When is The District 9 Sequel Coming?

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district 9 sequel When is The District 9 Sequel Coming?

With the help of Peter Jackson and his Weta Workshop, African director Neill Blomkmap came out of nowhere and brought with him a unique and original, Oscar-nominated feature film. That movie of course was District 9 and since its highly talked about release, its critical and financial success, folks have been clamoring for details on when we’ll see District 9 2 (District 10?).

According MarketSaw, it could be as early as this Fall when production begins on District 10. And that’s not all; The report continues to detail that both Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson will be back to direct and produce, respectively.

Neill Blomkamp was the man chosen by Peter Jackson to helm the big budget adaptation of the popular Halo video game franchise and after that was scrapped, they went on to make District 9 instead, based on the Blomkamp short, Alive in Joburg. It went on to bank over $200 million at the worldwide box office and launched the careers of both he and its star Sharlto Copley.

While District 9 worked very well on its own, so many of us are dying to know what happens next. [Spoiler] Will Wikus Van De Merwe get his human form back again? Will Christopher Johnson return seeking vengeance? Will there be a war between the humans and Prawns? Will we see the Prawn homeworld and other species?

District 10 movie poster 279x430 When is The District 9 Sequel Coming?

District 10 - They're coming back...

There’s so much to explore in the District 9 world and now that it’s a recognizable brand, it’s an opportunity the studio won’t pass up. It’s only a matter of when, and as soon as we find out more, we’ll let you know.

At this point however, we can only take this is as a rumor for two reasons. First, Blomkamp acquired funding and was set to being work on his next project, an untitled sci-fi affair which would again allow him the creative freedom to do with it what he wishes. Secondly, and this may mean nothing, but Sony is denying this report, labeling it as untrue.

Could the other project Blomkamp is working on be what MarketSaw is referring to, and not actually a sequel/prequel to District 9? Either way, I’m excited to see what Blomkamp does next.

What would you like to see from District 10?

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Sources: MarketSaw

Poster from Reel Guyz

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  1. I agree, I'm definitely excited over Blomkamp's next work.
    As for a District 10 (haha), I'm worried. Sequels tend to not do so well and all the fears that follow a bloody good film.

  2. I thought there was already a sequel. you even wrote a review on it.. forgot what EXACTLY it was called but it had the District 9 brand

  3. I dont care what they come up with in the next movie.. Im sure it'll be great. Its their story. They surprised me and pleased me with their District 9 movie. I am hoping they get to do the Halo soon.

    • they are not going to make a halo movie it says it on district 9 special features

  4. I will support Mr. Blomkamp in anything he does.

  5. I thoght District 9 was great but I dont think that it shoudl have a ssequel because it really is a stand alone film. Much like Avatar some great films just should be left alone because they cannot be topped and because the story ended in such a great way that it is better to leave certain things to the imagination. Nevertheless its hollywood so I know the sequel is coming…hopefully it wont doom the first film as the matrix sequels did to the first matrix film

    • They are actually making 3 more avatar movies

  6. I don't think they should do a sequel. Or if anything follow the story line of Christopher and his son story of getting away. Or show the origin story of the species.

  7. you guys are trippiun this is the type of film that needs a sequel vikus or hyowever you spell it his story ended in such a tragic way im sure every one wants to know what happen to him and if he'll ever be human again which im sure he will be or mabe even become a hybrid…

  8. I think it’s gonna be 3 YEARS till the sequel?

  9. If there’ll be a sequel (wich I really hope) I’d love to see Johnson’s return to help de Merwe etc.. Oh, please, let there be a sequel! :)

  10. I cannot wait for District 10 (what ever they call it) I am truly excited about the film, there have been many greats that have had 2nd’s and did very well. Yes there have been many that have failed and in turn drawn down the first film. But you never know if you donot try, so go for it.

  11. I hope they do a sequel! So many unanswered questions. Humans DESERVE to DIE!!!!! (including me) Woo!

  12. I just want Christopher to be in the next movie, I don’t care what they do with it other than that. I’m sure it’ll be great!

