New ‘White House Down’ Trailer Features More Story & Action

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White House Down centers on John Cale (Channing Tatum), a policeman whose dream job is protect the President of the United States as a Secret Service agent. When his is application is rejected, he’s unable to deliver the bad news to his young daughter and instead takes her on a tour of the White House.

While there, his skills and determination to protect the president are put to the ultimate test as a powerful paramilitary group takes control of the White House. If this plot sounds familiar, that’s because it’s almost identical to Olympus Has Fallen, which was released this past March.

The film is directed by Roland Emmerich, the man behind such blockbusters as Independence Day, Godzilla and The Day After Tomorrow and written by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac). It stars the aforementioned Tatum, Jamie Foxx (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) as President James Sawyer, Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Dark Knight) as a Secret Service agent, Joey King (Oz the Great and Powerful) as Cale’s daughter, Richard Jenkins (Killing Them Softly) as the Speaker of the House and Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) as Stenz, the leader of the paramilitary mercenary group that invades the White House.

White House Down Movie Poster 570x844 New White House Down Trailer Features More Story & Action

The film’s debut trailer – which was released about the same time that Olympus hit theaters – gave viewers ample opportunity to compare the two films, and based on the first glimpse of footage, they could already see Emmerich’s blockbuster fingerprints all over White House Down.

While Olympus Has Fallen was lauded for its no-holds-barred action sequences, White House Down looks to one-up its forever-linked predecessor with some signature grand-scale Emmerich setpieces.

However, after watching the new trailer – which you can check out at the top of the page – viewers who are familiar with Emmerich’s work will undoubtedly begin to compare the film to his previous action spectacles. Like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, the film’s action looks way over the top, even campy at times, and the attempts at humor are hit-and-miss. The new trailer also shows off more of Cale’s backstory with his daughter, which could give the film a backbone and a beating heart.

tatum in white house down New White House Down Trailer Features More Story & Action

Many would argue that Olympus Has Fallen was successful because – though it was a bit excessive at times – it knew what film it was trying to be. The action film won over audiences because it was unapologetic about its brutal violence, whereas White House Down – in typical Emmerich fashion – appears to take a broader approach, trying to be a bit of everything. It wants to tell a serious story with some humorous moments, and also wants to wow audiences with big action.

Although Emmerich has been successful with this formula previously, White House Down could be a harder sell, considering Olympus already beat it to the punch.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Does the new trailer look good to you? Let us know in the comments.


White House Down storms into theaters on June 28th, 2013

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. it looks more hella fun than olympus has fallen.I LOL at the rocket launcher part. i guess what im trying to say is Day 1 for me lol

  2. We’re sorry…

    We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again after a few minutes.

    Damn YahoO!

  3. Alright so I got it to work!

    One thing that is always a constant for movies and myself is that if either Roland Emmerich or Michael Bay is directing, I know that its going to be visually fantastic, S#*& is going to blow up, and I’m going to get quite a few laughs in. And that’s what entertains me the majority of the time. With that said, I am excited for this film. It seems like a lot of fun!

    One last thing… dress pants and a dirty tank top? Do you think he is going to spend the entire movie looking for a pair of shoes? Hehe

    • +1

    • @Leather Cheerio

      You had to go made a Die Hard reference…sheesh!

      • This is Die Hard but at the White House LOL. I know McClane never left the airport in Die Hard 2 when he was in DC, but if he did, this is what would’ve happened!

    • “… dress pants and a dirty tank top?”

      I think they think that will put female pants in the seats.

      • They think Magic Mike will put female pants in the seats. And judging by every female in the target age on my Facebook, they’re right.

  4. That trailer is just awful.

    • Truly. My eyes hurt.

  5. Get Yo Hands Of My Jordan…. Sold!

    • Ha! I see what you did there LOL

  6. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again after a few minutes.

  7. Looks like fun, but Hollywood really needs to stop using bastardized versions of Led Zeppelin songs for trailers. Use the original song or don’t use it at all.

    • +1

    • The original song? Led Zeppelin stole so many songs don’t get me started on “original.”

      • Please, tell me what songs Led Zeppelin ‘stole’

      • Please, tell me what songs Led Zeppelin stole

      • Please, tell me what songs Led Zeppelin’stole.’

      • Please, tell me what songs Led Zeppelin ‘stole’.

      • Please, tell me what songs Led Zeppelin stole.

  8. This looks more fun.

    Even if I know Copters are never going to fly that low to the deck at that speed.

    • The size looked all wrong, too. Like miniature helicopters.

    • If I were to sit in the theater with you and watch this movie or any movie that has helicopters in it and I saw you shake your head in disappointment after a helicopter scene, I should have every right to punch you right in the jeans! LOL! Stop being so nitpicky!

