‘White House Down’ Trailer: Now Channing Tatum Must Save the President

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Every so often two movies with virtually identical plots arrives in theaters within the same year, and in 2013 that trend continues with Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down (a.k.a. ‘Die Hard in the White House’). The former enjoyed a lucrative opening weekend at the box office this month, after managing to please many viewers looking for a good dose of American kick-butt action (for a more in-depth analysis, listen to the SR Underground Podcast).

White House Down stars Channing Tatum as Jack Bauer John Cale, a police officer who is touring the White House when a group of heavily-armed paramilitary forces invade. John springs into action, in order to protect the President (Jamie Foxx) and teach the baddies a lesson about what happens when you mess with the U.S. of A.

The movie was directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012), drawing from a screenplay written by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac, The Amazing Spider-Man). Rounding out the cast are people like Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty), Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Dark Knight), James Woods (Shark), Richard Jenkins (Killing Them Softly), Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight) and Joey King (Oz the Great and Powerful) as Tatum’s daughter in the film.

Watch the trailer, then check out the White House Down poster (via Moviefone):


white house down poster 570x844 White House Down Trailer: Now Channing Tatum Must Save the President

Emmerich’s White House movie, as you would expect, looks more grand-scale and melodramatic than Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen. The White House Down trailer is somber and serious, but everyone should know better than to expect one of Emmerich’s films to not have its fair share of campiness (among other recurring elements of his work).

In fact, if you take the mood and scope of Emmerich’s past disaster blockbusters and swap “terrorists” in the place of “aliens” (ID4) or “environmental apocalypse” (The Day After Tomorrow, 2012) – then combine all that with a paint-by-numbers script for a Die Hard knockoff – you will probably have a reasonable approximation for White House Down. To be fair, though, it could also be a great recipe for some good old-fashioned popcorn entertainment.

For those who are curious, check out this White House Down script review.

White House Down open in theaters on June 28th, 2013.

Source: Moviefone

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  1. Jamie Foxx as President? Let me see- we’ve had Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, and now Jamie Foxx as POTUS. Apparently, Hollywood has decreed that nevermore will the White House be occupied by an old white guy.

    • When was Morgan Freeman president in a movie? In Olympus Has Fallen, Aaron Eckhart was president.

      • Deep Impact

        • Ah never heard of it, may check it out!

          • Deep Impact would be the movie that came out about the same time as Armageddon, two movies with similar plots.

      • YES. He was the President in Deep Impact.

      • Morgan Freeman played President Beck in Deep Impact, bro.

    • @Etrigan In Iron Man 3 that guy from Tales From The Crypt will be president..

    • Although I am sure Hollywood is racial motivated to place African Americans as president for PC reasons.

      Morgan Freeman

      was a hell of a choice, and his ability to carry a scene is exactly why he should of been chosen to be president.

      Now Danny Glover not so much.

  2. Looking forward to this, Roland Emmerich is really great at making popcorn flicks.

  3. Actually the use of soe many actors of color to potray the president is done so as to condition the public. We already have a balck man as president and so potrayal of a black male president is nitural in a movie at this time. Why care about that? The movies intent is to further push the idea of fear onto the public, make as many as posssible believe that a terrorists is hiding around ervy corner, under every object ad that if we do not let governmnet do as it claims it neeeds to in order to “keep us safe” then the price we will pay is depicted on the big screen.

    I’ve only seen the trailer of course but based on just that I;’d have to say this looks like it will be a very effective pro-fear piece for hollywood and governmnet. People will leave the theatre ready to gove up any livberty/freedom the government asks just to “stay safe”. And the fact that we’ve not had any dometic act of terrorsim since 9/11 that wasn’t managed/known about by the FBI/CIA will not make one but of difference. Thats how effective hollywood is at conditioning. Just look at how many people now-a-days believe a zombie like apocalypse is posssible.

    • Dude, I think youre reading a little bit too much into the MOVIE trailer. Keyword…Movie.

    • I would take you more seriously, if your post was not full of non-sense. You say, there has been no attacks since 9/11 by terrorist. Allow me to educate you. As a Person who served in the United States Coast Guard, now I know it is not the Navy, Army, Marine or Airforce. I was highly trained in Counter Terrorism Tactics.

      Now back to your 9/11 there was no attack on US Soil, but you forget about the Embassies that were attacked, that is Sovereign US Territory.

      9/11 Is what everyone remembers, but I go back to the WTC Attacks in 1993 Which if you do the math, were two attacks from Terrorism in an 8 year span.

      Now lets look at 1995 and the Attack on the Oklahoma City at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

      The Unabomber also comes to mind.

      DC Sniper.

      Point is, you focused on the Terrorist from middle east, Taliban and Al Queida

      Since 9/11 There have been 23 Different Domestic Terrorist acts in the United States.

