone is a Cylon. They just haven’t figure it out yet, and the last Cylon is really the entire embodiment of the human race.

    Wow!! This coffee I’m downing is Gude!!! I need more.

  22. One note: In the last episode, they made it very obvious that the robots seem to react to 6′s commands when she says please. (She tells one to escort Cavil back to his ship and the bot doesn’t move until she says please. Cavil then comments that he’s glad they’re using the magic word.) This leads me to believe that the centurions are not as free thinking as one might believe. Perhaps the 6′s and Boomers built in a control word much like the antagonist in the game Bioshock. Would you kindly agree with me?

  23. The final Cylon is…. Boxey.

    has that joke been done already?

  24. In keeping with your theory Bruce, so you think that the war will end with this discovery, and the Cylons and Colonials reconciling? Implying that the Centurians will rise against them all one day?

    Or… (and my preference)
    will the Cylons beat the Colonials, with the skinjobs populating Earth?

    I think it would have a huge impact under this second scenario. Maybe the Colonials and Cylons discover the truth, and form a truce. The Cylons leave the Colonials to populate Earth, and the Cylons fly off to create the new twelve colonies. Hence, the Colonials are the 13th tribe.

    I really do believe there is a 12th Cylon model to be revealed. I’d probably lose it if the final Cylon is a metaphore.

  25. I take back most of that last post (about the skinjobs dominating). I forgot how the show stressed the importance of crossbreeding.

    Fast forward a few thousand years…

    damn-dirty Centurians

  26. Oh yeah, that would be cool, they reach Earth to find the apes running the place.

    How about the cylons win and go to Earth and find the Terminators in charge?

    Centurions vs Terminators! I’d pay to see a crappy movie version of that. probably. ;)

  27. is that the only way for the war to end, the discovery that the humans are cylons?

  28. No Gary, it’s not.. but with what clues and limited information we have, we’re sleuthing our way through the season because it’s killing me not knowing.

    Steven, we might as well plop the Hulk in the middle of it too! Puny toasters!!

    Panda: I like where you were headed with the truce, which will probably get broken 15 years down the road by one of the parties…

    It’s happened before, it will happen again..

    Indefinite syndication is what I’m seeing, and I was tempted to do the Boxey joke… Where in blazes is that dang dog any way!

  29. The monotheists (Cylons) want to kill the polytheists (humans) and the atheists (Cavill’s group) want to kill everyone.

    As for who the final Cylon is, I’m not even gonna guess. I want to be surprised.

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