      • @Leather Cheerio.

        No, worry about me when I pull out a note pad and start writing down the maneuvers I see.

        Then we go out and duplicate them.


        :) I could so buzz Arizona.

        • I’m waiting… LOL

          • @Leather Cheerio

            Picture this.

            You are on lunch, you are outside with your co-workers. They are talking work related stuff.

            You all hear a helicopter see it land…Homeland Security Decals on it….I get out…run over to you….and yell.

            GET IN THE CHOPPA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

            All your co-workers are wondering why you are being taken away in a government helicopter, I return you back to work…and say…”Your Country Owes you one…TELL NO ONE OF THE MISSION!”

            Would make your co-workers both fear and respect you!


            • If you only KNEW what kind of a building I work in LOL. This place is locked down with more security then a government building. I feel safer inside here then I did 10 yrs ago at Ft Hood. But that would be awesome, YES! The only other people that work in the building this late at night are all ex military as well (Security) so they might try and join us!

              • Oh. We could have a couple of guys Rappel down over a drive thru.

                • Don’t threaten me with a good time.

                  • Well, what use is a Coast Guard Jayhawk in Arizona?

                    I would have to fly a Blackhawk.

                    And who would argue or question a Blackhawk hovering over a drive thru…WE GOTS TO EAT!

                    • I remember the days after 9/11

                      There were all four Hawks variations flying over DC.Blackhawks and Pavehawks had the city.

                      Seahawks and Jayhawks had the rivers and costs.

                      Someone asked, ” Sure are a lot of Hawks in the air.”

                      Reponse was…”Do not worry about the Hawks, watch out for those damn Apaches.”

      • Emergency Roadside EVAC.

        Not in a Jayhawk, too Big.

        Bell Ranger, or similar type helicopter. Yes. Required training for EVAC Off bridges and areas flooded by water.

      • 4 Factors

        1 Clearance. There has to be ample clearance on all sides. Approach has to be slow. In cold conditions, you have to stand clear of helicopter there has to be no debris that be kicked up and become a projectile.

        2 Approach vector has to be clear fore and aft. You cannot pivot in that area. You have to go out the same departure vector.

        3 Cold Weather and Helicopters do not mix. Grounding cable has to be deployed and contact has to be made with an object to ground, static discharge could provide a spark, accident car could have gas spill. So the area has to be clean up and clear.

        4 Patience…Patience..Patience..When dealing with that type of are, you have to be wary of cross winds. You are already going in slow, mountain winds could prove to be a serious and deadly problem, as such you are already coming in slow, so it is Anti torque pedal and little use of the cyclic controls. I would adjust my cyclic controls to level out and then use anti torque pedals to land once my approach has been established and verified.

        • Great breakdown of what’s required. Thanks, Jeff.
          You could write the training manual as well as teach it.

          • I did.

            Flying Helicopters. By LTC B.JEFFREY WAINE

            1 Study.
            2 Practice.
            3 Train on simulator for 6 months.
            4 Get a Training Officer with no fear.
            5 UP..FORWARD…REVERSE…HOVER..DOWN…Repeat
            6 Get your TO to sign off on your flight certification before he kills you.

            • Great stuff, Jeff 😀 I thought you might have.

              • One of the other graduates did the buzzing.

                He got chewed out big time. Top 5 Get to pick their duty location.

                I was third in my Class. Hawaii, San Francisco, I took Miami. Which left LA and Texas.

                Couple Admirals Approached me. Asked me why I picked Miami?

                I said, “I Joined the Coast Guard to help, not look cool. Miami is a nightmare during Hurricane Season.

                • Wonderful background details and the
                  right decision for the right reasons.
                  You can’t go wrong doing right.

  9. Looking forward to seeing both these flicks on Netflix. We need more movies based on good thriller-writers’ work, such as Vince Flynn and Brad Thor (whose novels probably were more than anything else the driving forces that inspired the writers of these movies to choose these plots), Steve Berry, James Rollins, David Lynn Golemon and a number of others I could name.

  10. The hit and miss humor hinders the trailer and seeing Olympus Has Fallen (which I really like) doesn’t help either.

    • ^What he said.

    • I went to see Iron man and people were laugh at the comedy part. It helps.

      I didnt like OHF so I down for this.

  11. I can always trust Roland Emmerich to make really enjoyable popcorn flicks!

  12. Making the President an action hero is just so stupid. Foxx should have been another agent or something.

  13. Looking forward to watch this movie….. hop it will be a good entertainer

  14. white house down is absolutely excellent. Its a bit of everything while still telling a great story and passing across a very strong message.
    I watched it with my girl friend and we both wanna go to the cinema to see it again.
    If white house down could get her thumps up then you have your answer.