‘White Chicks 2′ Is On The Way…

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white chicks White Chicks 2 Is On The Way...

Today comes a ridiculous piece of news that a sequel to the surprise hit comedy, White Chicks, has been given the go-ahead. The Wayans Brothers and Sony are going to be developing the project, with one of the other Wayans brothers, Keenen Ivory Wayans returning to direct the sequel.  Keenen, Shawn and Marlon Wayans are writing and producing the movie.

The first White Chicks movie starred Shawn and Marlon as two FBI agents who go undercover and dress up as, you guessed it, white chicks to protect a couple of heiresses (I’ll leave it up to you to discuss the many, many, issues of THAT premise…). The all-important plot of White Chicks 2 (I wouldn’t be surprised if a subtitle gets added to that) is being kept under wraps for the moment. I’m sure that similar to (or rather, the same as) the first one, it will involve Shawn and Marlon putting on make-up again.

As much as it’s groan-inducing to think that they’re making another movie from this premise, from a business point of view it’s not that much of a surprise. White Chicks made over $70 million domestically, and $42 million internationally, from a budget of only $37 million. I’m sure money is the reason for this sequel, as I don’t think there’s much to tell that wasn’t covered in the first one.

I’m unfortunate enough to have seen White Chicks (it was a boring Sunday, and the rental was at hand in my house, if I remember right), and I’ve gotta’ say it’s one lame and stupid comedy. All the obvious (read: stereotypical) gags you could think of – from fart jokes to unfunny gender play – sets it comfortably amongst the Wayans Brothers’ other less-than-funny comedies. The only time I remember laughing was at the Terry Crews dinner table scene where he shows of his massive tongue.

I know, I know….

What do you think of the Wayans Brothers making a sequel to White Chicks?

White Chicks 2 is currently in the pre-production stages and doesn’t have a release date yet.

Source: THR

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  1. This has to be one of the best April Fools’ jokes ever….oh wait.


  3. ROFL, they’re so terrifying to look at.

  4. I just hope the sequel lives up to the quailty of the first film. 8-O

    Man those Wayans are scary talented.

  5. I have never looked into the hoary maw of hell, but I think White Chicks probably plays there in an endless loop, on 3000 foot tall screens, looming over the vasty pits of the screaming, wailing damned as they broil in lakes of fire and gnash their teeth and curse their sinful ways.

  6. Blech. Here we go again…..

  7. 790, how do you make that face?

  8. Foopher,,,
    Zero’s and One’s…

    Combine these together,,, 8/-/O

  9. Hey Wayan bros, where’s that Munsters movie?

  10. The big dude that puts the girls in wheel chairs is one nasty fellow yuck! But shame when he got the white guy instead lmfao

  11. Wow, White Chicks 2, but we can’t make a Black Chicks 1 because that would be racist…

  12. We can’t but Tyler Perry can…

    I hope he got the script I sent him, “Medea goes to Area 51″. :-)

  13. @790
    I’d much rather see a “Medea gets capped in a driveby”. I’d actually watch that one.

  14. Haahaaa,,, :-)
    Either one,,,

  15. wayans hating has become a full fledged sport, as you can tell from the above posts. and of course if any of you bigots made a “Black Chicks” of course it would be racist.

  16. So Black Chicks is racist, but White Chicks isn’t? Explain… :-D

  17. White Chicks was a fair comedy with a few laughs but hearing that they are coming out with a sequel sound like a complete joke to me and I really am having trouble believing it. Whats next a sequel to Little Man? Have the Wayan’s bros just given up on coming up with new ideas.

  18. I’d rahter see Mandarr gets capped in a drive by.

    @ kenJ

    They already made Black Chikcks, it was called B.A.P.S. with halle berry.

  19. So there isn’t some DECENT idea out there in Hollywood that the execs can piss away $37 million on? I normally like the Wayans Bros. (In Living Color and the first 2 Scary Movies), but this is just ridiculous. C’mon guys, come up with something original AND funny. I hope this movie fails and fails big.

  20. I’m a black guy, I saw White Chicks, I hated it. There was one Wayan brothers movie I did like (I’m Gonna Git You Sucka) but the rest, IMHO, were horrible; and I put WC as the worst. I also don’t agree that if a white producer made a movie called Black Chicks that the name alone makes it racist. If you use that logic, then WC is racist. But we need to get off of that subject and focus on this….movie.

  21. Oh yeah, I forgot about Scary Movie; I only liked the second one though.

  22. Scary movie 2 was serious step down from the first, but scary movie 1 and 2 were the best of the series no doubt.

  23. I would even like it better if they expanded one of their skits from In Living Color into a movie. But White Chicks 2? I just saw that they’re making a Scary Movie 5! Sad sad sad that these guys can’t do anything original any more.

  24. Hey 790,

    Maybe he could make “Madea goes to Hell”…wait that would just describe the frachise.

  25. One word………”why?”

  26. Fleeing from obama heath care tyranny “Medea goes to Canada for Liposuction” only to find that Canada’s heath care requires her to get on a waiting list. She erupts and takes hostages. In the end to avoid a hellish Canadian prison (Medea goes to Jail in Canada) she opts for the lap band procedure…
    I’m still working out all the kinks but I’m ready to pitch this to Tyler Perry. :-)

  27. I loved the first white chicks but I think this would be, well, bad. Miss Congeniality (was the same sort of thing) was really good like white chicks but the second one was not that great and I think that this will be the same because the story began and ended there were no loose endings or untied knots. it was a full tied together story. P.S how many horror films can they spoof before the originality gets old? Answer – 1

  28. @ken j
    i don’t think it would be racist to make black chicks i just think it would be a ripoff… But if white fhicks hadn’t been made i just don’t think that anyone would have the grapefruits to make black chicks.

    tyler perry has actually had in mind for quite a while to kill the character of madea so i’m guessing when he finally does it would be named “Death becomes Madea”.

    In regards to scary movie in my understanding the wayans had nothing to do with scary movie 3 & 4 so 5 would be there return to the franchise which to me would be awesome.

    Also if ever there was a sequel to a movie with any of the wayans i’d love to see a sequel to “a low down dirty shame” and maybe have other wayans in the movie besides keenan. Maybe even make it a lil bit more serious then the original which was awesome in my opinion.

  29. Please, God, give us a “Homey the clown” movie!!

    Seriously, he don’t mess around.