When is The District 9 Sequel Coming?

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district 9 sequel When is The District 9 Sequel Coming?

With the help of Peter Jackson and his Weta Workshop, African director Neill Blomkmap came out of nowhere and brought with him a unique and original, Oscar-nominated feature film. That movie of course was District 9 and since its highly talked about release, its critical and financial success, folks have been clamoring for details on when we’ll see District 9 2 (District 10?).

According MarketSaw, it could be as early as this Fall when production begins on District 10. And that’s not all; The report continues to detail that both Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson will be back to direct and produce, respectively.

Neill Blomkamp was the man chosen by Peter Jackson to helm the big budget adaptation of the popular Halo video game franchise and after that was scrapped, they went on to make District 9 instead, based on the Blomkamp short, Alive in Joburg. It went on to bank over $200 million at the worldwide box office and launched the careers of both he and its star Sharlto Copley.

While District 9 worked very well on its own, so many of us are dying to know what happens next. [Spoiler] Will Wikus Van De Merwe get his human form back again? Will Christopher Johnson return seeking vengeance? Will there be a war between the humans and Prawns? Will we see the Prawn homeworld and other species?

District 10 movie poster 279x430 When is The District 9 Sequel Coming?

District 10 - They're coming back...

There’s so much to explore in the District 9 world and now that it’s a recognizable brand, it’s an opportunity the studio won’t pass up. It’s only a matter of when, and as soon as we find out more, we’ll let you know.

At this point however, we can only take this is as a rumor for two reasons. First, Blomkamp acquired funding and was set to being work on his next project, an untitled sci-fi affair which would again allow him the creative freedom to do with it what he wishes. Secondly, and this may mean nothing, but Sony is denying this report, labeling it as untrue.

Could the other project Blomkamp is working on be what MarketSaw is referring to, and not actually a sequel/prequel to District 9? Either way, I’m excited to see what Blomkamp does next.

What would you like to see from District 10?

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Sources: MarketSaw

Poster from Reel Guyz

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  1. In the begining of D9, reporter said that they lost there command structure. I think it would be great if in D10 we find out that the prawns actuly came to earth to seek help in fighting another faction of prawns. And some how the prawns command structure is to vulnerable like bees or somthing (kill the queen and all are doomed) and the need hummans and their command structure to go aboard the other ships to restore order or settele diferances between factions like democrats and republicans.

  2. All I know is that I hope that corperation watching the prawns,the weapon one, gets freakin obliterated in the next one and I hope wikus or whatever sees his wife again in human form

  3. I personally think that instead of a sequel they should make a prequel because no ones knows their intentions or the reason of visit to Earth so the best thing to do is make a prequel so that it could explain to the veiwers how the ship came to be and were the prawns came from. Mostly it should be about the Prawns home plane and the race its self before humanity discovered such beings.

  4. a prequel would be cool too i mean did they even say why the ship came here in the first place? and the tube with the black stuff that made the guy into one of them how did that work? you know, they could elaborate on that a bit and explain where the aliens came from.

  5. I’m hooked I want to see part 2!

  6. Can’t wait for a follow-up movie, I’d like to see sort of a prequel/sequel story line that combined a back story prequel with more story that takes place after what happened in the first movie. It would also be cool to see Wikus interact with his wife while he’s still a prawn. Also would be cool to see the prawn home-world etc.

  7. A prequel would be no good because it could not resolve what happened to Wikus – a major issue in seeking a second movie. If I had to throw in my two Euros about the structure for a sequel, I would say; Christopher keeps his word, and comes back for Wikus, who is now an important prawn. However, an excellent source of conflict can be created by having Wikus refuse to go back to being human, as he is disgusted by his own kind’s actions, and commandeers the returning spaceship to begin the sterilization of Earth. Except, that Tanya steps in, and makes the real ambivalence surface when Wikus is forced to choose between his moral obligation to the prawns, and his love for Tanya….

    Just my 2 Euros…

  8. i need a district 10 right now i can only watch D9 so many times :)

  9. ok so I have this idea where Christopher Johnson gets home and tells the queen, over-mind, or whatever all about what happened, and that he must keep a promise to help the human man named Wikus, get his normal form back, but the evil overlords of there community decided to wage war, but it takes a turn as Christopher decides he dont like that idea, after all humanity did try to give them a home and who knows maybe his race is just a biologically engineered slave race or something bread for stupidity, but as we saw in the detectors commentary, he was thinking of the aliens as a “hive” race and with no over-mind/queen or whatever they had no purpose and so became a bunch of trash sucking gross things., so what if Christopher needs Wikus to help free his race from them, and also in the proses of doing so, he finds his humanity again, maybe even becomes there new leader.

  10. The movie itself is different than what i have seen so far. and further more i would definitely see that directors might come with a unique plot…but to see some thing like how aliens make human to come together as human being and not just people from different county and realize how important the earth and its resources are in this very situation and to realize there are other sources which are also interested in our EARTH!!!

  11. Seemed like there were only the few who could think and calculate beyond eating???Why is that?

  12. If the movie is titled “District 10″ then a lot will already be revealed. 1- its not a prequel, but it is the sequal. 2- it will follow district 9’s basic story about prawns and humans relations. 3- it will most likely still have wikus and christopher and the prawn child as the main characters. 4- it’ll pick up where district 9 left off. And if it is titled something different, then we could have an entirely different movie on our hands. Either way, im seeing it!!!