      There, you have just been educated beyond belief of anything you just posted.

        • @Annalistic.

          When someone post something without through knowledge, as asinine as that post was, it needed to be commented upon. With that said.

          For you to post that no one cares, means what from your exactly.

          And Trust me, it not working hard at all.

          • Lolol…learn how to speak correct grammar

            It’s “it’s not working hard at all.”

            You should edumacate yourself little kiddo before you try to act smart…it really is basic grammar

            • Wow there let’s not take this too high up there in the notches. Relax you two.

              • Hmm.

                Did someone make and error in posting. Seems someone forgot to change their “name”?


                • That was my boyfriend…I used his phone to make a comment. Then he tried to post something. You know how smart phones are, they save everything.

                  You should really invest in a smart phone though…to correct grammatical errors

                  • Sure.

                  • I doubt it. Since you are in the same room, “sharing the same phone”.

                    It should have been stated “as you two”, since he is right next to you.

                    He decides to type something to you, when he is sitting right next to you?



              • Multiple personality disorder there Annalistic?

                I, for one prefer to post under one name.

            • Take your own advice. It would be to use proper grammar not correct grammar. Now the proper way to say it would have been, “At least learn how to spell correctly.” As such I omitted one letter and an apostrophe. Which is more in line with incorrect spelling, not so much as grammar.

              • @Annalistic BURNNNN

                • @Ken

                  I know, but since I have to use proper etiquette when posting.

                  I am an infallible human being, I am prone to mistakes.

        • @Annalistic Not sure whether I agree with all of Jeff’s posts or not, but I agree with the post from Jeff that you’re trying to Mock. I care about the point he made.

          • @RandomInternetguy.

            I am not suppose to think everyone needs to agree with my posts. For the most part it is mostly regulated to movies and it is lively debate.

            Just when someone post something based on one event and ignore the others, then I make an exception. Complacency is what bought 9/11 to The United States.

            And thank you.

      • @Paul

        Thanks, I was thinking about the same examples. And it scares me that the 2010 attempt only didn’t work because the bomb-maker was incompetent. Not because our government stopped it or prevented it… Good job again, you stupid government…

        I’m not quite a Libertarian, but I do share a similar sentiment about our government. I love the celebrities that try so hard to avoid admitting they are liberals, so they say they are libertarians, thinking since they sound similar that they must have similar meanings. 😀

        • @Ken – Yeah, most people think we STOPPED the 2010 Times-Square bombing when in actuality the friggin’ thing just didn’t explode. A few days later people were partying in the street for New Year’s like sheep without a care in the world.

          But like you said, the govt took credit for “stopping” the bomber. Ridiculous.


          • @Paul

            Too bad when something bad happens everyone in this government points their fingers at everyone else instead of taking credit for it like when something fortunate happens…

            And I can’t believe people believe it. You know, there are still people who believe the embassy attack was due to a youtube video… *shakes head*

            • @Ken J – Yeah, we live in a nation of people with attention spans of 140 characters. Take in any info (false or not) then move on and believe it as true.


  4. This looks kinda epic.

  5. Olympus Has Fallen script was written 10 years ago, so its not really copying 24.

  6. Now this one looks very good

  7. Looks more interesting than i thought it would i thought that this would be a family friendly version of Olympus that was really just supposed to be a good time and all but it looks fairly dark and gritty to me. I’ll certainly check it out.

  8. I thought this movie came out last weekend. :)

    Warner Bros should get Shaq to do Steel 2 to compete with Iron Man 3.

  9. Depending on the reviews, I may or may not check this out. Looks like it could be a throwback to old school Die Hard.

    • Do you mean, if you can get 8 bucks from your mom you might go see it?

  10. The comments for Olympus Has Fallen says it’s like Die Hard 1, but looking at this trailer and Channing Your Tatum in his dirty tank top… this one seems like a closer match.

    Place your box office bets, will Gerard or Channing pull in the higher box office? I think Emmerich will have the better popcorn flick, but the release date of WHD might kill it a bit because it will be competing with other June biggies (Man of Steel and World War Z).

  11. From the trailer this already looks much better than Olympus has Fallen! That has to be up there with worst trailer of the year!

    Will definitely be seeing this one!

    • And this coming from a Roland Emmirich Film…Who would have thunk it.

    • I absolutely agree. I wasn’t wow’d by OHF, but I don’t think it was horrible, but this trailer alone looks better, more exciting, more intense, and better special effects [& explosions] than OHF by a mile. really looking forward to this.

      • I think the use of “TV and Cellphone camera footage” gives it a more realistic feel.

        Then you add in the action. But the substance is how the destruction would play out if we were watching it live on tv from our homes.