  13. OMG!!!! I will lke so see the sequel! It’s a awesome kick-ass movie<3

  14. I an a lot other’s out there are waiting for the second part to the story. I had read alot of reviews lot’s of comments. I personaly would like to see Christopher return. an also to see what comes of our fallen hero. (Wikus) I for one would like to see Christophers son be the one to return to earth. Have him be the one who comes back to save (wikus) an his other (Prawn) family members.

    All i hope is that this movie comes out soon and not when i been reading which would be 3 years from now. which would make it 2014 That is a very long time to wait for a second part to a movie to come out.

    • Christopher had been collecting the fluid for the past 20 years and was still quite young, so he (and his son) can’t grow enough that his son would have to come to help everyone just in a matter of 3 years.

      • But you do realize that the only reason it took them 20 years to find the liquid is that they were on earth. If all of their technology needs the liquid then at their planet there would be tons of it. Also I don’t know if anyone else noticed that each and every alien weapon had a canister of the liquid lol. Maybe once it is in the gun it can’t be removed but other than that I don’t see why Chris didn’t take the liquid from their weapons.

      • All those years make me wonder how long they live for

    • Its now 2015. Lol

  15. i really love this movie and look forward the sequel. I am expecting the prowns get back and strike revenge on the “bad humans”. In the last one , the movie finally didn’t tell what Wicus ended. Hence, I guess the hero will fight again, but not for the prowns but for the earth.

  16. I would just like to say.. District 9 is one of the best SCI-FIES i have ever seen in regards to a movie, it was to me so real! some thing you could belive might happen and the way it could happen. nothing was to over the top so to speak. i have watched it at the cinema, and now own a copy and i will keep watching it over and over until the dvd wears out or the next version of this exciting movie to pope its pritty little head up.

  17. I just watched District 9 and am really hoping for a sequel. Especially a sequel where the aliens come back in force and curb-stomp humanity. Seriously, every human in the movie was portrayed as complete and utter selfish pig. Even Wikus up until the final 10 minutes. I am honestly disgusted with the movie and hope theres a sequel just so I can see humanity wiped from the planet by the creatures they have wronged.

    • That means all the black people should kill the white ones ? You do know what the movie depicts beyond its sci-fi mask don’t you ?

    • AGREED

  18. Wow…it’s good news to hear that. I rated District 9 as the best movie of 2009 and 2010. Let’s wait for the next one.

  19. Prawns kick ass! Please bring on the sequel! A lot of you say that leaving a great movie like this alone is the best way to go, but I disagree. This movie ended in a way which prepared it nicely for a sequel. Cant wait for District 10 (or whatever they will call it)!

  20. to be honest. the “They will come back and declare war on humans” storyline is as predictable as it gets. Simply put, more Hollywood propaganda “As if we humans are all bad and need to be exterminated”. More elitist BS in my opinion.

    i would really like to see a sequel that the aliens come back only to help us humans discover our true nature and help humanity flourish instead of doing the downward spiral into darkness that seems like “we can’t avoid”.

    District 9 was special in its way because it dared doing something new. Something Hollywood hate because it tends to do the opposite of propaganda and help people question things around them. I really hope District 10 will be as surprising as D9!

    • @ su37-terminator :i totally agree with what u said about the movie bringing new stuff to the world of movies like a unique story and a new thought about what people really are and many other things and that it didnt follow hollywoods steps … but one thing which mattered in neil’s movie was that it was some how realistic i mean for a sequel i also think that he must do something so much surprising like D9 and it must not be the hollywood style as the prawnns attack the earth but also it must be realistic…i mean not like u said they come back to earth and help us find our nature that would be a total crap i mean we are humans but after we had exterminated them and used them in our test it would be stupid for them to come and help us in exchange .
      any way i hope they come up with a unique and a different way of sight towards humans again in this new sequel.

      • The point of the “testing” was obviously to show humanity in the prawns. They care about their own kind. Not to really cause more animosity between humans and them. It was to make us care about them. (If you think through the writers point of view).