  13. Honestly I know this theory doesn’t work because or the weapons but check this theory:
    The “prawns” were all originally human. They are a future human race that had to leave earth when resources got depleted. They lived on another planet for thousands of years. Something went wrong and so the future humans needed to come back to original earth to either warn the humans or take the resources that originally weren’t mined correctly. These future humans were so advanced that they could travel through a black hole or something to get back to the earth in the 2000s. While hovering over earth something on the ship happened, someone pushed a wrong button or a leaky reactor core (stolen from someone above me haha sorry it makes sense though) caused all the future humans to turn into these insect like creatures whose communication and overall education and aura were shot to s***. Christopher is one of the few who knows how to change everything back and won’t spills the beans about what happened for some reason, maybe he f***** up and caused the virus or his kid did something foolish on the ship and caused a leak. Idk it all seems so open ended but the damn mining equipment fucks up my theory !! Damnit it seemed so intriguing and cool. Oh well. I’d like to see a prequel to be honest .. Why was the ship just sitting there all that time, who was in charge and where are they ? What planet did they come from or galaxy in that matter… What was the original purpose for coming ??

    • District 10 is the new campsite for the aliens. At the end it’s says they were moved their so district 10 seems to be a good title for it but every alien movie has war between us and the
      I want to see something different like your theory.

  14. You better make district 9 2 or else !

  15. district 9 was a great movie i will be disappointed if there is no district 10 i think itll be the most successful movie of all time great job on 9 plz plz plz make another

  16. Chistopher Johnson said it would take 3 years, I was hoping that was a hint to the time frame to expect a sequel. Either way, a prequel would be pretty cool to see. If they then chose to go ahead with the D9 sequel and get the same actor that played Wikus in the possibly third movie (crosses fingers), then it would be an easy and logical adjust if the actor looks different if and when he gets cured…unlike Sean Patrick Flannery in Boondock Saints 2. Anyway, I’m definitely hoping to see more D9

    • I dont want a prequel just yet, I would like to see a sequel that way they could answer some questions from the first movie, and pose some more, THAN a prequel that would finally tie both movies all to gather. trilogy for the win!!

  17. Agreed! Sequel then Prequel. The prequel, I assume, would be done through the eyes of the aliens looking at our existence. The sequel, I am guessing will be done through both Wikus and Christopher’s eyes. A double feature would be awesome but I think they’ll wait to see if the sequel will do good in the box office. Highly doubtful to see a double feature prequel, but I think a movie needs to kick Starwars out the water sometime.

    • I think that it should be a sequel, but later on in the movie they explain what happened (why they were on earth and stuff like that).

  18. The aliens had come just to turn some of the humans into aliens. When they come back in 3 years…all the earthlings will be aliens by then due to contamination. The main character will then be turned back into a human as promised but he’ll be all alone. The aliens will stay on the earth to live and the only human will have no choice but to steal the alien ship and go into space in search of other humans. Star Trek anyone?

    • What a twist.

    • Except that Wikus was changed by accident, and the only true objective was to get home using the fluid that accidentally changed Wikus.

  19. I really hope to see another one! I want to see what happens to the main characters next!! I can’t wait!!

  20. you guys are all weak. this will be a mean movie!

  21. theory… space ship was a transport ship for prison inmats that had troubles and ended at our door step thats why they all act so ignorant the hole movie with the exception of the main alien and his son witch was prob a athority figure over the inmats. why else would he be the only one not acting like a fool? did not care to much for the movie but will see number two if they make it just to see what happens!

  22. I have it on good athority that the next movie will indeed have the prawns returning but not to attack. There will be so many of them that they almost outnumber humans. Since they have better weapons the humans don’t directly bother them and they begain to destroy the planet’s ecosystem with ailen animals and fungus like plants. Lastly, the prawns are all slaves for another type of alien that we only get to see at the end of the movie.The “master” aliens are aggressive and begin to set-up shop on the now dying Earth. That’s all I know from what a friend of mine heard at a marketting meeting that was being held by QED productions in a building that he works at. That was, at least, the story early on, and I have no idea if it’s changed?

    • holy **** that would be awesome!!!!! I completely hope ur right!!!!

  23. omg I hope your telling the truth, because that would be so cool, mostly because that would make an opening for a third movie.

    • Nice!

  24. i have to say that this movie was my favriote and i cant wait till second comes out hopefully its not stuiped or nothing like the first that would ruin the story line.

  25. THere’s no way the prawns were human of some sort, the prawns weapon mechanics doesn’t correspond with that theory. You need a prawns DNA to use the weapon, hence why the main character was only able to use the weapon when he turned into a prawn.

    Perhaps they can concoct a theory about how the ship’s computer systems log the DNA change and transfer that information into all the weapons which only work with the new DNA. If the theory about the prawns being ancient humans, perhaps Altantis or Mu.

    I was think about perhaps those prawn were once a different species until they were continminated with the liquid that turn the main character into a prawn, but that theory doesn’t hold water with the weaponary concept of DNA.

    • Eh, I hope it has nothing to do with Atlantis. That’s a way overused topic.

  26. I would love to see new types of alien war equipments, like the battle suit and guns with electricity filled smoke. Also i am dying to see what happens to the main character offcourse. No matter what they choose to do with the story i think they know what to do, i mean come on, Peter ”freakin” Jackson is the supervisor.

  27. i loved this movie. i cant wait until the next one comes out. i would love to see in this movie and hopefully they will explain why they came to earth in the first place. maybe when christopher gets back to his home planet he explains what happens. i would love to see a bit of prequal and a bit of sequal in the next one. i think no matter what its goin to be good and i will be watching it. im just to excited and cant wait.

  28. I would be so terribly dissapointed if a District 9 sequeal did not come out, i would be absolutley horrified. Please let there be a sequel as this is a thrilling, amazing and terrifically brilliant movie. Outstanding 5 star rating!