    • I don’t know what’s wrong with Antoine Fuqua but his movies have got steadily worse over the years, OHF ticks all the ‘avoid’ boxes for me and is definitely the turkey of the two IMO

      Roland Emmerich movies always entertain and have that re watchable quality about them and beat around the bush, the article above mentions the serious town and Emmerichs penchant for camp, well this is clearly a Die Hard wannabe down to the simple cop thrown into an insane situation scenario complete with white vest and one liners, hell he’s even called John!!

      Love it!! Can’t wait for this one!

  12. Looks good

  13. If people would show some common sense and vote for republican presidents, we would not have this problem in the good old USA!!!

    • Perhaps I don’t keep up with the news that often but, last time I checked, you don’t have this problem under a democratic president either.

  14. Both movies look really great, and I am sure I will watch both of them for a good few hours of entertainment. I must say, though, that the plots were undoubtably inspired by (stolen from??) one of the Vince Flynn “Mitch Rapp” novels, and my understanding is that the author is not pleased by the prospect (don’t blame him). However, he is trying to move upwards and onwards, head held high, to his credit. Vince Flynn, incidently, is a classy and very competant author for those who like political/military action-thrillers (terrorists vs anti-terrorists), and I highly recommend you check him out. he’s written numerous novels, and not a bad one among them.

  15. if you guys havent read or seen olympus has fallen you cant say its better this movie looks like its over-exaggerating the action and over-glorifying the special effects and visuals…but with the cast and by looking at trailer it just looks like an action movie with a bland storyline

    • seriously this looks more like visual candy than anything else

    • I haven’t read OHF, but I watched it last week. based on this trailer alone, I’m pretty hopeful that it’ll be if nothing else more exciting. I can’t say who’s a better lead actor, I’ve seen more of GB’s movies, but I think this one might have a better director & CT might be a little more believable than GB in OHF

  16. looks very good

      • Well, I think the one of the chopper going around the Washington Monument is from a news copter.

        But the black hawks, in the street going that fast. Not going to happen.
        Consider that street is maybe..60-65 curb to curb. Blackhawk’s with a 60 foot span, at speed, less than 20 feet off the deck. Not going to happen.

    • So, I am just going to say this…the only movie that you can’t say that about is Jurassic Park. That is the only movie in the past 20 years to have special effects that you could watch closely, and still believe. So your argument really doesn’t do anything for me.

  17. This film will be a major flop. Even if audiences forget that they’ve seen this film this year already with Olympus has fallen. Because the timeslot for White House down could not be worse. That film would be perfect for a release in fall. But showing this one during all the other sommer-blockbusters is suicide!
    Olympus has fallen won the race and had the right timeslot. Avoiding all the other major blockbusters guaranteed a certain box-office success.

    • CT might be a big draw for the ladies though… and this is the Director that did Independence day as well so…. you never know…it might still make some money

      • He certainly will get my money.

  18. I don’t care how much hate Emmerich gets, his films are highly entertaining (i.e. great popcorn flicks). This one looks like it’ll be another fun ride, and I’m looking forward to it.
    I haven’t seen OHF, but I’ll probably see that later just for the comparison (not to see which one is “better”, but just to get a different take on the scenario).

  19. Why does hollywood keep trying to make action stars out of these horrible actors, channing tatum I’m sorry is a stripper and has the acting chops nof well a porkchop. Just like taylor lautner or jake gyllenhall that’s never going to work, just give it up already.

    • jake and tatum are decent actors, attack lautner all u want coz he is lousy but give the other guys credit for their work. you just admitted tatum is a great stripper

      • How dare you accuse someone of that for shame. FOR SHAME!

  20. I will probably see it on my day off just because; however, I really liked the Bulter/Eckhart duo better than the Tatum/Foxx duo. Although that’s not really fair to say since the only piece of dialogue came from either the newscasters or Tatum saying something quick.

    OHF was very straight forward and moved swiftly. Butler also carries a harder edge to him because of Gamer and 300. Tatum looks a little weak when compared to Butler. But that’s just my opinion.

  21. Also, one of the aspects of both these movies is that the hero is someone who is trained to handle these situations instead of a normal civilian who really has no idea.

  22. channing tatum looks ridiculous dressed up in a badass outfit. I’m sorry, I’m actually a channing fan but Gerard Butler def wins this bout.

  23. Wonder if hollywood would ever make an ORIENTAL (chinese) as the US President in the movie. Hollywood would rack in some serious cash in China because they love hollywood movies there, and huge market there. Especially when they hate US, yet would be willing to see a chinese as the US President. An action spy thriller, and The name of the movie would be “Made in USA”, not “made in china” like everything else.

  24. Great, just what we need. More fear-mongering propaganda malarkey.