        In the movie they are obviously a far advanced society to our own. Logically, an advanced society would come to earth for a few main reasons: to get it’s stranded prawns back, to take resources (if they need them), and/or to learn from another advanced society.

        I doubt if they wanted resources, they would waste a ton to “annihilate” the human race, even with “revenge” for the hundred or so prawns we wrongfully murdered. That’s billions of people for hundreds of their own. An advanced society wouldn’t be that illogical. Also, if they are so advanced, they are likely to be more enlightened. Enlightened beings do not care about vengeance.

        Hopefully the creators of d10 will be just as smart and logical as they were in the first movie, and not fall into a hollywood pitfall. It could be a very original even brilliant film.

    • Agree with yr comment,would be a travesty if they travel down the “All humans are bad” scenario. District 9 blew me away as i had never witnessed a film,filmed like this before. The lack of big names added to the docu-news-style of filming gave me no clue as to where the film was going next. In all honesty,as i started to watch the film,i was thinking that it was going to be rubbish,wasn’t quite prepared for that style of film. But as it panned out,i got excited as i realised i was watching something i had never seen before. I pray that District 10 does it’s predecessors effort justice.

  21. Wow I got so into that movie and when it got to the end I wanted to see more I really hope they make another movie following up on it I would really like to see what happens next in this movie

  22. It makes no sense for it to be called district 1o.

    • You didn’t watched district 9 very good!!
      the aliens are now in district 10 instead of 9

    • It would make sense for it to be called district 10 because in the end of district 9 it said the prawns wer moved to district 10

  23. Actually it does make sense to call it district 10. If you read towards the end of the movie D 9 was demolished and all the prawns got relocated to the new D 10 camp. FYI.

  24. You guys have to remember the prawns are just one species of alien, a slave race ruled by another kind of alien which was either not on the ship or killed off in an unknown way, so the “prawns” wouldn’t be the aliens waging war on earth. The prawns where just slave miners, most of the weapons in the movie where mining equipment.

  25. Alright you know how Wikus was turning into a prawn? What if all the prawns use to be like humans or something? Because werent they sick or something? Any of you guys give that any thought?

    • Mike,
      You are 100% correct. Christopher Johnson said he could turn him back into a human, remember that the ship came into orbit and stayed their for 3 months before the earthlings opened the ship. That’s about a perfect time frame to have everyone on board the ship be exposed to a leaky reactor core . . . The biggest question for a sequel is friend or foe. Personally I’m hoping for a fight where we get to go into space and fight a new alien race with the prawns turned back into humanoid forms at our side as allies.

      • that story wouldn’t make sense in regards to the alien weapons. they only work with the biological form of the insect-like skin. you’d be contradicting the story with that explanation. sorry.

        • i agree 100% with j, it wouldnt make any sense if they humans before.. any way it was a good thought but we wont know anything before it comes out!! all of you made good comments about the movies, the true question that reamains unknown is that we still dont know why they showed up in earth and stayed inside of the mother ship instead of comming out or at least have a contact by message with the humans?!
          now about the comment of su37-terminator, i agree in some points of helping humans and stuff like that, but i remind you that we treated them like crap all long the movie even cut them in slices just to understand them so basicaly we never tryied to understand them better we never tryied to make a packed or even talk to them, no instead we just treated them as they were under us, like we ruled them or something like that.. the movie was good and i agreed that at the end i wanted to see more and try to understand the why of they’re wisit and hw they’re gonna cure the guy!

  26. I just hope Wikus gets his girl back, or he fully transforms to someone respected amongst the Prawns. But if that happens, I really need him to express that he’s happy in the end. They left the poor guy (and me) hanging at the end of the 1st one.

  27. To be honest, I emediately thought “invasion”. My Dad thought “invasion”. My brother thought “invasion”. The whole “They’re going to invade” idea would not be something new. I’d mch rathor they go along the same lines as the first movie and do something different. The idea of going back and bringing more motherships is obvious, and would look silly if it didn’t happen. Now what they do with that is a seperate story.

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