‘Whiteout’ Trailer Brings the Heat

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whiteout 1 Whiteout Trailer Brings the Heat

Ahh the clear white snow of virgin trailers here at Screen Rant

Last week’s pre-Comic-Con news brought us a full-fledged trailer for a new Kate-Beckinsale-filled movie called Whiteout. The film is set in the great white mysterious outskirts of Antarctica, where “nature never intended you to survive.”

However, more importantly, “Nature is not the only thing to fear…”



A remote U.S. science research facility. The PERFECT setting for a Kate-Beckinsale-laden shower scene, a team out looking for meteor samples and a scientific-thing-a-mabob beeping as it “goes off the charts with an unknown finding.”

“We’ve hit something big…”

What’s even bigger are the quick glimpses of snowbound special effects of crashing planes, frozen bodies and the drawing of guns that follow. They offer up something that when combined with Kate Beckinsale (yummy – even in a parka, she’s easy to look at) provide a very solid trailer for “WHITE OUT” that makes makes me want more for sure!

Kate plays an on-site U.S. Marshall digging into X-Files-style hijinx and it looks to be a solid romp to launch the latter part of this year.

whiteout 2 Whiteout Trailer Brings the Heat

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, be sure to tell us what YOU think of this release from Swordfish and Gone in 60 Seconds director Dominic Sena.

Whiteout arrives in theaters September 11th, 2009.

Source: You Tube via First Showing

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  1. This looks like it could be pretty good.

    ” The PERFECT setting for a Kate-Beckinsale-laden shower scene”

    You can say that again.

  2. The graphic novel blew me away. Unfortunately, the movie looks like stunt casting all around. Carrie Stetko in the grahic novel is more like Kathy Bates than Kate Beckinsale. Stetko’s described as muscular, lumpy, “plain.” — she’s a US Marshall, for eff’s sake. I wouldn’t trust Kate Beckinsale to lead cheers at a college football game, much less police McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

    I’m getting more than a little sick at Hollywood’s obsession with perfectly pretty people pretending to be good at real-people jobs. Kate Beckinsale = Federal Marshall is almost as believable as Tara Reid = anthropologist. And Carrie was trailed by a female UN operative. Not surprisingly, the film changes this to a guy for the obligatory, yet wholly unnecessary romance angle.

  3. Looks too much like THE THING rip off

    Not sure about this

  4. ogb,

    Thats kind of the vibe I got from the trailer.

  5. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw it

    A bunch of ppl trapped in Antarctica. “Something” is coming after them. Scientists.

    Not saying it will be bad but if they’re trying to play off of The Thing, not going to happen

    The Thing is still, to this day, one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen.

  6. it’s supposed to be a murder mystery. i don’t know where anyone is getting the sci-fi/monster angle. someone gets murdered, a first for antarctica, and she has to investigate. isn’t that the plot of the gn as well? anyways that’s what i’ve been hearing. i never got any sci-fi vibe off it at all.

  7. Yeeeha! Another Antarctic movie — for those of us who have worked there — to poke fun at. Like The Thing, it’s sure to become a classic on the Ice. I can’t wait.

    But I have to agree with hamlet3k: while I appreciate eye candy as much as the next guy, Kate would have all the Ice cred of a carrot muffin.

    Oh, and there have already been real murders (at least one confirmed) in Antarctica. Wheee.

  8. @ sciencetech: Where were you stationed? McMurdo? Amundsen-Scott?

    Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind looking at Kate B. Just… Dammit. Can we get even the slightest verisimilitude here? As Big Dead Place gleefully points out, they don’t let just anyone on The Ice. :)

  9. I have to say that the trailer guy was priceless :)

  10. “X-Files-style hijinx” Hell ya!
    And as far as Kate goes……I will watch here in anything she does to be sure. Maybe the book called for a Kathy Bates type, but ….I mean no offense to Ms. Bates, she is a fine actress, but my money is on Kate, everytime! I would very much like to see this.

  11. It’s definitely a shame to see that a great mystery-crime-thriller story is getting sold with a “what’s out there?” angle. I, for one, can see where people get the sci-fi, X-Files vibe, and I hate that that’s the case.

    The idea of Kate Beckinsale as Carrie Stetko doesn’t make me too happy, either, seeing as how the very similar replacement of the Olemauns in “30 Days of Night” with Hollywood’s hottest young actors lost a bit of the characters for me. But it’s not the worst of it, really. She is something to look at, and not the worst actress they could’ve gone with, really — just not quite the actress to do the original character justice.

    I still have high hopes for a decent flick, and will probably go see it, but as a die-hard fan of the original graphic novel, this is cause for some concern.

  12. I agree with Tim “Cloverfield”.

    As long as Kate is in it,I’m there.

    I mean really,who would’ve watched Van Helsing if she wasn’t in it?

  13. meh

  14. Omri – I totally agree with you. Not only in that I think this trailer should have a different flavor, but that MANY movies would benefit from a completely different kind of flavor for their trailer. It’s another great piece of fodder to kick up an article about for sure. We’ll have to see about sending that down the cabbage patch and see what we can cultivate.

    Thanks for chiming in and do keep coming back to read. Cheers!

  15. Essi – The trailer voice guy IS outstanding after a couple of watches. Very “JAWS” which scared the crap out of me as a kid. If it’s gotta’ be THIS flavor trailer, that voice works. Thanks for your input. We all appreciate it!

  16. OGB – while I hold out hope that this ISN’T a “The Thing” ripoff, I totally agree with you on The Thing being one of the best horror films that still holds up to this day. The moment where the dude puts his hands and shock paddles through the dudes chest, and the “walking off head” and the subsequent comment are some of the most impactful memories I have with my father watching movies.

    Thanks for your comment! Love to see them and please tell your friends to chime in as well!

  17. Here it is mid-September and Whiteout has been out for a few days — and it’s scoring a whopping 8% on RottenTomatos. It’s not showing in my town so I haven’t had the chance to see it yet. Judging by the comments from my friends who have, I think I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD and just put it in a loop of the shower scene. Who cares about the rest.

    To the credit of the producers, they sent an advanced copy to South Pole. The crew had a ‘drive-in movie’ night where they projected it on sheets in the gym. Here is my favorite comment from one of my friends at the Pole (a woman, FYI):

    “And, I have to say . . . if you’ve just spent 2 years on the station and a scary, ax wielding murderer is coming for you . . . you wouldn’t spend the time clipping into the rope line. Just run, B*tch. You know where these buildings are! Kate Beckinsale’s a pu**y.”

    By the sound of it, the problem is not Kate, it’s the writing (although casting Kate in that role is dubious).

    As far as Antarctic-themed movies go, The Thing is still a perennial classic on the Ice. Aside from the flame throwers and guns, they pretty much portrayed life at a small station fairly accurately, at least in the 70-80′s. Things are a lot more corporate now.

  18. Thanks so much for your “real-world” input, ScienceTech. I too have not yet had the time to get to the theater to see it and wonder if perhaps the formula-makers in Hollywood have pushed down the handle on another floater.

    Again our thanks to you for your input and we’re eager to know what others have thought of WHITE OUT.